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    The following 17736 games are currently found in the database:

    nes'89 Dennou Kyuusei Uranai
    snes'96 Zenkoku Koukou Soccer Senshuken
    tg16(BIOS) CD-ROM System (Japan) (v1.0)
    tg16(BIOS) CD-ROM System (Japan) (v2.0)
    tg16(BIOS) CD-ROM System (Japan) (v2.1)
    tg16(BIOS) Games Express CD Card (Japan)
    gb(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World)
    gb(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World) (Rev 1)
    gbc(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Color Boot ROM (World)
    gb(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Boot ROM (World)
    snes(BIOS) SGB2-CPU (Japan)
    tg16(BIOS) Super CD-ROM System (Japan) (v3.0)
    tg16(BIOS) TurboGrafx CD Super System Card (USA) (v3.0)
    tg16(BIOS) TurboGrafx CD System Card (USA) (v2.0)
    c64007 - A View to a Kill
    gba007 - Everything or Nothing
    c64007 - Licence to Kill
    c64007 - Live and Let Die
    c64007 - Living Daylights, The
    gba007 - NightFire
    c64007 - Spy Who Loved Me, The
    gbc007 - The World Is Not Enough
    smd007 Shitou - The Duel
    amiga1 Across 2 Down
    amiga10 out of 10 Dinosaurs
    amiga10 out of 10 English
    amiga10 out of 10 German
    amiga10 out of 10 Junior Essentials
    amiga10 out of 10 Maths Algebra
    smd10 Super Jogos
    gbc10-Pin Bowling
    nes10-Yard Fight
    nes100 Man Dollar Kid - Maboroshi no Teiou Hen
    amiga1000 Miglia
    amiga1000cc Turbo
    gbc102 Dalmatas - Cachorros Al Rescate
    gbc102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue
    gbc102 Dalmatiens a la Rescousse, Les
    gbc102 Dalmatiner
    c6410th Frame
    cpc10th Frame
    c6411-A-Side Soccer
    amiga1497: Five Years After
    smd16 Zhang Ma Jiang
    amiga17 + 4 [Media]
    amiga1869 [AGA]
    c6419 Part One - Boot Camp
    arcade1941: Counter Attack
    c641943 - One Year After
    c641943 - The Battle of Midway
    nes1943 - The Battle of Midway
    nes1943 - The Battle of Valhalla
    tg161943 Kai
    amiga1943: The Battle of Midway
    arcade1943: The Battle of Midway
    cpc1943: The Battle of Midway
    arcade1944: The Loop Master
    c641985 - The Day After
    nes1991 Du Ma Racing
    c641994 - Ten Years After
    nes1999 - Hore, Mitakotoka! Seikimatsu
    arcade19XX: The War Against Destiny
    amiga1st Division Manager
    gba2 Disney Games - Disney Sports - Football + Disney Sports - Skateboarding
    gba2 Disney Games - Lilo & Stitch 2 + Peter Pan - Return to Neverland
    gba2 Game Pack! - Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Challenge + Hot Wheels - World Race
    gba2 Game Pack! - Matchbox Missions - Emergency Response & Air, Land and Sea Rescue
    gba2 Game Pack! - Matchbox Missions - Emergency Response + Air, Land and Sea Rescue
    gba2 Game Pack! - Uno & Skip-Bo
    gba2 Game Pack! - Uno + Skip-Bo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Alla Ricerca di Nemo + Gli Incredibili - Una 'Normale' Famiglia di Supereroi
    gba2 Games in 1 - Bionicle + Knights' Kingdom
    gba2 Games in 1 - Brother Bear + The Lion King
    gba2 Games in 1 - Buscando a Nemo + Los Increibles
    gba2 Games in 1 - Cartoon Network Block Party + Cartoon Network Speedway
    gba2 Games in 1 - Columns Crown + ChuChu Rocket!
    gba2 Games in 1 - Die Monster AG + Findet Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesas + El Rey Leon
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesas + Hermano Oso
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesas + Lizzie McGuire
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princess + Brother Bear
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princess + Lizzie McGuire
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesse + Frere des Ours
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesse + Le Roi Lion
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Principesse + Il Re Leone
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Principesse + Koda, Fratello Orso
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disneys Prinzessinnen + Baerenbrueder
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disneys Prinzessinnen + Der Koenig der Loewen
    gba2 Games in 1 - Dr. Mario + Puzzle League
    gba2 Games in 1 - Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku I & II
    gba2 Games in 1 - Findet Nemo + Die Unglaublichen
    gba2 Games in 1 - Findet Nemo + Findet Nemo - Das Abenteuer Geht Weiter
    gba2 Games in 1 - Finding Nemo + Finding Nemo - The Continuing Adventures
    gba2 Games in 1 - Finding Nemo + The Incredibles
    gba2 Games in 1 - Finding Nemo - The Continuing Adventures + The Incredibles
    gba2 Games in 1 - Golden Nugget Casino + Texas Hold 'em Poker
    gba2 Games in 1 - Hot Wheels - Velocity X + Hot Wheels - World Race
    gba2 Games in 1 - Les Razmoket Rencontrent les Delajungle + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monsters & Co. + Alla Ricerca di Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monsters en Co. + Finding Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monsters, Inc. + Finding Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monstres & Cie + Le Monde de Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monstruos, S.A. + Buscando a Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Moto GP + GT Advance 3 - Pro Concept Racing
    gba2 Games in 1 - Power Rangers - Ninja Storm + Power Rangers - La Force du Temps
    gba2 Games in 1 - Power Rangers - Ninja Storm + Power Rangers - Time Force
    gba2 Games in 1 - Quad Desert Fury + Monster Trucks
    gba2 Games in 1 - Rugrats - Go Wild + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo + Scooby-Doo 2 - Desatado
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo + Scooby-Doo 2 - Les Monstres Se Dechainent
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo + Scooby-Doo 2 - Monsters Unleashed
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo! - Mystery Mayhem + Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Advance + ChuChu Rocket!
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Advance + Sonic Battle
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Battle + ChuChu Rocket!
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Battle + Sonic Pinball Party
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Pinball Party + Columns Crown
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom + Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom + Nicktoons - Freeze Frame Frenzy
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom + The Fairly OddParents! - Breakin' da Rules
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Revenge of the Flying Dutchman + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge + SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom
    gba2 Games in 1 - The Lion King + Disney Princess
    gba2 Games in 1 - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie + SpongeBob SquarePants and Friends in Freeze Frame Frenzy
    gba2 Games in 1! - Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury + Dragon Ball GT - Transformation
    gba2 Games in One! - Dr. Mario + Puzzle League
    gba2 Games in One! - Gauntlet + Rampart
    gba2 Games in One! - Marble Madness + Klax
    gba2 Games in One! - Paperboy + Rampage
    gba2 Games in One! - Spy Hunter + Super Sprint
    gba2 Great Games! - Pac-Man World + Ms. Pac-Man - Maze Madness
    gba2 in 1 - Asterix & Obelix - Bash Them All! + Asterix & Obelix XXL
    gba2 in 1 - V-Rally 3 + Stuntman
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Shrek 2 & Shark Tale
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Shrek 2 + Shark Tale
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Spider-Man + Spider-Man 2
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Spider-Man - Mysterio's Menace + X2 - Wolverine's Revenge
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Tony Hawk's Underground + Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
    gba2 Jeux en 1 - Titeuf - Ze Gagmachine + Titeuf - Mega Compet
    gba2-in-1 Fun Pack - Shrek 2 + Madagascar
    gba2-in-1 Fun Pack - Shrek 2 + Madagascar - Operation Penguin
    sms20 em 1
    amiga20000 Leagues Under the Sea
    psx2002 FIFA World Cup
    psx2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan
    gba2006 FIFA World Cup - Germany 2006
    nes2010 - Street Fighter
    smd2020 Toshi Super Baseball
    tg1621 Emon - Mezase Hotel Ou!!
    nes25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros.
    gba2K Sports - Major League Baseball 2K7
    gb3 Choume no Tama - Tama and Friends - 3 Choume Obake Panic!!
    gba3 Game Pack! - Candy Land + Chutes and Ladders + Original Memory Game
    gba3 Game Pack! - Ker Plunk! + Toss Across + Tip It
    gba3 Game Pack! - Mouse Trap + Simon + Operation
    gba3 Game Pack! - The Game of Life + Payday + Yahtzee
    gba3 Games in 1 - Rugrats - I Gotta Go Party + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge + Tak and the Power of Juju
    gba3 Games in One! - Breakout + Centipede + Warlords
    gba3 Games in One! - Super Breakout + Millipede + Lunar Lander
    gba3 Games in One! - Yars' Revenge + Asteroids + Pong
    nes3 in 1 Supergun
    snes3 Jigen Kakutou Ballz
    smd3 Ninjas Kick Back
    snes3 Ninjas Kick Back
    nes3-D Block
    a26003-D Tic-Tac-Toe
    gbc3-D Ultra Pinball - Thrillride
    nes3-D WorldRunner
    snes3-ji no Wide Shou - 5 Gatsugou
    snes3-ji no Wide Shou - 6 Gatsugou
    gb3-pun Yosou - Umaban Club
    amiga3001 O'Connor's Fight
    gbc31 in 1
    gbc31-in-1 Mighty Mix
    cpc3D Boxing
    amiga3D Construction Kit
    c643D Construction Kit
    amiga3D Galax
    cpc3D Grand Prix
    c643D Pinball - Pinball Power
    gbc3D Pocket Pool
    amiga3D Pool
    c643D Pool
    cpc3D Starfighter
    c643D Stock Cars II
    cpc3D Stunt Rider
    amiga3D World Boxing
    amiga3D World Soccer
    amiga3D World Tennis
    snes3x3 Eyes - Juuma Houkan
    snes3x3 Eyes - Seima Kourinden
    gba4 Games on One Game Pak
    gb4 in 1
    gbc4 in 1 + 8 in 1
    nes4 Nin Uchi Mahjong
    sms4 PAK All Action
    cpc4 Soccer Simulators
    gb4-in-1 Fun Pak
    gb4-in-1 Fun Pak Volume II
    snes4-nin Shougi
    amiga4-Way Lynx
    snes46 Okunen Monogatari - Harukanaru Eden e
    amiga4D Sports Boxing
    amiga4D Sports Driving
    dos4D Sports Driving
    amiga4th & Inches
    c644th & Inches
    amiga4X4 Off-Road Racing
    gbc4x4 World Trophy
    amiga5th Gear
    amiga688 Attack Sub
    smd688 Attack Sub
    amiga7 Colors
    c64720 Degrees
    cpc720 Degrees
    gbc720 Degrees
    nes720 Degrees
    cpc750cc Grand Prix
    snesThe 7th Saga
    nes8 Eyes
    amiga9 Lives
    snes90 Minutes: European Prime Goal
    sms94 Super World Cup Soccer
    nesA Ressha de Ikou
    smdA Ressha de Ikou
    msxA Ressha de Ikou MSX
    amigaA-10 Tank Killer
    gbA-mazing Tater
    amigaA.G.E. (Advanced Galactic Empire)
    snesA.S.P.: Air Strike Patrol
    amigaA320 Airbus
    gbAa Harimanada
    smdAa Harimanada
    nesAa Yakyuu Jinsei Icchokusen
    smdAaahh!!! Real Monsters
    snesAaahh!!! Real Monsters
    gbaAb durch die Hecke
    nesAbadox - The Deadly Inner War
    amigaAbandoned Places - A Time for Heroes
    amigaAbandoned Places 2
    nesAbarenbou Tengu
    amigaABC Monday Night Football
    snesABC Monday Night Football
    amigaAbove Top Secret
    amigaAbu Simbel Profanation
    snesAccele Brid
    amigaAccess Denied
    c64ACE 2088
    amigaAce Ball
    gbaAce Combat Advance
    c64Ace II
    gbaAce Lightning
    snesAce o Nerae!
    a7800Ace of Aces
    c64Ace of Aces
    smsAce of Aces
    amigaAce The Space-Case
    nesAces - Iron Eagle 3
    a2600Acid Drop
    snesACME Animation Factory
    gbaAcrobat Kid
    snesAcrobat Mission
    amigaACSYS: Autonomous Cybernetic System
    nesAction 52
    smdAction 52
    c64Action Biker
    amigaAction Cat
    amigaAction Fighter
    c64Action Fighter
    smsAction Fighter
    c64Action Force
    nesAction in New York
    gbaAction Man - Robot Atak
    gbcAction Man - Search for Base X
    snesAction Pachio
    gbaAction Replay
    smdAction Replay
    gbaAction Replay GBX
    gbaAction Replay MAX
    gbcAction Replay Online
    amigaAction Service
    amigaAction Stations
    gbaActivision Anthology
    snesActraiser 2
    snesActRaiser 2 - Chinmoku e no Seisen
    amigaThe Addams Family
    smdThe Addams Family
    snesThe Addams Family
    smdAddams Family Values
    snesAddams Family Values
    c64Addams Family, The
    gbAddams Family, The
    nesAddams Family, The
    smsAddams Family, The
    gbAddams Family, The - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt
    nesAddams Family, The - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt
    nesAddams Family, The - Uncle Fester's Quest
    snesThe Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt
    amigaADI Junior Helps With Counting (6-7)
    amigaADI Junior Helps With Reading (6-7)
    c64ADIDAS Championship Football
    c64ADIDAS Championship Tie Break
    amigaADS: Advanced Destroyer Simulator
    gbaAdvance GT2
    gbaAdvance GTA
    gbaAdvance Guardian Heroes
    gbaAdvance Rally
    gbaAdvance Wars
    gbaAdvance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising
    c64Advanced Basketball Simulator
    smdAdvanced Busterhawk Gleylancer
    smdAdvanced Daisenryaku - Deutsch Dengeki Sakusen
    nesAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragons of Flame
    nesAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - DragonStrike
    nesAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - Hillsfar
    nesAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pool of Radiance
    c64Advanced Pinball Simulator
    cpcAdvanced Pinball Simulator
    amigaAdvanced Ski Simulator
    amigaAdvantage Tennis
    cpcAdventure 'A' - Planet of Death
    cpcAdventure 'B' - Inca Curse
    cpcAdventure 'C' - Ship of Doom
    cpcAdventure 'D' - Espionage Island
    amigaAdventure Construction Set
    gbAdventure Island
    nesAdventure Island
    tg16Adventure Island
    nesAdventure Island II
    nesAdventure Island 3
    nesAdventure Island Classic
    gbAdventure Island II - Aliens in Paradise
    gbaAdventure of Tokyo Disney Sea
    amigaAdventure Quest
    nesThe Adventure Island Part II
    amigaAdventures in Math
    nesAdventures in the Magic Kingdom
    smdThe Adventures of Batman & Robin
    snesThe Adventures of Batman & Robin
    nesAdventures of Bayou Billy, The
    c64Adventures of Bond... Basildon Bond, The
    nesAdventures of Dino Riki
    snesThe Adventures of Dr. Franken
    nesAdventures of Dr. Franken, The
    gbcAdventures of Elmo in Grouchland, The
    nesAdventures of Gilligan's Island, The
    gbaAdventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius vs. Jimmy Negatron, The
    gbaAdventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, The - Attack of the Twonkies
    gbaAdventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, The - Jet Fusion
    snesThe Adventures of Kid Kleets
    gbAdventures of Lolo
    nesAdventures of Lolo
    nesAdventures of Lolo 2
    nesAdventures of Lolo 3
    amigaThe Adventures of Maddog Williams
    smdThe Adventures of Mighty Max
    snesAdventures of Mighty Max, The
    gbAdventures of Pinocchio, The
    amigaThe Adventures of Quik and Silva
    nesAdventures of Rad Gravity, The
    amigaThe Adventures of Robin Hood
    smdThe Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
    snesThe Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
    gbAdventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The
    nesAdventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The
    gbAdventures of Star Saver, The
    snesAdventures of the Rocketeer, The
    gbcAdventures of the Smurfs, The
    nesAdventures of Tom Sawyer
    a2600Adventures of Tron
    amigaThe Adventures of Willy Beamish
    snesAdventures of Yogi Bear
    smdAdventurous Boy - Mao Xian Xiao Zi
    smsAerial Assault
    smdAero Blasters
    tg16Aero Blasters
    snesAero Fighters
    gbAero Star
    smdAero the Acro-Bat
    snesAero the Acro-Bat
    gbaAero the Acro-Bat - Rascal Rival Revenge
    smdAero the Acro-Bat 2
    snesAero the Acro-Bat 2
    smdAerobiz Supersonic
    snesAerobiz Supersonic
    amigaAfrican Raiders-01
    nesAfter Burner
    smsAfter Burner
    smdAfter Burner II
    tg16After Burner II
    amigaAfter Burner [Activision]
    amigaAfter Burner [Sega]
    gbAfter Burst
    amigaAfter the War
    c64After the War
    gbaAgassi Tennis Generation
    amigaAge of Sail
    gbaAgent Hugo - Roborumble
    c64Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back
    gbaAggressive Inline
    smsAgigongnyong Dooly
    snesAging Cassette
    gbAgro Soar
    snesAguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving
    snesAguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving
    nesAi Sensei no Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi
    nesAigina no Yogen - Balubalouk no Densetsu Yori
    amigaL'Aigle d'or : le Retour
    gbaAigle de Guerre, L'
    snesAIII S.V. - A Ressha de Ikou 3 - Super Version
    amigaAir Bucks
    smdAir Buster
    snesAir Cavalry
    smdAir Diver
    nesAir Fortress
    smdAir Management - Oozora ni Kakeru
    snesAir Management - Oozora ni Kakeru
    snesAir Management II - Koukuu Ou o Mezase
    smdAir Management II - Koukuuou o Mezase
    a2600Air Raid
    a2600Air Raiders
    smsAir Rescue
    amigaAir Supply
    amigaAir Support
    amigaAir Warrior
    cdtvAir Warrior
    tg16Air Zonk
    a2600Air-Sea Battle
    amigaAirborne Ranger
    c64Airborne Ranger
    gbcAirForce Delta
    gbaAirForce Delta II
    gbaAirForce Delta Storm
    c64Airwolf 64
    c64Airwolf II
    snesAK LIVE Hit Gang
    gbaAka-chan Doubutsuen
    snesAkagawa Jirou - Majotachi no Nemuri
    nesAkagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha
    dosAkalabeth: World of Doom
    gbAkazukin Chacha
    snesAkazukin Chacha
    nesAkuma no Shoutaijou
    nesAkuma-kun - Makai no Wana
    nesAkumajou Densetsu
    nesAkumajou Dracula
    snesAkumajou Dracula
    gbaAkumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon
    gbAkumajou Dracula - Shikkoku Taru Zensoukyoku - Dark Night Prelude
    snesAkumajou Dracula XX
    gbAkumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun
    nesAkumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun
    nesAl Unser Jr. Turbo Racing
    snesAl Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top
    snesAlbert Odyssey
    snesAlbert Odyssey 2 - Jashin no Taidou
    c64Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress
    gbaAleck Bordon Adventure - Tower & Shaft Advance
    amigaAlert X
    gbaAlex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002
    smdAlex Kidd - Cheongong Maseong
    smsAlex Kidd - High-Tech World
    smdAlex Kidd - Tenkuu Majou
    smsAlex Kidd - The Lost Stars
    smsAlex Kidd BMX Trial
    smsAlex Kidd in Miracle World
    smsAlex Kidd in Shinobi World
    smdAlex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
    smsAlex Kidd no Miracle World
    gbaAlex Rider - Stormbreaker
    amigaAlfabet Śmierci
    amigaAlfabet Śmierci [AGA]
    nesAlfombra Magica, La
    amigaAlfred Chicken
    cd32Alfred Chicken
    gbAlfred Chicken
    nesAlfred Chicken
    snesAlfred Chicken
    amigaAlfred Chicken [AGA]
    gbcAlfred's Adventure
    msxAlges no Yoku
    c64Alice In Videoland
    gbcAlice in Wonderland
    snesAlice no Paint Adventure
    c64Alien 3
    gbAlien 3
    nesAlien 3
    smdAlien 3
    smsAlien 3
    snesAlien 3
    cpcAlien 8
    amigaAlien Bash
    amigaAlien Bash II
    amigaAlien Breed
    dosAlien Breed
    amigaAlien Breed [Special Edition '92]
    amigaAlien Breed 3D
    cd32Alien Breed 3D
    amigaAlien Breed 3D 2: The Killing Grounds
    amigaAlien Breed II: The Horror Continues
    cd32Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues
    amigaAlien Breed II: The Horror Continues [AGA]
    cd32Alien Breed Special Edition & Qwak
    amigaAlien Breed: Tower Assault
    cd32Alien Breed: Tower Assault
    dosAlien Breed: Tower Assault
    a7800Alien Brigade
    dosAlien Carnage
    tg16Alien Crush
    amigaAlien Drug Lords: The Chyropian Connection
    amigaAlien Fish Finger
    gbaAlien Hominid
    amigaAlien Legion
    gbAlien Olympics
    smdAlien Soldier
    amigaAlien Storm
    c64Alien Storm
    smdAlien Storm
    smsAlien Storm
    amigaAlien Strike
    amigaAlien Syndrome
    nesAlien Syndrome
    smsAlien Syndrome
    gbAlien vs Predator
    snesAlien vs Predator
    gbAlien vs Predator - The Last of His Clan
    amigaAlien World
    c64Alien World
    a2600Alien's Return
    gbaAlienators - Evolution Continues
    gbcAliens - Thanatos Encounter
    c64Aliens - The Computer Game
    snesAliens vs. Predator
    smdAlisia Dragoon
    amigaAll About America
    amigaAll Dogs Go to Heaven
    cdtvAll Dogs Go To Heaven - Electric Crayon Deluxe
    gbaAll Grown Up! - Express Yourself
    amigaAll New World of Lemmings
    c64All Points Bulletin
    gbcAll Star Tennis 2000
    c64All-American Basketball
    snesAll-American Championship Football
    nesAll-Pro Basketball
    gbcAll-Star Baseball 2000
    gbcAll-Star Baseball 2001
    gbaAll-Star Baseball 2003
    gbaAll-Star Baseball 2004
    gbAll-Star Baseball 99
    amigaAllan Border's Cricket
    dosAlley Cat
    amiga'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun!
    dosAlone in the Dark
    gbcAlone in the Dark - The New Nightmare
    dosAlone in the Dark 2
    dosAlone in the Dark 3
    a2600Alpha Beam with Ernie
    nesAlpha Mission
    amigaAlpha Waves
    c64Altair 4
    amigaAltered Beast
    arcadeAltered Beast
    c64Altered Beast
    smdAltered Beast
    smsAltered Beast
    gbaAltered Beast - Guardian of the Realms
    amigaAltered Destiny
    gbAltered Space - A 3-D Alien Adventure
    gbAmazing Penguin
    amigaThe Amazing Spider-Man
    gbAmazing Spider-Man, The
    snesThe Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes
    gbaAmazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys, The
    nesAmerica Daitouryou Senkyo
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz
    snesAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz
    nesAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz Part 2
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz Part 3 - Champion Taikai
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz Part 4
    c64America's Cup Challenge
    c64American 3D Pool
    smsAmerican Baseball
    gbaAmerican Bass Challenge
    snesAmerican Battle Dome
    gbaAmerican Dragon - Jake Long - Rise of the Huntsclan
    nesAmerican Dream
    c64American Football
    amigaAmerican Gladiators
    nesAmerican Gladiators
    smdAmerican Gladiators
    snesAmerican Gladiators
    amigaAmerican History Adventure
    gbaAmerican Idol
    smsAmerican Pro Football
    c64American Road Race
    msxAmerican Soccer
    c64American Tag Team Wrestling
    amigaAmerican Tag-Team Wrestling
    gbaAmerican Tail, An - Fievel's Gold Rush
    cd32Amiga CD32 Sports Football
    amigaAmiga Encounter
    amigaAmiga Karate
    amigaAmiga Poker
    cpcAmstrad Artist and Sprite Designer
    amigaAmy's Fun-2-3 Adventure
    amigaThe Ancient Art of War in the Skies
    amigaAncient Games
    smsAncient Ys Vanished Omen
    smdAndre Agassi Tennis
    smsAndre Agassi Tennis
    snesAndre Agassi Tennis
    tg16Andre' Panza Kick Boxing
    c64Andy Capp
    gbaAngel Collection - Mezase! Gakuen no Fashion Leader
    gbaAngel Collection 2 - Pichimo ni Narou
    snesAngelique - Voice Fantasy
    gbAnimal Breeder
    gbAnimal Breeder 2
    gbcAnimal Breeder 3
    gbcAnimal Breeder 4
    snesAnimal Buranden - Brutal
    amigaAnimal Kingdom
    gbaAnimal Mania - Dokidoki Aishou Check
    cpcAnimal Mineral Vegetable
    gbaAnimal Snap - Rescue Them 2 by 2
    gbaAnimal Yokochou - Doki Doki Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! no Maki
    gbaAnimal Yokochou - Doki Doki Shinkyuu Shiken! no Maki
    gbaAnimaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action!
    gbcAnimastar GB
    tg16Ankoku Densetsu
    nesAnkoku Shinwa - Yamato Takeru Densetsu
    smsAnmitsu Hime
    amigaAnnals Of Rome
    gbAnother Bible
    amigaAnother World
    smdAnother World
    snesAnother World
    gbcAnpfiff - Der RTL Fussball-Manager
    amigaAnstoss [AGA]
    amigaAnstoss - World Cup Edition
    amigaAnstoss - World Cup Edition [AGA]
    amigaAnswer Back: Junior Quiz
    amigaAnswer Back: Senior Quiz
    gbaAnt Bully, The
    amigaAntares: Der Griff nach den Sternen
    c64Anter Planter
    gbaAntz - Extreme Racing
    gbcAntz Racing
    gbcAntz World Sportz
    gbaAo-Zora to Nakama-tachi - Yume no Bouken
    tg16Aoi Blink
    gbAoki Densetsu Shoot!
    snesAoki Densetsu Shoot!
    msxAoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genchou Hishi
    nesAoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genchou Hishi
    smdAoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genchou Hishi
    msxAoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genghis Khan
    nesAoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genghis Khan
    amigaApache Flight
    c64Apache Raid
    amigaApano Sin
    snesApocalypse II
    tg16Appare! Gateball
    snesAppleseed - Prometheus no Shintaku
    smdAq Renkan Awa
    amigaAquanaut [Addictive]
    amigaAquanaut [F1 Licenceware]
    amigaThe Aquatic Games
    smdThe Aquatic Games Starring James Pond and the Aquabats
    nesArabian Dream Scheherazade
    amigaArabian Nights
    cd32Arabian Nights
    snesArabian Nights - Sabaku no Seirei Ou
    snesAraiguma Rascal
    amigaArazok's Tomb
    c64Arc of Yesod, The
    gbArcade Classic No. 1 - Asteroids & Missile Command
    gbArcade Classic No. 2 - Centipede & Millipede
    gbArcade Classic No. 3 - Galaga & Galaxian
    gbArcade Classic No. 4 - Defender & Joust
    smdArcade Classics
    gbArcade Classics - Battlezone & Super Breakout
    c64Arcade Flight Simulator
    cpcArcade Flight Simulator
    amigaArcade Fruit Machine
    c64Arcade Fruit Machine
    a2600Arcade Golf
    gbcArcade Hits - Joust & Defender
    gbcArcade Hits - Moon Patrol & Spy Hunter
    a2600Arcade Pinball
    amigaArcade Pool
    cd32Arcade Pool
    smsArcade Smash Hits
    amigaArcade Snooker
    amigaArcade Trivia Quiz
    snesArcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1
    c64Arcadia 64
    nesArcadia VI
    nesArch Rivals - A Basketbrawl!
    smdArch Rivals - The Arcade Game
    gbaArcher Maclean's 3D Pool
    amigaArcher MacLean's Le Billard Américain
    amigaArcher MacLean's Pool
    snesArcher Maclean's Super Dropzone
    amigaArchon II: Adept
    c64Archon 2 - Adept
    msxArctic - Active Rail Playing
    c64Arctic Fox
    gbaArctic Tale
    smdArcus Odyssey
    snesArcus Odyssey
    snesArcus Spirits
    snesArdy Lightfoot
    snesArea 88
    amigaArena 2000
    amigaArena [Defcom]
    amigaArena [Psygnosis]
    game-gearArena: Maze of Death
    gbAretha II
    snesAretha II - Ariel no Fushigi na Tabi
    gbAretha III
    smsArgos no Juujiken
    nesArgos no Senshi
    smsAriel - The Little Mermaid
    smdAriel the Little Mermaid
    c64Ark Pandora
    c64Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh
    nesArkanoid II
    msxArkanoid II - Revenge of Doh
    snesArkanoid: Doh It Again
    amigaArkanoid: Revenge of Doh
    nesArkista's Ring
    gbcArle no Bouken - Mahou no Jewel
    gbcArmada - FX Racers
    amigaThe Armageddon Man
    c64Armageddon Man, The
    tg16Armed F
    a2600Armor Ambush
    gbcArmorines - Project S.W.A.R.M.
    amigaArmour-Geddon II: Codename Hellfire
    c64Army Days
    gbcArmy Men
    gbcArmy Men - Air Combat
    gbaArmy Men - Operation Green
    gbcArmy Men - Sarge's Heroes 2
    gbaArmy Men - Turf Wars
    gbcArmy Men 2
    gbaArmy Men Advance
    amigaArmy Moves
    c64Army Moves
    cpcArmy Moves
    amigaArnhem: The 'Market Garden' Operation
    amigaArnie 2
    c64Arnie II
    smdArnold Palmer Tournament Golf
    c64Around the World in 80 Days
    gbaAround the World in 80 Days
    smdArrow Flash
    smdArt Alive
    amigaL'Art de la Guerre
    amigaThe Art of Chess
    smdArt of Fighting
    snesArt of Fighting
    gbaArthur and the Invisibles
    gbaArthur and the Minimoys
    gbcArthur's Absolutely Fun Day!
    amigaArthur: The Quest for Excalibur
    a2600Artillery Duel
    tg16Artist Tool
    snesAsahi Shinbun Rensai - Katou Hifumi Kudan Shougi - Shingiryuu
    snesAsameshimae Nyanko
    amigaAsgard Met Vikings
    amigaAshes of Empire
    msxAshGuine - Densetsu no Seisenshi
    msxAshGuine Story II - Kokuu no Gajou
    msxAshGuine Story III - Fukushuu no Honoo
    snesAshita no Joe
    gbaAshita no Joe - Makka ni Moeagare!
    amigaAsk Me Another
    nesAsmik-kun Land
    gbAsmik-kun World 2
    nesASO - Armored Scrum Object
    c64Aspar Grand Prix Master
    amigaAssassin Special Edition
    smsAssault City
    amigaAssimilation: Caffeine 2
    gbAsterix & Obelix
    gbcAsterix & Obelix
    snesAstérix & Obélix
    gbaAsterix & Obelix - Bash Them All!
    gbcAsterix & Obelix vs Caesar
    gbaAsterix & Obelix XXL
    gbcAsterix - Search for Dogmatix
    smdAsterix and the Great Rescue
    smsAsterix and the Great Rescue
    c64Asterix and the Magic Cauldron
    smdAsterix and the Power of the Gods
    smsAsterix and the Secret Mission
    amigaAstérix: Operation Getafix
    a2600Asteroid Fire
    c64Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She-Vampires, The
    cpcAstro Attack
    gbaAstro Boy - Omega Factor
    gbaAstro Boy - Tetsuwan Atom - Atom Heart no Himitsu
    a5200Astro Chase
    c64Astro Chase
    nesAstro Fang - Super Machine
    smsAstro Flash
    c64Astro Marine Corps
    amigaAstro Marine Corps (A.M.C.)
    gbAstro Rabby
    nesAstro Robo Sasa
    a2600Astro War
    smsAstro Warrior
    smsAstro Warrior & Pit Pot
    gbaAtari Anniversary Advance
    a2600Atari Video Cube
    amigaATF II - Advanced Tactical Fighter II
    nesAthletic World
    gbaAtlantis - The Lost Empire
    gbcAtlantis - The Lost Empire
    a2600Atlantis II
    nesAtlantis no Nazo
    snesAtlas, The - Renaissance Voyager
    c64Atom Ant
    amigaAtom Smasher
    gbaAtomic Betty
    gbAtomic Punk
    amigaAtomic Robo-Kid
    c64Atomic Robo-Kid
    smdAtomic Robo-Kid
    tg16Atomic Robo-Kid Special
    smdAtomic Runner
    smdATP Tour
    smdATP Tour Championship Tennis
    amigaATR: All Terrain Racing
    cd32ATR: All Terrain Racing
    amigaATR: All Terrain Racing [Christmas Edition]
    gbcAtsumete Asobu Kuma no Pooh-san - Mori no Takaramono
    nesAttack Animal Gakuen
    amigaThe Attack of the Green Smelly Aliens From Planet 27b/6
    gbAttack of the Killer Tomatoes
    nesAttack of the Killer Tomatoes
    c64Attack of the Mutant Camels
    gbaATV - Quad Power Racing
    gbaATV - Thunder Ridge Riders
    gbcATV Racing
    gbcATV Racing & Karate Joe
    c64ATV Simulator
    cpcATV Simulator
    cpcAuf Wiedersehen Monty
    amigaAufschwung Ost
    amigaAunt Arctic Adventure
    nesAussie Rules Footy
    amigaAusterlitz [Cornerstone]
    amigaAusterlitz [Turcan]
    gbcAustin Powers - Oh, Behave!
    gbcAustin Powers - Welcome to my Underground Lair!
    smdAustralian Rugby League
    c64Australian Rules Football
    amigaAustralo Piticus Mechanicus
    amigaAuto Duel
    c64Autotest Simulator
    nesAV Dragon Mahjang
    nesAV Hanafuda Club
    nesAV Kyuukyoku Mahjong 2
    nesAV Mahjong Club
    nesAV Pachi-Slot
    nesAV Poker
    tg16AV Poker - World Gambler
    nesAV Soccer
    amigaAV8B Harrier Assault
    gbaAvatar - The Last Airbender
    gbaAvatar - The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth
    gbaAvatar - The Legend of Aang
    gbaAvatar - The Legend of Aang - The Burning Earth
    gbAvenging Spirit
    amigaLa Aventura Espacial
    amigaLa Aventura Original
    c64Aventura Original, La
    gbcAventures de Buzz l'Eclair, Les
    gbaAventures de Jackie Chan, Les - La Legende de la Main Noire
    amigaLes Aventures de Moktar
    smdAwesome Possum Kicks Dr Machino's Butt!
    smdAWS Pro Moves Soccer
    amigaAxe of Rage
    amigaAxel's Magic Hammer
    gbAyakashi no Shiro
    smdAyrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II
    smsAyrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II
    gbcAzarashi Sentai Inazuma - Dokidoki Daisakusen!
    smsAztec Adventure - The Golden Road to Paradise
    amigaAztec Challenge
    c64Aztec Challenge
    gbaAzumanga Daiou Advance
    gbcAzure Dreams
    snesB Dash - 2 Gatsugou
    snesB Dash - 3 Gatsugou
    amigaB-17 Flying Fortress
    gbcB-Daman Bakugaiden - Victory e no Michi
    gbcB-Daman Bakugaiden V - Final Mega Tune
    gbaB-Densetsu! Battle B-Daman - Fire Spirits!
    gbaB-Densetsu! Battle B-Daman - Moero! B-Damashii!!
    amigaB.A.T. II
    amigaB.C. Kid
    gbB.C. Kid
    gbB.C. Kid 2
    amigaBaba Yaga
    gbaBabar to the Rescue
    gbcBabe and Friends
    nesBabel no Tou
    nesBaby Boomer
    amigaBaby Bug
    gbcBaby Felix - Halloween
    amigaBaby Jo: Going Home
    gbBaby T-Rex
    smdBaby's Day Out
    amigaBabylonian Twins
    a2600Bachelor Party
    a2600Bachelorette Party
    amigaBack Gammon [DELETE]
    c64Back to Reality
    gbaBack to Stone
    c64Back to the Future
    cpcBack to the Future
    nesBack to the Future
    amigaBack to the Future - Part II
    c64Back to the Future - Part II
    cpcBack to the Future - Part II
    smsBack to the Future Part II
    nesBack to the Future Part II & III
    amigaBack to the Future Part III
    c64Back to the Future Part III
    smdBack to the Future Part III
    smsBack to the Future Part III
    amigaBack to the Golden Age
    gbaBack Track
    amigaBackgammon Royale
    amigaBackgammon [King Size]
    amigaBackgammon [Magic Soft]
    gbaBackyard Baseball
    gbaBackyard Baseball 2006
    gbaBackyard Basketball
    gbaBackyard Football
    gbaBackyard Football 2006
    gbaBackyard Hockey
    gbaBackyard Skateboarding
    gbaBackyard Sports - Baseball 2007
    gbaBackyard Sports - Basketball 2007
    gbaBackyard Sports - Football 2007
    gbcBad Badtz-Maru Robo Battle
    amigaBad Cat
    c64Bad Cat
    amigaBad Company
    amigaBad Dudes
    nesBad Dudes
    cpcBad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja
    nesBad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
    amigaBad Dudes vs. Dragonninja
    nesBad News Baseball
    smdBad Omen
    nesBad Street Brawler
    amigaBad Vibes
    amigaBadlands Pete
    snesBahamut Lagoon
    smdBahamut Senki
    nesBaken Hisshou Gaku - Gate In
    gbBakenou TV '94
    gbBakenou V3
    smsBaku Baku Animal
    gbBakuchou Retrieve Master
    gbBakuchou Retsuden Shou - Hyper Fishing
    snesBakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman
    gbcBakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman - Gekitan! Rising Valkyrie!!
    snesBakumatsu Kourinden Oni
    gbaBakunetsu Dodge Ball Fighters
    gbBakuretsu Senshi Warrior
    nesBakushou! Star Monomane Shitennou
    nesBakushou!! Ai no Gekijou
    nesBakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou
    nesBakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou 2
    nesBakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou 3
    snesBakushow Mondai no Silicon Chounaikai
    gbcBakusou Dekotora Densetsu GB Special - Otoko Dokyou no Tenka Touitsu
    gbcBakusou Senki Metal Walker GB - Koutetsu no Yuujou
    gbcBakuten Shoot Beyblade
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade - Gekitou! Saikyou Blader
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Gekisen! Team Battle!! Kouryuu no Shou - Daichi Hen
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Gekisen! Team Battle!! Seiryuu no Shou - Takao Hen
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Ikuze! Bakutou! Chou Jiryoku Battle!!
    snesBakutou Dochers - Bumps-jima wa Oosawagi
    amigaBalance of Power: Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age
    amigaBalance of Power: The 1990 Edition
    gbaBaldur's Gate - Dark Alliance
    snesBall Bullet Gun
    c64Ball Crazy
    amigaThe Ball Game
    smdBall Jacks
    amigaBall Raider
    amigaBall Raider II
    gbaBallistic - Ecks vs. Sever
    nesBalloon Fight
    gbcBalloon Fight GB
    gbBalloon Kid
    nesBalloon Monster
    snesBallz 3D
    smdBallz 3D - The Battle of the Ballz
    amigaBambinours Solves A Jigsaw Puzzle
    nesBanana Prince
    nesBananan Ouji no Daibouken
    nesBandai Golf - Challenge Pebble Beach
    c64Bandana City
    amigaBandit Kings of Ancient China
    nesBandit Kings of Ancient China
    c64Bangers & Mash
    amigaBangkok Knights
    c64Bangkok Knights
    gbBanishing Racer
    gbaBanjo-Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge
    gbaBanjo-Kazooie - La Vendetta di Grunty
    gbaBanjo-Kazooie - La Venganza de Grunty
    amigaBank Buster
    a2600Bank Heist
    smsBank Panic
    amigaBar Games
    cpcBarbarian - The Ultimate Warrior
    amigaBarbarian: The Ultimate Warrior
    amigaBarbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax
    amigaBarbarian II
    gbcBarbie - Aventura Submarina
    gbcBarbie - Avventure nell'Oceano
    gbcBarbie - Chasse au Tresor Sous-Marine
    gbcBarbie - Diepzee Avontuur
    gbcBarbie - Fashion Pack Games
    gbBarbie - Game Girl
    gbcBarbie - Magic Genie Adventure
    gbcBarbie - Meeres Abenteuer
    gbcBarbie - Ocean Discovery
    gbcBarbie - Pet Rescue
    gbcBarbie - Shelly Club
    gbaBarbie - The Princess and the Pauper
    gbaBarbie and the Magic of Pegasus
    gbaBarbie as the Island Princess
    gbaBarbie Diaries, The - High School Mystery
    gbaBarbie Groovy Games
    gbaBarbie Horse Adventures
    gbaBarbie Horse Adventures - Blue Ribbon Race
    gbaBarbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
    smdBarbie Super Model
    snesBarbie Super Model
    gbaBarbie Superpack
    smdBarbie Vacation Adventure
    snesBarbie Vacation Adventure
    gbcBarca Total 2000
    gbcBarcode Taisen Bardigun
    nesBarcode World
    amigaThe Bard's Tale Construction Set
    nesBard's Tale II, The - The Destiny Knight
    nesBard's Tale, The
    amigaThe Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown
    amigaThe Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight
    amigaThe Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate
    cpcThe Bards Tale - Tales of the Unknown
    smdBare Knuckle III
    amigaBargon Attack
    tg16Bari Bari Densetsu
    nesBarker Bill's Trick Shooting
    snesBarkley no Power Dunk
    smdBarkley Shut Up and Jam!
    smdBarkley Shut Up and Jam 2
    snesBarkley Shut Up and Jam!
    amigaBarney Bear Goes Camping
    cdtvBarney Bear Goes Camping
    cdtvBarney Bear Goes To School
    amigaBarney Bear Goes to Space
    amigaBarney Bear Goes to the Farm
    amigaBarney Mouse
    smdBarney's Hide & Seek Game
    a7800Barnyard Blaster
    amigaBaron Baldric: A Grave Adventure
    c64Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing
    gbBart no Survival Camp
    gbBart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly
    smdBarver Battle Saga - Tai Kong Zhan Shi
    amigaBase Jumpers
    cd32Base Jumpers
    gbaBaseball Advance
    nesBaseball Fighter
    gbBaseball Kids
    nesBaseball Simulator 1.000
    nesBaseball Star - Mezase Sankanou!!
    nesBaseball Stars
    nesBaseball Stars II
    nesBases Loaded
    nesBases Loaded 3
    nesBases Loaded 4
    gbBases Loaded for Game Boy
    nesBases Loaded II - Second Season
    nesBashi Bazook - Morphoid Masher
    smsBasket Ball Nightmare
    gbBass Fishing Tatsujin Techou
    gbcBass Masters Classic
    smdBass Masters Classic
    snesBass Masters Classic
    smdBass Masters Classic - Pro Edition
    snesBass Masters Classic - Pro Edition
    gbaBass Tsuri Shiyouze! - Tournament wa Senryaku da!
    snesBassin's Black Bass
    snesBastard!! - Ankoku no Hakaishin
    gbBataille Navale
    c64Bath Time
    gbBatman - Return of the Joker
    nesBatman - Return of the Joker
    smdBatman - Revenge of the Joker
    snesBatman - Revenge of the Joker
    gbaBatman - Rise of Sin Tzu
    gbBatman - The Animated Series
    c64Batman - The Caped Crusader
    c64Batman - The Movie
    cpcBatman - The Movie
    zxsBatman - The Movie
    gbBatman - The Video Game
    nesBatman - The Video Game
    smdBatman - The Video Game
    gbaBatman - Vengeance
    amigaBatman: The Caped Crusader
    amigaBatman: The Movie
    amigaBatman Returns
    gbaBatman Begins
    gbcBatman Beyond - Return of the Joker
    game-gearBatman Forever
    gbBatman Forever
    smdBatman Forever
    snesBatman Forever
    gbcBatman of the Future - Return of the Joker
    game-gearBatman Returns
    nesBatman Returns
    smdBatman Returns
    smsBatman Returns
    snesBatman Returns
    nesBatsu & Terry - Makyou no Tetsujin Race
    gbBattle Arena Toshinden
    gbaBattle B-Daman
    gbaBattle B-Daman - Fire Spirits!
    nesBattle Baseball
    snesBattle Blaze
    amigaBattle Bound
    gbBattle Bull
    snesBattle Cars
    amigaBattle Chess
    cd32Battle Chess
    cdtvBattle Chess
    nesBattle Chess
    amigaBattle Chess II: Chinese Chess
    snesBattle Clash
    amigaBattle Command
    snesBattle Commander - Hachibushuu, Shura no Heihou
    snesBattle Cross
    gbBattle Crusher
    gbBattle Dodge Ball
    snesBattle Dodge Ball - Toukyuu Daigekitotsu!
    snesBattle Dodge Ball II
    c64Battle Field
    gbcBattle Fishers
    nesBattle Fleet
    amigaBattle for the Ashes
    nesBattle Formula
    smdBattle Golfer Yui
    snesBattle Grand Prix
    amigaBattle Isle
    snesBattle Jockey
    tg16Battle Lode Runner
    smdBattle Mania
    smdBattle Mania Daiginjou
    snesBattle Master - Kyuukyoku no Senshi-tachi
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE 2
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE 3
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE 3 - Black
    gbBattle of Kingdom
    gbBattle of Olympus, The
    nesBattle of Olympus, The
    smsBattle Out Run
    snesBattle Pinball
    gbBattle Pingpong
    snesBattle Racers
    snesBattle Robot Retsuden
    tg16Battle Royale
    snesBattle Soccer - Field no Hasha
    snesBattle Soccer 2
    gbBattle Space
    amigaBattle Squadron
    smdBattle Squadron
    nesBattle Stadium - Senbatsu Pro Yakyuu
    c64Battle Stations
    nesBattle Storm
    snesBattle Submarine
    amigaBattle Trucks
    snesBattle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX
    gbBattle Unit Zeoth
    amigaBattle Valley
    c64Battle Valley
    gbaBattle X Battle - Kyodai Gyo Densetsu
    snesBattle Zeque Den
    gbaBattleBots - Beyond the BattleBox
    gbaBattleBots - Design & Destroy
    amigaBattlehawks 1942
    smdBattleTech - A Game of Armored Combat
    snesBattleTech 3050
    amigaBattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception
    snesBattletoads & Double Dragon
    snesBattletoads in Battlemaniacs
    gbBattletoads in Ragnarok's World
    gbBattletoads-Double Dragon
    nesBattletoads-Double Dragon
    smdBattletoads-Double Dragon
    snesBazoe! Mahou Sekai
    c64Bazooka Bill
    snesBazooka Blitzkrieg
    gbaBB Ball
    nesBB Car
    c64BC Bill
    c64BC II - Grog's Revenge
    c64BC's Quest for Tires
    tg16Be Ball
    nesBe-Bop-Highschool - Koukousei Gokuraku Densetsu
    c64Beach Buggy Simulator
    amigaBeach Volley
    c64Beach Volleyball
    gbcBeach'n Ball
    c64Beach-Head II
    cpcBeach-Head II
    a2600Beany Bopper
    gbcBear in the Big Blue House
    amigaBeast Busters
    gbcBeast Fighter
    gbaBeast Shooter - Mezase Beast King!
    smdBeast Warriors
    smdBeast Wrestler
    a2600Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em
    c64Beat It! - Jammin' II
    gbcBeatmania GB
    gbcBeatmania GB - Gotcha Mix 2
    gbcBeatmania GB2 - Gotcha Mix
    nesBeauty and the Beast
    snesBeauty and the Beast
    gbcBeauty and the Beast - A Board Game Adventure
    smdBeauty and the Beast - Belle's Quest
    smdBeauty and the Beast - Roar of the Beast
    gbBeavis and Butt-Head
    smdBeavis and Butt-Head
    snesBeavis and Butt-Head
    snesBebe's Kids
    nesBee 52
    gbaBee Game, The
    snesBeethoven's 2nd
    snesBeethoven's 2nd
    smdBeggar Prince
    amigaBehind the Iron Gate
    amigaBeneath a Steel Sky
    cd32Beneath a Steel Sky
    dosBeneath a Steel Sky
    gbcBenjamin Bluemchen - Ein verrueckter Tag im Zoo
    tg16Benkei Gaiden
    snesBenkei Gaiden - Suna no Shou
    a2600Berenstain Bears
    gbaBerenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, The
    smdBerenstain Bears' Camping Adventure, The
    amigaBerlin 1948
    a2600Bermuda Triangle
    gbaBest Friends - Hunde & Katzen
    nesBest Keiba - Derby Stallion
    gbBest of the Best - Championship Karate
    nesBest of the Best - Championship Karate
    smdBest of the Best - Championship Karate
    snesBest of the Best Championship Karate
    amigaBest of the Best: Championship Karate
    gbaBest Play Pro Yakyuu
    nesBest Play Pro Yakyuu
    nesBest Play Pro Yakyuu '90
    nesBest Play Pro Yakyuu - Shin Data
    nesBest Play Pro Yakyuu II
    nesBest Play Pro Yakyuu Special
    snesBest Shot Pro Golf
    dosBetrayal at Krondor
    amigaBetter Dead Than Alien!
    amigaBetter Maths
    amigaBeverly Hills Cop
    c64Beverly Hills Cop
    cpcBeverly Hills Cop
    gbcBeyblade - Fighting Tournament
    gbaBeyblade G-Revolution
    gbaBeyblade V-Force - Ultimate Blader Jam
    amigaBeyond Dark Castle
    smdBeyond Oasis
    amigaBeyond the Ice Palace
    c64Beyond the Ice Palace
    smdBeyond Zero Tolerance
    amigaBeyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor
    dosBeyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor
    amigaBez Kompromisu
    a2600Bi! Bi!
    gbaBibi Blocksberg - Der Magische Hexenkreis
    gbcBibi Blocksberg - Im Bann der Hexenkugel
    gbaBibi und Tina - Ferien auf dem Martinshof
    gbcBibi und Tina - Fohlen Felix in Gefahr
    nesBible Adventures
    smdBible Adventures
    nesBible Buffet
    gbaBible Game, The
    gbaBiene Maja, Die - Klatschmohnwiese in Gefahr
    amigaBiFi II: Action In Hollywood
    amigaBiFi: Snackzone
    a2600Big Bird's Egg Catch
    amigaBig Business
    snesBig Ichigeki! Pachi-Slot Daikouryaku
    snesBig Ichigeki! Pachi-Slot Daikouryaku 2 - Universal Collection
    c64Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man
    gbaBig Mutha Truckers
    nesBig Nose and the Witchdoctor
    nesBig Nose Freaks Out
    amigaBig Nose the Caveman
    nesBig Nose the Caveman
    amigaThe Big Picture
    amigaThe Big Red Adventure
    amigaBig Run
    amigaBig Sea
    cd32The Big Six
    snesBig Sky Trooper
    c64Big Trouble in Little China
    cpcBig Trouble in Little China
    c64Bignose's USA Adventure
    c64Bigtop Barney
    amigaBIING! - Sex, Intrigen und Skalpelle
    amigaBIING! - Sex, Intrigen und Skalpelle [AGA]
    snesBijo to Yajuu
    snesBike Daisuki! Hashiriya Tamashii
    amigaBiker Babe From Barbados
    snesBiker Mice from Mars
    gbBikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! - Dokodemo Kin Medal
    nesBikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! - Harukanaru Kin Medal
    gbcBikkuriman 2000 - Charging Card GB
    tg16Bikkuriman World
    nesBikkuriman World - Gekitou Sei Senshi
    amigaBill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
    gbBill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure
    nesBill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure
    amigaBill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge
    nesBill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge
    gbBill Elliott's NASCAR Fast Tracks
    snesBill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball
    smdBill Walsh College Football
    snesBill Walsh College Football
    smdBill Walsh College Football 95
    amigaBill's Tomato Game
    amigaBilliards II Simulator
    amigaBilliards Simulator
    gbcBilly Bob's Huntin' 'n' Fishin'
    smdBimini Run
    nesBinary Land
    snesBing Bing! Bingo
    nesBingo 75
    nesBinGuo 75
    amigaBio Challenge
    nesBio Force Ape
    smdBio Hazard Battle
    nesBio Miracle Bokutte Upa
    nesBio Senshi Dan - Increaser Tono Tatakai
    gbcBiohazard Gaiden
    gbBionic Battler
    amigaBionic Commando
    c64Bionic Commando
    cpcBionic Commando
    gbBionic Commando
    nesBionic Commando
    gbcBionic Commando - Elite Forces
    c64Bionic Ninja
    gbaBionicle - Matoran Adventures
    gbaBionicle - Maze of Shadows
    gbaBionicle Heroes
    amigaBiplane Duel
    nesBird Week
    amigaBirds N' Bees
    amigaBirds of Prey
    snesBishin Densetsu Zoku
    snesBishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai
    gbBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
    smdBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story
    gbBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Kondo wa Puzzle de Oshioki yo!
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Kurukkurin
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Fuwafuwa Panic 2
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS - Fuwafuwa Panic
    snesBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS - Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen
    snesBishoujo Wrestler Retsuden - Blizzard Yuki Rannyuu!!
    gbabit Generations - Boundish
    gbabit Generations - Coloris
    gbabit Generations - Dialhex
    gbabit Generations - Digidrive
    gbabit Generations - Dotstream
    gbabit Generations - Orbital
    gbabit Generations - Soundvoyager
    amigaBit in the Magic Castle
    gbBlack Bass - Lure Fishing
    gbcBlack Bass - Lure Fishing
    nesBlack Bass II, The
    nesBlack Bass, The
    smsBlack Belt
    gbaBlack Belt Challenge
    gbaBlack Black - Bura Bura
    amigaThe Black Cauldron
    amigaBlack Crypt
    amigaBlack Gold (reLINE)
    c64Black Hawk
    amigaBlack Hornet
    amigaBlack Lamp
    c64Black Lamp
    c64Black Magic
    gbaBlack Matrix Zero
    gbcBlack Onyx, The
    amigaBlack Sect
    amigaBlack Shadow
    amigaBlack Tiger
    c64Black Tiger
    cpcBlack Tiger
    zxsBlack Tiger
    amigaBlack Viper
    cd32Black Viper
    amigaBlackjack Academy
    snesBlackthorne - Fukushuu no Kuroki Toge
    smsBlade Eagle
    cpcBlade Runner
    amigaBlade Warrior
    cpcBlade Warrior
    amigaBlades of Steel
    gbBlades of Steel
    nesBlades of Steel
    gbaBlades of Thunder
    smdBlades of Vengeance
    c64Blagger Goes To Hollywood
    nesBlaster Master
    nesBlaster Master
    gbcBlaster Master - Enemy Below
    smdBlaster Master 2
    gbBlaster Master Boy
    gbBlaster Master Jr.
    tg16Blazing Lazers
    snesBlazing Skies
    amigaBlazing Thunder
    c64Blazing Thunder
    gbaBleach Advance - Kurenai ni Somaru Soul Society
    gbaBlender Bros.
    amigaBlinky's Scary School
    c64Blinky's Scary School
    snesBlock Kuzushi
    gbBlock Kuzushi GB
    nesBlock Out
    amigaBlock Shock: The Last Chance
    smdBlockbuster World Video Game Championship II
    amigaBlockhead II
    nesBlodia Land - Puzzle Quest
    arcadeBlood Bros.
    amigaBlood Money
    atariBlood Money
    c64Blood Money
    amigaBloodNet [AGA]
    amigaBloodwych: The Extended Levels
    nesBloody Warriors - Shan-Go no Gyakushuu
    tg16Bloody Wolf
    nesBloque Magico, El
    smdBlue Almanac
    amigaThe Blue and the Gray
    amigaBlue Angel 69
    amigaBlue Angels: Formation Flight Simulation
    c64Blue Baron
    amigaBlue Boy
    snesBlue Crystalrod, The
    c64Blue Max
    c64Blue Max 2001
    amigaBlue Max: Aces of the Great War
    c64Blue Moon
    a2600Blue Print
    a5200Blue Print
    nesBlue Shadow
    gbcBlue's Clues - Blue's Alphabet Book
    amigaThe Blues Brothers
    snesThe Blues Brothers
    gbBlues Brothers, The
    nesBlues Brothers, The
    gbBlues Brothers, The - Jukebox Adventure
    a2600BMX Air Master
    c64BMX Freestyle
    cpcBMX Freestyle
    c64BMX Kidz
    c64BMX Ninja
    c64BMX Racers
    amigaBMX Simulator
    c64BMX Simulator
    cpcBMX Simulator
    c64BMX Simulator 2
    cpcBMX Simulator 2
    c64BMX Trials
    gbaBMX Trick Racer
    gbBo Jackson - Two Games in One
    amigaBo Jackson Baseball
    nesBo Jackson Baseball
    gbaBoard Game Classics
    gbcBoarder Zone
    amigaBob Morane: Ocean
    gbcBob the Builder - Fix it Fun!
    amigaBob's Bad Day
    amigaBob's Garden
    c64Bobby Bearing
    a2600Bobby is Going Home
    snesBobby's World
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - 9 Kyoku Senshi Gag Yuugou
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - Bakutou Hajike Taisen
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - Maji de!! Shinken Battle
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - Ougi 87.5 Bakuretsu Hanage Shinken
    c64Bod Squad
    amigaBody Blows
    amigaBody Blows [AGA]
    amigaBody Blows Galactic
    amigaBody Blows Galactic [AGA]
    smdBody Count
    tg16Bodycon Quest II
    a2600Bogey Blaster
    gbBoggle Plus
    amigaBograts: The Puzzling Misadventure
    amigaBoing! The Game
    nesBokosuka Wars
    gbaBoktai - The Sun Is in Your Hand
    gbaBoktai 2 - Solar Boy Django
    gbcBoku no Camp-jou
    gbaBoku wa Koukuu Kanseikan
    snesBokujou Monogatari
    snesBokujou Monogatari - Dai-2-wa
    snesBokujou Monogatari - Dai-4-wa
    gbaBokujou Monogatari - Mineral Town no Nakama-tachi
    gbaBokujou Monogatari - Mineral Town no Nakama-tachi for Girl
    gbBokujou Monogatari GB
    gbcBokujou Monogatari GB2
    gbcBokujou Monogatari GB3 - Boy Meets Girl
    gbaBokura no Taiyou - Taiyou Action RPG
    amigaBolo Mrówkojad
    amigaBomb Busters
    amigaBomb Fusion
    c64Bomb Fusion
    amigaBomb Jack
    cpcBomb Jack
    gbBomb Jack
    cpcBomb Jack II
    amigaBomber 2000
    amigaBomber Bob
    gbBomber Boy
    nesBomber King
    gbBomber King - Scenario 2
    nesBomber Man
    gbBomber Man Collection
    gbBomber Man GB
    gbBomber Man GB 2
    gbBomber Man GB 3
    nesBomber Man II
    gbaBomber Man Jetters - Densetsu no Bomber Man
    gbaBomber Man Jetters - Game Collection
    gbcBomber Man Max - Ain Version
    gbcBomber Man Max - Hikari no Yuusha
    gbcBomber Man Max - Yami no Senshi
    gbaBomber Man Max 2 - Bomber Man Version
    gbaBomber Man Max 2 - Max Version
    gbcBomber Man Quest
    gbaBomber Man Story
    smsBomber Raid
    tg16Bomberman '93
    tg16Bomberman '94
    tg16Bomberman - Users Battle
    snesBomberman B-Daman
    gbcBomberman Max - Blue Champion
    gbcBomberman Max - Red Challenger
    gbaBomberman Max 2 - Blue Advance
    gbaBomberman Max 2 - Red Advance
    gbcBomberman Selection
    gbaBomberman Tournament
    c64Bombjack II
    c64Bonanza Bros
    amigaBonanza Bros.
    smdBonanza Bros.
    smsBonanza Bros.
    smdBonanza Brothers
    amigaBone Cruncher
    tg16Bonk III - Bonk's Big Adventure
    gbBonk's Adventure
    nesBonk's Adventure
    tg16Bonk's Adventure
    gbBonk's Revenge
    tg16Bonk's Revenge
    snesBonkers - Hollywood Daisakusen!
    smsBonkers Wax Up!
    gbBooby Boys
    nesBooby Kids
    smdBoogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure
    snesBoogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure
    smdBoogie Woogie Bowling
    nesBooky Man
    a2600Boom Bang
    gbBoomer's Adventure in ASMIK World
    amigaDas Boot
    amigaBorder Zone
    amigaBorobodur: The Planet of Doom
    amigaBorrowed Time
    c64Bosconian 87
    amigaBoston Bomb Club
    tg16Bouken Danshaku Don - The Lost Sunheart
    gbaBouken Yuuki Pluster World - Densetsu no Plust Gate
    gbaBouken Yuuki Pluster World - Densetsu no Plust Gate EX
    gbaBouken Yuuki Pluster World - Pluston GP
    gbcBouken! Dondoko-tou
    gbBouken! Puzzle Road
    gbaBouken-ou Beet - Busters Road
    gbaBoukyaku no Senritsu
    c64Boulder Dash
    gbBoulder Dash
    nesBoulder Dash
    c64Boulder Dash Construction Kit
    gbaBoulder Dash EX
    amigaBoulderdash Construction Kit
    amigaBouncing Balls
    amigaBouncing Bill
    c64Bouncing Heads
    a5200Bounty Bob Strikes Back
    c64Bounty Bob Strikes Back
    cpcThe Bounty Hunter
    snesBounty Sword
    gbaBoxing Fever
    smdBoxing Legends of the Ring
    snesBoxing Legends of the Ring
    amigaBoxing Masters
    gbBoxxle II
    c64Bozos Night Out
    amigaBrain Artifice
    gbBrain Bender
    amigaThe Brain Blasters
    gbBrain Drain
    a2600Brain Games
    snesBrain Lord
    amigaBrain Man
    amigaThe Brainies
    snesThe Brainies
    gbBram Stoker's Dracula
    nesBram Stoker's Dracula
    smdBram Stoker's Dracula
    smsBram Stoker's Dracula
    snesBram Stoker's Dracula
    snesBrandish 2 - Expert
    snesBrandish 2 - The Planet Buster
    amigaBrands Hatch
    gbaBratz - Babyz
    gbaBratz - Forever Diamondz
    gbaBratz - Rock Angelz
    gbaBratz - The Movie
    gbcBrave Saga - Shinshou Astaria
    snesBrawl Brothers
    snesBrawl Brothers - Rival Turf! 2
    amigaBreach 2
    c64Break Dance
    c64Break Fever
    tg16Break In
    nesBreak Time - The National Pool Tour
    a2600Breakaway IV
    gbaBreath of Fire
    snesBreath of Fire
    gbaBreath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi
    snesBreath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi
    gbaBreath of Fire II
    snesBreath of Fire II
    gbaBreath of Fire II - Shimei no Ko
    snesBreath of Fire II - Shimei no Ko
    amigaBreed 96
    snesBrett Hull Hockey
    smdBrett Hull Hockey '95
    snesBrett Hull Hockey 95
    c64Brian Jack's Uchi-Mata
    smdBrian Lara Cricket
    smdBrian Lara Cricket 96
    amigaBrian Lara's Cricket
    amigaBrian Lara's Cricket 96
    amigaBrian the Lion
    cd32Brian the Lion
    amigaBrian the Lion [AGA]
    c64Bride of Frankenstein
    amigaBride of the Robot
    amigaBrides Of Dracula
    amigaBridge 6.0
    amigaBridge Player 2000 With Tutor
    amigaBrigade Commander
    gbaBritney's Dance Beat
    gbaBroken Circle
    gbaBroken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars
    snesBronkie the Bronchiasaurus
    gbaBrother Bear
    c64Bruce Lee
    cpcBruce Lee
    zxsBruce Lee
    gbaBruce Lee - Return of the Legend
    snesBrunswick World Tournament of Champions
    nesBrush Roller
    smdBrutal - Paws of Fury
    amigaBrutal Football
    cd32Brutal Football
    amigaBrutal Football [AGA]
    amigaBrutal Homicide
    amigaBrutal: Paws Of Fury
    cd32Brutal: Paws of Fury
    snesBrutal: Paws of Fury
    snesBS Dragon Quest I
    snesBS F-Zero Grand Prix - Dai-1-shuu - Knight League
    snesBS F-Zero Grand Prix - Dai-2-shuu - Queen League
    snesBS F-Zero Grand Prix - Dai-3-shuu - King League
    snesBS F-Zero Grand Prix - Dai-4-shuu - Ace League
    snesBS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 - Practice
    snesBS Fire Emblem - Akaneia Senki Hen - Dai-1-wa - Palace Kanraku
    snesBS Fire Emblem - Akaneia Senki Hen - Dai-2-wa - Akai Ryuu Kishi
    snesBS Fire Emblem - Akaneia Senki Hen - Dai-3-wa - Seigi no Touzokudan
    snesBS Fire Emblem - Akaneia Senki Hen - Dai-4-wa - Hajimari no Toki
    snesBS Fuurai no Shiren - Surara o Sukue - Dai-2-shuu
    snesBS Fuurai no Shiren - Surara o Sukue - Dai-4-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Camp Arnold Course - Dai-1-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Camp Arnold Course - Dai-2-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Camp Arnold Course - Dai-3-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Camp Arnold Course - Dai-4-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Time Athletic Course - Dai-1-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Time Athletic Course - Dai-2-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Time Athletic Course - Dai-3-shuu
    snesBS Marvelous - Time Athletic Course - Dai-4-shuu
    snesBS Nichibutsu Mahjong - Mahjong Taikai
    snesBS Nichibutsu Mahjong - Renshuu Mahjong - Ichimantou
    snesBS Nichibutsu Mahjong - Renshuu Mahjong - Nimantou
    snesBS Nintendo HP - 5-17 Gou
    snesBS Nintendo HP - 5-31 Gou
    snesBS Parlor! Parlor! - Dai-2-shuu
    snesBS Shin Onigashima - Dai-1-wa - Kataribe no Koya
    snesBS Shin Onigashima - Dai-2-wa - Kataribe no Koya
    snesBS Shin Onigashima - Dai-3-wa - Kataribe no Koya
    snesBS Shin Onigashima - Dai-4-wa - Kataribe no Koya
    snesBS St. Giga PG - 10 Gatsugou
    snesBS Super Mario Collection - Dai-3-shuu
    snesBS Super Mario USA - Power Challenge - Dai-1-kai
    snesBS Super Mario USA - Power Challenge - Dai-2-kai
    snesBS Super Mario USA - Power Challenge - Dai-3-kai
    snesBS Super Mario USA - Power Challenge - Dai-4-kai
    snesBS Tantei Club - Yuki ni Kieta Kako - Chuuhen
    snesBS Tantei Club - Yuki ni Kieta Kako - Kouhen
    snesBS Tantei Club - Yuki ni Kieta Kako - Zenpen
    snesBS Zelda no Densetsu - Dai-3-wa
    snesBS Zelda no Densetsu - Inishie no Sekiban - Dai-1-wa
    snesBS Zelda no Densetsu - Inishie no Sekiban - Dai-2-wa
    snesBS Zelda no Densetsu - Inishie no Sekiban - Dai-3-wa
    snesBS Zelda no Densetsu - Inishie no Sekiban - Dai-4-wa
    snesBS Zelda no Densetsu Map 2 - Dai-4-wa
    snesBS-X - Sore wa Namae o Nusumareta Machi no Monogatari
    amigaBubba 'n' Stix
    cd32Bubba 'n' Stix
    smdBubba 'N' Stix
    amigaBubble +
    amigaBubble and Squeak
    cd32Bubble and Squeak
    smdBubble and Squeak
    amigaBubble and Squeak [AGA]
    nesBubble Bath Babes
    amigaBubble Bobble
    arcadeBubble Bobble
    c64Bubble Bobble
    gbBubble Bobble
    msxBubble Bobble
    nesBubble Bobble
    smsBubble Bobble
    gbaBubble Bobble - Old & New
    nesBubble Bobble 2
    gbBubble Bobble Junior
    gbBubble Bobble Part 2
    nesBubble Bobble Part 2
    amigaBubble Dizzy
    c64Bubble Dizzy
    cpcBubble Dizzy
    amigaBubble Ghost
    c64Bubble Ghost
    gbBubble Ghost
    amigaBubble Gun
    tg16Bubblegum Crash! - Knight Sabers 2034
    smdBubsy in - Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
    gbBubsy II
    smdBubsy II
    snesBubsy II
    snesBubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
    smdBuck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday
    c64Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom
    c64Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday
    amigaBuck Rogers XXVc: Countdown To Doomsday
    a2600Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
    a5200Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
    arcadeBucky O'Hare
    nesBucky O'Hare
    smdBudokan - The Martial Spirit
    amigaBudokan: The Martial Spirit
    c64Buffalo Bill
    amigaBuffalo Bill's Wild West Show
    gbaBuffy - Im Bann der Daemonen - Koenig Darkhuls Zorn
    gbaBuffy contre les Vampires - La Colere de Darkhul
    gbcBuffy the Vampire Slayer
    gbaBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Wrath of the Darkhul King
    amigaBug Bash
    c64Bug Blaster
    c64Bug Blitz
    amigaBug Bomber
    c64Bug Diver
    gbcBug's Life, A
    amigaBuggy Boy
    c64Buggy Boy
    nesBuggy Popper
    smsBuggy Run
    gbcBugs Bunny & Lola Bunny - Operation Carrots
    gbcBugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3
    snesBugs Bunny - Hachamecha Daibouken
    nesBugs Bunny Birthday Bash
    nesBugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, The
    nesBugs Bunny Blowout, The
    gbBugs Bunny Collection
    gbThe Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
    gbBugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, The
    nesBugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The
    gbcBugs Bunny et le Chateau des Catastrophes
    nesBugs Bunny Fun House
    gbcBugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4
    smdBugs Bunny in Double Trouble
    snesBugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage
    tg16Bull Fight - Ring no Hasha
    smdBulls versus Blazers and the NBA Playoffs
    snesBulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs
    smdBulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs
    amigaBully's Sporting Darts
    c64Bully's Sporting Darts
    amigaBump 'n' Burn
    cd32Bump 'n' Burn
    a2600Bump 'n' Jump
    c64Bump Set Spike
    a2600Bumper Bash
    c64Bumping Buggies
    amigaBumpy's Arcade Fantasy
    cdtvA Bun for Barney
    amigaBundesliga Manager
    amigaBundesliga Manager Hattrick
    amigaBundesliga Manager Hattrick [AGA]
    amigaBundesliga Manager Professional
    gbcBundesliga Stars 2001
    amigaBunny Bricks
    c64Bunny Zap
    gbaBura Bura Donkey
    snesBurai - Hachigyoku no Yuushi Densetsu
    nesBurai Fighter
    gbBurai Fighter Deluxe
    gbcBurai Senshi Color
    gbBurai Senshi Deluxe
    gbcBurger Burger Pocket
    c64Burger Chase
    amigaBurger Man
    gbcBurger Paradise International
    c64Burger Time
    gbBurgerTime Deluxe
    tg16Burning Angels
    a2600Burning Desire
    smdBurning Force
    gbBurning Paper
    amigaBurning Rubber
    amigaBurning Rubber [AGA]
    amigaBurntime [AGA]
    amigaBush Buck: A Global Treasure Hunt
    amigaBush Buck: Eine Weltweite Schatzsuche
    snesBushi Seiryuuden - Futari no Yuusha
    nesBusiness Wars
    tg16Busou Keiji - Cyber Cross
    gbBust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition
    gbBust-A-Move 3 DX
    gbcBust-A-Move 4
    gbcBust-A-Move Millennium
    gbBuster Bros.
    amigaButcher Hill
    gbaButt-Ugly Martians - B.K.M. Battles
    nesBuzz & Waldog
    gbcBuzz Lightyear of Star Command
    amigaByte Man
    amigaC.Y.A.D. - A Game of Influence
    amigaCabaret Asteroids
    gbaCabbage Patch Kids - The Patch Puppy Rescue
    gbaCabela's Big Game Hunter
    gbaCabela's Big Game Hunter - 2005 Adventures
    snesCacoma Knight
    snesCacoma Knight in Bizyland
    amigaCadaver: The Last Supper
    amigaCadaver: The Pay Off
    c64Cadcam Warrior
    gbCadillac II
    dosCaesar II
    smdCaesar no Yabou
    smdCaesar no Yabou II
    gbCaesars Palace
    nesCaesars Palace
    smdCaesars Palace
    gbaCaesars Palace Advance - Millennium Gold Edition
    gbcCaesars Palace II
    smdCal Ripken Jr. Baseball
    snesCal Ripken Jr. Baseball
    amigaCalendar Quiz
    a2600California Games
    amigaCalifornia Games
    c64California Games
    cpcCalifornia Games
    lynxCalifornia Games
    nesCalifornia Games
    smdCalifornia Games
    smsCalifornia Games
    amigaCalifornia Games II
    smsCalifornia Games II
    snesCalifornia Games II
    c64California Goldrush
    nesCalifornia Raisins - The Grape Escape
    nesCaltron - 6 in 1
    cdtvCamel Racer
    c64Camelot Warriors
    gbaCamp Lazlo - Leaky Lake Games
    amigaCampaign II
    amigaCannon Fodder
    cd32Cannon Fodder
    dosCannon Fodder
    gbcCannon Fodder
    smdCannon Fodder
    snesCannon Fodder
    amigaCannon Fodder 2
    dosCannon Fodder 2
    amigaCannon Fodder 2 - Alien Levels
    amigaCannon Fodder New Campaign
    amigaCannon Fodder Plus
    amigaCannon Soccer
    snesCannondale Cup
    a2600Canyon Bomber
    amigaCap'n Carnage
    nesCapcom Barcelona '92
    gbaCapcom Classics Mini Mix
    gbCapcom Quiz - Hatena no Daibouken
    nesCapcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92
    snesCapcom's MVP Football
    snesCapcom's Soccer Shootout
    amigaCapital Punishment
    gbCaptain America and the Avengers
    nesCaptain America and the Avengers
    smdCaptain America and the Avengers
    snesCaptain America and the Avengers
    c64Captain America and the Doom Tube
    amigaCaptain Blood
    c64Captain Blood
    gbcCaptain Buzz Lightyear - Star Command
    nesCaptain Comic - The Adventure
    snesCaptain Commando
    amigaCaptain Dynamo
    c64Captain Dynamo
    nesCaptain ED
    amigaCaptain Fizz Meets The Blaster-Trons
    c64Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons
    smdCaptain Lang
    snesCaptain Novolin
    amigaCaptain Planet and the Planeteers
    nesCaptain Planet and the Planeteers
    smdCaptain Planet and the Planeteers
    nesCaptain Saver
    nesCaptain Silver
    smsCaptain Silver
    nesCaptain Skyhawk
    nesCaptain Tsubasa
    gbaCaptain Tsubasa - Eikou no Kiseki
    snesCaptain Tsubasa III - Koutei no Chousen
    snesCaptain Tsubasa IV - Pro no Rival-tachi
    snesCaptain Tsubasa J - The Way to World Youth
    gbCaptain Tsubasa J - Zenkoku Seiha e no Chousen
    snesCaptain Tsubasa V - Hasha no Shougou Campione
    nesCaptain Tsubasa Vol. II - Super Striker
    gbCaptain Tsubasa VS
    c64Captive, The
    gbaCar Battler Joe
    amigaCar-Vup: The Final Frontier
    snesCaravan Shooting Collection
    amigaCarcharodon: White Sharks
    gbaCard e-Reader
    gbaCard e-Reader+
    gbCard Game
    snesCard Master - Rimusaria no Fuuin
    gbaCard Party
    gbcCard Sharks
    gbcCardcaptor Sakura - Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho
    gbaCardcaptor Sakura - Sakura Card de Mini Game
    gbaCardcaptor Sakura - Sakura Card Hen - Sakura to Card to Otomodachi
    gbcCardcaptor Sakura - Tomoeda Shougakkou Daiundoukai
    amigaThe Cardinal of the Kremlin
    gbaCare Bears - The Care Quests
    amigaCaribbean Disaster
    gbcCarl Lewis Athletics 2000
    amigaThe Carl Lewis Challenge
    gbcCarmageddon - Carpocalypse Now
    dosCarmageddon Splat Pack
    gbaCarrera Power Slide
    snesCarrier Aces
    amigaCarrier Command
    gbaCars - Mater-National Championship
    gbaCars - Motori Ruggenti
    amigaCarton Rouge
    gbaCartoon Network Block Party
    gbaCartoon Network Speedway
    amigaThe Cartoons
    cdtvThe Case Of The Cautious Condor
    nesCasino Derby
    gbCasino FunPak
    cdtvCasino Games
    smsCasino Games
    nesCasino Kid
    nesCasino Kid II
    amigaCasino Roulette
    snesCassette Kensaki - NUS-you S Cassette
    smsCastelo Ra-Tim-Bum
    nesCastle Excellent
    amigaCastle Kingdoms
    amigaCastle Master
    c64Castle Master
    amigaCastle Master II: The Crypt
    nesCastle of Deceit
    amigaCastle of Dr. Brain
    nesCastle of Dragon
    smdCastle of Illusion - Fushigi no Oshiro Daibouken
    smdCastle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
    smsCastle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
    gbCastle Quest
    nesCastle Quest
    amigaCastle Warrior
    cd32Castles II: Siege and Conquest
    gbaCastlevania - Akatsuki no Minuet
    gbaCastlevania - Aria of Sorrow
    smdCastlevania - Bloodlines
    gbaCastlevania - Byakuya no Concerto
    gbaCastlevania - Circle of the Moon
    gbaCastlevania - Harmony of Dissonance
    gbCastlevania - The Adventure
    smdCastlevania - The New Generation
    gbaCastlevania Double Pack
    gbCastlevania II - Belmont's Revenge
    nesCastlevania II - Simon's Quest
    nesCastlevania III - Dracula's Curse
    gbCastlevania Legends
    snesCastlevania: Dracula X
    snesCastlevania: Vampire's Kiss
    amigaLes Castors Juniors dans la Forêt
    gbaCat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, The
    nesCat Ninden Teyandee
    amigaCatch 'Em
    gbcCaterpillar Construction Zone
    a2600Cathouse Blues
    gbcCatz - Your Virtual Petz Palz
    c64Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back
    c64Cave Fighter
    amigaCave Maze
    gbCave Noire
    amigaCave Runner
    nesCaveman Games
    c64Caverns of Eriban
    c64Caverns of Sillahc
    snesCB Chara Wars - Ushinawareta Gag
    cd32CD32 Games & Demos
    amigaCedric and the Lost Sceptre
    cd32Cedric and the Lost Sceptre
    amigaCelica GT Rally
    amigaCeltic Legends
    amigaCenter Court Tennis
    amigaCenterfold Squares
    smdCenturion - Defender of Rome
    amigaCenturion: Defender of Rome
    c64Centurions Power X Treme
    gbChachamaru Boukenki 3 - Abyss no Tou
    gbChachamaru Panic
    nesChack'n Pop
    c64Chain Reaction
    nesChallenge of the Dragon
    c64Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Strip
    amigaThe Challenge of the Matrix
    gbChalvo 55 - Super Puzzle Action
    amigaChamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess
    amigaChambers of Shaolin
    cd32Chambers of Shaolin
    smdChameleon Kid
    amigaChamonix Challenge
    amigaThe Champ
    amigaChampion Driver
    amigaChampion of the Raj
    tg16Champion Wrestler
    tg16Champions Forever Boxing
    smsChampions of Europe
    amigaChampions of Krynn
    smdChampions World Class Soccer
    snesChampions World Class Soccer
    c64Championship 3D Snooker
    nesChampionship Bowling
    smdChampionship Bowling
    amigaChampionship Cricket
    c64Championship Golf
    amigaChampionship Golf: Pebble Beach
    smsChampionship Hockey
    cpcChampionship Jet Ski Simulator
    c64Championship Jetski Simulator
    nesChampionship Lode Runner
    amigaChampionship Manager
    amigaChampionship Manager '93
    gbcChampionship Motocross 2001 featuring Ricky Carmichael
    gbChampionship Pool
    nesChampionship Pool
    smdChampionship Pool
    snesChampionship Pool
    smdChampionship Pro-Am
    nesChampionship Rally
    a2600Championship Soccer
    snesChampionship Soccer '94
    c64Championship Sprint
    smdChao Ji Da Fu Weng
    gbaChaoji Maliou 2
    gbaChaoji Maliou Shijie
    amigaThe Chaos Engine
    cd32The Chaos Engine
    snesThe Chaos Engine
    amigaThe Chaos Engine [AGA]
    amigaThe Chaos Engine 2
    amigaThe Chaos Engine 2 [AGA]
    smdChaos Engine 2, The
    smdChaos Engine, The
    amigaChaos in Andromeda: Eyes of the Eagle
    cdtvChaos in Andromeda: Eyes of the Eagle
    snesChaos Seed - Fuusui Kairouki
    amigaChaos Strikes Back
    nesChaos World
    smsChapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador
    amigaChariots of Wrath
    gbaCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
    amigaCharlie Chimp
    amigaCharlie Chimp II: Monkey Mayhem
    amigaCharlie J. Cool
    amigaCharlie J. Cool [AGA]
    gbaCharlotte's Web
    amigaCharly [Dragonware]
    amigaCharon 5
    amigaChase H.Q.
    c64Chase H.Q.
    gbChase H.Q.
    tg16Chase H.Q.
    gbcChase H.Q. - Secret Police
    smdChase H.Q. II
    amigaChase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation
    a2600Chase the Chuckwagon
    smdChavez II
    snesChavez II
    snesCheap de Gorgeous Vol. 1
    gbcChee-Chai Alien
    msxCheese 2
    smdCheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales
    smsCheese Cat-astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales
    gbaCheetah Girls, The
    nesCheetahmen II
    nesChess Academy
    amigaChess Player 2150
    amigaChess Simulator
    snesThe Chessmaster
    amigaThe Chessmaster 2000
    gbChessmaster, The
    nesChessmaster, The
    smdChester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool
    smdChester Cheetah - Wild Wild Quest
    snesChester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool
    snesChester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest
    nesChester Field - Ankoku Shin e no Chousen
    nesChevaliers du Zodiaque, Les - La Legende d'Or
    c64Chevy Chase
    tg16Chew Man Fu
    smdChi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf
    gbcChi to Ase to Namida no Koukou Yakyuu
    gbaChi Vuol Essere Milionario
    gbcChibi Maruko-chan - Go Chounai Minna de Game Da yo!
    snesChibi Maruko-chan - Harikiri 365-nichi no Maki
    gbChibi Maruko-chan - Maruko Deluxe Theater
    snesChibi Maruko-chan - Mezase! Minami no Island!!
    gbChibi Maruko-chan - Okozukai Daisakusen!
    tg16Chibi Maruko-chan - Quiz de Piihyara
    nesChibi Maruko-chan - Uki Uki Shopping
    smdChibi Maruko-chan - Wakuwaku Shopping
    gbChibi Maruko-chan 2 - Deluxe Maruko World
    gbChibi Maruko-chan 3 - Mezase! Game Taishou no Maki
    gbChibi Maruko-chan 4 - Kore ga Nihon Da yo! Ouji-sama
    cpcChicago 30's
    amigaChicago 90
    amigaChichén Itzá
    gbaChicken Little
    gbcChicken Run
    gbaChicken Shoot
    gbaChicken Shoot 2
    c64Chickin Chase
    nesChiisana Obake - Acchi Socchi Kocchi
    nesChik Bik Ji Jin - Saam Gwok Ji
    smdChiki Chiki Boys
    gbChiki Chiki Machine Mou Race
    gbcChiki Chiki Machine Mou Race
    nesChiki Chiki Machine Mou Race
    gbChiki Chiki Tengoku
    tg16Chikudenya Toubei - Kubikiri Yakata Yori
    gbChikyuu Kaihou Gun ZAS
    c64China Miner
    a2600China Syndrome
    tg16China Warrior
    nesChinese Checkers
    c64Chinese Juggler
    nesChinese KungFu
    gbaChinmoku no Iseki - Estpolis Gaiden
    nesChip 'n Dale - Rescue Rangers
    nesChip 'n Dale - Rescue Rangers 2
    nesChip to Dale no Daisakusen
    nesChip to Dale no Daisakusen 2
    amigaChip's Challenge
    c64Chip's Challenge
    cpcChip's Challenge
    lynxChip's Challenge
    nesChip's Challenge
    zxsChip's Challenge
    nesChitei Senkuu Vazolder
    nesChiyonofuji no Ooichou
    gbaChobits for Game Boy Advance - Atashi Dake no Hito
    gbaChocobo Land - A Game of Dice
    gbChoplifter II
    gbChoplifter II - Rescue & Survive
    gbChoplifter III
    snesChoplifter III
    snesChoplifter III: Rescue Survive
    a2600Chopper Command
    c64Chopper Commander
    gbcChoro Q - Hyper Customable GB
    gbaChoro Q Advance
    gbaChoro Q Advance 2
    snesChou Aniki - Bakuretsu Rantou Hen
    nesChou Fuyuu Yousai Exed Exes
    snesChou Gojira - Super Godzilla
    smdChou Kyuukai Miracle Nine
    snesChou Mahou Tairiku Wozz
    snesChou Makai Taisen! Dorabocchan
    snesChou Makaimura
    gbaChou Makaimura R
    gbChou Mashin Eiyuu Den Wataru - Mazekko Monster
    gbChou Mashin Eiyuu Den Wataru - Mazekko Monster 2
    smdChou Touryuu Retsuden Dino Land
    nesChou-Wakusei Senki - MetaFight
    nesChoujikuu Yousai - Macross
    snesChoujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie
    nesChoujin - Ultra Baseball
    nesChoujin Ookami Senki - Warwolf
    nesChoujin Sentai Jetman
    nesChoujinrou Senki Warwolf
    snesChoukou Gasshin Xardion
    smsChouon Senshi Borgman
    gbChousoku Spinner
    tg16ChouZetsurinjin - Bravoman
    nesChris Evert & Ivan Lendl in Top Players' Tennis
    amigaChristoph Kolumbus
    amigaChristoph Kolumbus [AGA]
    gbaChronicles of Narnia, The - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
    amigaThe Chronicles Of Omega
    amigaChrono Quest
    amigaChrono Quest II
    snesChrono Trigger
    snesChrono Trigger - Character Zukan
    snesChrono Trigger - Jet Bike Special
    snesChrono Trigger - Music Library
    nesChubby Cherub
    amigaChubby Gristle
    cpcChubby Gristle
    gbaChuChu Rocket!
    a2600Chuck Norris Superkicks
    amigaChuck Rock
    cd32Chuck Rock
    gbChuck Rock
    smdChuck Rock
    smsChuck Rock
    snesChuck Rock
    smdChuck Rock II
    smdChuck Rock II - Son of Chuck
    smsChuck Rock II - Son of Chuck
    amigaChuck Rock II: Son of Chuck
    cd32Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck
    amigaChuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0
    nesChuck Yeager's Fighter Combat
    amigaChuckie Egg
    amigaChuckie Egg II
    cpcChuckie Egg II
    nesChuugoku Janshi Story - Tonfuu
    nesChuugoku Janshi Story - Tonpuu
    nesChuugoku Senseijutsu
    nesChuugoku Taitei
    nesChuuka Taisen
    amigaCiemna Strona
    gbaCIMA - The Enemy
    gbaCinderella - Magical Dreams
    cdtvCinderella - The Original Fairy Tale
    gbaCinnamon Game Series 2 - Yume no Daibouken
    gbaCinnamon Game Series 3 - Fuwafuwa Daisakusen
    gbaCinnamoroll - Koko ni Iru yo
    snesCircuit USA
    smsCircuit, The
    a2600Circus Atari
    amigaCircus Attractions
    nesCircus Caper
    nesCircus Charlie
    amigaCircus Games
    c64Circus Games
    tg16Circus Lido
    amigaCisco Heat
    cpcCisco Heat
    zxsCisco Heat
    nesCity Adventure Touch - Mystery of Triangle
    amigaCity Cars
    nesCity Connection
    amigaCity Defence
    c64City Fighter
    tg16City Hunter
    snesCivilization - Sekai Shichi Daibunmei
    amigaCivilization [AGA]
    amigaCJ in the USA
    c64CJ in the USA
    amigaCJ's Elephant Antics
    c64CJ's Elephant Antics
    nesClash at Demonhead
    c64Classic Adventure
    cpcClassic Adventure
    amigaClassic Arcadia & Baby Arcadia
    amigaClassic Board Games
    cdtvClassic Board Games
    gbcClassic Bubble Bobble
    smdClassic Collection
    nesClassic Concentration
    amigaClassic Invaders
    gbaClassic NES Series - Bomberman
    gbaClassic NES Series - Castlevania
    gbaClassic NES Series - Donkey Kong
    gbaClassic NES Series - Dr. Mario
    gbaClassic NES Series - Excitebike
    gbaClassic NES Series - Ice Climber
    gbaClassic NES Series - Metroid
    gbaClassic NES Series - Pac-Man
    gbaClassic NES Series - Super Mario Bros.
    gbaClassic NES Series - The Legend of Zelda
    gbaClassic NES Series - Xevious
    gbaClassic NES Series - Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
    amigaClassic Pucman
    c64Classic Punter
    snesClassic Road
    snesClassic Road II
    smdClay Fighter
    snesClay Fighter
    snesClay Fighter 2: Judgement Clay
    snesClay Fighter: Tournament Edition
    c64Clean Up Service
    c64Clean-up Time, It's
    amigaClever & Smart
    amigaClik Clak
    snesClock Tower
    amigaClockwiser [AGA]
    dosClonk 2: Debakel
    dosClonk 3: Radikal
    dosClonk A.P.E.
    amigaDer Clou!
    cd32Der Clou!
    amigaDer Clou! [AGA]
    amigaCloud Kingdoms
    c64Cloud Kingdoms
    smsCloud Master
    amigaClu Clu Land
    nesClu Clu Land
    amigaClub And Country
    amigaClub Football: The Manager
    amigaThe Clue!
    cd32The Clue!
    amigaThe Clue! [AGA]
    amigaClue: Master Detective
    amigaCluedo: Master Detective
    smdCoach K College Basketball
    nesCobra Command
    c64Cobra Force
    nesCobra Mission
    nesCobra Triangle
    msxCockpit, The
    gbaCocoto - Kart Racer
    gbaCocoto - Platform Jumper
    c64Code Hunter
    nesCode Name - Viper
    amigaCode Name: Iceman
    dosCode-Name: Iceman
    gbaCodename - Kids Next Door - Operation S.O.D.A.
    cpcCodename MAT
    c64Codename Mat II
    amigaCogans Run
    amigaCohort II: Fighting for Rome
    amigaCohort: Fighting for Rome
    a2600Col 'N
    gbcColin McRae Rally
    gbaColin McRae Rally 2.0
    gbCollection Pocket
    smdCollege Football USA 96
    smdCollege Football USA 97
    snesCollege Football USA 97
    smdCollege Football's National Championship
    smdCollege Football's National Championship II
    gbCollege Slam
    smdCollege Slam
    snesCollege Slam
    amigaColmena, La
    amigaThe Colonel's Bequest
    amigaThe Colony
    smsColor & Switch Test
    nesColor a Dinosaur
    amigaColor Buster
    nesColorful Dragon
    amigaColossal Adventure
    c64Colossus Bridge 4
    amigaColossus Bridge X
    c64Colossus Chess 2.0
    c64Colossus Chess 4
    amigaColossus Chess X
    c64Colour of Magic, The
    nesColumbus - Ougon no Yoake
    snesColumbus no Tamagoyaki - Dai-1-kai
    snesColumbus no Tamagoyaki - Dai-2-kai
    snesColumbus no Tamagoyaki - Dai-3-kai
    gbaColumns Crown
    gbcColumns GB - Tezuka Osamu Characters
    smdColumns III
    smdColumns III - Taiketsu! Columns World
    dosComanche 2
    dosComanche 3
    dosComanche CD
    amigaCombat Air Patrol
    smdCombat Cars
    gbaCombat Choro Q - Advance Daisakusen
    c64Combat Crazy - Warbringer
    c64Combat Leader
    c64Combat Lynx
    c64Combat School
    cpcCombat School
    c64Combat Zone
    snesThe Combatribes
    gbaCombo Pack - Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party
    amigaCombo Racer
    c64Comet Game
    c64Comic Bakery
    smsComical Machine Gun Joe
    gbaComix Zone
    smdComix Zone
    dosCommand & Conquer
    dosCommand & Conquer: Red Alert
    dosCommand & Conquer: Red Alert - Counterstrike
    dosCommand & Conquer: Red Alert - The Aftermath
    dosCommand & Conquer: The Covert Operations
    gbcCommand Master
    gbcCommander Keen
    dosCommander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars
    a2600Commando Raid
    a2600Communist Mutants from Space
    cpcComputer Hits 4
    c64Computer Maniacs Diary 1989
    snesComputer Nouryoku Kaiseki - Ultra Baken
    amigaComputer Scrabble
    c64Computer Scrabble Deluxe
    amigaConan The Cimmerian
    a2600Condor Attack
    c64Conflict in Vietnam
    amigaConflict: Europe
    amigaConflict: Korea
    amigaConflict: The Middle East Simulation
    a2600Congo Bongo
    a5200Congo Bongo
    snesCongo's Caper
    snesCongo: The Movie - Secret of Zinj
    gbcConker's Pocket Tales
    c64Connect Four
    nesConquest of the Crystal Palace
    amigaConquests of Camelot
    dosConquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail
    amigaConquests of the Longbow
    dosConquests of the Longbow
    amigaContinental Circus
    c64Continental Circus
    smdContra - Hard Corps
    gbContra - The Alien Wars
    smdContra - The Hard Corps
    gbaContra Advance
    gbaContra Advance - The Alien Wars EX
    nesContra Force
    gbaContra Hard Spirits
    snesContra III: The Alien Wars
    snesContra IV - The Alien Wars
    gbContra Spirits
    snesContra Spirits
    snesController Test Cassette
    snesConveni Wars Barcode Battler Senki - Super Senshi Shutsugeki seyo!
    c64Convoy Raider
    gbCool Ball
    gbcCool Bricks
    amigaCool Croc Twins
    gbCool Hand
    gbcCool Hand
    amigaCool Spot
    gbCool Spot
    smdCool Spot
    smsCool Spot
    snesCool Spot
    amigaCool World
    c64Cool World
    gbCool World
    nesCool World
    snesCool World
    c64Cops 'n Robbers
    snesCorn Buster
    snesCoron Land
    amigaCorporate Raiders
    nesCorre Benny
    nesCorvette ZR-1 Challenge
    tg16Coryoon - Child of Dragon
    a2600Cosmic Ark
    amigaCosmic Bouncer
    c64Cosmic Causeway - Trailblazer II
    c64Cosmic Commando
    a2600Cosmic Commuter
    a2600Cosmic Corridor
    a2600Cosmic Creeps
    nesCosmic Epsilon
    amigaCosmic Pirate
    c64Cosmic Pirate
    amigaCosmic Relief: Prof. Renegade to the Rescue
    amigaCosmic Spacehead
    nesCosmic Spacehead
    smdCosmic Spacehead
    smsCosmic Spacehead
    c64Cosmic Split
    nesCosmic Wars
    gbaCosmo & Wanda - Wenn Elfen Helfen! - Das Schattenduell
    snesCosmo Gang - The Puzzle
    snesCosmo Gang - The Video
    nesCosmo Genesis
    nesCosmo Police Galivan
    snesCosmo Police Galivan II - Arrow of Justice
    gbCosmo Tank
    nesCosmos Cop
    amigaCount Duckula
    c64Count Duckula
    c64Count Duckula 2 featuring Tremendous Terence
    amigaCount Duckula II
    psxCoupe du Monde FIFA 2002
    amigaCover Girl Strip Poker
    cdtvCover Girl Strip Poker
    amigaCovert Action
    nesCowboy Kid
    c64Cowboy Kidz
    amigaCrack Down
    c64Crack Down
    smdCrack Down
    amigaCraps Academy
    gbaCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 1
    gbaCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 2
    gbaCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 3
    gbaCrash & Spyro Superpack - Spyro - Season of Ice + Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure
    gbaCrash & Spyro Superpack - Spyro Orange - The Cortex Conspiracy + Crash Bandicoot Purple - Ripto's Rampage
    nesCrash 'n' the Boys - Street Challenge
    gbaCrash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure
    gbaCrash Bandicoot 2 - N-Tranced
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Advance
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Advance - Wakuwaku Tomodachi Daisakusen!
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Advance 2 - Guruguru Saimin Dai-panic!
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Bakusou! Nitro Cart
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Fusion
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Purple - Ripto's Rampage
    gbaCrash Bandicoot XS
    a2600Crash Dive
    amigaCrash Garrett
    amigaCrash Landing
    gbaCrash Nitro Kart
    gbaCrash of the Titans
    gbaCrash Superpack
    gbaCrayon Shin-chan - Arashi o Yobu Cinemaland no Daibouken!
    smdCrayon Shin-chan - Arashi o Yobu Enji
    snesCrayon Shin-chan - Arashi o Yobu Enji
    gbaCrayon Shin-chan - Densetsu o Yobu Omake no Miyako Shockgaan!
    snesCrayon Shin-chan - Nagagutsu Dobon!!
    gbCrayon Shin-chan - Ora no Gokigen Collection
    nesCrayon Shin-chan - Ora to Poi Poi
    gbCrayon Shin-chan - Ora to Shiro wa Otomodachi Da yo
    snesCrayon Shin-chan 2 - Daimaou no Gyakushuu
    gbCrayon Shin-chan 2 - Ora to Wanpaku Gokko Dazo
    gbCrayon Shin-chan 3 - Ora no Gokigen Athletic
    gbCrayon Shin-chan 4 - Ora no Itazura Daihenshin
    c64Crazy Balloon
    gbcCrazy Bikers
    amigaCrazy Cars
    c64Crazy Cars
    cpcCrazy Cars
    zxsCrazy Cars
    amigaCrazy Cars II
    c64Crazy Cars II
    cpcCrazy Cars II
    zxsCrazy Cars II
    amigaCrazy Cars III
    c64Crazy Cars III
    gbaCrazy Chase
    a2600Crazy Climber
    nesCrazy Climber
    c64Crazy Comets
    amigaCrazy Cones
    c64Crazy Er-Bert
    gbaCrazy Frog Racer
    c64Crazy Kong 64
    amigaCrazy Seasons
    amigaCrazy Shot
    amigaCrazy Sue
    amigaCrazy Sue Goes On
    gbaCrazy Taxi - Catch a Ride
    amigaCribbage King & Gin King
    amigaCricket Amiga
    c64Cricket International
    c64Cricket Master
    amigaCricket Masters
    nesCrime Busters
    amigaCrime City
    amigaCrime Does Not Pay
    amigaCrime Time
    amigaCrime Wave
    a2600Criminal Pursuit
    amigaCrimson Crown
    nesCrisis Force
    c64Critical Mass
    amigaCroak 2
    gbcCroc 2
    amigaCroisière Pour Un Cadavre
    gbaCroket! - Yume no Banker Survival!
    gbaCroket! 2 - Yami no Bank to Banqueen
    gbaCroket! 3 - Granu Oukoku no Nazo
    gbaCroket! 4 - Bank no Mori no Mamorigami
    gbaCroket! Great - Toki no Boukensha
    gbcCross Country Racing
    c64Cross Fire
    nesCross Fire
    smdCross Fire
    a2600Cross Force
    gbcCross Hunter - Monster Hunter Version
    gbcCross Hunter - Treasure Hunter Version
    gbcCross Hunter - X Hunter Version
    amigaCross Out the Intruder
    tg16Cross Wiber - Cyber Combat Police
    amigaCrossbow: The Legend of William Tell
    gbaCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    smdCrude Buster
    smdCrüe Ball
    gbcCruis'n Exotica
    gbaCruis'n Velocity
    amigaCruise for a Corpse
    a2600Cruise Missile
    amigaCruncher Factory
    amigaThe Crusade
    smdCrusader of Centy
    gbaCrushed Baseball
    smdCrying - Aseimei Sensou
    c64Crypt, The
    a2600Crypts of Chaos
    snesCrystal Beans from Dungeon Explorer
    a2600Crystal Castles
    c64Crystal Castles
    amigaCrystal Dragon
    amigaCrystal Hammer
    amigaCrystal Kingdom Dizzy
    c64Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
    cpcCrystal Kingdom Dizzy
    nesCrystal Mines
    amigaCrystal Palace
    amigaCrystal Quest
    gbCrystal Quest
    game-gearCrystal Warriors
    smdCrystal's Pony Tale
    amigaCrystals of Arborea
    gbaCT Special Forces
    gbaCT Special Forces - Back to Hell
    gbaCT Special Forces - Bioterror
    gbaCT Special Forces 2 - Back in the Trenches
    snesCu-On-Pa SFC
    gbaCubix - Robots for Everyone - Clash 'N Bash
    gbcCubix - Robots for Everyone - Race 'n Robots
    cdtvCubulus & Magic Serpent
    c64Cuddly Cuburt
    gbCult Jump
    gbCult Master - Ultraman ni Miserarete
    c64Cup Football
    gbaCurious George
    amigaCurse of Enchantia
    dosCurse of Enchantia
    amigaThe Curse of Ra
    cdtvThe Curse of RA
    c64Curse of Sherwood, The
    amigaCurse of the Azure Bonds
    cpcCustard Pie Factory
    a2600Custer's Revenge
    gbaCustom Robo GX
    smdCutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel
    gbCutThroat Island
    smdCutthroat Island
    snesCutthroat Island
    amigaCyber Assault
    amigaCyber Cop
    tg16Cyber Core
    tg16Cyber Dodge
    amigaCyber Empires
    amigaCyber Kick
    snesCyber Knight
    tg16Cyber Knight
    snesCyber Knight II - Chikyuu Teikoku no Yabou
    smdCyber Police ESWAT
    smsCyber Shinobi, The
    snesCyber Spin
    nesCyber Stadium Series - Base Wars
    amigaCyber World
    c64Cyberball - Football in the 21st Century
    amigaCybercon III
    gbaCyberdrive Zoids - Kijuu no Senshi Hyuu
    c64Cyberdyne Warrior
    nesCybernoid - The Fighting Machine
    amigaCybernoid: The Fighting Machine
    amigaCybernoid II: The Revenge
    c64Cybernoid II
    snesCyborg 009
    smsCyborg Hunter
    smdCyborg Justice
    gbcCyborg Kuro-chan - Devil Fukkatsu
    gbcCyborg Kuro-chan 2 - White Woods no Gyakushuu
    smsCyborg Z
    nesCycle Race - Road Man
    amigaCycles, The: International Grand Prix Racing
    amigaCygnus 8
    c64Cyrus II
    amigaD-Day [Futura]
    amigaD-Day: The Beginning of the End
    amigaD/Generation [AGA]
    gbcDaa! Daa! Daa! - Totsuzen Card de Battle de Uranai de!
    gbDaedalian Opus
    gbDaffy Duck
    gbcDaffy Duck - Fowl Play
    gbcDaffy Duck - Subette Koron de Oogane Mochi
    snesDaffy Duck - The Marvin Missions
    smdDaffy Duck in Hollywood
    smsDaffy Duck in Hollywood
    smdDahna Megami Tanjou
    nesDai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen
    gbDai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen G
    snesDai-3-ji Super Robot Taisen
    snesDai-4-ji Super Robot Taisen
    snesDaibakushou Jinsei Gekijou
    snesDaibakushou Jinsei Gekijou - Dokidoki Seishun Hen
    snesDaibakushou Jinsei Gekijou - Ooedo Nikki
    snesDaibakushou Jinsei Gekijou - Zukkoke Salaryman Hen
    tg16Daichi-kun Crisis - Do Natural
    nesDaikaijuu Deburas
    snesDaikaijuu Monogatari
    gbcDaikaijuu Monogatari - Poyon no Dungeon Room
    gbcDaikaijuu Monogatari - Poyon no Dungeon Room 2
    gbDaikaijuu Monogatari - The Miracle of the Zone
    gbcDaikaijuu Monogatari - The Miracle of the Zone II
    snesDaikaijuu Monogatari II
    gbcDaikatana GB
    msxDaikoukai Jidai
    nesDaikoukai Jidai
    smdDaikoukai Jidai
    smdDaikoukai Jidai II
    snesDaikoukai Jidai II
    nesDaiku no Gen-san
    gbDaiku no Gen-san - Ghost Building Company
    gbcDaiku no Gen-san - Kachikachi no Tonkachi ga Kachi
    gbDaiku no Gen-san - Robot Teikoku no Yabou
    nesDaiku no Gen-san 2 - Akage no Dan no Gyakushuu
    amigaDaily Double Horse Racing
    smdDaimakai Mura
    nesDaimeiro - Meikyuu no Tatsujin
    snesDaisenryaku Expert
    snesDaisenryaku Expert WWII - War in Europe
    gbaDaisenryaku for Game Boy Advance
    msxDaisenryaku MSX2
    gbaDaisuki Teddy
    nesDaiva - Imperial of Nirsartia
    amigaDalek Attack
    c64Daley Thompson's Decathlon
    amigaDaley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
    c64Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
    cpcDaley Thompson's Super-Test
    smsDallyeora Pigu-Wang
    amigaDamage: The Sadistic Butchering of Humanity
    c64Dambusters, The
    amigaDames Simulator
    amigaDamocles: Mercenary II
    c64Dan Dare
    cpcDan Dare - Pilot of the Future
    c64Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge
    cpcDan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge
    c64Dan Dare III - The Escape
    cpcDan Dare III - The Escape
    amigaDan Dare III: The Escape
    zxsDan Dare: Pilot of the Future
    gbaDan Doh!! Tobase Shouri no Smile Shot
    gbaDan Doh!! Xi
    smsDanan - The Jungle Fighter
    nesDance Aerobics
    psxDance Dance Revolution - Disney Mix
    psxDance Dance Revolution - Disney's Rave
    gbcDance Dance Revolution GB
    gbcDance Dance Revolution GB - Disney Mix
    gbcDance Dance Revolution GB2
    gbcDance Dance Revolution GB3
    nesDancing Blocks
    gbcDancing Furby
    c64Dancing Monster
    psxDancing Stage - Disney Mix
    gbaDancing Sword - Senkou
    snesDandan Belt Conveyor - Gyuunyuu no Maki
    snesDandan Belt Conveyor - Ukulele no Maki
    amigaDanger Castle
    c64Danger Freak
    smdDangerous Seed
    amigaDangerous Streets
    cd32Dangerous Streets
    cd32Dangerous Streets & Wing Commander
    amigaDangerous Streets [AGA]
    gbaDanny Phantom - Dschungelstadt
    gbaDanny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy
    gbaDanny Phantom - Urban Jungle
    nesDanny Sullivan's Indy Heat
    nesDao Shuai
    tg16Darius Alpha
    snesDarius Force
    smdDarius II
    tg16Darius Plus
    gbaDarius R
    snesDarius Twin
    gbaDark Arena
    amigaDark Castle
    smdDark Castle
    a2600Dark Cavern
    amigaDark Century
    a2600Dark Chambers
    a7800Dark Chambers
    amigaDark Fusion
    c64Dark Fusion
    snesDark Half
    snesDark Kingdom
    snesDark Law - Meaning of Death
    nesDark Lord
    amigaDark Obsession
    amigaThe Dark Queen of Krynn
    amigaDark Seed
    cd32Dark Seed
    amigaDark Side
    c64Dark Star
    gbDarkwing Duck
    nesDarkwing Duck
    tg16Darkwing Duck
    amigaDarts 501
    msxDarwin 4078
    smdDarwin 4081
    nesDash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum
    nesDash Yarou
    smdDashin' Desperadoes
    gbcData-Navi Pro Yakyuu
    gbcData-Navi Pro Yakyuu 2
    nesDatach - Battle Rush - Build Up Robot Tournament
    nesDatach - Crayon Shin-chan - Ora to Poi Poi
    nesDatach - Dragon Ball Z - Gekitou Tenkaichi Budoukai
    nesDatach - J League Super Top Players
    nesDatach - SD Gundam - Gundam Wars
    nesDatach - Ultraman Club - Supokon Fight!
    nesDatach - Yu Yu Hakusho - Bakutou Ankoku Bujutsukai
    snesDate Kimiko no Virtual Tennis
    gbcDave Mirra Freestyle BMX
    gbaDave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
    gbaDave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3
    gbaDavid Beckham Soccer
    gbcDavid Beckham Soccer
    nesDavid Crane's A Boy and His Blob - Trouble on Blobolonia
    smdDavid Crane's Amazing Tennis
    snesDavid Crane's Amazing Tennis
    gbDavid Crane's The Rescue of Princess Blobette Starring A Boy and His Blob
    smdDavid Robinson Basketball
    smdDavid Robinson's Supreme Court
    c64David's Midnight Magic
    gbaDavis Cup
    smdDavis Cup II
    tg16Davis Cup Tennis
    smdDavis Cup World Tour
    amigaDawn Patrol
    nesDay Dreamin' Davey
    amigaDay Of The Pharaoh
    dosDay of the Tentacle
    amigaDay of the Viper
    amigaDays of Thunder
    c64Days Of Thunder
    gbDays of Thunder
    nesDays of Thunder
    arcadeDaytona USA
    smdDaze Before Christmas
    snesDaze Before Christmas
    smsDead Angle
    snesDead Dance
    nesDead Fox
    gbDead Heat Scramble
    tg16Dead Moon
    tg16Dead Moon - Getsu Sekai no Akumu
    gbaDead to Rights
    a2600Deadly Duck
    c64Deadly Evil
    smdDeadly Moves
    gbaDeadly Skies
    gbcDeadly Skies
    nesDeadly Towers
    snesDeae Tonosama - Appare Ichiban
    gbaDeal or No Deal
    snesDear Boys
    gbcDear Daniel no Sweet Adventure - Kitty-chan o Sagashite
    smdThe Death and Return of Superman
    snesThe Death and Return of Superman
    snesDeath Brade
    smdDeath Duel
    amigaDeath Knights of Krynn
    amigaDeath Mask
    cd32Death Mask
    amigaDeath or Glory: Das Erbe von Morgan
    nesDeath Race
    c64Death Race 64
    dosDeath Rally
    cpcDeath Stalker
    c64Death Star
    amigaDeath Sword
    amigaDeath Trap
    cpcDeath Wish 3
    amigaDeathBringer (Spotlight)
    amigaDeathbringer: The Sword of Abaddon
    dosDeathkings of the Dark Citadel
    amigaDébut: Planet Simulation
    tg16Deep Blue
    tg16Deep Blue - Kaitei Shinwa
    amigaDeep Core
    cd32Deep Core
    smsDeep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck
    nesDeep Dungeon III - Yuushi e no Tabi
    nesDeep Dungeon IV - Kuro no Youjutsushi
    msxDeep Forest
    amigaDeep Space
    c64Deep Strike
    amigaThe Deep
    c64Deep, The
    gbcDeer Hunter
    amigaDefender (Ratsoft)
    gbaDefender - For All Mankind
    a2600Defender II
    amigaDefender II
    nesDefender II
    amigaDefender of the Crown
    cdtvDefender of the Crown
    gbaDefender of the Crown
    nesDefender of the Crown
    amigaDefender of the Crown II
    cd32Defender of the Crown II
    nesDefenders of Dynatron City
    amigaDefenders of the Earth
    c64Defenders of the Earth
    nesDeja Vu
    nesDeja Vu - Akumu wa Hontou ni Yatte Kita
    amigaDeja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!
    amigaDeja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!
    gbcDeja Vu I & II - The Casebooks of Ace Harding
    gbcDejiko no Mahjong Party
    snesDekitate High School
    smdDELETE Sonic 3D Blast
    smdDELETE Crüe Ball
    c64DELETE IK+
    c64DELETE Last Ninja, The
    c64DELETE Pitstop II
    arcadeDELETE Space Invaders
    c64DELETE Spy Hunter
    c64DELETE Turrican
    c64DELETE Turrican II - The Final Fight
    c64DELETE Wonderboy
    c64Deliverance - Stormlord II
    amigaDelivery Agent
    amigaDelta Run
    amigaDeluxe Galaga
    amigaDeluxe Galaga [AGA]
    amigaDeluxe Pacman
    amigaDeluxe Pacman [AGA]
    amigaDeluxe Strip Poker 2
    gbaDemiKids - Dark Version
    gbaDemiKids - Light Version
    a2600Demolition Herby
    smdDemolition Man
    snesDemolition Man
    a2600Demon Attack
    amigaDemon Blue
    c64Demon Blue
    gbaDemon Driver - Time to Burn Rubber!
    nesDemon Sword
    nesDemon Sword - Release the Power
    snesDemon's Blazon - Makaimura Monshou Hen
    snesDemon's Crest
    c64Demon's Kiss
    amigaDemon's Tomb: The Awakening
    amigaDemon's Winter
    a2600Demons to Diamonds
    nesDengeki - Big Bang!
    c64Denis through the Drinking Glass
    gbaDenki Blocks!
    gbcDenki Blocks!
    gbDennis the Menace
    snesDennis the Menace
    amigaDennis [AGA]
    nesDensetsu no Kishi - Elrond
    snesDensetsu no Ogre Battle - The March of the Black Queen
    gbaDensetsu no Stafy
    gbaDensetsu no Stafy 2
    gbaDensetsu no Stafy 3
    gbcDensha de Go!
    gbcDensha de Go! 2
    amigaDenver présente: Je Découvre Les Formes
    c64Derby Day
    snesDerby Jockey - Kishu Ou e no Michi
    snesDerby Jockey 2
    nesDerby Stallion - Zenkoku Ban
    snesDerby Stallion 96
    snesDerby Stallion 98
    gbaDerby Stallion Advance
    snesDerby Stallion II
    snesDerby Stallion III
    dosDescent II
    dosDescent II: Vertigo Series
    nesDesert Commander
    smdDesert Demolition Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
    a2600Desert Falcon
    a7800Desert Falcon
    snesDesert Fighter
    snesDesert Fighter - Suna no Arashi Sakusen
    c64Desert Fox
    smsDesert Speedtrap Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
    smsDesert Strike
    gbDesert Strike - Return to the Gulf
    smdDesert Strike - Return to the Gulf
    snesDesert Strike - Wangan Sakusen
    smdDesert Strike - Wangan Sakusen ~ Desert Strike
    gbaDesert Strike Advance
    amigaDesert Strike: Return to the Gulf
    snesDesert Strike: Return to the Gulf
    c64Designer's Pencil, The
    nesDestination Earthstar
    nesDestiny of an Emperor
    nesDestructor, El
    tg16Detana!! TwinBee
    c64Detective, The
    amigaDetroit [AGA]
    gbaDeutschland Sucht den Superstar
    c64Devastating Blow
    tg16Devil Crash - Naxat Pinball
    smdDevil Crash MD
    nesDevil Man
    nesDevil World
    tg16Devil's Crush
    smdDevilish - The Next Possession
    amigaDevious Designs
    gbaDexter's Laboratory - Chess Challenge
    gbaDexter's Laboratory - Deesaster Strikes!
    gbcDexter's Laboratory - Robot Rampage
    snesDezaemon BSX Version - BS-X Shooting
    snesDharma Doujou
    gbaDi Gi Charat - DigiCommunication
    amigaDiabolik 01: Inafferrabile Criminale
    gbaDiadroids World - Evil Teikoku no Yabou
    smdDial Q o Mawase!
    amigaDick Tracy
    c64Dick Tracy
    gbDick Tracy
    nesDick Tracy
    smdDick Tracy
    smsDick Tracy
    amigaDick Tracy: The Crime Solving Adventure
    smdDick Vitale's 'Awesome, Baby!' College Hoops
    gbaDiddy Kong Pilot
    nesDie Hard
    tg16Die Hard
    amigaDie Hard 2: Die Harder
    c64Die Hard II - Die Harder
    c64Die! Alien Slime
    amigaDiego Maradona World Football Manager
    snesDig & Spike Volleyball
    a2600Dig Dug
    a5200Dig Dug
    a7800Dig Dug
    c64Dig Dug
    gbDig Dug
    nesDig Dug
    nesDig Dug II
    nesDig Dug II - Trouble in Paradise
    nesDigger - The Legend of the Lost City
    cd32Diggers & Oscar
    gbaDigiCommunication Nyo - Datou! Black Gemagema Dan
    gbaDigimon - Battle Spirit
    gbaDigimon - Battle Spirit 2
    gbaDigimon Racing
    tg16Digital Champ
    nesDigital Devil Story - Megami Tensei
    nesDigital Devil Story - Megami Tensei II
    snesDigital Magazine Busters BS - 4-12 Gou
    snesDigital Magazine Busters BS - 5-10 Gou
    snesDigital Magazine Busters BS - 5-24 Gou
    snesDigital Magazine Busters BS - 8-23 Gou
    amigaDimo's Quest
    c64Dinky Doo
    gbDino Breeder
    gbDino Breeder 2
    gbcDino Breeder 3 - Gaia Fukkatsu
    gbcDino Breeder 4
    snesDino City
    smdDino Dini's Soccer
    snesDino Dini's Soccer
    smdDino Land
    amigaDino Wars
    smsDinobasher Starring Bignose the Caveman
    amigaDinosaur Detective Agency
    smsDinosaur Dooley, The
    smdA Dinosaur's Tale
    gbaDinotopia - The Timestone Pirates
    snesDinowars - Kyouryuu Oukoku e no Daibouken
    amigaDiosa De Cozumel, La
    msxDires - Giger Loop
    snesDirt Racer
    snesDirt Trax FX
    nesDirty Harry
    gbDirty Racing
    amigaDiscover: U. S. History and Geography
    amigaDiscovery (MicroIllusions)
    amigaDiscovery: In The Steps of Columbus
    amigaDiscovery: Math
    amigaDiscovery: Science
    amigaDiscovery: Spell Version
    amigaDiscovery: Trivia 1
    psxDisney Action Game Disney Presenta Hercules
    psxDisney Aladdin - La Revanche de Nasira
    psxDisney Aladdin - La Vendetta di Nasira
    psxDisney Aladdin - La Venganza de Nasira
    psxDisney Atlantide - L'Empire Perdu
    psxDisney Atlantis - El Imperio Perdido
    psxDisney Atlantis - L'Impero Perduto
    psxDisney Aventuras de Peter Pan en el Pais de Nunca Jamas
    smdThe Disney Collection
    psxDisney Dingo Une Journee de Dingue!
    psxDisney Dinosaure
    psxDisney Dinosauri
    psxDisney Dinosaurio
    psxDisney El Emperador y sus Locuras
    psxDisney El planeta del tesoro
    psxDisney Fais Ton Histoire! Mulan
    psxDisney Il Libro della Giungla
    psxDisney Il Pianeta del Tesoro
    psxDisney Jeu D'Action Disney Presente Hercule
    psxDisney Juego de Accion Disney Presenta Hercules
    psxDisney Kuzco - L'Empereur Megalo
    psxDisney La Petite Sirene 2
    psxDisney La Planete au Tresor
    psxDisney La Sirenetta II
    psxDisney La Sirenita 2
    psxDisney La Super-Diver Casa de Goofy
    psxDisney Le Follie Dell'Imperatore
    psxDisney le Roi Lion - La Formidable Aventure de Simba
    psxDisney Learning - Mickey
    psxDisney Learning - Winnie the Pooh
    psxDisney Learning - Winnie the Pooh Preschool
    psxDisney Libro Animato Creativo - Mulan
    psxDisney Lilo & Stitch - Grossi Guai alle Hawaii
    psxDisney Lilo & Stitch - Ouragan sur Hawai
    psxDisney Lilo & Stitch en Problemas en el Paraiso
    psxDisney Pato Donald - Cuac Attack
    psxDisney Peter Pan - Aventures au Pays Imaginaire
    psxDisney Peter Pan - L'Avventura nell'Isola che non c'e
    psxDisney Pippo Giochi Pazzi
    psxDisney Pooh e Tigro! E Qui la Festa
    psxDisney Presents Tigger's Honey Hunt
    gbaDisney Princesas
    gbaDisney Princess
    gbaDisney Princess - Royal Adventure
    gbaDisney Princesse
    gbaDisney Principesse
    gbaDisney Sports - American Football
    gbaDisney Sports - Basketball
    gbaDisney Sports - Football
    gbaDisney Sports - Motocross
    gbaDisney Sports - Skateboarding
    gbaDisney Sports - Snowboarding
    gbaDisney Sports - Soccer
    psxDisney Tarzan
    psxDisney Tigger tras un Bote de Miel
    psxDisney Tigro e la Caccia al Miele
    psxDisney Ven a la Fiesta! con Winnie the Pooh
    psxDisney Winnie l'Ourson - La Chasse au Miel de Tigrou
    psxDisney's 101 Dalmatians II - Patch's London Adventure
    psxDisney's 102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue
    psxDisney's Action Game featuring Hercules
    psxDisney's Action Game met Hercules
    psxDisney's Action spel med Herkules
    psxDisney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge
    psxDisney's Aladdin in Nasira's Wraak
    psxDisney's Atlantis - De Verzonken Stad
    psxDisney's Atlantis - En foersvunnen vaerld
    psxDisney's Atlantis - The Lost Empire
    psxDisney's Aventura Interactiva - Mulan
    psxDisney's De Kleine Zeemeermin II
    psxDisney's De Leeuwenkoning - Simba's Machtige Avontuur
    psxDisney's Dinosaur
    psxDisney's Dinosaurier
    psxDisney's Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers
    psxDisney's Donald Duck - Quack Attack
    gbaDisney's Game + TV Episode - Lizzie McGuire 2 - Lizzie Diaries
    psxDisney's Goofy's Fun House
    psxDisney's Keizer Kuzco
    psxDisney's Lilo & Stitch
    psxDisney's Lilo & Stitch - Heisa op Hawai
    psxDisney's Lilo & Stitch - Trouble in Paradise
    gbaDisney's Party
    psxDisney's Party mit Winnie Puuh
    psxDisney's Party Time with Winnie the Pooh
    psxDisney's Peter Pan - Adventures in Never Land
    psxDisney's Peter Pan - Avonturen in Nooitgedachtland
    psxDisney's Piratenplaneet - De Schat van Kapitein Flint
    psxDisney's Pooh's Party Game - In Search of the Treasure
    psxDisney's Skattkammarplaneten
    psxDisney's Spelen met Winnie de Poeh en zijn Vriendjes!
    psxDisney's Story Studio - Mulan
    psxDisney's Tarzan
    psxDisney's Teigetjes Honingjacht
    psxDisney's The Emperor's New Groove
    psxDisney's The Lion King - Simba's Mighty Adventure
    psxDisney's The Lion King II - Simba's Mighty Adventure
    psxDisney's The Little Mermaid II
    psxDisney's Tigger's Honey Hunt
    psxDisney's Treasure Planet
    psxDisney's Verhalenstudio - Mulan
    psxDisney's Winnie the Pooh - Kindergarten
    psxDisney's Winnie the Pooh - Preschool
    psxDisney-Pixar A Bug's Life
    psxDisney-Pixar A Bug's Life - Disney's Activity Centre
    psxDisney-Pixar A Bug's Life - Disneys Malen und Spielen
    psxDisney-Pixar A Bug's Life - Megaminimondo
    psxDisney-Pixar Bichos Una Aventura en Miniatura
    psxDisney-Pixar Buzz Lightyear da Commando Stellare
    psxDisney-Pixar Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
    psxDisney-Pixar Captain Buzz Lightyear - Star Command
    psxDisney-Pixar Das grosse Krabbeln
    psxDisney-Pixar Die Monster AG - Schreckens-Insel
    psxDisney-Pixar Een Luizenleven
    psxDisney-Pixar Ett smakryps liv
    psxDisney-Pixar Les Aventures de Buzz L'Eclair
    psxDisney-Pixar Monster & Co. - L'Isola dello Spavento
    psxDisney-Pixar Monsterbedriften - Skrekkoya
    psxDisney-Pixar Monsterit Oy - Saeikkysaari
    psxDisney-Pixar Monsters en Co. - Schrik Eiland
    psxDisney-Pixar Monsters, Inc. - Scare Island
    psxDisney-Pixar Monsters, Inc. - Scream Team
    psxDisney-Pixar Monstres & Cie - L'Ile de l'Epouvante
    psxDisney-Pixar Monstruos, S.A. - Isla de los Sustos
    psxDisney-Pixar Toy Story 2 - Buzz l'Eclair a la Rescousse!
    psxDisney-Pixar Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear al Rescate!
    psxDisney-Pixar Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear eilt zur Hilfe!
    psxDisney-Pixar Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!
    psxDisney-Pixar Toy Story Racer
    psxDisneyn Atlantis - Kadonnut Kaupunki
    psxDisneys Aladdin - Nasiras haemnd
    psxDisneys Aladdin - Nasiras Hevn
    psxDisneys Aladdin - Nasiras Rache
    psxDisneys Arielle 2
    psxDisneys Atlantis - Das Geheimnis der verlorenen Stadt
    psxDisneys Atlantis - En Forsvunnet Verden
    psxDisneys Der Koenig der Loewen - Simbas grosses Abenteuer
    psxDisneys Der Schatzplanet
    psxDisneys Ein Koenigreich fuer ein Lama
    psxDisneys Et Kongerike for en Lama
    psxDisneys Hercules Action-Spiel
    psxDisneys Interaktive Abenteuer - Mulan
    psxDisneys Lilo & Stitch - Zoff auf Hawaii
    psxDisneys Peter Pan - Eventyr i Drommeland
    psxDisneys Peter Pan - Rueckkehr nach Nimmerland
    gbaDisneys Prinzessinnen
    psxDisneys Tiggers Honigjagd
    amigaDisposable Hero
    cd32Disposable Hero
    amigaDistant Armies: A Playing History of Chess
    amigaDithell in Space
    amigaDithell's Wonderland
    gbcDiva Starz
    gbcDiva Starz - Mall Mania
    smdDivine Sealing
    cpcDizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure
    amigaDizzy Dice
    c64Dizzy Dice
    c64Dizzy Down the Rapids
    cpcDizzy Down the Rapids
    amigaDizzy Panic
    c64Dizzy Prince of the Yolk Folk
    nesDizzy the Adventurer
    amigaDizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk
    smdDJ Boy
    c64DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers
    gbaDK - King of Swing
    amigaDNA Warrior
    c64DNA Warrior
    amigaDNA: The Variety of Life
    amigaDO! Run Run
    snesDo-Re-Mi de Faa 2~! - 5-10 Gou
    snesDo-Re-Mi de Faa 2~! - 5-25 Gou
    snesDo-Re-Mi de Faa Volume 6 - 5-4 Gou
    snesDo-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken
    c64Doc the Destroyer
    c64Doctor Doom's Revenge
    a2600Dodge 'Em
    gbDodge Boy
    c64Dogfight 2187
    amigaDogfight [Richard Ling]
    amigaDogs of War
    gbaDogz - Fashion
    gbcDogz - Your Virtual Petz Palz
    gbaDogz 2
    amigaDojo Dan
    snesDokapon 3-2-1 - Arashi o Yobu Yuujou
    snesDokapon Gaiden - Honoo no Audition
    gbaDokapon Q - Monster Hunter!
    gbcDokapon! - Millennium Quest
    smsDoki Doki Penguin Land - Uchuu Daibouken
    gbcDoki x Doki Sasete!!
    nesDoki! Doki! Yuuenchi
    nesDoki!Doki! Yuuenchi - Crazy Land Daisakusen
    gbaDokidoki Cooking Series 1 - Komugi-chan no Happy Cake
    gbaDokidoki Cooking Series 2 - Gourmet Kitchen - Suteki na Obentou
    gbcDokidoki Densetsu - Mahoujin Guruguru
    gbaDokodemo Taikyoku - Yakuman Advance
    nesDokuganryuu Masamune
    snesDokuritsu Sensou - Liberty or Death
    snesDolucky no A.League Soccer
    snesDolucky no Kusayakiu
    snesDolucky no Puzzle Tour '94
    gbaDomo-kun no Fushigi Television
    nesDon Doko Don
    nesDon Doko Don 2
    tg16Don Doko Don!
    c64Don Quijote
    nesDonald Duck
    gbcDonald Duck - Daisy o Sukue!
    gbcDonald Duck - Goin' Quackers
    gbcDonald Duck - Quack Attack
    gbaDonald Duck Advance
    snesDonald Duck no Mahou no Boushi
    snesDonald Duck no Maui Mallard
    amigaDonald Duck's Playground
    c64Donald Duck's Playground
    smdDonald in Maui Mallard
    snesDonald in Maui Mallard
    nesDonald Land
    amigaDonald's Alphabet Chase
    c64Donald's Alphabet Chase
    gbaDonchan Puzzle Hanabi de Dohn Advance
    nesDong Dong Nao 1
    nesDong Dong Nao II - Guo Zhong Ying Wen
    smdDong Gu Ri Te Chi Jak Jeon
    amigaDonk - The Samurai Duck
    cd32Donk - The Samurai Duck
    a2600Donkey Kong
    a7800Donkey Kong
    amigaDonkey Kong
    arcadeDonkey Kong
    c64Donkey Kong
    gbDonkey Kong
    nesDonkey Kong
    arcadeDonkey Kong Junior
    gbcDonkey Kong 2001
    arcadeDonkey Kong 3
    nesDonkey Kong 3
    nesDonkey Kong Classics
    gbaDonkey Kong Country
    gbcDonkey Kong Country
    gbcDonkey Kong Country
    snesDonkey Kong Country
    snesDonkey Kong Country - Competition Cartridge
    gbaDonkey Kong Country 2
    snesDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
    gbaDonkey Kong Country 3
    snesDonkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
    gbcDonkey Kong GB - Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong
    nesDonkey Kong Jr.
    nesDonkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Lesson
    nesDonkey Kong Jr. Math
    nesDonkey Kong Jr. no Sansuu Asobi
    a2600Donkey Kong Junior
    a7800Donkey Kong Junior
    gbDonkey Kong Land
    gbDonkey Kong Land 2
    gbDonkey Kong Land III
    amigaDoom II
    dosDoom II
    gbaDoom II
    smdDoom Troopers
    snesDoom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles
    c64Doomdark's Revenge
    snesDoomsday Warrior
    nesDoor Door
    gbaDora the Explorer - Dora's World Adventure!
    gbaDora the Explorer - Super Spies
    gbaDora the Explorer - Super Star Adventures!
    gbaDora the Explorer - The Search for the Pirate Pig's Treasure
    gbaDora the Explorer Double Pack
    gbcDoraemon - Aruke Aruke Labyrinth
    gbaDoraemon - Dokodemo Walker
    nesDoraemon - Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu
    gbcDoraemon - Kimi to Pet no Monogatari
    tg16Doraemon - Meikyuu Daisakusen
    gbaDoraemon - Midori no Wakusei Dokidoki Daikyuushutsu!
    tg16Doraemon - Nobita no Dorabian Night
    snesDoraemon - Nobita to Yousei no Kuni
    gbDoraemon - Taiketsu HimitsuDougu!!
    smdDoraemon - Yume Dorobou to 7 Nin no Gozans
    gbDoraemon 2 - Animal Planet Densetsu
    snesDoraemon 2 - Nobita no Toys Land Daibouken
    snesDoraemon 3 - Nobita to Toki no Hougyoku
    snesDoraemon 4 - Nobita to Tsuki no Oukoku
    gbDoraemon Kart
    gbcDoraemon Kart 2
    gbcDoraemon Memories - Nobita no Omoide Daibouken
    gbDoraemon no Game Boy de Asobouyo Deluxe 10
    gbcDoraemon no Quiz Boy
    gbcDoraemon no Quiz Boy 2
    gbcDoraemon no Study Boy - Gakushuu Kanji Game
    gbcDoraemon no Study Boy - Kanji Yomikaki Master
    gbcDoraemon no Study Boy - Kuku Game
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 1 - Shou 1 Kokugo Kanji
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 2 - Shou 1 Sansuu Keisan
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 3 - Ku Ku Master
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 4 - Shou ni Kokugo Kanji
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 5 - Shou 2 Sansuu Keisan
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 6 - Gakushuu Kanji Master 1006
    snesDossun! Ganseki Battle
    nesDou Zhi Pin Pan - Wisdom Boy
    amigaDouble Agent
    smdDouble Clutch
    nesDouble Dare
    a2600Double Dragon
    a7800Double Dragon
    amigaDouble Dragon
    arcadeDouble Dragon
    cpcDouble Dragon
    gbDouble Dragon
    nesDouble Dragon
    smdDouble Dragon
    smsDouble Dragon
    nesDouble Dragon - Sou Setsu Ryuu
    amigaDouble Dragon II: The Revenge
    arcadeDouble Dragon II - The Revenge
    nesDouble Dragon II: The Revenge
    gbDouble Dragon 3 - The Arcade Game
    smdDouble Dragon 3 - The Arcade Game
    arcadeDouble Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone
    amigaDouble Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
    gbaDouble Dragon Advance
    gbDouble Dragon II
    c64Double Dragon II - The Revenge
    smdDouble Dragon II - The Revenge
    c64Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone
    nesDouble Dragon III - The Sacred Stones
    smdDouble Dragon V - The Shadow Falls
    snesDouble Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
    amigaDouble Dribble
    nesDouble Dribble
    gbDouble Dribble - 5 on 5
    smdDouble Dribble - The Playoff Edition
    tg16Double Dungeons - W
    a2600Double Dunk
    gbaDouble Game! - Cartoon Network Block Party & Cartoon Network Speedway
    gbaDouble Game! - Golden Nugget Casino & Texas Hold 'em Poker
    gbaDouble Game! - Quad Desert Fury & Monster Trucks
    smsDouble Hawk
    nesDouble Moon Densetsu
    gbaDouble Pack - Sonic Advance & ChuChu Rocket!
    gbaDouble Pack - Sonic Battle & Sonic Advance
    gbaDouble Pack - Sonic Pinball Party & Sonic Battle
    nesDouble Strike - Aerial Attack Force
    c64Double Take
    smsDouble Target - Cynthia no Nemuri
    msxDouble Vision
    gbDouble Yakuman
    gbDouble Yakuman II
    gbDouble Yakuman Junior
    c64Double, The
    gbaDoubutsu-jima no Chobigurumi
    gbaDoubutsu-jima no Chobigurumi 2 - Tama-chan Monogatari
    gbcDoug - La Grande Aventure
    gbcDoug's Big Game
    nesDough Boy
    snesDoukyuusei 2
    snesDown the World - Mervil's Ambition
    amigaDownfall [AGA]
    amigaDownhill Challenge
    snesDowntown - Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari - Yakyuu de Shoubu da! Kunio-kun
    gbDowntown - Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Dokodemo Daiundoukai
    nesDowntown - Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Soreyuke Daiundoukai
    nesDowntown - Nekketsu Monogatari
    gbaDowntown - Nekketsu Monogatari EX
    nesDowntown Special - Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Da yo Zenin Shuugou!
    nesDr. Chaos
    amigaDr. Doom's Revenge!
    gbDr. Franken
    gbDr. Franken II
    amigaDr. Fruit
    smsDr. Hello
    c64Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide
    nesDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    amigaDr. Mario
    gbDr. Mario
    nesDr. Mario
    snesDr. Mario
    gbaDr. Mario & Panel de Pon
    gbaDr. Muto
    amigaDr. Plummet's House of Flux
    gbcDr. Rin ni Kiitemite! - Koi no Rin Fuusui
    smdDr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
    smsDr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
    gbaDr. Seuss' - The Cat in the Hat
    gbaDr. Sudoku
    nesDrac's Night Out
    amigaDie Drachen von Laas
    gbcDracula - Crazy Vampire
    gbDracula Densetsu
    gbDracula Densetsu II
    amigaDraggy And Croco
    smdDragon - The Bruce Lee Story
    smsDragon - The Bruce Lee Story
    gbaDragon Ball - Advance Adventure
    gbaDragon Ball - Advanced Adventure
    nesDragon Ball - Daimaou Fukkatsu
    nesDragon Ball - Le Secret du Dragon
    nesDragon Ball - Shen Long no Nazo
    nesDragon Ball 3 - Gokuu Den
    gbaDragon Ball GT - Transformation
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Bukuu Tougeki
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury
    smdDragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden
    snesDragon Ball Z - Chomutujeon
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Collectible Card Game
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Densetsu no Chou Senshi-tachi
    gbDragon Ball Z - Gokuu Gekitouden
    gbDragon Ball Z - Gokuu Hishouden
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Guerreros de Leyenda
    gbcDragon Ball Z - I Leggendari Super Guerrieri
    nesDragon Ball Z - Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin
    smdDragon Ball Z - L'Appel du Destin
    snesDragon Ball Z - La Legende Saien
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Legendaere Superkaempfer
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Les Guerriers Legendaires
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Moogongtoogeuk
    snesDragon Ball Z - Super Butouden
    snesDragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 2
    snesDragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 3
    snesDragon Ball Z - Super Gokuu Den - Kakusei Hen
    snesDragon Ball Z - Super Gokuu Den - Totsugeki Hen
    snesDragon Ball Z - Super Saiya Densetsu
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Taiketsu
    gbaDragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku
    gbaDragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II
    gbaDragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II International
    snesDragon Ball Z - Ultime Menace
    nesDragon Ball Z Gaiden - Saiya Jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku
    nesDragon Ball Z II - Gekishin Freeza!!
    nesDragon Ball Z III - Ressen Jinzou Ningen
    snesDragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension
    amigaDragon Breed
    c64Dragon Breed
    msxDragon Buster
    nesDragon Buster
    nesDragon Buster II - Yami no Fuuin
    amigaDragon Cave
    smsDragon Crystal
    gbcDragon Dance
    gbaDragon Drive - World D Break
    tg16Dragon Egg!
    amigaDragon Fighter
    nesDragon Fighter
    snesDragon Knight 4
    amigaDragon Lord
    smsDragon Maze
    c64Dragon Ninja
    nesDragon Ninja
    nesDragon Power
    msxDragon Quest
    nesDragon Quest
    gbaDragon Quest Characters - Torneko no Daibouken 2 Advance - Fushigi no Dungeon
    gbaDragon Quest Characters - Torneko no Daibouken 3 Advance - Fushigi no Dungeon
    gbcDragon Quest I & II
    snesDragon Quest I & II
    msxDragon Quest II
    nesDragon Quest II - Akuryou no Kamigami
    gbcDragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e...
    nesDragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e...
    snesDragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e...
    nesDragon Quest IV - Michibikareshi Monotachi
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters
    gbaDragon Quest Monsters - Caravan Heart
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters - Terry no Wonderland
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters 2 - Maruta no Fushigi na Kagi - Iru no Bouken
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters 2 - Maruta no Fushigi na Kagi - Ruka no Tabidachi
    snesDragon Quest V - Tenkuu no Hanayome
    snesDragon Quest VI - Maboroshi no Daichi
    tg16Dragon Saber - After Story of Dragon Spirit
    nesDragon Scroll - Yomigaerishi Maryuu
    smdDragon Slayer - Eiyuu Densetsu
    snesDragon Slayer - Eiyuu Densetsu
    smdDragon Slayer - Eiyuu Densetsu II
    snesDragon Slayer - Eiyuu Densetsu II
    gbDragon Slayer - Nemuri no Oukan
    nesDragon Slayer 4 - Drasle Family
    gbDragon Slayer I
    msxDragon Slayer IV - Drasle Family
    msxDragon Slayer Jr. - Romancia
    amigaDragon Spirit
    c64Dragon Spirit
    tg16Dragon Spirit
    nesDragon Spirit - Aratanaru Densetsu
    nesDragon Spirit - The New Legend
    gbDragon Tail
    gbaDragon Tales - Dragon Adventures
    gbcDragon Tales - Dragon Adventures
    gbcDragon Tales - Dragon Wings
    amigaDragon Tiles
    amigaDragon Tiles II: The Tournament
    amigaDragon Tiles [AGA]
    nesDragon Unit
    snesDragon View
    nesDragon Warrior
    gbcDragon Warrior I & II
    nesDragon Warrior II
    nesDragon Warrior III
    nesDragon Warrior IV
    gbcDragon Warrior Monsters
    gbcDragon Warrior Monsters 2 - Cobi's Journey
    gbcDragon Warrior Monsters 2 - Tara's Adventure
    amigaDragon Wars
    c64Dragon Wars
    nesDragon Wars
    tg16Dragon's Curse
    snesDragon's Earth
    smdDragon's Eye Plus - Shanghai III
    smdDragon's Fury
    amigaDragon's Kingdom
    amigaDragon's Lair
    gbDragon's Lair
    gbcDragon's Lair
    nesDragon's Lair
    smdDragon's Lair
    snesDragon's Lair
    gbDragon's Lair - The Legend
    amigaDragon's Lair II: Time Warp
    amigaDragon's Lair III: The Curse of Mordread
    amigaDragon's Lair: Escape From Singe's Castle
    snesDragon's Magic
    amigaDragon's Pyramids
    smdDragon's Revenge
    gbaDragon's Rock
    snesDragon: The Bruce Lee Story
    amigaDragons Breath
    amigaDragons of Flame
    gbaDrake & Josh
    snesDream Basketball - Dunk & Hoop
    nesDream Master
    snesDream Maze - Kigurumi Daibouken
    smdDream Team USA
    snesDream TV
    c64Dream Warrior
    amigaDream Zone
    amigaDreamWeb [AGA]
    nesDreamworld Pogie
    amigaDribbling: Calcio Serie A 1992-93
    snesDrift King Shutokou Battle '94 - Tsuchiya Keiichi & Bandou Masaaki
    snesDrift King Shutokou Battle 2 - Tsuchiya Keiichi & Bandou Masaaki
    gbaDrill Dozer
    gbcDriver - You are the Wheelman
    gbaDriver 2 Advance
    amigaDrivin' Force
    gbaDrome Racers
    gbaDroopy's Tennis Open
    tg16Drop Rock Hora Hora
    amigaDrsná Cesta
    gbDruaga no Tou
    nesDruaga no Tou
    tg16Druaga no Tou
    snesDSP1 Tech Demo
    gbcDT - Lords of Genomes
    gbaDual Blades
    snesDual Orb - Seirei Tama Densetsu
    snesDual Orb II
    nesDuck Hunt
    nesDuck Maze
    c64Duck Shoot
    amigaDuck Tales: The Quest For Gold
    gbDuckTales 2
    nesDuckTales 2
    nesDudes with Attitude
    gbaDuel Masters
    gbaDuel Masters - Kaijudo Showdown
    gbaDuel Masters - Sempai Legends
    gbaDuel Masters - Shadow of the Code
    gbaDuel Masters 2 - Invincible Advance
    gbaDuel Masters 2 - Kirifuda Shoubu Ver.
    gbaDuel Masters 3
    gbcDuke Nukem
    dosDuke Nukem 3D
    smdDuke Nukem 3D
    dosDuke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition
    gbaDuke Nukem Advance
    gbcDukes of Hazzard, The - Racing for Home
    snesDun Quest - Majin Fuuin no Densetsu
    smdDune - The Battle for Arrakis
    dosDune II
    smdDune II - Kampf um den Wustenplaneten
    smdDune II - The Battle for Arrakis
    amigaDune II: The Battle for Arrakis
    nesDungeon & Magic - Swords of Element
    amigaDungeon Adventure
    tg16Dungeon Explorer
    nesDungeon Kid
    gbDungeon Land
    nesDungeon Magic - Sword of the Elements
    amigaDungeon Master
    amigaDungeon Master
    atariDungeon Master
    snesDungeon Master
    amigaDungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep
    amigaDungeon Quest
    gbcDungeon Savior
    gbaDungeons & Dragons - Eye of the Beholder
    smdDungeons & Dragons - Warriors of the Eternal Sun
    amigaDungeons of Avalon
    amigaDungeons of Avalon II: The Island of Darkness
    amigaDungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Everythin'
    nesDusty Diamond's All-Star Softball
    gbDX Bakenou Z
    gbcDX Jinsei Game
    gbcDX Monopoly GB
    amigaDylan Dog: La Regina delle Tenebre
    amigaDylan Dog: The Murderers
    amigaDylan Dog: Through The Looking Glass
    amigaDyna Blaster
    smdDyna Brothers
    smdDyna Brothers 2
    smdDyna Brothers 2 - Sega Channel Special
    snesDynamaite the Las Vegas
    snesDynami Tracer
    c64Dynamic Duo
    snesDynamic Stadium
    nesDynamite Batman
    msxDynamite Bowl
    nesDynamite Bowl
    c64Dynamite Dan
    cpcDynamite Dan II - Dr Blitzen and the Islands of Arcanum
    amigaDynamite Dick
    smdDynamite Duke
    smsDynamite Duke
    amigaDynamite Düx
    c64Dynamite Dux
    smsDynamite Dux
    smdDynamite Headdy
    smsDynamite Headdy
    gbaDynasty Warriors Advance
    amigaDynasty Wars
    c64Dynasty Wars
    amigaDynatech [AGA]
    nesDynowarz - Destruction of Spondylus
    smsE-SWAT - City Under Siege
    snesE. V. O.: Search for Eden
    cdtvE.S.S. Mega
    gbaE.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
    gbcE.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial - Digital Companion
    gbcE.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial - Escape from Planet Earth
    gbcE.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial and the Cosmic Garden
    amigaE.T.'s Rugby League
    a2600E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial
    smdEA Hockey
    smdEA Sports Double Header
    amigaEagle's Rider
    smsEagles 5
    c64Eagles Nest
    amigaEarl Weaver Baseball
    smdEarnest Evans
    a2600Earth Attack
    nesEarth Bound
    smdEarth Defense
    snesEarth Defense Force
    a2600Earth Dies Screaming
    snesEarth Light
    snesEarth Light - Luna Strike
    gbEarthworm Jim
    gbaEarthworm Jim
    smdEarthworm Jim
    smsEarthworm Jim
    snesEarthworm Jim
    gbcEarthworm Jim - Menace 2 the Galaxy
    gbaEarthworm Jim 2
    smdEarthworm Jim 2
    snesEarthworm Jim 2
    amigaEasy and Fun: Four in One
    smdEcco - The Tides of Time
    smsEcco - The Tides of Time
    smdEcco Jr.
    smdEcco the Dolphin
    smsEcco the Dolphin
    smdEcco the Dolphin II
    gbaEcks V Sever
    gbaEcks vs Sever
    gbaEcks vs. Sever II - Ballistic
    amigaEco Phantoms
    dosEcoQuest: The Search for Cetus
    gbcECW Hardcore Revolution
    gbaEd, Edd n Eddy - Jawbreakers!
    gbaEd, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures
    amigaEdd the Duck!
    amigaEdd the Duck 2: Back with a Quack!
    c64Edd the Duck!
    c64Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
    snesEdono Kiba
    snesEek! The Cat
    dosEF2000 v2.0
    dosEF2000: Special Edition
    gbaEgg Mania
    gbaEgg Mania - Tsukande! Mawashite! Dossun Puzzle!!
    nesEggerland - Meikyuu no Fukkatsu
    gbaEggo Mania
    amigaEgyptian Run
    c64Eidolon, The
    msxEidolon, The
    snesEien no Filerna
    amigaEishockey Manager
    amigaEksperyment Delfin
    smdEl. Viento
    c64Election Game, The
    amigaElectronic Pool
    c64Elektra Glide
    smdElemental Master
    gbElevator Action
    nesElevator Action
    gbaElevator Action - Old & New
    gbcElevator Action EX
    gbaElf - The Movie
    gbaElf Bowling 1 & 2
    smdElf Wor
    amigaElf [MicroValue]
    amigaElf [Ocean]
    snesElfaria - The Isle of the Blest
    snesElfaria II - The Quest of the Meld
    a2600Eli's Ladder
    gbcElie no Atelier GB
    smdEliminate Down
    nesEliminator Boat Duel
    amigaElite Advanced
    gbElite Soccer
    snesElite Soccer
    smdElitserien 95
    smdElitserien 96
    gbcElmo's 123s
    gbcElmo's ABCs
    nesElnark no Zaihou
    c64Elven Warrior
    c64Elvira - The Arcade Game
    amigaElvira: Mistress of the Dark
    amigaElvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus
    amigaElvira [The Arcade Game]
    snesEmerald Dragon
    amigaEmerald Mine
    amigaEmerald Mine 3 Professional
    amigaEmerald Mine II
    cd32Emerald Mines
    amigaEmetic Skimmer
    snesEmit Vol. 1 - Toki no Maigo
    snesEmit Vol. 2 - Inochigake no Tabi
    snesEmit Vol. 3 - Watashi ni Sayonara o
    amigaEmlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
    amigaEmlyn Hughes International Soccer
    c64Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
    snesEmmitt Smith Football
    nesEmoyan no 10 Bai Pro Yakyuu
    msxEmpereur, L'
    nesEmpereur, L'
    amigaEmperor of the Mines
    gbcEmperor's New Groove, The
    smdEmpire of Steel
    amigaEmpire Soccer 94
    amigaEmpire: Wargame of the Century
    gbaEnchanted - Once Upon Andalasia
    amigaEnchanted Land
    a2600Encounter at L5
    c64Enduro Racer
    cpcEnduro Racer
    smsEnduro Racer
    amigaEnemy: Tempest of Violence
    snesEnergy Breaker
    c64Enforcer, The
    amigaEngland Championship Special
    c64England Championship Special
    amigaThe Enigma Device
    c64Enigma Force
    c64Enlightenment - Druid II
    amigaEnlightenment: Druid II
    amigaEntity [CMS Software]
    amigaEpsilon 9: The Revenge of the Stingons
    c64Equalizer, The
    amigaErben der Erde
    cd32Erben der Erde
    amigaErben der Erde [AGA]
    gbaErementar Gerad - Tozasareshi Uta
    snesEric Cantona Football Challenge
    nesEric Cantona Football Challenge - Goal! 2
    nesErika to Satoru no Yume Bouken
    nesErunaaku no Zaihou
    nesEscape from Atlantis, The
    amigaEscape from Colditz
    c64Escape from Doomworld
    amigaEscape from Tharkan
    a2600Escape from the Mindmaster
    amigaEscape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
    c64Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
    c64Escape MCP
    amigaEskimo Games
    amigaEspaña: The Games '92
    snesEsparks - Ijikuu kara no Raihousha
    nesEsper Bouken Tai
    nesEsper Dream 2 - Aratanaru Tatakai
    smdESPN Baseball Tonight
    snesESPN Baseball Tonight
    gbaESPN Final Round Golf
    gbaESPN Final Round Golf 2002
    gbaESPN Great Outdoor Games - Bass 2002
    gbaESPN Great Outdoor Games - Bass Tournament
    gbcESPN International Track & Field
    gbaESPN International Winter Sports
    gbaESPN International Winter Sports 2002
    gbcESPN National Hockey Night
    smdESPN National Hockey Night
    snesESPN National Hockey Night
    smdESPN Speed World
    snesESPN Speed World
    smdESPN Sunday Night NFL
    snesESPN Sunday Night NFL
    gbaESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2
    gbaESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2002
    gbaESPN X-Games Skateboarding
    snesEstpolis Denki
    gbcEstpolis Denki - Yomigaeru Densetsu
    snesEstpolis Denki II
    smdESWAT - City Under Siege
    smdEternal Champions
    tg16Eternal City - Toshi Tensou Keikaku
    c64Euro Boss
    snesEuro Football Champ
    amigaEuro League Manager
    amigaEuro Soccer
    smdEuropa Sensen
    msxEurope Sensen
    snesEurope Sensen
    c64European 5-A-Side
    amigaEuropean Champions
    c64European Champions
    amigaEuropean Champions (Idea)
    amigaEuropean Championship 1992
    smdEuropean Club Soccer
    amigaEuropean Football Champ
    c64European II
    amigaEuropean Soccer Challenge
    c64European Soccer Challenge
    gbaEuropean Super League
    gbcEuropean Super League
    smdEvander Holyfield's 'Real Deal' Boxing
    gbcEvel Knievel
    c64Evening Star
    gbaEver Girl
    amigaEvil Dawn
    amigaEvil Garden
    amigaEvil's Doom
    gbaEX Monopoly
    amigaExcellent Card Games
    smsExcellent Dizzy Collection, The
    snesExcitebike - Bunbun Mario Battle - Stadium 1
    snesExcitebike - Bunbun Mario Battle - Stadium 2
    snesExcitebike - Bunbun Mario Battle - Stadium 3
    snesExcitebike - Bunbun Mario Battle - Stadium 4
    gbaExciting Bass
    nesExciting Boxing
    nesExciting Rally - World Rally Championship
    amigaThe Executioner
    nesExed Exes
    snesExertainment Mountain Bike Rally
    snesExertainment Mountain Bike Rally + Speed Racer
    snesExhaust Heat
    snesExhaust Heat II - F1 Driver e no Michi
    smdExile - Toki no Hazama he
    amigaExile [AGA]
    smdExo Squad
    gbExodus - Journey to the Promised Land
    nesExodus - Journey to the Promised Land
    smdExodus - Journey to the Promised Land
    amigaExodus 3010
    gbaExpedition der Stachelbeeren - Zoff im Zoo
    c64Exploding Fist
    nesExploding Fist
    c64Exploding Wall
    amigaExplora II
    amigaExplora III: Sous Le Signe Du Serpent
    amigaExplora: Time Run
    c64Express Raider
    gbExtra Bases!
    snesExtra Innings
    gbcExtreme Ghostbusters
    gbaExtreme Ghostbusters - Code Ecto-1
    gbaExtreme Skate Adventure
    gbcExtreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears
    amigaExtreme Violence
    amigaThe Eye of Horus
    amigaEye of the Beholder
    dosEye of the Beholder
    snesEye of the Beholder
    snesEye of the Beholder
    amigaEye of the Beholder II: Legende von Darkmoon
    amigaEye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon
    dosEye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon
    dosEye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor
    amigaEye of the Storm
    gbaEyeshield 21 Devilbats Devildays
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 1
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 2
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 3
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 4
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 5
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 6
    tg16F-1 Dream
    snesF-1 Grand Prix
    snesF-1 Grand Prix - Part II
    snesF-1 Grand Prix - Part III
    tg16F-1 Pilot - You're King of Kings
    gbF-1 Race
    nesF-1 Race
    nesF-1 Sensation
    gbF-1 Spirit
    smsF-1 Spirit - The Way to Formula-1
    gbcF-1 World Grand Prix
    smdF-117 Night Storm
    smdF-117 Stealth - Operation Night Storm
    nesF-117A - Stealth Fighter
    amigaF-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0
    gbaF-14 Tomcat
    c64F-15 Strike Eagle
    gbF-15 Strike Eagle
    msxF-15 Strike Eagle
    nesF-15 Strike Eagle
    amigaF-15 Strike Eagle II
    gbF-15 Strike Eagle II
    smdF-15 Strike Eagle II
    snesF-15 Super Strike Eagle
    amigaF-16 Combat Pilot
    c64F-16 Combat Pilot
    smsF-16 Fighter
    smsF-16 Fighting Falcon
    a7800F-18 Hornet
    gbcF-18 Thunder Strike
    amigaF-19 Stealth Fighter
    smdF-22 Interceptor
    amigaF-29 Retaliator
    gbaF-Zero - Climax
    gbaF-Zero - Falcon Densetsu
    gbaF-Zero - GP Legend
    gbaF-Zero - Maximum Velocity
    gbaF-Zero for Game Boy Advance
    gbcF.A. Premier League Stars 2001, The
    amigaF.C. Manager
    amigaF/A-18 Interceptor
    smdF1 - World Championship Edition
    gbaF1 2002
    gbF1 Boy
    gbcF1 Championship Season 2000
    nesF1 Circus
    tg16F1 Circus
    tg16F1 Circus '91 - World Championship
    tg16F1 Circus '92 - The Speed of Sound
    smdF1 Circus MD
    amigaF1 GP Circuits
    amigaF1 Manager
    gbF1 Pole Position
    snesF1 Pole Position
    snesF1 Pole Position 2
    gbcF1 Racing Championship
    snesF1 ROC II: Race of Champions
    snesF1 ROC: Race of Champions
    amigaF1 Tornado
    c64F1 Tornado
    tg16F1 Triple Battle
    amigaF1 World Championship Edition
    snesF1 World Championship Edition
    gbcF1 World Grand Prix II for Game Boy Color
    nesF15 City War
    amigaF17 Challenge
    gbaF24 Stealth Fighter
    amigaF40 Pursuit Simulator
    c64FA Cup Football
    smsFA Tetris
    amigaFace Off [Anco]
    amigaFace-Off [Krisalis]
    gbFaceball 2000
    snesFaceball 2000
    amigaFaces: Tris III
    dosFade to Black
    smdThe Faery Tale Adventure
    amigaThe Faery Tale Adventure
    c64Fairlight - A Prelude
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Breakin' da Rules
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Clash with the Anti-World
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Enter the Cleft
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Shadow Showdown
    gbcFairy Kitty no Kaiun Jiten - Yousei no Kuni no Uranai Shugyou
    c64Falcon - The Renegade Lord
    amigaFalcon Mission Disk Volume 1: Operation Counterstrike
    c64Falcon Patrol
    c64Fall of Rome, The
    amigaFallen Angel
    amigaFalling Down
    msxFamicle Parodic
    snesFamicom Bunko - Hajimari no Mori
    nesFamicom Doubutsu Seitai Zukan! - Katte ni Shirokuma - Mori o Sukue no Maki!
    nesFamicom Igo Nyuumon
    nesFamicom Jump - Eiyuu Retsuden
    nesFamicom Jump II - Saikyou no 7 Nin
    nesFamicom Meijin Sen
    gbaFamicom Mini - Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen
    gbaFamicom Mini - Kidou Senshi Z Gundam - Hot Scramble
    gbaFamicom Mini 01 - Super Mario Bros.
    gbaFamicom Mini 02 - Donkey Kong
    gbaFamicom Mini 03 - Ice Climber
    gbaFamicom Mini 04 - Excitebike
    gbaFamicom Mini 05 - Zelda no Densetsu 1 - The Hyrule Fantasy
    gbaFamicom Mini 06 - Pac-Man
    gbaFamicom Mini 07 - Xevious
    gbaFamicom Mini 08 - Mappy
    gbaFamicom Mini 09 - Bomber Man
    gbaFamicom Mini 10 - Star Soldier
    gbaFamicom Mini 11 - Mario Bros.
    gbaFamicom Mini 12 - Clu Clu Land
    gbaFamicom Mini 13 - Balloon Fight
    gbaFamicom Mini 14 - Wrecking Crew
    gbaFamicom Mini 15 - Dr. Mario
    gbaFamicom Mini 16 - Dig Dug
    gbaFamicom Mini 17 - Takahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima
    gbaFamicom Mini 18 - Makaimura
    gbaFamicom Mini 19 - Twin Bee
    gbaFamicom Mini 20 - Ganbare Goemon! - Karakuri Douchuu
    gbaFamicom Mini 21 - Super Mario Bros. 2
    gbaFamicom Mini 22 - Nazo no Murasame Jou
    gbaFamicom Mini 23 - Metroid
    gbaFamicom Mini 24 - Hikari Shinwa - Palthena no Kagami
    gbaFamicom Mini 25 - The Legend of Zelda 2 - Link no Bouken
    gbaFamicom Mini 26 - Famicom Mukashibanashi - Shin Onigashima - Zen, Kouhen
    gbaFamicom Mini 27 - Famicom Tantei Club - Kieta Koukeisha - Zen, Kouhen
    gbaFamicom Mini 28 - Famicom Tantei Club Part II - Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo - Zen, Kouhen
    gbaFamicom Mini 29 - Akumajou Dracula
    gbaFamicom Mini 30 - SD Gundam World - Gachapon Senshi Scramble Wars
    nesFamicom Shougi - Ryuuousen
    snesFamicom Tantei Club Part II - Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo
    nesFamicom Top Management
    nesFamicom Wars
    nesFamicom Yakyuu Ban
    amigaFamilien Duell
    gbaFamille Delajungle, La - A la Poursuite de Darwin
    gbaFamille Delajungle, La - Le Film
    nesFamily BASIC
    msxFamily Billiards
    nesFamily Block
    nesFamily Boxing
    msxFamily Boxing - MSX Title Match
    nesFamily Circuit
    nesFamily Circuit '91
    snesFamily Dog
    gbaFamily Feud
    nesFamily Feud
    smdFamily Feud
    snesFamily Feud
    smsFamily Games
    gbFamily Jockey
    nesFamily Jockey
    gbFamily Jockey 2 - Meiba no Kettou
    nesFamily Mahjong
    nesFamily Mahjong II - Shanghai e no Michi
    nesFamily Pinball
    nesFamily Quiz - 4-nin wa Rival
    nesFamily School
    nesFamily Tennis
    gbaFamily Tennis Advance
    nesFamily Trainer 1 - Athletic World
    nesFamily Trainer 10 - Rairai Kyonsees
    nesFamily Trainer 2 - Running Stadium
    nesFamily Trainer 3 - Aerobics Studio
    nesFamily Trainer 4 - Jogging Race
    nesFamily Trainer 5 - Meiro Daisakusen
    nesFamily Trainer 6 - Manhattan Police
    nesFamily Trainer 7 - Daiundoukai
    nesFamily Trainer 8 - Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi-jou
    nesFamily Trainer 9 - Fuuun Takeshi-jou 2
    nesFamista '89 - Kaimaku Ban!!
    nesFamista '90
    nesFamista '91
    nesFamista '92
    nesFamista '93
    nesFamista '94
    gbFamista 2
    gbFamista 3
    gbaFamista Advance
    snesFamitsu Magazine Karara Ban
    amigaThe Famous Five: Five on a Treasure Island
    nesFan Kong Jing Ying
    gbaFancy Pocket
    gbaFantastic 4
    gbaFantastic 4 - Flame On
    nesFantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The
    gbaFantastic Children
    amigaFantastic Dizzy
    smdFantastic Dizzy
    smsFantastic Dizzy
    amigaFantastic Dizzy [AGA]
    gbaFantastic Maerchen - Cake-ya-san Monogatari
    c64Fantastic Soccer
    a2600Fantastic Voyage
    amigaFantastic Voyage
    cdtvFantastic Voyage
    gbaFantastici 4, I
    amigaFantasy Flyer
    amigaFantasy Games
    amigaFantasy Manager: The Computer Game
    amigaFantasy World Dizzy
    atariFantasy World Dizzy
    c64Fantasy World Dizzy
    cpcFantasy World Dizzy
    nesFantasy Zone
    smsFantasy Zone
    tg16Fantasy Zone
    smsFantasy Zone - The Maze
    nesFantasy Zone 2 - Opa-Opa no Namida
    nesFantasy Zone II - Opa-Opa no Namida
    smsFantasy Zone II - Opa-Opa no Namida
    msxFantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa
    smsFantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa
    nesFaria - A World of Mystery & Danger!
    nesFaria - Fuuin no Tsurugi
    snesFarland Story
    snesFarland Story 2
    amigaFast Break
    a2600Fast Eddie
    amigaFast Eddie's Pool and Billiards
    a2600Fast Food
    amigaFast Food
    c64Fast Food
    cpcFast Food
    amigaFast Freddie
    amigaFast Lane! The Spice Engineering Challenge
    smdFastest 1
    gbFastest Lap
    smdFatal Fury
    snesFatal Fury
    smdFatal Fury 2
    snesFatal Fury 2
    snesFatal Fury Special
    amigaFatal Heritage
    smdFatal Labyrinth
    smdFatal Rewind
    a2600Fatal Run
    a7800Fatal Run
    amigaFate: Gates of Dawn
    amigaFatman: The Caped Consumer
    amigaFatman: The Caped Consumer [AGA]
    nesFC Genjin - Freakthoropus Computerus
    gbaFear Factor Unleashed
    c64Fearless Fred and the Factory of Doom
    snesFeda - The Emblem of Justice
    amigaFederation of Free Traders
    amigaFederation Quest 1: B.S.S. Jane Seymour
    gbFelix the Cat
    nesFelix the Cat
    amigaFemme Fatale
    snesFenek - 6 Gatsugou
    smdFeng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan
    nesFeng Shen Bang
    smdFeng Shen Ying Jie Chuan
    smsFerias Frustradas do Pica Pau
    smdFerias Frustradas do Pica-Pau
    amigaFernandez Must Die
    c64Fernandez Must Die
    amigaFerrari Formula One
    gbFerrari Grand Prix Challenge
    nesFerrari Grand Prix Challenge
    smdFerrari Grand Prix Challenge
    gbcFerret Monogatari
    amigaLe Fetiche Maya
    amigaFeudal Lords
    smdFever Pitch Soccer
    snesFever Pitch Soccer
    amigaThe Fidelity Chessmaster 2100
    gbFidgetts, The
    smdFido Dido
    nesField Combat
    gbaField of Nine - Digital Edition 2001
    amigaFields of Glory
    cd32Fields of Glory
    amigaFields of Glory [AGA]
    amigaFiendish Freddy's Big Top o' Fun
    snesFievel Goes West - An American Tail
    snesFIFA - A Caminho Da Copa 98
    psxFIFA - Die WM-Qualifikation 98
    psxFIFA - En Route pour la Coupe du Monde 98
    psxFIFA - Road to World Cup 98
    psxFIFA - Rumbo al Mundial 98
    gbcFIFA 2000
    psxFIFA 2000
    psxFIFA 2000 - Europe League Soccer
    psxFIFA 2000 - Major League Soccer
    psxFIFA 2001
    psxFIFA 97
    snesFIFA 97
    snesFIFA 98: Road to World Cup
    psxFIFA 99
    psxFIFA 99 - Europe League Soccer
    psxFIFA Football 2002
    psxFIFA Football 2003
    psxFIFA Football 2004
    psxFIFA Football 2005
    amigaFIFA International Soccer
    gbFIFA International Soccer
    smdFIFA International Soccer
    smsFIFA International Soccer
    snesFIFA International Soccer
    gbFIFA Road to World Cup 98
    gbFIFA Soccer '96
    gbFIFA Soccer '97
    gbaFIFA Soccer 06
    gbaFIFA Soccer 07
    psxFIFA Soccer 2002
    gbaFIFA Soccer 2003
    psxFIFA Soccer 2003
    gbaFIFA Soccer 2004
    psxFIFA Soccer 2004
    gbaFIFA Soccer 2005
    psxFIFA Soccer 2005
    smdFIFA Soccer 95
    dosFIFA Soccer 96
    psxFIFA Soccer 96
    smdFIFA Soccer 96
    snesFIFA Soccer 96
    psxFIFA Soccer 97
    smdFIFA Soccer 97
    snesFIFA Soccer 97
    smdFIFA 98 - Road to World Cup
    psxFIFA World Cup 98 - France 98 Soushuuhen
    c64Fifth Quadrant, The
    a7800Fight Night
    c64Fight Night
    amigaFighter Bomber
    c64Fighter Bomber
    amigaFighter Bomber Advanced Mission Disk
    amigaFighter Duel Pro
    c64Fighter Pilot
    snesFighter's History
    snesFighter's History - Mizoguchi Kikiippatsu!!
    amigaFightin' Spirit
    cd32Fightin' Spirit
    amigaFightin' Spirit [AGA]
    snesFighting Baseball
    nesFighting Golf
    nesFighting Hero
    nesFighting Hero III
    smdFighting Masters
    nesFighting Road
    tg16Fighting Run
    gbFighting Simulator 2 in 1
    amigaFighting Soccer
    c64Fighting Soccer
    c64Fighting Warrior
    gbaFILA Decathlon
    a2600Final Approach
    amigaFinal Assault
    amigaThe Final Battle
    tg16Final Blaster
    amigaFinal Blow
    c64Final Blow
    smdFinal Blow
    smsFinal Bubble Bobble
    nesFinal Combat
    amigaFinal Command
    amigaThe Final Conflict
    amigaFinal Countdown
    dosFinal Doom
    nesFinal Fantasy
    gbFinal Fantasy Adventure
    gbaFinal Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls
    nesFinal Fantasy I, II
    gbaFinal Fantasy I, II Advance
    nesFinal Fantasy II
    snesFinal Fantasy II
    snesFinal Fantasy III
    snesFinal Fantasy IV
    snesFinal Fantasy IV - Easy Type
    gbaFinal Fantasy IV Advance
    gbFinal Fantasy Legend II
    gbFinal Fantasy Legend III
    gbFinal Fantasy Legend, The
    gbaFinal Fantasy Tactics Advance
    snesFinal Fantasy USA - Mystic Quest
    snesFinal Fantasy V
    gbaFinal Fantasy V Advance
    snesFinal Fantasy VI
    gbaFinal Fantasy VI Advance
    snesFinal Fantasy: Mystic Quest
    amigaFinal Fight
    arcadeFinal Fight
    c64Final Fight
    cpcFinal Fight
    snesFinal Fight
    zxsFinal Fight
    snesFinal Fight 2
    snesFinal Fight 3
    snesFinal Fight Guy
    gbaFinal Fight One
    snesFinal Fight Tough
    gbaFinal Fire Pro Wrestling - Yume no Dantai Unei!
    cd32The Final Gate
    snesFinal Knockout
    nesFinal Lap
    tg16Final Lap Twin
    tg16Final Match Tennis
    nesFinal Mission
    amigaThe Final Mission
    msxFinal Mystery Murder Club - Satsujin Club
    gbFinal Reverse
    tg16Final Soldier
    snesFinal Stretch
    smdFinal Zone
    amigaThe Financial Time Machine
    c64Finders Keepers
    zxsFinders Keepers
    gbaFindet Nemo
    gbaFinding Nemo
    gbaFinding Nemo - Aratanaru Bouken
    gbaFinding Nemo - The Continuing Adventures
    amigaFire & Forget
    smsFire & Forget II
    c64Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy
    amigaFire & Forget II: The Death Convoy
    cd32Fire & Ice
    smsFire & Ice
    amigaFire & Ice: The Daring Adventures Of Cool Coyote
    nesFire 'n Ice
    amigaFire and Brimstone
    amigaFire and Ice Christmas Special Edition
    msxFire Ball
    nesFire Dragon
    gbaFire Eaters - Zero Bandits
    gbaFire Emblem
    nesFire Emblem
    nesFire Emblem - Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi
    gbaFire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi
    snesFire Emblem - Monshou no Nazo
    gbaFire Emblem - Rekka no Ken
    gbaFire Emblem - Seima no Kouseki
    snesFire Emblem - Seisen no Keifu
    gbaFire Emblem - The Sacred Stones
    snesFire Emblem - Thracia 776
    nesFire Emblem Gaiden
    a2600Fire Fighter
    gbFire Fighter
    snesFire Fighting
    a2600Fire Fly
    cd32Fire Force
    nesFire Hawk
    smdFire Mustang
    c64Fire One
    amigaFire Power
    snesFire Pro Joshi - All Star Dream Slam
    gbaFire Pro Wrestling
    tg16Fire Pro Wrestling - Combination Tag
    gbaFire Pro Wrestling 2
    tg16Fire Pro Wrestling 2 - 2nd Bout
    tg16Fire Pro Wrestling 3 - Legend Bout
    gbaFire Pro Wrestling A
    smdFire Shark
    c64Fire Track
    snesThe Firemen
    snesFirepower 2000
    snesFireteam Rogue
    amigaFirst Contact
    amigaFirst Letters (For Under 5's)
    amigaFirst Letters and Words
    amigaFirst Person Pinball
    snesFirst Queen - Ornic Senki
    amigaThe First Samurai
    snesFirst Samurai
    amigaFirst Shapes
    c64First Strike
    gbFish Dude
    gbcFish Files, The
    nesFisher-Price - Firehouse Rescue
    nesFisher-Price - I Can Remember
    nesFisher-Price - Perfect Fit
    a2600Fishing Derby
    snesFishing Koushien
    amigaFist Fighter
    c64Fist Fighter
    c64Fist II
    gbFist of the North Star
    nesFist of the North Star
    cpcFive Star III
    amigaFive-a-Side Soccer
    gbcFix & Foxi - Episode 1 Lupo
    a2600Flag Capture
    c64Flak - The Ultimate Flight Experience
    amigaFlamingo Tours
    gbFlappy Special
    a2600Flash Gordon
    c64Flash Gordon
    smdFlash Point
    gbFlash, The
    smsFlash, The
    smdFlashback - The Quest for Identity
    gbaFlashback Legends
    dosFlashback: The Quest for Identity
    dosFlashback: The Quest for Identity
    snesFlashback: The Quest for Identity
    nesFleet Commander
    msxFleet Commander II - Koukon no Kaiiki
    gbFleet Commander VS.
    amigaFleet Med
    amigaFlies: Attack on Earth
    amigaFlight of the Amazon Queen
    amigaFlight of the Intruder
    nesFlight of the Intruder
    amigaFlight Path 737
    amigaFlight Simulator II
    atariFlight Simulator II
    amigaFlimbo's Quest
    smdThe Flintstones
    snesThe Flintstones
    c64Flintstones - Yabba-Dabba-Dooo!
    amigaThe Flintstones
    gbFlintstones, The
    smsFlintstones, The
    gbaFlintstones, The - Big Trouble in Bedrock
    gbcFlintstones, The - Burgertime in Bedrock
    gbFlintstones, The - King Rock Treasure Island
    nesFlintstones, The - The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy
    nesFlintstones, The - The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak
    snesThe Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock
    c64Flip & Flop
    amigaFlip Flop
    amigaFlip-it & Magnose: Water Carriers From Mars
    gbcFlipper & Lopaka
    nesFlipull - An Exciting Cube Game
    amigaFloor 13
    amigaFlowers of Crystal
    gbaFlushed Away
    amigaFly Fighter
    amigaFly Harder
    cd32Fly Harder
    nesFlying Dragon - The Secret Scroll
    c64Flying Feathers
    nesFlying Hero
    snesFlying Hero - Bugyuru no Daibouken
    amigaFlying Shark
    c64Flying Shark
    nesFlying Warriors
    a7800Food Fight
    amigaThe Fool's Errand
    amigaFootball Champ
    amigaFootball Club Manager
    amigaFootball Crazy
    c64Football Director
    amigaFootball Director II
    snesFootball Fury
    amigaFootball Glory
    amigaFootball Glory [AGA]
    gbFootball International
    amigaFootball Manager
    c64Football Manager
    cpcFootball Manager
    amigaFootball Manager 2
    c64Football Manager 2
    cpcFootball Manager II
    c64Football Manager World Cup Edition
    amigaFootball Manager: World Cup Edition
    amigaFootball Masters
    amigaFootball Tactician
    amigaFootball Tactician 2
    amigaFootballer of the Year 2
    c64Footballer of the Year 2
    amigaFor President
    c64Forbidden Forest
    gbcForce 21
    c64Force One
    gbaFord Racing 3
    gbForeman for Real
    smdForeman for Real
    snesForeman for Real
    cpcForest at Worlds End
    amigaForest Dumb
    amigaForest Dumb Forever!!!
    amigaForgotten Worlds
    c64Forgotten Worlds
    smdForgotten Worlds
    smsForgotten Worlds
    tg16Formation Soccer - Human Cup '90
    tg16Formation Soccer - On J. League
    gbaFormation Soccer 2002
    nesFormation Z
    amigaFormula 1 3D
    amigaFormula 1 Grand Prix
    nesFormula 1 Sensation
    c64Formula 1 Simulator
    smdFormula One
    nesFormula One - Built to Win
    gbcFormula One 2000
    amigaFormula One Challenge
    amigaFormula One Grand Prix
    amigaFort Apache
    gbcFort Boyard
    gbFortified Zone
    amigaFortress Underground
    snesFortune Quest - Dice o Korogase
    gbaFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    nesFoton - The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth
    amigaFoundation's Waste
    amigaThe Four Crystals of Trazere
    nesFour Players' Tennis
    nesFox's Peter Pan & the Pirates - The Revenge of Captain Hook
    c64Foxx Fights Back!
    amigaFranco Baresi World Cup Kick Off
    c64Frank Bruno's Boxing
    gbaFrank Herbert's Dune - Ornithopter Assault
    gbFrank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
    smdFrank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
    snesFrank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
    nesFrankenstein - The Monster Returns
    c64Frankenstein Jnr.
    cpcFrankenstein Jnr.
    a2600Frankenstein's Monster
    c64Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    gbaFranklin the Turtle
    gbaFranklin's Great Adventures
    amigaFranko: The Crazy Revenge!
    gbFranky, Joe & Dirk... On the Tiles
    snesFrantic Flea
    amigaFrantic Freddie
    c64Freak Factory
    amigaFreak Out
    c64Freddy Hardest
    cpcFreddy Hardest
    dosFreddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist
    nesFree Fall
    nesFreedom Force
    amigaFreedom: Rebels In The Darkness
    gbaFreestyle Scooter
    gbcFreestyle Scooter
    cdtvFremdsprachenrätsel Spanisch 1
    snesFreud no Chousenjou - Dai-1-gou
    snesFreud no Chousenjou - Dai-2-gou
    snesFreud no Chousenjou - Dai-3-gou
    snesFreud no Chousenjou - Dai-4-gou
    snesFreud no Chousenjou - Dai-5-gou
    snesFreud no Chousenjou - Dai-6-gou
    amigaFriday Night Pool
    c64Friday the 13th
    nesFriday the 13th
    zxsFriday the 13th
    cpcFriday the 13th - The Computer Game
    amigaFright Night
    gbFrisky Tom
    cd32Frog Feast
    gbaFrogger - Kodaibunmei no Nazo
    gbaFrogger - Mahou no Kuni no Daibouken
    gbcFrogger 2
    c64Frogger 64
    gbaFrogger Advance - The Great Quest
    a2600Frogger II: Threeedeep
    a5200Frogger II: Threeedeep
    gbaFrogger's Adventures - Temple of the Frog
    gbaFrogger's Adventures 2 - The Lost Wand
    gbaFrogger's Journey - The Forgotten Relic
    a2600Frogs And Flies
    gbcFrom TV Animation One Piece - Maboroshi no Grand Line Boukenki!
    gbaFrom TV Animation One Piece - Mezase! King of Belly
    gbaFrom TV Animation One Piece - Nanatsu-jima no Daihihou
    gbcFrom TV Animation One Piece - Yume no Luffy Kaizokudan Tanjou!
    snesFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk - Dream Team - Shuueisha Limited
    gbFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk - Gakeppuchi no Kesshou League
    smdFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk - Kyougou Makkou Taiketsu!
    snesFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk - SD Heat Up!!
    snesFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk - Yonkyou Gekitotsu!!
    snesFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 - IH Yosen Kanzen Ban!!
    gbFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 - Zenkoku e no Tip Off
    a2600Front Line
    nesFront Line
    gbcFront Line - The Next Mission
    snesFront Mission
    snesFront Mission Series - Gun Hazard
    gbcFront Row
    gbaFrontier Stories
    amigaFrontier: Elite II
    cd32Frontier: Elite II
    amigaFrost Byte
    amigaFruit Machine
    cpcFruit Machine
    c64Fruit Machine Simulator
    cpcFruit Machine Simulator 2
    c64Fruit Machine Simulator II
    gbaFruits Mura no Doubutsu-tachi
    nesFudou Myouou Den
    amigaFull Contact
    amigaFull Metal Planete
    snesFull Power
    snesFull Throttle: All-American Racing
    gbcFull Time Soccer
    gbcFull Time Soccer & Hang Time Basketball
    smdFun 'n Games
    snesFun 'n Games
    nesFun Blaster Pak
    smdFun Car Rally
    nesFun House
    amigaFun School 2 (For The 6-8 Year Olds)
    amigaFun School 2 (For The Over-8s)
    amigaFun School 2 (For The Under-6s)
    amigaFun School 3 (For The Under 5s)
    cdtvFun School 3 - For The Under 5s
    c64Fun School 3 for the Under 5s
    cdtvFun School 4 - For 5 to 7 Year Olds
    amigaFun School Specials - Merlin's Maths
    amigaFun School Specials - Spelling Fair
    a2600Fun With Numbers
    snesFunaki Masakatsu Hybrid Wrestler - Tougi Denshou
    snesFune Tarou
    gbFunny Field
    smdFunny World & Balloon Boy
    snesFuruta Atsuya no Simulation Pro Yakyuu 2
    amigaFury of the Furries
    cd32Fury of the Furries
    amigaFußball Total!
    amigaFußball Total! [AGA]
    nesFushigi na Blobby - Blobania no Kiki
    gbFushigi na Blobby - Princess Blob o Sukue!
    gbFushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren GB - Tsukikage Mura no Kaibutsu
    gbcFushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren GB2 - Sabaku no Majou
    snesFushigi no Dungeon 2 - Fuurai no Shiren
    gbaFushigi no Kuni no Alice
    gbaFushigi no Kuni no Angelique
    smsFushigi no Oshiro Pit Pot
    nesFushigi no Umi no Nadia
    smdFushigi no Umi no Nadia
    tg16Fushigi no Yume no Alice
    amigaFussballmanager Gesellschaftsspiel
    gbaFutari wa Pretty Cure - Arienaai! Yume no Sono wa Daimeikyuu
    gbaFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Maji Maji! Fight de IN Janai
    amigaFuture Basketball
    amigaFuture Bike Simulator
    c64Future Bike Simulator
    amigaFuture Classics Collection
    c64Future Knight
    amigaFuture Shock
    amigaFuture Space
    amigaFuture Sport
    amigaFuture Tank
    nesFuture Wars - Mirai Senshi Lios
    amigaFuture Wars: Time Travellers
    nesFuzzical Fighter
    smdG-LOC Air Battle
    smsG-LOC Air Battle
    amigaG-LOC R360
    c64G-Loc R360
    nesG.I. Joe - A Real American Hero
    nesG.I. Joe - A Real American Hero - The Atlantis Factor
    nesG.I. Joe - The Atlantis Factor
    a2600G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike
    snesG.O.D - Mezame yo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe
    dosGabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
    dosGabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device - Blue
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device - Red
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device 2 - Dragon
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device 2 - Phoenix
    gbaGachinko Pro Yakyuu
    amigaGadget - Lost in Time
    gbaGadget Racers
    smdGadget Twins
    smsGaegujangi Ggachi
    tg16Gai Flame
    snesGaia Gensouki
    tg16Gaia no Monshou
    snesGaia Saver - Hero Saidai no Sakusen
    gbcGaiamaster Duel - Card Attackers
    smdGain Ground
    smsGain Ground
    snesGakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi
    gbaGakkou no Kaidan - Hyakuyoubako no Fuuin
    gbaGakkou o Tsukurou!! Advance
    gbcGakkyuu Ou Yamazaki
    gbaGakuen Alice - Dokidoki Fushigi Taiken
    msxGakuen Monogatari - High School Story
    gbaGakuen Senki Muryou
    snesGal Kan Bazooka - Dai-5-kan
    amigaGalactic Conqueror
    nesGalactic Crusader
    amigaGalactic Empire
    amigaGalactic Invasion
    smsGalactic Protector
    amigaGalactic Warrior Rats
    amigaGalactic: The Xmas Edition
    gbGalaga & Galaxian
    tg16Galaga '88
    tg16Galaga '90
    amigaGalaga '92
    nesGalaga - Demons of Death
    gbcGalaga - Destination Earth
    nesGalaxy 5000
    amigaGalaxy 89
    gbaGalaxy Angel Game Boy Advance - Moridakusan Tenshi no Full-Course - Okawari Jiyuu
    amigaGalaxy Blast
    amigaGalaxy Fight: The Incredible Space Fight
    smsGalaxy Force
    c64Galaxy Force 2
    amigaGalaxy Force II
    smdGalaxy Force II
    snesGalaxy Robo
    snesGalaxy Wars
    amigaGaldregon's Domain
    c64Galdregons Domain
    gbaGalidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension
    amigaGamble Mania
    gbcGambler Densetsu Tetsuya - Shinjuku Tenun Hen
    gbaGambler Densetsu Tetsuya - Yomigaeru Densetsu
    smdGambler Jiko Chuushinha - Katayama Masayuki no Mahjong Doujou
    nesGambler Jiko Chuushinha - Mahjong Game
    snesGambler Jiko Chuushinha - Mahjong Kouisen
    nesGambler Jiko Chuushinha 2
    snesGambler Jiko Chuushinha 2 - Dorapon Quest
    msxGambler Jiko Chuushinha 2 - Jishou! Kyougou Janshi Hen
    snesGambling Hourouki
    gbGame & Watch Gallery
    gbcGame & Watch Gallery 2
    gbcGame & Watch Gallery 3
    gbaGame & Watch Gallery 4
    gbaGame & Watch Gallery Advance
    smsGame Box Serie Esportes Radicais
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - All Grown Up! - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Edition Platinum
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Edition Premium
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Edition Speciale
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Limited Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Platinum Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Premium Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Special Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Codename - Kids Next Door - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Disney Channel Collection - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Disney Channel Collection - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Dora the Explorer - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Dragon Ball GT - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Nicktoons - Volume 3
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Nicktoons Collection - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Nicktoons Collection - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 3
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 4
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shark Tale
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shrek
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shrek + Shark Tale
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shrek 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Sonic X - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - SpongeBob SquarePants - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - SpongeBob SquarePants - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - SpongeBob SquarePants - Volume 3
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Strawberry Shortcake - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Super Robot Monkey Team - Hyper Force Go! - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Le Demenagement
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Things Change
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Fairly OddParents! - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Fairly OddParents! - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Proud Family - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yugi vs. Joey
    gbGame Boy Camera
    gbGame Boy Camera Gold
    gbcGame Boy Color
    gbGame Boy Controller Kensa Cartridge
    gbGame Boy Datenlogger 1
    gbGame Boy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
    gbGame Boy Gallery
    gbGame Boy Gallery - 5 Games in One
    gbGame Boy Gallery 2
    gbcGame Boy Gallery 3
    gbcGame Boy Gallery 4
    gbGame Boy Wars
    gbcGame Boy Wars 2
    gbcGame Boy Wars 3
    gbaGame Boy Wars Advance 1+2
    gbGame Boy Wars Turbo
    gbGame Boy Wars Turbo - Famitsu Version
    gbcGame Conveni 21
    gbGame de Hakken!! Tamagotchi
    gbGame de Hakken!! Tamagotchi - Osutchi to Mesutchi
    gbGame de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2
    nesGame Designer Yousei Soft - Dezaemon
    gbGame Genie
    nesGame Genie
    smdGame Genie
    snesGame Genie
    nesGame Master Kid
    smdGame no Kandume Otokuyou
    snesGame no Tatsujin
    snesGame no Tetsujin - The Shanghai
    amigaThe Game of Harmony
    gbGame of Harmony, The
    amigaThe Game of Life
    c64Game Over
    cpcGame Over
    nesGame Party
    snesGame Saver
    amigaGame Set Match
    snesGame Tora no Chou Ooana 2
    snesGame Tora no Taikoban - 5-17 Gou
    snesGame Tora no Taikoban - 5-31 Gou
    smdGame Toshokan
    gbGamera - Daikaijuu Kuuchuu Kessen
    snesGamera - Gyaos Gekimetsu Sakusen
    cdtvGamers' Delight
    gbaGames Explosion!
    gbcGames Frenzy
    amigaThe Games: Summer Edition
    amigaThe Games: Winter Edition
    gbaGameShark GBA
    gbcGameShark Online
    amigaGamma Zone
    gbGanbare Goemon - Kurofunetou no Nazo
    gbcGanbare Goemon - Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase Nabebugyou!
    gbGanbare Goemon - Sarawareta Ebisumaru
    gbcGanbare Goemon - Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru!!
    gbcGanbare Goemon - Tengutou no Gyakushuu
    snesGanbare Goemon - Yuki Hime Kyuushutsu Emaki
    nesGanbare Goemon 2
    snesGanbare Goemon 2 - Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu
    snesGanbare Goemon 3 - Shishi Juurokubee no Karakuri Manjigatame
    nesGanbare Goemon Gaiden - Kieta Ougon Kiseru
    nesGanbare Goemon Gaiden 2 - Tenka no Zaihou
    snesGanbare Goemon Kirakira Douchuu - Boku ga Dancer ni Natta Wake
    msxGanbare Goemon! - Karakuri Douchuu
    nesGanbare Goemon! - Karakuri Douchuu
    nesGanbare Pennant Race!
    snesGanbare! Daiku no Gen-san
    gbaGanbare! Dodge Fighters
    tg16Ganbare! Golf Boys
    gbcGanbare! Nippon! Olympic 2000
    c64Gandalf the Sorcerer
    gbaGang del Bosco, La
    snesGangan Gan-chan
    a2600Gangster Alley
    cdtvGangster Pursuit
    smsGangster Town
    snesGanpuru - Gunman's Proof
    snesGanso Pachi-Slot Nihonichi
    snesGanso Pachinko Ou
    nesGanso Saiyuuki - Super Monkey Daibouken
    gbGanso!! Yancha Maru
    nesGarfield - A Week of Garfield
    smdGarfield - Caught in the Act
    gbaGarfield - The Search for Pooky
    c64Garfield - Winter's Tail
    cpcGarfield - Winter's Tail
    gbaGarfield and His Nine Lives
    gbGarfield Labyrinth
    amigaGarfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal
    amigaGarfield: Winter's Tail
    gbGargoyle's Quest
    nesGargoyle's Quest II
    smdGarou Densetsu - Shukumei no Tatakai
    snesGarou Densetsu - Shukumei no Tatakai
    smdGarou Densetsu 2 - Aratanaru Tatakai
    snesGarou Densetsu 2 - Aratanaru Tatakai
    snesGarou Densetsu Special
    amigaGarrison II: The Legend Continues
    nesGarry Kitchen's BattleTank
    snesGarry Kitchen's Super Battletank
    smdGarry Kitchen's Super Battletank - War in the Gulf
    cpcGary Lineker's - Superstar Soccer
    c64Gary Lineker's Hot Shot
    amigaGary Lineker's Hot-Shot!
    c64Gary Lineker's Super Skills
    c64Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer
    msxGaryuu Ou
    a2600Gas Hog
    c64Gates Of Dawn
    amigaGateway To The Savage Frontier
    gbaGauntlet - Dark Legacy
    cpcGauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons
    amigaGauntlet II
    c64Gauntlet II
    cpcGauntlet II
    gbGauntlet II
    nesGauntlet II
    zxsGauntlet II
    cpcGauntlet III - The Final Quest
    zxsGauntlet III - The Final Quest
    amigaGauntlet III: The Final Quest
    smdGauntlet IV
    zxsGauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons
    amigaGazza II
    c64Gazza II
    amigaGazza's Super Soccer
    gbGB Basketball
    gbGB Genjin
    gbGB Genjin 2
    gbGB Genjin Land - Viva! Chikkun Oukoku
    gbcGB Harobots
    gbcGB Karan Koron Gakuen - Hanafuda Mahjong
    gbcGB Memory Multi Menu
    gbGB Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Jr
    gbaGBA AV Adapter
    c64GBA Championship Basketball
    amigaGBA Championship Basketball: Two on Two
    gbaGBA Movie Player 2 CF
    gbaGBA Personal Organizer
    gbaGBA TV Tuner PAL
    gbGBKiss Mini Games
    amigaGear Works
    gbGear Works
    amigaGee Bee Air Rally
    snesGegege no Kitarou - Fukkatsu! Tenma Daiou
    gbaGegege no Kitarou - Kikiippatsu! Youkai Rettou
    nesGegege no Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou
    snesGegege no Kitarou - Youkai Donjara
    gbGegege no Kitarou - Youkai Souzoushu Arawaru!
    nesGegege no Kitarou 2 - Youkai Gundan no Chousen
    gbcGeheimnis der Happy Hippo-Insel, Das
    gbaGekido Advance - Kintaro's Revenge
    nesGekikame Ninja Den
    tg16Gekisha Boy
    gbcGekisou Dangun Racer - Onsoku Buster Dangun Dan
    snesGekisou Sentai Carranger - Zenkai! Racer Senshi
    snesGekitotsu Dangan Jidousha Kessen - Battle Mobile
    msxGekitotsu Pennant Race - Pro Yakyuu, The
    msxGekitotsu Pennant Race 2
    nesGekitotsu Yonku Battle
    snesGekitou Burning Pro Wres
    gbaGekitou Densetsu Noah - Dream Management
    gbGekitou Power Modeller
    nesGekitou Pro Wrestling!! - Toukon Densetsu
    nesGekitou Stadium!!
    gbaGekitou! Car Battler Go!!
    snesGekkan Coin Toss - Deck 1
    gbGem Gem
    gbcGem Gem Monster
    gbaGem Smashers
    amigaGem Stone Legend
    amigaGemini Wing
    smdGeneral Chaos
    smdGeneral Chaos Daikonsen
    smdGenerations Lost
    amigaGenghis Khan
    nesGenghis Khan
    smdGenghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf
    snesGenghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf
    tg16Genji Tsuushin Agedama
    gbGenjin Collection
    gbGenjin Cottsu
    snesGenjuu Ryodan
    gbGenki Bakuhatsu Gambaruger
    snesGenocide 2
    nesGenpei Touma Den - Computer Boardgame
    tg16Genpei Toumaden
    tg16Genpei Toumaden - Kan no Ni
    gbaGenseishin Justirisers - Souchaku! Hoshi no Senshi-tachi
    gbaGensou Maden Saiyuuki - Hangyaku no Toushin-taishi
    gbcGensou Maden Saiyuuki - Sabaku no Shijin
    gbaGensou Suikoden - Card Stories
    cpcGeoff Capes - Strong Man
    c64Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge
    amigaGeorg Glaxo
    gbGeorge Foreman's KO Boxing
    nesGeorge Foreman's KO Boxing
    smdGeorge Foreman's KO Boxing
    smsGeorge Foreman's KO Boxing
    snesGeorge Foreman's KO Boxing
    amigaGerm Crazy
    amigaGerman Trucking
    snesGerry Anderson's Thunderbirds - Kokusai Kyuujotai Shutsudou Seyo!!
    gbcGet Chuu Club - Minna no Konchuu Daizukan
    cpcGet Dexter
    snesGet in the Hole
    c64Get Off My Garden!
    gbaGet Ride! Amdriver - Senkou no Hero Tanjou!
    gbaGet Ride! Amdriver - Shutsugeki! Battle Party
    gbaGet! - Boku no Mushi Tsukamaete
    gbGetaway, The
    gbaGetBackers Dakkanya - Jagan Fuuin!
    gbaGetBackers Dakkanya - Jigoku no Scaramouche
    gbaGetBackers Dakkanya - Metropolis Dakkan Sakusen!
    nesGetsu Fuuma Den
    snesGetsumen no Anubis
    amigaGettysburg: The Turning Point
    gbcGex - Enter the Gecko
    gbcGex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko
    gbcGex 3 - Deep Pocket Gecko
    amigaGFL Championship Football
    amigaGhost Battle
    amigaGhost Chaser
    c64Ghost Chaser
    snesGhost Chaser Densei
    smsGhost House
    c64Ghost Hunters
    cpcGhost Hunters
    a2600Ghost Manor
    tg16Ghost Manor
    gbaGhost Rider
    gbaGhost Trap
    nesGhost'n Goblins
    c64Ghostbusters 2
    a2600Ghostbusters II
    amigaGhostbusters II
    cpcGhostbusters II
    gbGhostbusters II
    nesGhostbusters II
    zxsGhostbusters II
    amigaGhosts 'n Goblins
    cpcGhosts 'N Goblins
    arcadeGhosts'n Goblins
    c64Ghosts'n Goblins
    gbcGhosts'n Goblins
    nesGhosts'n Goblins
    snesGhoul Patrol
    nesGhoul School
    cpcGhouls 'N Ghosts
    amigaGhouls 'n' Ghosts
    c64Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
    smdGhouls'n Ghosts
    smsGhouls'n Ghosts
    gbGI King! - Sanbiki no Yosouya
    amigaGiddy II: Hero in an Egg Shell
    c64Gilbert - Escape from Drill
    amigaGilbert: Escape from Drill
    c64Gilligans Gold
    nesGimmi a Break - Shijou Saikyou no Quiz Ou Ketteisen
    nesGimmi a Break - Shijou Saikyou no Quiz Ou Ketteisen 2
    snesGindama Oyakata no Pachinko Hisshouhou
    gbGinga - Card & Puzzle Collection
    nesGinga Eiyuu Densetsu
    snesGinga Eiyuu Densetsu
    nesGinga no Sannin
    snesGinga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai
    msxGirly Block
    a2600Glacier Patrol
    c64Glider Rider
    smsGlobal Defense
    amigaGlobal Effect
    cd32Global Effect
    amigaGlobal Gladiators
    smdGlobal Gladiators
    gbaGlobal Star - Sudoku Fever
    amigaGlobal Trek
    gbcGlocal Hexcite
    amigaGloom Deluxe
    gbaGlory Days
    nesGluk the Thunder Warrior
    amigaGnome Alone
    amigaGnome Ranger
    gbGo Go Ackman
    snesGo Go Ackman
    snesGo Go Ackman 2
    snesGo Go Ackman 3
    amigaGo Player
    c64Go Racing with Peter O'Sullevan
    nesGo! Benny!
    gbaGo! Go! Beckham! - Adventure on Soccer Island
    snesGo! Go! Dodge League
    gbGo! Go! Hitchhike
    gbGo! Go! Tank
    c64Go-Kart Simulator
    nesGoal! Two
    amigaGobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon
    dosGobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon
    c64Goblin Towers
    amigaGoblins 3
    dosGoblins 3
    dosGoblins Quest 3
    gbcGobs of Games
    gbGod Medicine - Fantasy Sekai no Tanjou
    gbGod Medicine - Fukkokuban
    nesGod Slayer - Haruka Tenkuu no Sonata
    amigaThe Godfather
    gbaGodzilla - Domination!
    nesGodzilla - Monster of Monsters!
    gbcGodzilla - The Series
    gbcGodzilla - The Series - Monster Wars
    nesGodzilla 2 - War of the Monsters
    gbaGoemon - New Age Shutsudou!
    c64Gogo the Ghost
    snesGojira - Kaijuu Daikessen
    gbaGojira - Kaijuu Dairantou Advance
    snesGokinjo Boukentai
    smsGokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto
    snesGokujou Parodius
    tg16Gokuraku! Chuuka Taisen
    gbcGold and Glory - The Road to El Dorado
    amigaGold of the Americas
    amigaThe Gold of the Aztecs
    amigaGold of the Realm
    amigaGold Rush
    dosGold Rush
    amigaGolden Axe
    arcadeGolden Axe
    c64Golden Axe
    cpcGolden Axe
    smdGolden Axe
    smsGolden Axe
    smdGolden Axe II
    smdGolden Axe III
    smsGolden Axe Warrior
    amigaGolden Eagle
    gbcGolden Goal
    gbaGolden Nugget Casino
    amigaGolden Oldies: Volume 1
    amigaGolden Path
    amigaThe Golden Pyramid
    gbaGolden Sun
    gbaGolden Sun - Die Vergessene Epoche
    gbaGolden Sun - L'Age Perdu
    gbaGolden Sun - L'Era Perduta
    gbaGolden Sun - La Edad Perdida
    gbaGolden Sun - The Lost Age
    amigaGoldrunner II
    nesGolf '92, The
    gbGolf Classic
    nesGolf Club - Birdy Rush
    c64Golf Construction Set
    gbcGolf Daisuki!
    snesGolf Daisuki! O.B. Club
    gbcGolf de Ohasuta
    nesGolf Grand Slam
    nesGolf Ko Open
    gbcGolf Ou
    nesGolfkko Open
    nesGolgo 13 - Daiisshou - Kamigami no Tasogare
    nesGolgo 13 - Dainishou - Icarus no Nazo
    nesGolgo 13 - Top Secret Episode
    nesGomoku Narabe
    tg16Gomola Speed
    amigaGone Fish'n
    gbcGonta no Okiraku Daibouken
    snesGoodsPress - 3 Gatsugou
    snesGoodsPress - 6 Gatsugou
    snesGoodsPress - 7 Gatsugou
    snesGoof Troop
    snesGoofy to Max - Kaizoku-jima no Daibouken
    smdGoofy's Hysterical History Tour
    amigaGoofy's Railway Express
    c64Goofy's Railway Express
    nesGoonies 2 - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen
    nesGoonies II, The
    nesGoonies II, The - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen
    cpcThe Goonies
    gbcGoraku Ou Tango!
    nesGorby no Pipeline Daisakusen
    nesGorilla Man, The
    amigaGotcha [Kingsoft]
    amigaGotcha [Prestige]
    nesGotcha! - The Sport!
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Joushiki no Sho
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Kanji no Tatsujin
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Keisan no Tatsujin
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Nanmon no Sho
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Zukei no Tatsujin
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - 99 Nendo Ban Eitango Center 1500
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Eijukugo Target 1000
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Eiken 2kyuu Level no Kaiwa Hyougen 333
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Eitango Target 1900
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Gakken - Kanyouku Kotowaza 210
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Gakken - Rekishi 512
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Gakken - Yojijukugo 288
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Kirihara Shoten Hinshutsu Eibunpou Gohou Mondai 1000
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Chuugaku Eijukugo 350
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Chuugaku Eitango 1700
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Kanji Mondai no Seifuku
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Rekishi Nendai Anki Point 240
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Rika Anki Point 250
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Nihonshi Target 201
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Kokugo Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Rika Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Sansuu Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Shakai Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Suuji de Asobou Sansuu Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Yamakawa Ichimonittou - Nihonshi B Yougo Mondaishuu
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Yamakawa Ichimonittou - Sekaishi B Yougo Mondaishuu
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai Kyuukyoku no Eigo Koubun 285
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai Kyuukyoku no Eijukugo 1017
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai Kyuukyoku no Eitango 1500
    smdGouketsuji Ichizoku
    snesGouketsuji Ichizoku
    snesGourmet Sentai Barayarou
    snesGousou Jinrai Densetsu - Musha
    nesGozonji - Yaji Kita Chin Douchuu
    smsGP Rider
    amigaGP Tennis Manager
    snesGP-1 Part II
    gbaGP-1 Racing
    snesGP-1 RS - Rapid Stream
    gbGradius - The Interstellar Assault
    gbaGradius Advance
    gbaGradius Galaxies
    gbaGradius Generation
    nesGradius II
    snesGradius III
    c64Graeme Souness International Soccer
    amigaGraeme Souness Soccer Manager
    c64Graeme Souness Soccer Manager
    amigaGraeme Souness Vector Soccer
    amigaGraffiti Man
    c64Graffiti Man
    amigaGraham Gooch World Class Cricket
    amigaGraham Gooch World Class Cricket Test Match Special Edition
    c64Graham Gooch's All Star Cricket
    amigaGraham Gooch's Second Innings
    c64Graham Gooch's Test Cricket
    amigaGraham Taylors Soccer Challenge
    nesGran Aventura Submarina, La
    c64Grand Larceny
    c64Grand Master
    nesGrand Master
    amigaGrand Monster Slam
    amigaGrand Ouvert
    amigaGrand Ouvert 2
    a2600Grand Prix
    dosGrand Prix 2
    amigaGrand Prix 500 2
    c64Grand Prix 500cc
    amigaGrand Prix Circuit
    dosGrand Prix II
    amigaGrand Prix Master
    c64Grand Prix Simulator
    cpcGrand Prix Simulator
    c64Grand Prix Simulator 2
    cpcGrand Prix Simulator 2
    c64Grand Prix Tennis
    amigaGrand Slam
    dosGrand Theft Auto
    gbcGrand Theft Auto
    gbcGrand Theft Auto 2
    gbaGrand Theft Auto Advance
    dosGrand Theft Auto: London 1969
    gbGrander Musashi RV
    gbcGrandia - Parallel Trippers
    smdGrandSlam - The Tennis Tournament
    smdGrandSlam - The Tennis Tournament '92
    cd32Grandslam Gamer Gold Collection
    gbcGranduel - Shinki Dungeon no Hihou
    cpcGrange Hill
    c64Grange Hill - The Computer Game
    snesGranhistoria - Genshi Sekaiki
    amigaGranny's Garden
    c64Graphic Editor
    amigaGravity Force
    amigaGravity Force 2
    c64Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The
    smsGreat Baseball
    smsGreat Basketball
    nesGreat Battle Cyber
    snesGreat Battle Gaiden 2, The - Matsuri da Wasshoi
    snesGreat Battle II, The - Last Fighter Twin
    snesGreat Battle III, The
    snesGreat Battle IV, The
    gbcGreat Battle Pocket, The
    snesGreat Battle V, The
    nesGreat Boxing - Rush Up
    smdGreat Circus Mystery - Mickey to Minnie Magical Adventure 2
    smdThe Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie
    snesThe Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie
    amigaGreat Courts
    amigaGreat Courts 2
    nesGreat Deal
    a2600Great Escape
    zxsThe Great Escape
    c64Great Escape, The
    smsGreat Football
    amigaThe Great Giana Sisters
    c64The Great Giana Sisters
    smsGreat Golf
    gbGreat Greed
    c64Great Gurianos
    smsGreat Ice Hockey
    smsGreat Soccer
    smsGreat Soccer
    amigaGreat States II
    nesGreat Tank
    smsGreat Tennis
    smsGreat Volleyball
    snesThe Great Waldo Search
    nesGreat Waldo Search, The
    smdGreat Waldo Search, The
    nesGreat Wall, The
    smdGreatest Heavyweights
    gbaGreatest Nine
    c64Green Beret
    cpcGreen Beret
    gbaGreen Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
    smdGreendog - The Beached Surfer Dude!
    gbaGreg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd
    nesGreg Norman's Golf Power
    amigaGreg Norman's Ultimate Golf
    nesGremlin 2 - Shinshu Tanjou
    gbaGremlins - Stripe vs Gizmo
    c64Gremlins 2
    gbGremlins 2 - The New Batch
    nesGremlins 2 - The New Batch
    amigaGremlins 2: The New Batch
    gbcGremlins Unleashed
    amigaGrey Slayer
    c64Greyfell - The Legend of Norman
    c64Grid Iron II
    c64Grid Runner
    amigaGrid Start
    gbaGrim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
    gbcGrinch, The
    smdGrind Stormer
    gbaGroove Adventure Rave - Hikari to Yami no Daikessen
    gbaGroove Adventure Rave - Hikari to Yami no Daikessen 2
    c64Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The
    cpcGrumpy Gumphrey - Super Sleuth
    snesGS Mikami - Joreishi wa Nice Body
    gbaGT Advance - Championship Racing
    gbaGT Advance 2 - Rally Racing
    gbaGT Advance 3 - Pro Concept Racing
    gbaGT Championship
    gbaGT Racers
    snesGT Racing
    cpcGuardian Angel
    amigaThe Guardian Angel
    c64Guardian Angel, The
    nesGuardian Legend, The
    nesGuardic Gaiden
    amigaGuerilla In Bolivia
    nesGuerrilla War
    amigaThe Guild of Thieves
    gbaGuilty Gear X - Advance Edition
    amigaGuldkorn Expressen
    gbaGumby vs. the Astrobots
    c64Gun Fighter
    nesGun Hed
    nesGun Nac
    nesGun Sight
    amigaGunbee F-99: The Kidnapping of Lady Akiko
    nesGunhed - Aratanaru Tatakai
    tg16Gunhed - Hudson Gunhed Taikai
    amigaGunship 2000
    cd32Gunship 2000
    amigaGunship 2000 [AGA]
    gbaGunstar Future Heroes
    smdGunstar Heroes
    gbaGunstar Super Heroes
    gbaGuru Logic Champ
    gbcGuruguru Garakutas
    gbcGuruguru Town Hanamaru-kun
    gbcGute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten Quiz
    amigaGuy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon
    cdtvGuy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon
    gbaGyakuten Saiban
    gbaGyakuten Saiban 2
    gbaGyakuten Saiban 3
    gbcGyouten Ningen Batseelor - Doctor Guy no Yabou
    amigaH.A.T.E.: Hostile All Terrain Encounter
    c64H.E.R.O. - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation
    snesHabu Meijin no Omoshiro Shougi
    c64Hacker II
    amigaHacker II: The Doomsday Papers
    c64Hades Nebula
    gbaHagane no Renkinjutsushi - Meisou no Rondo
    gbaHagane no Renkinjutsushi - Omoide no Sonata
    snesHagane: The Final Conflict
    amigaHägar the Horrible
    msxHai no Majutsushi
    snesHaisei Mahjong - Ryouga
    nesHaja no Fuuin
    smsHaja no Fuuin
    gbaHajime no Ippo - The Fighting!
    snesHakunetsu Pro Yakyuu '93 - Ganba League
    snesHakunetsu Pro Yakyuu '94 - Ganba League 3
    snesHakunetsu Pro Yakyuu - Ganba League
    msxHal Note
    gbHAL Wrestling
    snesHAL's Hole in One Golf
    amigaHalley Project, The: A Mission In Our Solar System
    dosHalloween Harry
    gbcHalloween Racer
    amigaHalls of Montezuma
    c64Halls of the Things, The
    snesHameln no Violin Hiki
    gbaHamepane - Tokyo Mew Mew
    amigaHammer Boy
    snesHammer Lock Wrestling
    nesHammerin' Harry
    gbHammerin' Harry - Ghost Building Company
    gbcHamster Club
    gbcHamster Club - Awasete Chuu
    gbcHamster Club - Oshiema Chuu
    gbcHamster Club 2
    gbaHamster Club 3
    gbaHamster Club 4 - Shigetchi Daidassou
    gbaHamster Monogatari 2 GBA
    gbaHamster Monogatari 3 GBA
    gbaHamster Monogatari 3EX 4 Special
    gbaHamster Monogatari Collection
    gbcHamster Monogatari GB + Magi Ham no Mahou Shoujo
    gbcHamster Paradise
    gbaHamster Paradise - Pure Heart
    gbcHamster Paradise 2
    gbcHamster Paradise 3
    gbcHamster Paradise 4
    gbaHamster Paradise Advanchu
    gbaHamtaro - Ham-Ham Games
    gbaHamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak
    gbcHamtaro - Ham-Hams Unite!
    gbaHamtaro - Rainbow Rescue
    gbcHamunaptra - Ushinawareta Sabaku no Miyako
    msxHan Seimei Senki Andorogynus
    snesHana no Keiji - Kumo no Kanata ni
    nesHana no Star Kaidou
    tg16Hana Taaka Daka!
    gbcHana Yori Dango - Another Love Story
    gbaHanabi Hyakkei Advance
    snesHanafuda Ou
    gbaHanafuda Trump Mahjong - Depachika Wayouchuu
    nesHanafuda Yuukyou Den - Nagarebana Oryuu
    gbcHanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun no Beat Breaker
    gbcHands of Time
    gbcHang Time Basketball
    smsHang-On & Astro Warrior
    smsHang-On & Safari Hunt
    snesHanguk Pro Yagu
    tg16Hanii in the Sky
    tg16Hanii on the Road
    nesHanjuku Hero
    snesHanjuku Hero - Ah, Sekai yo Hanjuku Nare...!!
    amigaHanse: Die Expedition
    amigaHanse: Die Expedition [AGA]
    snesHansei Zaru Jiro-kun no Daibouken
    snesHaou Taikei Ryuu Knight - Lord of Paladin
    c64Happiest Days of Your Life, The