Booking System is Active

Users that are taking screenshots for an entry or in general are working on an entry and would like to indicate that to others, so duplicate effort can be avoided, can now book a game entry for two hours. During those two hours a warning message will be displayed to other users that the entry is being worked on.

To use the feature, please click the ‘Book game for editing for 2 H’ link found under the title screen area. Of course the entry can also be unlocked by the user again.

Of course there are also new games for you all to enjoy this weekend 😉 Happy editing and gaming 🙂

2 thoughts on “Booking System is Active

  1. How I can unmark the entry for editing? I did not found a way to do so… Or, then I am just blind or something.

    • Hi, just click on the same link again 🙂 (it also times out, so no crisis anyway).

      Also, when you book another entry, the previous booking is automatically released.

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