Improved outbound e-mail

I have tweaked the setup of the outbound e-mail server, so this should hopefully improve the delivery success of registration e-mails. Delivery to Hotmail /Outlook accounts have been particularly bad the last few weeks, according to feedback. Hopefully, this should be fixed now!

If you have had registration issues, I apologize for that, please try again now. And remember to check your spam folder as well. If the e-mail ended up in the spam folder, please make sure to mark the e-mail as “not spam” to help build the reputation on services such as and

WHDLoad quit key can be registered

The WHDLoad quit key can be registered for WHDLoad variants now. This allows FS-UAE to quit gracefully without losing data – some WHDLoad slaves to not save state until they have (gracefully) exited. Once the slave exits, FS-UAE will then close normally.

Example: if the WHDload slave expects the user to press the Amiga ‘Help’ key to quit, you can register whdload_quit_key = 5F. See for a list of valid raw key codes.

Server upgrades has been moved to new infrastructure, which explains the downtime the last couple of days. Most of the server is up and running again as normal, but some functionality may not work properly yet. In particular, registration is currently broken, but that should be fixed quite soon.

If you notice any other issues, please add a comment 🙂