Improved outbound e-mail

I have tweaked the setup of the outbound e-mail server, so this should hopefully improve the delivery success of registration e-mails. Delivery to Hotmail /Outlook accounts have been particularly bad the last few weeks, according to feedback. Hopefully, this should be fixed now!

If you have had registration issues, I apologize for that, please try again now. And remember to check your spam folder as well. If the e-mail ended up in the spam folder, please make sure to mark the e-mail as “not spam” to help build the reputation on services such as and

4 thoughts on “Improved outbound e-mail

        • I do hope so, I got feedback from some users that it started working, at least, and I also confirmed it myself on a test account I created. It is still possible that the mail(s) end up in the spam-box however – the earlier problem was the e-mail did not even get there.

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