Thank You, Contributors

At this point, I would like to highlight the biggest contributors to the online database, and express my thanks. Currently, the users with most contributions are: nexusle, TheCyberDruid, Retro-Nerd, lomdav, FrodeSolheim, Goingdown, thundercato, Enzo, 1time, thevoice, CrazyOne, Thomas Magnum. Without you, the project would not exist 🙂

Honourable mentions go to: xpect, koldinsky, Amberstar, highplainsdrift, browny, antonvaltaz, riker77, bcripon, nixonbn, FabianSchoelzel – who have also contributed changes to the database.

For other users: you do not have to dedicate a lot of time to make a difference! Remember that a single correction is valuable and appreciated 🙂

Booking System is Active

Users that are taking screenshots for an entry or in general are working on an entry and would like to indicate that to others, so duplicate effort can be avoided, can now book a game entry for two hours. During those two hours a warning message will be displayed to other users that the entry is being worked on.

To use the feature, please click the ‘Book game for editing for 2 H’ link found under the title screen area. Of course the entry can also be unlocked by the user again.

Of course there are also new games for you all to enjoy this weekend 😉 Happy editing and gaming 🙂

Open Amiga Game Database

The new name for this database is: Open Amiga Game Database (OAGD) 🙂  (though a bit less open during the beta ;-))

The new domain name is simple and short: Old links to should still work and/or redirect to the same resource at

Database Maintenance

Database maintenance is being performed, and to make the system even more future-proof, UUIDs for some variants are changed. Some variants (which should not have been included in the first place) will be purged as part of this update (this includes Quarterback ADFs, and virus-infected variants). During the maintenance, you might run into some temporary problems.

When the update is done, the “database version number” will be incremented, which will cause the Launcher to re-download the entire database. So you shouldn’t notice this much except for one extra long refresh operation.

Updated: The update process is now done. You should use the latest development version of FS-UAE and refresh the game database 🙂 Due to renaming of some disks, you may seemingly have “lost” savegames saved on floppies from the game database. If you miss a savegame, you need to rename the corresponding floppy .sdf file in the save state directory.

Second update: There remained a problem with starting WHDLoad games after the update. This has now been fixed, just make sure to refresh the database!

Updated Cover Guidelines for Custom Covers

I have added some new guidelines concerning custom covers. Basically, custom covers are OK, and encouraged where needed 🙂 -But we should also avoid creating too realistic-looking custom covers (which look like they were sold in stores). A new __custom_cover field is also used to register that the cover is an unofficial one. Read more about it at the bottom of this page (section “Custom Covers”).

The cover guidelines have also been moved to its own page.