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200 thoughts on “Support & Feedback

  1. Hi!
    I’ve completed the SNES database the most I can (Still Satellaview to do)
    So, after familiarize me with open retro I have some suggestions:

    – About covers.
    The covers part is important for have a complete database, the actual system is good for system like SNES, there is still separate rom for each region, but in few cases, you can have several covers for the same variant.

    Example: The Smurfs
    There have a lot of covers for each European region were the game was sold:

    “Los Pitufos” — Spanish title
    “Les Schtroumpfs” — French title
    “Die Schlümpfe” — German title

    But you’ve a single variant for this game with only one cover possible.

    The problem is A LOT more containing with SEGA systems.
    They used only one ROM for world release or USA/Japanese release.
    So, we have to choose what put and of course the US cover will be the most representative for international users.

    So, here my suggest:
    Every game entry has a “game_name” entry for each country (game_name_es, game_name_it, game_name_fr)
    So, it can be possible to associate covers to “game_name” entry instead of variants?

    And if only one EU variant and one cover exist, just use “game_name_eu”
    Later, on launcher you can add “filters” to show in priority “game_name_fr”, if no result for the game entry, display “game_name_eu” by default.

    This can solve all problems. A name for each country entry like it was implanted actually + the cover, box art associated.
    I don’t know if that was simply possible but it could be cool!

    – About GiantBomb

    This is possible to add their logo in game main page? Like for mobygames or wiki? They deserve it, they have a most complete database than moby. And maybe add more sources specific to each system (like it was actually for the amiga)

    – About Translated games

    A dream feature, the possibility to had variants for translated roms.
    TOSSEC DAT recognize them. The IPS patched roms work on Mednafen (for 8/16bits) and there a lot of great RPG or rare gems translated. It could a very cool feature too and help to people to discovering new games.

    – Stupid wishes

    -The possibility to add animated GIFs for screenshots in games pages. Could be nice for animate titlesecreen.

    -A NSF, AHX, SPC, etc. embed music player in front-end like foobar or winamp plugins (with a few KB files to put on each game page, there a great library available) It could be nice to heard real music from a game when you look at it.

    That was long! That’s just suggestions! I hop see some come true! 😀

  2. Im getting a “Error -5 while decompressing data:incomplete or truncated stream” error message while its scanning the game variants portion of the database (15578 scanned).

    does anyone have any ideas how to fix ?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hmm, sounds like invalid data have snuck into the database. Please try to delete Amiga.sqlite, CDTV.sqlite and CD32.sqlite from FS-UAE/Data/Databases and restart the Launcher, then update the database (will download the database from scratch).

  3. I tried to register but never received your email.. I looked at my inbox and spam but not there. It has been atleast 15 minutes since I initially tried registering and then did it again to no avail.

    • Hi seems like you service provider (AT&T) is blocking e-mails from I got a rejection back from their e-mail service when I tried to send you a response. I’ve contacted the AT&T Postmaster Staff to see if they can lift the block.

      • I’ll keep checking here until, hopefully they straighten it out. But why should they block it? I get tons of emails which are not blocked. I thought that email laws were similar to USPS laws, where they cannot hold up other peoples emails. I’ll keep checking back here until I can register.

        • I got a reply back from AT&T, and they would make sure my e-mail server was unblocked within 48 hours. So it could be unblocked already, or if not, at least over the weekend 🙂

  4. having problems register account im getting internal error message on clicking register
    hope you can assist

    • Hi, sorry for late response. Is there a still a problem registering? If so, I can create an account manually for you!

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