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The following sites seem to provide downloads with the copyright owners’ permissions:

The following sites have had their downloads checked out, and we’ve made sure variants exist in the database for the downloadable game media:

Other sites (with issues/restrictions):

You can also check out the report of downloadable games. If you know that some of these sites do not infact have permission to distribute the files, please let us know (please include specific and detailed information).

8 thoughts on “Free Game Downloads

    • Thanks for checking 🙂 The katakis one corresponds to the following in TOSEC: “Katakis (1988)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Defjam – RSi][t +3 Defjam – RSi][b trainer].adf”. So it is marked as bad there, but the tag may mean that the only trainer is bad/non-working. Not easy to tell from the file name alone if the game itself is affected/bad.

      • Yes, I’ve checked with TOSEC too, but despite the fact that the image is listed as “… cr Defjam – RSi … trainer” there is no cracktro nor trainer and no reference to Defjam / RSi (and this makes sense since it comes from the official site). For the rest, this variant boots correctly with the standard configuration and at least the first level is playable.

  1. Hello everybody. There are some disk images of old Cinemaware titles available at the official site. Some games are missing from the db, some of them are already in the wishlist, while the ones already in the DB are different from any variant already present. Here is a list. Let me know if I can contribute with a better formatted file.

    In the db, but they need a new variant (sha1sum, filename, parentUUID) :

    2074ed3fcec77bdbad38283cbc875f46c642c51e antheads-itcamefromthedesertII-1.adf 2ded636d-c581-59cf-8402-a6cb50af3449
    4373698805327a7e1657f9605a0d2ab50e49173c antheads-itcamefromthedesertII-2.adf 2ded636d-c581-59cf-8402-a6cb50af3449
    0a09ed8649172d3316e64839118579b1c4745d63 antheads-itcamefromthedesertII-3.adf 2ded636d-c581-59cf-8402-a6cb50af3449
    b7b7bf2c8a12f8da873da8ca51b9fefb53ffac92 defenderofthecrown-1.adf d2a85ea8-7830-54ea-b487-b452650b27fe
    876c6d391653ef4a8c606fe7a797e9a267416073 defenderofthecrown-2.adf d2a85ea8-7830-54ea-b487-b452650b27fe
    062187bd4e89f67d2f94aa2ed18988c9cffb4dc5 it_came_from_the_desert-1.adf ad68c6c1-15eb-51db-9b73-ed96840e4673
    b8beafc3858e5fb9293ef2e92f263afefaae7df1 it_came_from_the_desert-2.adf ad68c6c1-15eb-51db-9b73-ed96840e4673
    71047c6f008cdc22bdd1dd081b991e416b708cc2 it_came_from_the_desert-3.adf ad68c6c1-15eb-51db-9b73-ed96840e4673
    2dbc6260e24c9d83e413ffe904b7f6ac925c8553 rocketranger-1.adf 78d8d93b-187c-51ff-b6cb-027f7f87af4e
    dcdeae7c49edf805047acd304c974b6ca0b42972 rocketranger-2.adf 78d8d93b-187c-51ff-b6cb-027f7f87af4e
    0ff0a944241d0a1a7bceaf38b690f6113f3fd8f0 thethreestooges-1.adf 6a55626b-1d29-53b6-b7dc-9e324960e602
    0f998f698d625fa74d8346c1c23463ac880805a6 thethreestooges-2.adf 6a55626b-1d29-53b6-b7dc-9e324960e602
    65b6d7cd1375eeb7e039b03c9b63db0ea468d33d tvsportsbasketball-1.adf 522c8ebc-6d04-564b-9e52-73f0dc2601ec
    ec86360c44a9f41e75fbc01232774ff4b2f11de2 tvsportsbasketball-2.adf 522c8ebc-6d04-564b-9e52-73f0dc2601ec
    330a92864ca400b9fa612de0ebd36a5ec7201bf0 Wings-1.adf ffafa6fb-83de-5a00-b689-705bf225f0ba
    7863c0d97ad461e5ea001a369b45923eb252fdbe Wings-2.adf ffafa6fb-83de-5a00-b689-705bf225f0ba

    Already in the wishlist (sha1sum, filename, Lemon URL):
    9b8119e19a11bae22ed0f999b45d5512ab180740 lordsoftherisingsun-1.adf
    c9c390a2fccb15671f2fb65577bb089e53637aed lordsoftherisingsun-2.adf
    7c41dae16e31b21f2004437992e9287b0260bf58 tvsportsfootball-1.adf
    9abebd9a496640c6cfc36fa6ae1559cec21731e1 tvsportsfootball-2.adf

    Neither in the db nor in the wishlist (sha1sum, filename, Lemon URL)::
    041df845ab49f3c907574619e59d0cf3c118e699 kingofchicago-1.adf
    ace074a3a0e416cc2c0ce8418460a28a628407c5 kingofchicago-2.adf
    e09c787906ba74860151e6576cf91a59e3ad5df6 SDI.adf
    00d27d9dbb1a62cabfe40fc39152b1943f68a0df Sinbad-1.adf
    0029995a42117458d19b65bed08d6b4d939288c0 Sinbad-2.adf
    0de61e1b4404232bdc31e77c7540c51e101107c7 tvsportboxing-AMIGA.adf
    3511cc20c57215c2fcd4e7505f601ebfdc0366a8 TVSportsBaseball-1.adf
    8b27a56d7456dc65128fbeed556ada56a23ddc45 TVSportsBaseball-2.adf

    • Interesting post.. I think it generally sounds like a very good idea to add variants for game disks available from official sites. I did check the checksums you listed against the TOSEC database: Some disks are marked with [b checksum error] and several disks are not found in TOSEC. I don’t think [b checksum error] necessarily means that the game is unplayable or unfinishable, but it is certainly a bad sign. I wonder if they’ve actually checked / played through these disks. I’ll get back to this 🙂

    • All games and all variants from are now in the database 🙂 The variants for “It came from the desert” and “Antheads” contain images that are marked as bad in TOSEC and shouldn’t be used.

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