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This page contains guidelines for images in the game database for FS-UAE Launcher. The guidelines are really quite simple, and many of the “rules” are just common sense and help to avoid some pitfalls.

When the uploaded screenshots and cover scans are of good quality, user interfaces like the one to the right will look really nice when browsing through games.

Currently, the following images are collected for each game:

  • 1 box cover image.
  • 1 screenshot from the title screen (or combined title/menu screen).
  • 5 screenshots showing the gameplay.


When the game is available in English, screenshots and covers must be from the English version (the text, if any, must be in English when possible).


Screenshot guidelines and examples have been moved to its own page.

Box Covers

Box cover guidelines have been moved to its own page.

4 thoughts on “Guidelines for Database Images

  1. With 2.7.12 it seems I see the 1 screenshot from the title screen and only 3 screenshots (instead of 5) showing the gameplay. Am I wrong?

    • With the Launcher or the Arcade? In FS-UAE Launcher you should be able to click on the thumbnails to see the rest of them.

  2. I am very interested in trying the option of online database. How I can configure?
    Thank you very much for this excellent software.
    Benito Segura

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