HD-Installable Games

Support for HD-installable games is being added to the database and FS-UAE Launcher (or at least, support for it is being investigated / prototyped).

In order for this feature to be useful, hard drive installations indexed in the database must be reproducible. I.e. two different people installing the same game from the “same” original disks should end up with the same installation.

Some initial guidelines:

  • Games should be installed with default options (if there are any options), and the game should not be started after installation (in case starting it modifies any files).
  • Install from official IPF disks created by SPS whenever possible.
  • The installed game directory can then be zipped / lha’ed and uses as basis for creating a game variant.


  • Add _HDInst after game name.
  • Include game version number if known (after game name).
  • Include _AGA in the filename if it is an AGA game.
  • Include _Lc (language code) if the install is not in English (e.g. _De)
  • Include a four-digit SPS ID if the disks are IPF disks.
  • Example archive name: ErbenDerErde_HDInst_AGA_De_0476
  • Example variant name. HDInst, AGA, De, 0476

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