Discussion/Comment system

The ‘Discuss’ tab on the game pages is meant for users to leave comments about the configuration of the game and its variants. It is also used to discuss the quality of the cover and screenshots. Personal comments about the quality of the game should be kept for reviews and not be posted in the comments. General problems with the web interface or suggestions about how to change/improve it belong on the ‘Support’ page.


A special kind of comment is a ‘ToDo’ which means that there is an issue that needs to be resolved. You can make such comments by starting them with ‘TODO:’. ToDo comments should only be used if you can’t fix the problem yourself. In case you can fix it yourself by changing a value, please do so and leave a normal comment why you did it.


TODO: The variant from the official website needs to be added.

Comments for users

You can address a comment directly to a user by prefacing his nickname with an @. The comment will then be announced to the user and shown on his home page here.


@FrodeSolheim Thank you very much for adding the variant from the official website!


Common smilies like ‘:)’, ‘:D’ or ‘:(‘ will be converted to graphics.

4 thoughts on “Discussion/Comment system

  1. @FrodeSolheim Hi I am having problems getting covers and screenshots to show that I have added myself. I have made a folder called Titles within documents\fs-uae\ and in there is a folder called T and I have a jpg file called The Manager however this does not show in the launcher. My configuration file is also called The Manager. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Darren

    • Right, the problem here is the A and The are in the beginning of titles are ignored, so screens (etc) for The Manager should go into the M directory. Apologies for late answer!

  2. I’m having trouble running Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The arcade game. It goes into the trainer but never beyond that. Anyone know of a configuration I could try?

    • Hi, which variant are you have problems with? I tried “ADF, cr CPY, t +12 ATX” and it works out of the box. But on the first trainer screen you need scroll with the mouse and use the left mouse button, and then a new screen appears where you need to use the right mouse button.

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