AMI Sector One – Checked Games

Here are the games from that have been checked:

Game Media Variant
688 Attack Sub (Amiga) 688attak.adf [d256cf8e46f0184f75cca980adf4d433cc6c08a2] ADF, cr MAD, a2 cracktro disabled
A-Train (Amiga) Atrain1.adf [24fec60798f08c3ebd21ce32dd31233cf8e83981]
Atrain2.adf [a9fe215527dbd819a655b8382675f7a1e06f7b40]
ADF, v1.00, h SR, a ASO
The Adventures of Maddog Williams (Amiga) maddog-boot.adf [c421ff6f8dc4cc7661920723e6406d21cfdd2d2f]
maddog-chapter1.adf [045a41e80a748432be14df6826d90679398827a8]
maddog-chapter2.adf [323d046b5bf29596d59e89456dbe50bf5b6862e0]
maddog-chapter3.adf [231cb51af422200bd22a8af7d4fd99dcf143a368]
maddog-chapter4.adf [73b5f876005defb7cf9e246b17d2154d59d13f42]
Air Warrior (Amiga) airwarrior.adf [6d6accce41b1bf23ddd6aadf17c471007c61083f] ADF, v2.5a, a ASO
Archon (Amiga) archon12.adf [4c915112443b97e2b5dac15e90815c7f97d234b5] ADF, AmiSectorOne
Archon II: Adept (Amiga) archon2.adf [b629b7985fda1d4f049de8db088ae457edcac66e] ADF, a ASO
Budokan: The Martial Spirit (Amiga) budokan1.adf [ac1267564865d7d2718c1262e474671eaee6cd67]
budokan2.adf [68d30a04653ca7a0eef676f84d609e235bfeaaa9]
ADF, cr OCL, a ASO
F/A-18 Interceptor (Amiga) f18interceptor.adf [74097f6f178e47e39687c8f6fd8bc1d76fdb1c52] ADF, cr MAAD, a cracktxt disabled, docs
FIFA International Soccer (Amiga) Fifa1.adf [02d23ff50d301a7e2285dabc6cdfbd21542bfe98]
Fifa2.adf [f9f9eef898df19ffe9d9d10db6260465267f9ead]
Fifa3.adf [f9b217909573bb93ecb62f6b79fb94043627f8e2]
First ADF is marked as [b checksum error]. Adding a new variant postponed.
The Immortal (Amiga) immorta1.adf [5e3c028e8c16e32ee9b5b7de221954c6b4fc2ad5]
immorta2.adf [b26800ba5bc158c4cde33f40319e4c60072f4166]
ADF, cr SR – Valhalla, a ASO
Marble Madness (Amiga) marble-madness.adf [e744ffcd4fd3fa053739bd3e0929a9704284ec74] ADF, cr ECA, h Wizards
PGA Tour Golf (Amiga) pgatour_golf.adf [37d9ce32d26eac9c4b022115c8d48ae01e90dce1] ADF, cr AGL, h Eclipse, a ASO
Populous (Amiga) populous.adf [ec0f8eac3abe9526fbf4f0bea135b49337928d77] ADF, v2.7, cr VF – Bencor Brothers
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods (Amiga) Popul2d1.adf [56faae361b7ac03c8ba9abcdc7fa7a4cabee64a9]
Popul2d2.adf [7c73a8daf19585908fa0e46617c93f95504da66d]
ADF, cr VF, f IP, a ASO
Powermonger (Amiga) powermonger.adf [5f49a4cb501dc269a28b828e1d07ec7fd25d3798] ADF, cr SR, a ASO
Sherlock Holmes – The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Amiga) sherlock.adf [007fc26d1b7fab61682749b3b120522101861df8] ADF is marked as [b checksum error]. Adding a new variant postponed.
Sim City (Amiga) simcity.adf [ee7fe2d1b5a7ac320b41f7c8a5fd005b32c8e27c] ADF, cr Tristar – DCS, a ASO, 512k
Sim City 2000 (Amiga) sc2k_g1.adf [832ccffe33ddaaa9a11153a3039d6e119633d211]
sc2k_g2.adf [1d990bf901f88dba1b4c9473af620bd598f2d8c0]
sc2k_g3.adf [655d88289aca3ad577bf6dd5f1e80e294f20214a]
ADF, v1.1d, AGA, DE, HD
Sim Earth (Amiga) sim-earth.adf [15a42b29d367ddb3926aa21697095767cc15aafb] ADF, v1.01, LoRes, ASO
Syndicate (Amiga) Synd1.adf [ff69e0c5c61ada4034e9f853de20fc95d67fccda]
Synd2.adf [bd220f3ce682da232cc49a32d2e06d8384f12f49]
Synd3.adf [d0c444525e3a284b8bd454404c604011de641532]
Synd4.adf [5839df2eea996052f22ce3597a71b780f0c9293c]
Fourth ADF is marked as [b checksum error]. Adding a new variant postponed.
Theme Park [AGA] (Amiga) themepa1.adf [5f20fc13373e42deaf5e7dbec90393ddf5600251]
themepa2.adf [d0aa1f1b6ac2fc75fda0a6206e7a42983f12c7bb]
themepa3.adf [1f59c4911b7bf72c874b5f3de5eaebfa263d24a8]
themepa4.adf [08b06026ac898a5ef92c9d433bddb30d11cd60de]
Ultima III: Exodus (Amiga) Ultima3.adf [99de911c5d370d6c4684e095fe70bf32d844c02f] ADF, a ASO
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (Amiga) Ultima4.adf [58c7dc42f77cd8586029711e36b722f90129fdd5] ADF is marked as [v Lamer Exterminator 4]. Adding a new variant postponed.
Ultima V: Warriors Of Destiny (Amiga) Ultima5a.adf [895fa6c663a6bf763f24bd8229afb610e38f4165]
Ultima5b.adf [8065941a6ec4bbe8b45617b6b148740787d4d79b]
Zany Golf (Amiga) Zanygolf.adf [970f0f6a1099ef7cebd8be20380ed90323f8b05c] ADF, cr ESI
Zone Warrior (Amiga) zoneWar1.adf [e34899fc877042d2225093ddb95d6f80f180c75a]
zoneWar2.adf [647546f058bdfb362532993438b8156b0a7b6107]
ADF, cr SR

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