Download Amiga Games hosts some Amiga games itself, and it also maintains a large set of links to legal downloads for 250+ Amiga games. See downloadable games for the list of downloadable games 🙂

Image Packs for FS-UAE Launcher and Arcade

Just extract the content to your FS-UAE/Data folder (The Images folder goes into the Data folder: FS-UAE/Data/Images). These images are then preloaded and do not have to be downloaded on demand. New images added to the database after this snapshot was generated will be downloaded on demand as usual.

Image Packs with More Platforms

Experimental OpenRetro Launcher & Arcade

Currently only available for Linux / x86-64

First, you need to figure out where to store the program, for example:

mkdir -p ~/Programs/OpenRetro
cd ~/Programs/OpenRetro

Then download/update the programs:

rsync -av --progress --delete-after .

By default, data files are stored in Documents/OpenRetro. If you want to have a “portable installation” where data is stored alongside the program, you can add a Portable.ini file:

touch Portable.ini

Later, to update the programs, just cd into the directory you chose earlier, and re-run the rsync command.

Other Downloads

Not for use with FS-UAE Launcher/Arcade.

Banners with Steam-compatible size:

Acrhive with one screenshot per game:

I recommend not linking directly to files available here, since the file URLs may change! Instead, link to if you want to tell people about the downloads here.

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