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    The following 262 games are available for download, either manually, or automatically when using FS-UAE Launcher

    1amiga1869DMS, cr Aquarius, tr pl Aquarius
    2amiga1869 [AGA]DMS, AGA, cr FLT
    3amiga3D PoolADF, cr Black Monks
    4amiga688 Attack SubADF, cr MAD, a2 cracktro disabled
    5amigaA-TrainADF, v1.00, h SR, a ASO
    6amigaAbandoned Places 2ADF, M3, official
    7amigaThe Adventures of Maddog WilliamsADF, ASO
    8amigaAir WarriorADF, v2.5a, a ASO
    9amigaAirborne RangerADF, cr ESI, t +3 Tristar, a AL
    10amigaAlien BreedADF, v1.3, cr SR, t +4 Goonies
    amigaAlien BreedIPF, 0998
    11amigaAlien Breed [Special Edition '92]ADF, cr FLT
    amigaAlien Breed [Special Edition '92]IPF, budget, 0615
    12amigaAlien Breed 3DADF, AGA, cr FLT
    amigaAlien Breed 3DIPF, AGA, 0624
    13amigaAlien Breed 3D 2: The Killing GroundsIPF, AGA, 0280
    amigaAlien Breed 3D 2: The Killing GroundsADF, cr Digital Corruption, a official
    14amigaAlien Breed II: The Horror Continues [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr FLT, t +30 CLS
    amigaAlien Breed II: The Horror Continues [AGA]IPF, AGA, 0044
    15amigaAlien Breed: Tower AssaultIPF, OCS-AGA, 0279
    amigaAlien Breed: Tower AssaultADF, OCS-AGA, cr PDX
    16amigaAlien Drug Lords: The Chyropian ConnectionIPF, v1.0, 1004
    amigaAlien Drug Lords: The Chyropian ConnectionADF, v1.0, cr CLS - RZR
    amigaAlien Drug Lords: The Chyropian ConnectionWHDLoad, v1.0, 1004
    17amigaAlien Fish FingerADF, v1.31, charityware, Blitz BASIC
    18amigaThe Amazing Spider-ManADF, M5, cr CLS, h
    19amigaAmberstarADF, v1.96, FD-HD
    amigaAmberstarADF, v1.93, DE, FD installed
    20amigaAmbermoonADF, v1.05, DE
    amigaAmbermoonDMS, v1.00, DE
    amigaAmbermoonDMS, v1.07, Unreleased, Thalion
    21amigaThe Ancient Art of War in the SkiesIPF, v1.12, 1666
    amigaThe Ancient Art of War in the SkiesADF, v1.12, cp manual code
    22amigaAnstossADF, v1.03, DE, FD installed
    amigaAnstossWHDLoad, v1.1, De, 0798
    amigaAnstossADF, v1.04, DE, FD installed
    23amigaAnstoss [AGA]ADF, AGA, DE, FD installed
    24amigaAnstoss - World Cup EditionADF, DE, cr Motion
    25amigaApacheIPF, incl. Overdrive demo, 0426
    amigaApacheADF, cr FLT
    26amigaApidyaIPF, no save, 0764
    amigaApidyaADF, cr WT, budget, req. reboot after guru
    27amigaAquanaut [F1 Licenceware]ADF, LW, Docs
    28amigaArcade PoolIPF, OCS-AGA, budget, 0298
    amigaArcade PoolADF, OCS-AGA, cr DLM
    29amigaArcade SnookerADF, GB, full version
    30amigaArcher MacLean's PoolADF, cr CSL, a GamesCoffer
    31amigaArchonADF, AmiSectorOne
    32amigaArchon II: AdeptADF, a ASO
    33amigaL'Art de la GuerreADF, FR, PPA.pl
    34amigaAssassinADF, cr CSL
    amigaAssassinIPF, v1, 1214
    35amigaAssassin Special EditionADF, cr DLM, t +19 HLM
    amigaAssassin Special EditionIPF, budget, 0766
    36amigaAtomixADF, cr VF, a4 cracktro removed, aka Atomic
    37amigaATR: All Terrain RacingADF, cr PSG, a official
    38amigaAunt Arctic AdventureIPF, 1757
    amigaAunt Arctic AdventureADF, cr AFL
    39amigaB-17 Flying FortressADF, v1.01, cr Dynamix, a AL
    40amigaB.C. KidADF, extended adf
    41amigaBarbarian PlusADF, v1.0
    42amigaBeach VolleyADF, cr ACC
    amigaBeach VolleyIPF, 1249
    43amigaBehind the Iron GateADF, cr HLM,finishdown/id,222
    44amigaBeneath a Steel SkyAutomatic download
    44amigaBeneath a Steel SkyIPF, DE, 0461
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyIPF, 0207
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyIPF, FR, 2340
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyWHDLoad, v2.0, CD32
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyWHDLoad, v2.0, 0207
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyWHDLoad, v2.0, CD32, NoVoice
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyWHDLoad, v2.0, De, 0461
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyWHDLoad, v2.0, Fr, 2340
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyWHDLoad, v2.0, It
    amigaBeneath a Steel SkyWHDLoad, v2.0, Se
    45amigaBetrayalADF, cr CLS - RZR
    46amigaBloodNetADF, h PSG
    47amigaBloodNet [AGA]ADF, v1.00, AGA
    48amigaBody BlowsIPF, v2, 1147
    amigaBody BlowsADF, cr Interpol
    49amigaBody Blows Galactic [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr FLT
    amigaBody Blows Galactic [AGA]IPF, AGA, 0440
    50amigaBreathlessADF, AGA, cr SXI, t +35 SXI, a AF
    amigaBreathlessIPF, AGA, 0178
    51amigaBudokan: The Martial SpiritADF, cr OCL, a ASO
    52amigaCabalADF, PAL, cr MAD, t +6 FLT
    amigaCabalIPF, 0638
    53amigaCardiaxxIPF, 1601
    amigaCardiaxxADF, cr TRSI, budget
    54amigaCarlosWHDLoad, v1.0, 2299
    amigaCarlosADF, cr TRZ, a PPA.pl
    55amigaCedric and the Lost SceptreADF, v1.0, neo, en-de, cr PDY
    56amigaCelica GT RallyADF, official
    57amigaChambers of ShaolinADF, cr QTX, a2 cracktxt removed
    amigaChambers of ShaolinWHDLoad, v1.0
    58amigaChicago 90ADF, v1.00, PPA.pl
    amigaChicago 90WHDLoad, v1.0, 2302
    59amigaCivilizationADF, v855.01, DE, a bootblock
    amigaCivilizationADF, v855.01, cr NMS, a AL
    60amigaCivilization [AGA]ADF, v855e.01, AGA, cr CSL
    61amigaClockwiserIPF, 1420
    62amigaClockwiser [AGA]IPF, AGA, 1900
    63amigaDer Clou!ADF, v1.0, DE, o, cp manual code, a AL
    64amigaColonizationADF, v1.11, OCS-AGA, M3, a AL
    65amigaCombo RacerADF
    66amigaCrazy SueADF, Hironymous - Oakenshield, Thorin, PD, AL
    67amigaCroak!Automatic download
    68amigaCybernetixAutomatic download
    68amigaCybernetixADF, SW, m
    amigaCybernetixADF, SW, h NPM
    amigaCybernetixADF, SW, h TRD
    amigaCybernetixADF, SW, h BTTR
    amigaCybernetixADF, SW, h NPM, a intro disabled
    amigaCybernetixADF, SW, t +5 GOD
    amigaCybernetixADF, SW
    amigaCybernetixWHDLoad, v1.0
    69amigaDenjoyADF, unreleased
    70amigaDisposable HeroADF, cr CLS
    71amigaDominiumWHDLoad, v1.0
    amigaDominiumADF, M3, PPA.pl
    72amigaDownhill ChallengeADF, v1.0, US, PPA.pl
    73amigaDozerADF, SW-R
    74amigaDragonflightIPF, DE, 0058
    amigaDragonflightIPF, 2098
    amigaDragonflightADF, cr CLS, a official
    amigaDragonflightADF, FR, extended, official
    amigaDragonflightIPF, FR, 2755
    75amigaEagle's RiderADF, PAL, FR, a PPA.pl
    amigaEagle's RiderWHDLoad, v1.0
    amigaEagle's RiderADF, M3, h Black Monks
    76amigaEmbryoADF, M3, cr PDX, f crack PDY
    77amigaEnchanted LandADF, cr EP
    78amigaErikAutomatic download
    78amigaErikADF, cr CSL
    amigaErikADF, v1.1, LW
    amigaErikADF, v1.1, LW, 1998 edition
    amigaErikADF, cr CSL, t +9 ZNT, docs
    79amigaExtreme ViolenceAutomatic download
    79amigaExtreme ViolenceADF, v6.92, SW, KS2.0, AMOS
    80amigaF-15 Strike Eagle IIADF, cr CSL, h Gollum, t +4 Goonies, a AL
    81amigaF-19 Stealth FighterADF, v1.00, cr SR - Valhalla, a AL
    82amigaF/A-18 InterceptorADF, cr MAAD, a cracktxt disabled, docs
    83amigaF17 ChallengeIPF, budget, 1703
    amigaF17 ChallengeADF, cr SR, a official
    84amigaFace Off [Anco]ADF,, aka Face Off
    85amigaFace-Off [Krisalis]ADF, M5, cr SR
    86amigaFatal HeritageIPF, DE, 0052
    87amigaFatal Mission 2Automatic download
    87amigaFatal Mission 2ADF, SW
    88amigaFightin' Spirit [AGA]ADF, neo, AGA, M3, h LFC, a2 intro disabled
    89amigaFire and BrimstoneADF, cr ACC - Defjam - CCS, a AL
    90amigaFlight of the Amazon QueenADF, cr HLM
    91amigaFootballer of the Year 2ADF, cr PNA, a official
    92amigaForest Dumb Forever!!!ADF, PL, PPA.pl
    93amigaFormula One Grand PrixADF, v1.02, cr CPY - VF, a AL
    94amigaFranko: The Crazy Revenge!ADF, PL, cp manual code, codes on disk
    95amigaFull ContactADF, a official
    96amigaGenesiaADF, cr CSL, a PPA.pl
    amigaGenesiaWHDLoad, v1.4, 1808
    97amigaGhost BattleADF, cr SR, t +2 SR, a official
    amigaGhost BattleADF, extended
    98amigaGrand Prix 500 2ADF, FR, en, cr Defjam, a PPA.pl
    amigaGrand Prix 500 2WHDLoad, v1.0, Fr
    99amigaGreensADF, v3.1, US, cr
    100amigaGuardianADF, AGA, cr PSG
    101amigaGunshipADF, v832.01, cr, a AL
    102amigaGunship 2000ADF, v3.01, cr Ministry, a AL
    103amigaGunship 2000 [AGA]ADF, v3.32, AGA, cr PDY, a AL
    104amigaHanse: Die ExpeditionADF, DE
    105amigaHanse: Die Expedition [AGA]ADF, AGA, DE
    106amigaHard 'n' HeavyADF, reLINE, cr QTX, t +5 Vanguard
    amigaHard 'n' HeavyIPF, reLINE, 1631
    107amigaHighway Patrol IIADF, PPA.pl
    amigaHighway Patrol IIWHDLoad, v1.1, 2305
    108amigaHostile BreedIPF, unreleased
    amigaHostile BreedADF, unreleased
    109amigaThe ImmortalADF, cr SR - Valhalla, a ASO
    110amigaImpossible Mission 2025: The Special EditionADF, v1.00, M5, cr HLM, a AL,finishdown/id,198
    amigaImpossible Mission 2025: The Special EditionADF, v1.00, AGA, M5, cr HLM, a AL
    111amigaIn Shadow of TimeHDInst, AGTW
    112amigaIndigoADF, unreleased
    113amigaIron TrackersADF
    amigaIron TrackersWHDLoad, v1.0, 2740
    114amigaIvanhoeADF, cr QTX
    amigaIvanhoeIPF, 1648
    115amigaK240ADF, v1.886, M3, cr TRZ
    116amigaKatakisADF, cr Defjam - RSi, t +3 Defjam - RSi, b trainer, official
    117amigaKick Off 2ADF, cr OCL
    118amigaKick Off 2: Return to EuropeADF, v2.1e, cr QTX
    119amigaKick Off 3 European Challenge [AGA]ADF, AGA, M5, cr RNX
    120amigaKick Off 3 [AGA]DMS, AGA, cr DLM
    121amigaKick Off 96ADF, cr HF
    122amigaKid ChaosADF, cr FLT
    123amigaKillerballADF, cr NMS, a PPA.pl
    amigaKillerballADF, cr NMS
    124amigaKingpin: Arcade Sports BowlingADF, OCS-AGA, cr PSG
    125amigaKnights of the SkyADF, v3.01, cr SR, a AL
    126amigaLeavin' TeramisADF, cr TT, a official'_teramis/credits/credits.html
    amigaLeavin' TeramisWHDLoad, v1.0'_teramis/credits/credits.html
    127amigaLethal XcessADF, cr SR, Thalion
    128amigaLionheartADF, a official
    129amigaLiquid KidsADF, unreleased
    130amigaLlamatron: 2112ADF, v1.0, SW, a2
    131amigaLogicalADF, cr QTX
    amigaLogicalIPF, 0529
    132amigaLotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeADF, cr Genesis - Angels, b doscopy, official
    133amigaLotus Turbo Challenge 2ADF, cr CPY
    134amigaLotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeADF, cr FLT - Crack Inc, b doscopy, official
    135amigaLure of the TemptressWHDLoad, v1.4, 2031
    amigaLure of the TemptressADF, cr FLT, PPA
    136amigaM1 Tank PlatoonADF, v849.01, a AL
    137amigaMagic LinesADF, cr SR, a cracktro removed
    138amigaManga Hot NumbersADF, PD
    139amigaMarble MadnessADF, cr ECA, h Wizards
    140amigaMaupiti IslandADF, FR, cr ATZ, f ATZ
    141amigaMiami ChaseADF, cr QTX, f NTSC QTX
    142amigaMickey MouseADF, cr QTX, t +3 Band
    143amigaMicroProse SoccerADF, cr VF
    144amigaMidwinter II: Flames of FreedomADF, v1.7.9.1991, DE, cr SR
    145amigaMikro Mortal TennisADF, M3, AF
    146amigaMinerunnerADF, v1.1, FW
    amigaMinerunnerADF, v1.8, FW
    147amigaMission UndergroundADF, unreleased
    148amigaMorton Strikes BackAutomatic download
    148amigaMorton Strikes BackADF, h IPT, t +7 Backlash
    amigaMorton Strikes BackADF
    amigaMorton Strikes BackADF, h IPT, KS2.0
    amigaMorton Strikes BackADF, SW-R
    149amigaMorton Strikes Back [AGA]Automatic download
    149amigaMorton Strikes Back [AGA]ADF, AGA, SW-R
    150amigaNaughty OnesADF, cr Kingdom
    amigaNaughty OnesIPF, 1048
    151amigaNaughty Ones [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr PDX
    amigaNaughty Ones [AGA]IPF, AGA, 1715
    152amigaNemac IVADF, v1.100, AGA, h SXI, HD
    153amigaNeuronicsDMS, cr Atlantis
    154amigaNicky BoomADF
    amigaNicky BoomWHDLoad, v1.1, 1516
    155amigaNicky IIADF, PPA.pl
    amigaNicky IIWHDLoad, v1.1
    156amigaNo Buddies LandIPF, unreleased, 2766
    157amigaNo Second PrizeADF, cr Ministry, f A500+ ATX
    amigaNo Second PrizeWHDLoad, v1.0
    158amigaOldtimerDMS, DE, cr PDY
    159amigaOldtimer [AGA]ADF, AGA, DE, cr, HD
    160amigaOn The BallADF, cr PSG, a PPA.pl
    161amigaOn The Ball [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr Panzerfaust, FD installed
    162amigaOnslaught [PD]Automatic download
    162amigaOnslaught [PD]ADF, v1.0, PD
    163amigaOscarADF, cr FTH - HLM, h Borrowed Time
    164amigaOverdrive [Team 17]IPF, 1149
    amigaOverdrive [Team 17]ADF, cr CLS, h Black Cat
    165amigaOverlander [Scorpius]ADF, SW
    166amigaParachute JoustADF, h Dream17
    167amigaParadise LostAutomatic download
    167amigaParadise LostADF, t Silicon Twins
    amigaParadise LostADF
    168amigaThe PatricianWHDLoad, v1.3, 1802
    169amigaDer PatrizierWHDLoad, v1.3, De, 0376
    amigaDer PatrizierADF, DE, cr TRSI
    170amigaPGA Tour GolfADF, cr AGL, h Eclipse, a ASO
    171amigaPinball DreamsWHDLoad, v1.3, 0377
    amigaPinball DreamsADF
    172amigaPinball Fantasies [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr PDY
    173amigaPinball IllusionsWHDLoad, v2.2, AGA, 0710
    amigaPinball IllusionsWHDLoad, v2.2, CD32
    174amigaPirates!ADF, v832.02, cr Tristar, t +6 Undertakers
    175amigaPirates! GoldADF, AGA, cr HCC, CD32 rip,startdown/id,221
    176amigaPopulousADF, v2.7, cr VF - Bencor Brothers
    177amigaPopulous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsADF, cr VF, f IP, a ASO
    178amigaPorts of CallADF, v1.1
    amigaPorts of CallWHDLoad, v1.1, 2489
    179amigaPowermongerADF, cr SR, a ASO
    180amigaPoweroidsADF, v1.3
    181amigaA Prehistoric TaleADF, cr SR - FLT, a cracktro removed
    182amigaProject-XIPF, v2, 0289
    amigaProject-XADF, cr NMS
    183amigaProject-X Special Edition '93IPF, budget, 0927
    amigaProject-X Special Edition '93ADF, cr Ministry, budget
    184amigaPutty SquadAutomatic download
    184amigaPutty SquadADF
    185amigaQwakIPF, budget, 0715
    amigaQwakADF, h ATX, t +14 ATX
    187amigaRailroad TycoonADF, v855.02, DE, cp manual code
    amigaRailroad TycoonADF, v855.01, cp manual code
    188amigaThe Return of Dr. StrangeADF, v1.0, FW, 17-Bit Software, AMOS inc. source code, a official
    189amigaRevenge of the Mutant CamelsADF, PD, 512k version
    190amigaRVF HondaADF, cr PNA
    191amigaSavageADF, cr FLT
    192amigaSecond Samurai [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr HLM
    193amigaDer SeelenturmADF, AGA, DE
    194amigaThe Seven Gates of JambalaADF, cr VF, b checksum error, a cracktro removed
    195amigaShadow FighterADF, cr PSG
    196amigaShadow Fighter [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr PSG
    amigaShadow Fighter [AGA]IPF, AGA, 0203
    197amigaShadoworldsADF, M5, cr CDI
    198amigaSilent ServiceADF, v825.01, a AL
    199amigaSilent Service IIADF, v1.01, cr SR
    200amigaSim CityADF, cr Tristar - DCS, a ASO, 512k
    201amigaSim City 2000ADF, v1.1d, AGA, DE, HD
    202amigaSim EarthADF, v1.01, AMI Sector One, LoRes
    203amigaSlezADF, unreleased
    204amigaSlidersADF, cr Angels - Defjam - Genesis
    amigaSlidersWHDLoad, v1.1
    205amigaSnow Bros.IPF, 2601
    206amigaSoccer KidADF, M5, cr FLT
    207amigaSolid GoldAutomatic download
    207amigaSolid GoldADF
    208amigaSolomon's Key 2ADF, v0.9
    209amigaSon Shu-ShiIPF, 2513
    210amigaSpace CrusadeADF, M4, cr NMS
    211amigaSpecial ForcesADF, cr SR
    212amigaThe Speris LegacyIPF, AGA, 1337
    amigaThe Speris LegacyADF, AGA, cr HF
    213amigaStreet RacerADF, AGA, cr HF
    214amigaStreet RodADF, Official
    215amigaStreet Rod 2ADF, Official
    216amigaStunt Car RacerADF, cr QTX
    217amigaSuper SkiADF, v1.00, PPA.pl
    amigaSuper SkiWHDLoad, v1.2, 2492
    218amigaSuper Ski IIADF, PPA.pl
    amigaSuper Ski IIWHDLoad, v0501.1
    219amigaSuper StardustIPF, AGA, 0175
    amigaSuper StardustADF, AGA, cr PSG
    220amigaSuperfrogIPF, 0035
    amigaSuperfrogADF, cr CSL, t +6 SCX, a official
    221amigaSwapADF, v2.1, PPA.pl
    amigaSwapWHDLoad, v1.0
    222amigaTactical ManagerADF, cr ATX, m BAM-copy
    223amigaTactical Manager 2ADF, v2.43, cr QTX, a filecopy
    224amigaTangramADF, cr SR, a2 cracktro removed
    225amigaTanks FurryADF, v1.1
    amigaTanks FurryADF, v1.2
    226amigaTeam SuzukiADF, cr SR, f NTSC SR
    227amigaDas TelekomandoADF, GameBase
    228amigaTheme Park [AGA]ADF, AGA, M4
    229amigaTip OffWHDLoad, v1.0, DeEsFrIt, 1269
    230amigaTokiADF, cr Defjam, t +6 Setrox, a AF
    amigaTokiIPF, 0040
    231amigaTop SecretAutomatic download
    231amigaTop SecretADF, Coverdisk
    amigaTop SecretADF, PD
    amigaTop SecretADF, PD, h DC
    232amigaTransplantAutomatic download
    232amigaTransplantADF, PD, f AGA OTL
    amigaTransplantWHDLoad, v1.01
    233amigaTrex WarriorADF, cr CSL, v Byte Bandit, official
    234amigaTrogAutomatic download
    235amigaTrog [AGA]Automatic download
    235amigaTrog [AGA]ADF, AGA
    236amigaUFO: Enemy UnknownADF, M3, cr QTX
    237amigaUFO: Enemy Unknown [AGA]ADF, AGA, M3, cr Bad Karma, Amigaland
    238amigaUltima III: ExodusADF, a ASO
    239amigaUltima V: Warriors Of DestinyADF, cr CLS
    240amigaUltimate DartsADF, cr Trilogy
    241amigaThe Unusual Case of Dr. StrangeADF, v1.1, Ian - Eggelton, Johnathan, PD, PD-Soft, Blitz BASIC
    242amigaL'Uomo Ragno: Il ritorno di HobgoblinADF, IT, a PPA.pl
    243amigaL'Uomo Ragno: E ora, CarnageADF, IT, PPA.pl
    244amigaL'Uomo Ragno: Destino IncrociatoADF, IT, PPA.pl
    245amigaUtopia: The Creation of a NationADF, M4, cr FLT
    246amigaVolfiedADF, cr FLT, a no cracktro
    247amigaWacuś the DetectiveWHDLoad, v1.0a, Pl
    amigaWacuś the DetectiveADF, PL, PPA.pl
    248amigaWaggle-O-ManiaADF, The One #45 Coverdisk, o, official
    249amigaWarpADF, cr TT, t +6 TT
    250amigaWhale's VoyageADF, v1.2, cr FLT, a AL
    251amigaWhale's Voyage II: Die ÜbermachtADF, v1.0, neo, DE, cr HLM, a AL
    252amigaWings of DeathADF, extended ADF
    amigaWings of DeathDMS, official
    253amigaWormsIPF, M3, 0230
    254amigaWorms: The Director's CutIPF, AGA, 0605
    amigaWorms: The Director's CutADF, v1.05, AGA
    255amigaXTreme RacingDMS, v1.0, AGA
    256amigaZany GolfADF, cr ESI
    257amigaZarathrustaIPF, 1501
    258amigaZerberkADF, AF
    259amigaZeronADF, cr PNS, t +2 PNS
    260amigaZerosphereADF, 2015, t +5 Flashtro
    amigaZerosphereADF, 2015
    261amigaZone WarriorADF, cr SR
    262amigaZool [AGA]ADF, AGA, cr Ministry

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