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    a260032 in 1 Game Cartridge
    a2600Action Force
    a2600Activision Decathlon, The
    a2600Air-Sea Battle ~ Target Fun
    a2600Alligator People
    a2600Apples And Dolls
    a2600BASIC Programming
    a2600Bachelor Party & Gigolo
    a2600Bachelorette Party
    a2600Bachelorette Party ~ Burning Desire
    a2600Bank Heist
    a2600Base Attack
    a2600Basic Math ~ Math
    a2600Beany Bopper
    a2600Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em
    a2600Berenstain Bears
    a2600Bermuda Triangle
    a2600Bi! Bi!
    a2600Big Bird's Egg Catch
    a2600Bionic Breakthrough
    a2600Bobby geht Heim
    a2600Bobby is Going Home
    a2600Bogey Blaster
    a2600Boom Bang
    a2600Brain Games
    a2600Breakaway IV
    a2600Breakout ~ Breakaway IV
    a2600Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom
    a2600Bugs Bunny
    a2600Bump 'n' Jump
    a2600Bumper Bash
    a2600Burning Desire
    a2600Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park
    a2600California Games
    a2600Canyon Bomber
    a2600Care Bears
    a2600Casino ~ Poker Plus
    a2600Cat Trax
    a2600Cathouse Blues
    a2600Challenge of.... Nexar, The
    a2600Championship Soccer
    a2600Championship Soccer ~ Soccer
    a2600Chase the Chuckwagon
    a2600China Syndrome
    a2600Chopper Command
    a2600Chuck Norris Superkicks
    a2600Circus Atari
    a2600Coco Nuts
    a2600Col 'N
    a2600Color Bar Generator
    a2600Combat Two
    a2600Combat ~ Tank-Plus
    a2600Commando Raid
    a2600Communist Mutants from Space
    a2600Computer Chess
    a2600Condor Attack
    a2600Congo Bongo
    a2600Cookie Monster Munch
    a2600Cosmic Ark
    a2600Cosmic Commuter
    a2600Cosmic Corridor
    a2600Cosmic Creeps
    a2600Cosmic Swarm
    a2600Crash Dive
    a2600Crazy Climber
    a2600Criminal Pursuit
    a2600Cross Force
    a2600Cruise Missile
    a2600Crypts of Chaos
    a2600Crystal Castles
    a2600Custer's Revenge
    a2600Dancing Plate
    a2600Dark Cavern
    a2600Dark Chambers
    a2600Deadly Duck
    a2600Death Trap
    a2600Defender II
    a2600Demolition Herby
    a2600Demon Attack
    a2600Demons to Diamonds
    a2600Depth Charge
    a2600Desert Falcon
    a2600Dice Puzzle
    a2600Dig Dug
    a2600Dodge 'Em
    a2600Dodge 'Em ~ Dodger Cars
    a2600Donald Duck's Speedboat
    a2600Donkey Kong
    a2600Donkey Kong Junior
    a2600Double Dunk
    a2600Dragon Defender
    a2600Dukes of Hazzard
    a2600Dumbo's Flying Circus
    a2600E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
    a2600Earth Attack
    a2600Earth Dies Screaming
    a2600Earth Dies Screaming, The
    a2600Elevator Action
    a2600Eli's Ladder
    a2600Elk Attack
    a2600Encounter at L-5
    a2600Entity, The
    a2600Escape from the Mindmaster
    a2600Extra Terrestrials
    a2600Fantastic Voyage
    a2600Farmyard Fun
    a2600Fast Eddie
    a2600Fast Food
    a2600Fatal Run
    a2600Final Approach
    a2600Fire Fighter
    a2600Fire Fly
    a2600Fire Spinner
    a2600Fishing Derby
    a2600Flag Capture
    a2600Flag Capture ~ Capture
    a2600Flash Gordon
    a2600Frankenstein's Monster
    a2600Frog Demo
    a2600Frog Pond
    a2600Frogger II - Threeedeep!
    a2600Frogs and Flies
    a2600Front Line
    a2600Fun With Numbers
    a2600Funky Fish
    a2600G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike
    a2600Gangster Alley
    a2600Gas Hog
    a2600Ghost Manor
    a2600Ghostbusters II
    a2600Glacier Patrol
    a2600Glib - Video Word Game
    a2600Go Go Home Monster
    a2600Grand Prix
    a2600Great Escape
    a2600Grover's Music Maker
    a2600Hangman - Spelling
    a2600Haunted House
    a2600Hell Driver
    a2600Hole Hunter
    a2600Holey Moley
    a2600Home Run
    a2600Home Run - Baseball
    a2600Human Cannonball - Cannon Man
    a2600Hunt & Score - Memory Match
    a2600I Want My Mommy
    a2600I.Q. 180
    a2600I.Q. Memory Teaser
    a2600Ice Hockey
    a2600Immies & Aggies
    a2600Indy 500 - Race
    a2600International Soccer
    a2600James Bond 007
    a2600Journey Escape
    a2600Jr. Pac-Man
    a2600Jungle Fever ~ Knight on the Town
    a2600Jungle Hunt
    a2600Kamikaze Saucers
    a2600Killer Satellites
    a2600King Kong
    a2600Kool-Aid Man
    a2600Kung-Fu Master
    a2600Lady In Wading
    a2600Laser Blast
    a2600Laser Gates
    a2600Lilly Adventure
    a2600Lock 'n' Chase
    a2600London Blitz
    a2600Lord of the Rings, The - Journey to Rivendell
    a2600Lost Luggage
    a2600Marine Wars
    a2600Mario Bros.
    a2600Master Builder
    a2600Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man
    a2600Math Gran Prix
    a2600Maze Craze - A Game of Cops 'n Robbers - Maze Mania - A Game of Cops 'n Robbers
    a2600McDonald's - Golden Arches Adventure
    a2600Mega Force
    a2600Midnight Magic
    a2600Mind Maze
    a2600Miner 2049er - Starring Bounty Bob
    a2600Miner 2049er Volume II
    a2600Mines of Minos
    a2600Miniature Golf
    a2600Miniature Golf - Arcade Golf
    a2600Miss Piggy's Wedding
    a2600Missile Control
    a2600Mission 3,000 A.D.
    a2600Mission Survive
    a2600Mogul Maniac
    a2600Monster Cise
    a2600Montezuma's Revenge - Featuring Panama Joe
    a2600Moon Patrol
    a2600Motocross Racer
    a2600Mountain King
    a2600Mouse Trap
    a2600Mr. Do!
    a2600Mr. Do!'s Castle
    a2600Mr. Postman
    a2600Ms. Pac-Man
    a2600Music Machine, The
    a2600My Golf
    a2600Mysterious Thief, A
    a2600Name This Game
    a2600Night Driver
    a2600No Escape!
    a2600O Monstro Marinho
    a2600Off Your Rocker
    a2600Off the Wall
    a2600Official Frogger, The
    a2600Omega Race
    a2600Open Sesame
    a2600Oscar's Trash Race
    a2600Out of Control
    a2600Outlaw - Gunslinger
    a2600Panda Chase
    a2600Party Mix - Bop a Buggy, Tug of War, Wizard's Keep, Down on the Line, Handcar
    a2600Pete Rose Baseball
    a2600Peter Penguin
    a2600Phantom Tank
    a2600Phantom UFO
    a2600Pharaoh's Curse
    a2600Phaser Patrol
    a2600Pick 'n' Pile
    a2600Pick Up
    a2600Piece o' Cake
    a2600Pigs in Space - Starring Miss Piggy
    a2600Planet Patrol
    a2600Planet of the Apes
    a2600Plaque Attack
    a2600Pressure Cooker
    a2600Private Eye
    a2600Q-bert's Qubes
    a2600Quest for Quintana Roo
    a2600Quick Step!
    a2600Rabbit Transit
    a2600Racing Car
    a2600Radar Lock
    a2600Raft Rider
    a2600Raiders of the Lost Ark
    a2600Ram It
    a2600RealSports Baseball
    a2600RealSports Basketball
    a2600RealSports Boxing
    a2600RealSports Football
    a2600RealSports Soccer
    a2600RealSports Tennis
    a2600RealSports Volleyball
    a2600Red Sea Crossing
    a2600Rescue Terra I
    a2600Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes
    a2600Riddle of the Sphinx
    a2600River Patrol
    a2600Road Runner
    a2600Robin Hood
    a2600Robot Tank
    a2600Roc 'n Rope
    a2600Room of Doom
    a2600Rubik's Cube 3-D
    a2600S.A.C. Alert
    a2600Save Mary!
    a2600Save Our Ship
    a2600Save the Whales
    a2600Sea Battle
    a2600Sea Hawk
    a2600Sea Hunt ~ Scuba Diver
    a2600Sea Monster
    a2600Secret Agent
    a2600Secret Quest
    a2600Shootin' Gallery
    a2600Shooting Arcade
    a2600Shuttle Orbiter
    a2600Sir Lancelot
    a2600Skate Boardin'
    a2600Skeet Shoot
    a2600Ski Hunt
    a2600Ski Run
    a2600Sky Alien
    a2600Sky Diver - Dare Diver
    a2600Sky Jinks
    a2600Sky Patrol
    a2600Sky Skipper
    a2600Slot Machine - Slots
    a2600Slot Racers - Maze
    a2600Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle
    a2600Smurfs Save the Day
    a2600Snail Against Squirrel
    a2600Sneak 'n Peek
    a2600Snoopy and the Red Baron
    a2600Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    a2600Solar Fox
    a2600Solar Storm
    a2600Sorcerer's Apprentice
    a2600Space Attack
    a2600Space Cavern
    a2600Space Jockey
    a2600Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space
    a2600Space Tunnel
    a2600SpaceMaster X-7
    a2600Spider Fighter
    a2600Spider Maze
    a2600Spike's Peak
    a2600Spitfire Attack
    a2600Sprint Master
    a2600Spy Hunter
    a2600Squeeze Box
    a2600Squirrel ~ O Esquilo
    a2600Star Fox
    a2600Star Raiders
    a2600Star Ship - Outer Space
    a2600Star Strike
    a2600Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator
    a2600Star Voyager
    a2600Star Wars - Jedi Arena
    a2600Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle
    a2600Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure
    a2600Star Wars - The Arcade Game
    a2600Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
    a2600Stellar Track
    a2600Stone Age
    a2600Strategy X
    a2600Strawberry Shortcake - Musical Match-Ups
    a2600Street Racer - Speedway II
    a2600Stunt Cycle
    a2600Stunt Man
    a2600Submarine Commander
    a2600Suicide Mission
    a2600Summer Games
    a2600Super Baseball
    a2600Super Breakout
    a2600Super Challenge Baseball
    a2600Super Challenge Football
    a2600Super Cobra
    a2600Super Football
    a2600Surf's Up
    a2600Surfer's Paradise - But Danger Below!
    a2600Surround - Chase
    a2600Survival Island
    a2600Survival Run
    a2600Sweat! The Decathalon Game
    a2600Sword of Saros
    a2600SwordQuest - EarthWorld
    a2600SwordQuest - FireWorld
    a2600SwordQuest - WaterWorld
    a2600TRON - Deadly Discs
    a2600Tanks But no Tanks
    a2600Tax Avoiders
    a2600Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
    a2600The Challenge of Nexar
    a2600Time Pilot
    a2600Time Warp
    a2600Title Match Pro Wrestling
    a2600Tomarc the Barbarian
    a2600Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator
    a2600Tooth Protectors
    a2600Towering Inferno
    a2600Track and Field
    a2600Treasure Below
    a2600Treasure Island ~ Duck Shoot
    a2600Trick Shot
    a2600Tunnel Runner
    a2600Tunnel de L'Estace, Le
    a2600Universal Chaos
    a2600Unknown 20th Century Fox Game
    a2600Unknown Activision Game #1
    a2600Unknown Activision Game #2
    a2600Unknown Datatech Game
    a2600Up 'n Down
    a2600Vault Assault
    a2600Venetian Blinds Demo
    a2600Video Checkers - Checkers
    a2600Video Chess
    a2600Video Jogger
    a2600Video Life
    a2600Video Olympics - Pong Sports
    a2600Video Pinball - Arcade Pinball
    a2600Video Reflex
    a2600Walker ~ Schussel Der Polizistenschreck
    a2600Wall Ball
    a2600Wall Break
    a2600Wing War
    a2600Winter Games
    a2600Wizard of Wor
    a2600Word Zapper
    a2600World End
    a2600Worm War I
    a2600Yars' Revenge
    a2600Zoo Fun
    a2600Zoo Keeper Sounds
    a5200(BIOS) Atari 5200 (USA)
    a5200(BIOS) Atari 5200 (USA)
    a52005200 Menu
    a52005200 Menu
    a5200Atari PAM - Pete's Test
    a5200Atari PAM Diagnostics
    a5200Atari PAM System Test
    a5200Barroom Baseball
    a5200Black Belt
    a5200Castle Blast
    a5200Castle Crisis
    a5200Final Legacy
    a5200Frisky Tom
    a5200Jr. Pac-Man
    a5200Koffi - Yellow Kopter
    a5200Last Starfighter, The
    a5200Looney Tunes Hotel
    a5200Microgammon SB
    a5200Miniature Golf
    a5200Road Runner
    a5200Sport Goofy
    a5200Super Pac-Man
    a5200Track and Field
    a5200Xari Arena
    a5200Yellow Submarine
    a7800(BIOS) Atari 7800 (Europe)
    a7800(BIOS) Atari 7800 (USA)
    a7800(BIOS) Atari 7800 (USA)
    a7800Missing In Action
    amiga10 BASIC Games
    amiga10 Out Of 10 Spelling & Punctuation
    amiga10 Out Of 10 Structured Spelling
    amiga10 Out Of 10 Tables
    amiga10 out of 10 Dinosaurs
    amiga10 out of 10 Early Essentials
    amiga10 out of 10 Essential Maths
    amiga10 out of 10 Essential Science
    amiga10 out of 10 French
    amiga10 out of 10 Geography
    amiga10 out of 10 German
    amiga10 out of 10 Junior Essentials
    amiga10 out of 10 Maths Algebra
    amiga10 out of 10 Maths Number
    amiga17 + 4 [OASE]
    amiga3001 O'Connor's Fight
    amiga4-Way Lynx
    amigaACSYS: Autonomous Cybernetic System
    amigaATR: All Terrain Racing [Christmas Edition]
    amigaAce The Space-Case
    amigaAge of Sail
    amigaAli Baba
    amigaAlien Target
    amigaAllan Border's Cricket
    amigaAmerican History Adventure
    amigaAmy's Fun-2-3 Adventure
    amigaAsk Me Another
    amigaAstérix chez Rahazade
    amigaBabylonian Twins
    amigaBack Gammon
    amigaBack to the Golden Age
    amigaBad Vibes
    amigaBank Buster
    amigaBasket Island
    amigaBez Kompromisu
    amigaBi-Fi: Snackzone
    amigaBirds N' Bees
    amigaBlack Gold (reLINE)
    amigaBo Jackson Baseball
    amigaBomber 2000
    amigaBouncing Balls
    amigaBoxing Masters
    amigaBrain Artifice
    amigaBrain Man
    amigaBrian Lara's Cricket
    amigaBrian Lara's Cricket 96
    amigaBridge 6.0
    amigaBridge Player 2000 With Tutor
    amigaC.Y.A.D. - A Game of Influence
    amigaCannon Fodder 2: Alien Levels
    amigaCannon Fodder Plus
    amigaCar-Vup: The Final Frontier
    amigaCarton Rouge
    amigaCasino Roulette
    amigaChamonix Challenge
    amigaChampionship Cricket
    amigaChampionship Manager
    amigaCharlie J. Cool
    amigaChess Player 2150
    amigaChichén Itzá
    amigaCiemna Strona
    amigaClassic Board Games
    amigaClub Football: The Manager
    amigaCluedo: Master Detective
    amigaColmena, La
    amigaColor Buster
    amigaCricket Amiga
    amigaCricket Masters
    amigaCross Out the Intruder
    amigaDelivery Agent
    amigaDeluxe Pacman
    amigaDenver présente: Je Découvre Les Formes
    amigaDer Meister
    amigaDiabolik 01: Inafferrabile Criminale
    amigaDiego Maradona World Football Manager
    amigaDiscover: U. S. History and Geography
    amigaDiscovery: Science
    amigaDiscovery: Spell Version
    amigaDiscovery: Trivia 1
    amigaDr. Mario
    amigaDribbling: Calcio Serie A 1992-93
    amigaDynamite Dick
    amigaDynatech [AGA]
    amigaEarl Weaver Baseball
    amigaExcellent Card Games
    amigaExplora: Time Run
    amigaF.C. Manager
    amigaF1 Manager
    amigaFamilien Duell
    amigaFantasy Games
    amigaFantasy Manager: The Computer Game
    amigaFinal Countdown
    amigaFirst Letters (For Under 5's)
    amigaFirst Letters and Words
    amigaFirst Shapes
    amigaFleet Med
    amigaFlip Flop
    amigaFlip-it & Magnose: Water Carriers From Mars
    amigaFootball Champ
    amigaFootball Club Manager
    amigaFootball Crazy
    amigaFootball Manager: World Cup Edition
    amigaFootball Tactician
    amigaFootball Tactician 2
    amigaFor President
    amigaFormula 1 Grand Prix
    amigaFranco Baresi World Cup Kick Off
    amigaFriday Night Pool
    amigaFruit Machine
    amigaFun School 2 (For The 6-8 Year Olds)
    amigaFun School 2 (For The Over-8s)
    amigaFun School 2 (For The Under-6s)
    amigaFun School Specials - Merlin's Maths
    amigaFun School Specials - Spelling Fair
    amigaFussballmanager Gesellschaftsspiel
    amigaFuture Shock
    amigaFuture Space
    amigaFuture Sport
    amigaFußball Total!
    amigaFußball Total! [AGA]
    amigaGP Tennis Manager
    amigaGalactic: The Xmas Edition
    amigaGalaga '92
    amigaGalaxy Blast
    amigaGalaxy Fight: The Incredible Space Fight
    amigaGame Set Match
    amigaGeorg Glaxo
    amigaGerman Trucking
    amigaGhost Chaser
    amigaGiddy II: Hero in an Egg Shell
    amigaGlobal Trek
    amigaGo Player
    amigaGold Rush
    amigaGolden Oldies: Volume 1
    amigaGone Fish'n
    amigaGraham Gooch World Class Cricket Test Match Special Edition
    amigaGrand Ouvert
    amigaGrand Ouvert 2
    amigaGrand Prix Master
    amigaGrand Slam
    amigaGranny's Garden
    amigaGravity Force 2
    amigaGreat States II
    amigaGrey Slayer
    amigaGuerilla In Bolivia
    amigaHappy Monster
    amigaHarald Hårdtand - Kampen Om De Rene Tænder
    amigaHarry's Balloons
    amigaHeavy Metal Heroes
    amigaHenry's House
    amigaHighway Hawks
    amigaHilt II
    amigaHilt: Against the Hoardes
    amigaHockey Pista
    amigaHoi Remix
    amigaHolo Squash
    amigaHot Rubber
    amigaHotel Detective
    amigaHoyle Book of Games Volume 1
    amigaHoyle Book of Games Volume 2: Solitaire
    amigaHuman Killing Machine
    amigaHurricane Commando
    amigaI Play 3D Soccer
    amigaITS Cricket: International Test Series
    amigaITS Cricket: International Test Series (1995 Edition)
    amigaIce Runner
    amigaImpact 95
    amigaImpact [KidStuff]
    amigaIn Shadow of Time
    amigaIn the Beginning
    amigaIn the Dead of Night
    amigaInertia Drive
    amigaInternational One Day Cricket
    amigaInternational Truck Racing
    amigaIron Hand
    amigaItaly 1990: Winners Edition (U.S. Gold)
    amigaJail Break
    amigaJara Tava - The Isle of Fire
    amigaJe Découvre Les Couleurs
    amigaJigsaw! The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle
    amigaJimmy Willburne - A La Recherche Du Peigne Perdu
    amigaJimmy's Fantastic Journey
    amigaJouster 3
    amigaJump 'n' Roll
    amigaJump Em
    amigaJumpman Junior
    amigaJungle Boy
    amigaKaramalz Cup Eis Hockey
    amigaKarate Master
    amigaKarawane der Siebten Dynastie, Die
    amigaKatie's Farm
    amigaKeith's Quest
    amigaKennedy Approach
    amigaKeyboard Cadet
    amigaKick Off 2 Competition Version
    amigaKick Off: Extra Time
    amigaKickIt - A Day For The Laiban
    amigaKids Type
    amigaKids' Academy: Which? Where? What?
    amigaLa Aventura Original
    amigaLa Quête De L´Oiseau Du Temps
    amigaLa Storia Ancestrale
    amigaLa Storia Ancestrale 2
    amigaLa Storia Ancestrale 3
    amigaLa Storia Ancestrale 4
    amigaLabyrinthe Aux Mille Calculs, Le
    amigaLabyrinthe D'Anglomania 1
    amigaLabyrinthe D'Anglomania 2
    amigaLabyrinthe D'Errare, Le
    amigaLabyrinthe de Lexicos, Le
    amigaLabyrinthe de la Reine des Ombres, Le
    amigaLand of the Unicorn
    amigaLasermania 2
    amigaLeader Board Tournament
    amigaLeague Challenge
    amigaLegend of Lothian
    amigaLes Castors Juniors dans la Forêt
    amigaLes Passagers du Vent
    amigaLet's Spell Out and About
    amigaLethal Formula
    amigaLight Racer
    amigaLittle Wizards
    amigaLiving Jigsaw
    amigaLong Lance
    amigaLost in Mine
    amigaMF Tanks
    amigaMad Show
    amigaMagic Coins
    amigaMagic Forest 2 - Son of Wilf
    amigaMagic Marble
    amigaMagiczna Księga
    amigaMalta Storm
    amigaManchester United: Premier League Champions
    amigaManga Hot Numbers
    amigaManhattan Dealers
    amigaMarble Rescue
    amigaMaria's Xmas Box
    amigaMaster Axe: The Genesis of MysterX
    amigaMatch Pairs
    amigaMath Wizard
    amigaMaths Monkey
    amigaMavis Beacon Teaches Typing
    amigaMayday Squad Heroes
    amigaMcGee At The Fun Fair
    amigaMean Machine
    amigaMegArts Hockey
    amigaMega Motion
    amigaMegaball 4.0 [AGA]
    amigaMerv The Merciless
    amigaMetagalactic Llamas: Battle at the Edge of Time
    amigaMetal Law
    amigaMetal Warrior
    amigaMeurtres à Venise
    amigaMiasto Śmierci
    amigaMickey - Puzzles Animes
    amigaMickey 123 - L'Anniversaire Surprise
    amigaMickey ABC: Une journée à la fête
    amigaMickey Jeu De Memoire
    amigaMickey's 123's: The Big Surprise Party
    amigaMickey's ABC's: A Day at the Fair
    amigaMickey's Jigsaw Puzzles
    amigaMickey's Memory Challenge
    amigaMike Read's Computer Pop Quiz
    amigaMind Force
    amigaMirror Magic
    amigaMisja Harolda: Zaginiony w systemie
    amigaMission Underground
    amigaMission: Con-Bat
    amigaMixed-Up Mother Goose
    amigaMoney Cascade Professional Fruit Machine
    amigaMoney-Player Professional
    amigaMonsters of Terror
    amigaMonty the Wolf
    amigaMoon Blaster
    amigaMoonbase: Lunar Colony Simulator
    amigaMore! Lemmings
    amigaMortal Weapon
    amigaMotorbike Madness
    amigaMotorola Invaders 2
    amigaMr Wobbly Leg Versus The Invaders From Space
    amigaMulti Player Soccer Manager
    amigaMulti Zocker
    amigaMulti-Player Yahtzee
    amigaNebula: The Wars of Uropa
    amigaNew Year Lemmings 1991/92
    amigaNinja Gaiden Episode II: The Dark Sword Of Chaos
    amigaNipper Versus The Kats
    amigaNobby the Aardvark
    amigaNoche de Walpurgis, La
    amigaNot Very Festive Fodder
    amigaOberon 69
    amigaOlimpiada '96
    amigaOliver & Company
    amigaOlympique de Marseille
    amigaOmni-Play Horse Racing
    amigaOperation Firestorm
    amigaOperation GII
    amigaOperation Overlord: The Invasion of Europe
    amigaOperation Spruance
    amigaOrbital Destroyer
    amigaOxyd Magnum!
    amigaPGA European Tour [AGA]
    amigaPaint It
    amigaParagliding Simulation
    amigaParis Dakar
    amigaParis Dakar 1990
    amigaPatience I
    amigaPatience II
    amigaPatience III
    amigaPechowy Prezent
    amigaPenthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe
    amigaPenthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe [AGA]
    amigaPepe Śrubokręcik
    amigaPepe's Garden
    amigaPepsi: All Over The World
    amigaPeter Pan
    amigaPeter Schmeichel Soccer
    amigaPhantom Fighter
    amigaPick Out
    amigaPiece 'n' Space
    amigaPinball Hazard
    amigaPinball I.Q.
    amigaPixie and Dixie
    amigaPlayroom, The: La Chambre De Peppy
    amigaPlexu: The Time Travellers
    amigaPoker Nights: Teresa Personally
    amigaPool (Kingsoft)
    amigaPopeye 2
    amigaPopeye 3 - WrestleCrazy
    amigaPopulous World Editor
    amigaPortes Du Temps, Les
    amigaPower Pac
    amigaPower Pinball
    amigaPower Roller
    amigaPower Walls
    amigaPowerboat USA
    amigaPremier Manager 3 [AGA]
    amigaPro Powerboat Simulator
    amigaPro Tennis Simulator
    amigaProject 1
    amigaProject Battlefield
    amigaProject Intercalaris
    amigaProjekt Ikarus
    amigaProtector (Paradox)
    amigaProtector (Virgin Mastertronic)
    amigaPsycho Santa
    amigaPsycho Squares Deluxe
    amigaPub Trivia Simulator
    amigaPunkt Punkt Punkt
    amigaQuasar Wars
    amigaQuiksilver Pinball Simulator
    amigaRackney's Island
    amigaRad Van Fortuin
    amigaRadio Controlled Racer
    amigaRage (Scorpius)
    amigaRallye Master
    amigaRasende Reporter, Der
    amigaRat Trap
    amigaReal Genius
    amigaRealm of the Warlock
    amigaReasoning with Trolls
    amigaRecognize Me
    amigaReel Fish'n
    amigaReflexity: Pinball Challenge
    amigaReisende Im Wind
    amigaRenegade III: The Final Chapter
    amigaRescue 2
    amigaRetee 2!
    amigaRevenge of the Mutant Camels II
    amigaRise of the West
    amigaRobin Heed
    amigaRobot Readers: Aesop's Fables
    amigaRobot Readers: Chicken Little
    amigaRock Star Ate My Hamster
    amigaRocket Attack
    amigaRockstar: Never Trust Rotten Tangerines
    amigaRody & Mastico II
    amigaRody & Mastico III
    amigaRody Noël
    amigaRody V
    amigaRody VI
    amigaRoll or Die
    amigaRolling Stones
    amigaRooster II
    amigaRorke's Drift
    amigaRoue De La Fortune, La
    amigaRound the Bend
    amigaRugby League Coach
    amigaSamba Partie
    amigaScorched Tanks
    amigaSensible Massacre 2: Bulldozer Butcher
    amigaSensible Massacre: England v Holland
    amigaSevered Heads
    amigaSexy Droids
    amigaSharkey's Moll
    amigaSide Arms: Hyper Dyne
    amigaSilver Eagle
    amigaSilver Star
    amigaSimulman 01: Simulman
    amigaSimulman 02: Nella Morsa Di SS DOS
    amigaSimulman 03: Nel Regno Di Doors
    amigaSimulman 04: Il Mondo Simulato
    amigaSirius 7
    amigaSkeet Shoot
    amigaSkull & Crossbones
    amigaSlackskin & Flint
    amigaSlam Raid
    amigaSlightly Magic
    amigaSmash the Beast
    amigaSnakes and Ladders
    amigaSnoopy And Peanuts
    amigaSoccer King
    amigaSoccer Manager Plus
    amigaSoccer Rivals
    amigaSoccer Superstars
    amigaSoccer Supremo
    amigaSol Negro
    amigaSoldier Of Light (Xain'd Sleena)
    amigaSolitaire's Journey
    amigaSolomon's Key 2
    amigaSonic Boom
    amigaSony Game
    amigaSooty & Sweep
    amigaSoul Crystal
    amigaSpace Bomber
    amigaSpace Bomber 2
    amigaSpace Bomber 3
    amigaSpace Conquest
    amigaSpace Day
    amigaSpace Dunk
    amigaSpace Fight
    amigaSpace Knight
    amigaSpace Pilot 89
    amigaSpace Racer
    amigaSpace Station
    amigaSpatial Hyperdrive
    amigaSpeed Buggy
    amigaSpeedway Manager 2
    amigaSpell Book
    amigaSpell Bound [Psyclapse]
    amigaSpellbound [Lander]
    amigaSplat 2
    amigaSpoils of War
    amigaSt. Thomas
    amigaStable Masters
    amigaStable Masters II
    amigaStable Masters III
    amigaStack Up
    amigaStar Breaker
    amigaStar Trek: The Game
    amigaStone Age C-Version 1987
    amigaStorm Across Europe
    amigaStreet Hassle
    amigaStrike Aces
    amigaStrikes 'n' Spares Professional
    amigaStrip Fighter
    amigaStrip Poker
    amigaStrip Poker II
    amigaStrip Pot
    amigaStunt Car Racer - The New Tracks
    amigaSub Battle Simulator
    amigaSub Rally
    amigaSuicide Mission
    amigaSummer Camp
    amigaSunny Spells
    amigaSuper Gem'Z
    amigaSuper Huey: UH-1X
    amigaSuper League Manager
    amigaSuper League Manager [AGA]
    amigaSuper Loopz
    amigaSuper Nibbly
    amigaSuper Obliteration
    amigaSuper Scramble Simulator
    amigaSuper Seymour
    amigaSuper Sport Challenge
    amigaSuper TaeKwonDo Master
    amigaSuper Tennis Champs
    amigaSuper Tetris
    amigaSuperbike Simulator
    amigaSurf Ninjas
    amigaSvetak Bob
    amigaT Tec Maze
    amigaTajemnica Bursztynowej Komnaty
    amigaTanx n Stuff
    amigaTaran im Abenteuerland
    amigaTask Force
    amigaTechnology 2
    amigaTennis Champs
    amigaTest Match Cricket
    amigaTetris Pro
    amigaTex 01: Mefisto
    amigaThe Adventures of Genlock Holmes
    amigaThe Age of Rock
    amigaThe Big Picture
    amigaThe Brain Blasters
    amigaThe Challenge of the Matrix
    amigaThe Enforcer [Eurosoft]
    amigaThe Enforcer [Trojan]
    amigaThe Enigma Device
    amigaThe Golden Pyramid
    amigaThe Hellrun Machine
    amigaThe Last Refuge
    amigaThe Legacy
    amigaThe Magician
    amigaThe Man from the Council
    amigaThe Moochies
    amigaThe Official Everton FC Intelligensia
    amigaThe Paradox Effect
    amigaThe Paradox Effect II
    amigaThe Punisher
    amigaThe Pursuit to Earth
    amigaThe Quest For The Time-Bird
    amigaThe Rainy Day Disk
    amigaThe Real Popeye
    amigaThe Sentinel [CLR Licenceware]
    amigaThe Shepherd
    amigaThe Surgeon
    amigaThe Sword & The Rose
    amigaThe Teller
    amigaThe Ultimate Quiz
    amigaThe Ultimate Quiz II
    amigaThe Wall
    amigaThink Cross
    amigaThomas the Tank Engine 2
    amigaThromulus: The Enemy Within
    amigaThunder Burner
    amigaTic Tac Toe
    amigaTime Runners 01: Gateways in Time
    amigaTime Runners 02: The Space Stone
    amigaTime Runners 03: The Big Run
    amigaTime Runners 04: The Castle of Fear
    amigaTime Runners 05: The Black Knight
    amigaTime Runners 06: The Bewitched Forest
    amigaTime Runners 07: In The Land of the Invaders
    amigaTime Runners 08: The Impregnable Fortress
    amigaTime Runners 09: The Time Demon
    amigaTime Runners 10: The Time Sentry
    amigaTime Runners 11: The Steel City
    amigaTime Runners 12: A Target for the Cyborg
    amigaTime Runners 13: Cyberkiller
    amigaTime Runners 14: Toraxid - War Star
    amigaTime Runners 15: At The Speed of Light
    amigaTime Runners 16: The Galaxy Emperor
    amigaTime Runners 17: The Living Labyrinth
    amigaTime Runners 18: The Killer Shadow
    amigaTime Runners 19: The Nightmare Prince
    amigaTime Runners 20: The Mountains of Death
    amigaTime Runners 21: The Black Dragon's Course
    amigaTime Runners 22: The Eternal Damned
    amigaTime Runners 23: The Time Monarch
    amigaTime Runners 24: Beyond All Dimensions
    amigaTime Runners 25: The Lost Planet Earth
    amigaTime Runners 26: The Time Warrior
    amigaTime Runners 27: Red Night
    amigaTime Runners 28: Beyond the End
    amigaTime Runners 29: The Last Revelation
    amigaTime Runners 30: The Final Duel
    amigaTiny Troops
    amigaTo the Rhine: The Allied Advance in the West
    amigaTop Cat
    amigaTop Gear 2 [AGA]
    amigaTotal Carnage [AGA]
    amigaTots Time
    amigaTracon II
    amigaTrained Assassin
    amigaTricky-Quiky-Games: Die Suche nach den verschollenen Seiten
    amigaTrivia Game Show
    amigaTrivia Trove
    amigaTrois Petits Cochons s'Amusent, Les
    amigaTron 5000
    amigaTrump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling Simulation
    amigaTubular Worlds [AGA]
    amigaTumbler Street
    amigaTurbo Jam
    amigaTwilight Knights
    amigaTwo Up: The Australian Gambling Game
    amigaTwo of a Kind
    amigaTwo to One
    amigaUltimate XTreme Racing
    amigaUnder Pressure
    amigaUniversal Monsters
    amigaUnsensible Soccer
    amigaUp Scope
    amigaValhalla And The Lord Of Action
    amigaViaje Al Centro De La Tierra
    amigaVictor Loomes
    amigaVictory Road: The Pathway to Fear
    amigaVideo Vegas
    amigaVirtual Karting II
    amigaVroom Data Disk
    amigaVroom Multi-Player
    amigaW Potrzasku
    amigaWacky Darts
    amigaWank Games
    amigaWarm Up
    amigaWembley International Soccer
    amigaWembley International Soccer [AGA]
    amigaWembley Rugby League
    amigaWhale's Voyage [AGA]
    amigaWhat Is It? Where Is It? Vol. 1
    amigaWheels On Fire
    amigaWhere In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?
    amigaWibble World Giddy: Wibble Mania!
    amigaWinnie The Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood
    amigaWinning Post
    amigaWinter Supersports 92
    amigaWolfen: Die Bestie Ist Unter Uns
    amigaWorld Class Rugby '95
    amigaWorld Class Rugby: Five Nations Edition
    amigaWorld Cup Cricket Masters
    amigaWorld Cup: All Time Greats
    amigaWorld Golf
    amigaWorld Hockey League Manager
    amigaWorld Rugby
    amigaWorld Series Cricket
    amigaWorlds at War: Conflict in the Cosmos
    amigaWrath of Gwendor: Special Edition '97
    amigaX-IT-50: The Quest for the Meaning of Life
    arcadeApricot F2
    arcadeBad Dudes vs. Dragonninja
    arcadeBattle Bakraid
    arcadeBattle Bakraid - Unlimited Version
    arcadeBattle Circuit
    arcadeBattle Garegga
    arcadeBlack Tiger
    arcadeBlack Widow
    arcadeBomb Jack
    arcadeBombjack Twin
    arcadeBoogie Wings
    arcadeBubble Symphony
    arcadeBurger Time
    arcadeCadillacs and Dinosaurs
    arcadeCaptain America and The Avengers
    arcadeCaptain Commando
    arcadeCaveman Ninja
    arcadeChase H.Q.
    arcadeCrime Fighters
    arcadeDangun Feveron
    arcadeDarius Gaiden - Silver Hawk
    arcadeDarkstalkers: The Night Warriors
    arcadeDig Dug
    arcadeDonkey Kong II: Jumpman Returns
    arcadeDonkey Kong Jr.
    arcadeDragon Blaze
    arcadeDragon Breed
    arcadeDragon Master
    arcadeDragon Saber
    arcadeDungeon Magic
    arcadeDungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
    arcadeESP Ra.De.
    arcadeElevator Action
    arcadeElevator Action Returns
    arcadeEscape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
    arcadeFootball Champ - Euro Football Champ
    arcadeFunky Jet
    arcadeGauntlet Dark Legacy
    arcadeGauntlet Legends
    arcadeGhouls'n Ghosts
    arcadeGolden Axe II
    arcadeGolden Tee Golf
    arcadeGreen Beret
    arcadeGuardians - Denjin Makai II
    arcadeGunbird 2
    arcadeIn The Hunt
    arcadeJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    arcadeJungle King
    arcadeKarian Cross
    arcadeKiller Instinct 2
    arcadeKnights of the Round
    arcadeKung-Fu Master
    arcadeLethal Enforcers
    arcadeLunar Lander
    arcadeMajor Havoc
    arcadeMars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting
    arcadeMarvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
    arcadeMarvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
    arcadeMetal Slug 5
    arcadeMetamorphic Force
    arcadeMidnight Resistance
    arcadeMissile Command
    arcadeMoon Patrol
    arcadeMouse Trap
    arcadeMr. Do's Castle
    arcadeNBA Jam
    arcadeNBA Jam TE
    arcadeNFL Blitz
    arcadeNight Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge
    arcadeNinja Baseball Bat Man
    arcadeNinja Spirit
    arcadePang! 3
    arcadePole Position
    arcadePrehistoric Isle in 1930
    arcadePsychic 5
    arcadePuchi Carat
    arcadePuyo Puyo 2
    arcadePuzzle Uo Poko
    arcadeRaiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive
    arcadeRaiden Fighters Jet
    arcadeRally Bike - Dash Yarou
    arcadeRally X
    arcadeRoad Blasters
    arcadeRobotron: 2084
    arcadeRod Land
    arcadeSamurai Aces
    arcadeSan Francisco Rush
    arcadeSatan's Hollow
    arcadeSea Wolf
    arcadeShadow Warriors
    arcadeSmash T.V.
    arcadeSnow Bros. - Nick & Tom
    arcadeSoukyugurentai - Terra Diver
    arcadeSoul Calibur
    arcadeSpace Duel
    arcadeSpy Hunter
    arcadeStar Castle
    arcadeStar Wars
    arcadeStrikers 1945 II
    arcadeStrikers 1945 III
    arcadeSunset Riders
    arcadeSuper Breakout
    arcadeSuper Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
    arcadeTehkan World Cup
    arcadeTekken 2
    arcadeTekken 3
    arcadeTekken Tag Tournament
    arcadeTetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus
    arcadeThe King of Dragons
    arcadeThe King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match
    arcadeThe King of Fighters 2003
    arcadeThree Wonders
    arcadeTime Pilot
    arcadeTrack & Field
    arcadeTruxton II - Tatsujin Oh
    arcadeUndercover Cops
    arcadeVampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire
    arcadeVampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire
    arcadeViolent Storm
    arcadeVirtua Racing
    arcadeWWF WrestleFest
    arcadeWWF: Wrestlemania
    arcadeWarriors of Fate
    arcadeWild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa
    arcadeWizard of Wor
    arcadeWonder Boy
    atariBlood Money
    atariFantasy World Dizzy
    atariMagicland Dizzy
    atariTreasure Island Dizzy
    c64007 - A View to a Kill
    c64007 - Licence to Kill
    c64007 - Live and Let Die
    c64007 - Living Daylights, The
    c64007 - Spy Who Loved Me, The
    c6410th Frame
    c6411-A-Side Soccer
    c6419 Part One - Boot Camp
    c641943 - One Year After
    c641943 - The Battle of Midway
    c641985 - The Day After
    c641994 - Ten Years After
    c643D Construction Kit
    c643D Pinball - Pinball Power
    c643D Pool
    c643D Stock Cars II
    c644th & Inches
    c64720 Degrees
    c64ACE 2088
    c64ADIDAS Championship Football
    c64ADIDAS Championship Tie Break
    c64ATV Simulator
    c64Ace of Aces
    c64Action Biker
    c64Action Fighter
    c64Action Force
    c64Addams Family, The
    c64Advanced Basketball Simulator
    c64Advanced Pinball Simulator
    c64Adventures of Bond... Basildon Bond, The
    c64After the War
    c64Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back
    c64Airwolf 64
    c64Airwolf II
    c64Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress
    c64Alice In Videoland
    c64Alien Storm
    c64Alien World
    c64Aliens - The Computer Game
    c64All Points Bulletin
    c64All-American Basketball
    c64Altair 4
    c64Altered Beast
    c64America's Cup Challenge
    c64American 3D Pool
    c64American Football
    c64American Road Race
    c64American Tag Team Wrestling
    c64Andy Capp
    c64Anter Planter
    c64Apache Raid
    c64Arc of Yesod, The
    c64Arcade Flight Simulator
    c64Arcade Fruit Machine
    c64Arcadia 64
    c64Archon 2 - Adept
    c64Arctic Fox
    c64Ark Pandora
    c64Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh
    c64Armageddon Man, The
    c64Army Days
    c64Army Moves
    c64Arnie II
    c64Around the World in 80 Days
    c64Aspar Grand Prix Master
    c64Asterix and the Magic Cauldron
    c64Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She-Vampires, The
    c64Astro Chase
    c64Astro Marine Corps
    c64Atom Ant
    c64Atomic Robo-Kid
    c64Attack of the Mutant Camels
    c64Australian Rules Football
    c64Autotest Simulator
    c64Aventura Original, La
    c64Aztec Challenge
    c64BC Bill
    c64BC II - Grog's Revenge
    c64BC's Quest for Tires
    c64BMX Freestyle
    c64BMX Kidz
    c64BMX Ninja
    c64BMX Racers
    c64BMX Simulator
    c64BMX Simulator 2
    c64BMX Trials
    c64Back to Reality
    c64Back to the Future Part III
    c64Bad Cat
    c64Ball Crazy
    c64Bandana City
    c64Bangers & Mash
    c64Bangkok Knights
    c64Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax
    c64Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing
    c64Bath Time
    c64Batman - The Caped Crusader
    c64Battle Field
    c64Battle Stations
    c64Battle Valley
    c64Bazooka Bill
    c64Beach Buggy Simulator
    c64Beach Volleyball
    c64Beach-Head II
    c64Beat It! - Jammin' II
    c64Beverly Hills Cop
    c64Beyond the Ice Palace
    c64Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man
    c64Big Trouble in Little China
    c64Bignose's USA Adventure
    c64Bigtop Barney
    c64Bionic Ninja
    c64Black Hawk
    c64Black Lamp
    c64Black Magic
    c64Blagger Goes To Hollywood
    c64Blazing Thunder
    c64Blinky's Scary School
    c64Blue Baron
    c64Blue Max
    c64Blue Max 2001
    c64Blue Moon
    c64Bobby Bearing
    c64Bod Squad
    c64Bomb Fusion
    c64Bombjack II
    c64Bonanza Bros
    c64Bosconian 87
    c64Boulder Dash
    c64Boulder Dash Construction Kit
    c64Bouncing Heads
    c64Bounty Bob Strikes Back
    c64Bozos Night Out
    c64Break Dance
    c64Break Fever
    c64Brian Jack's Uchi-Mata
    c64Bride of Frankenstein
    c64Bruce Lee
    c64Bubble Bobble
    c64Bubble Dizzy
    c64Bubble Ghost
    c64Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom
    c64Buffalo Bill
    c64Bug Blaster
    c64Bug Blitz
    c64Bug Diver
    c64Buggy Boy
    c64Bully's Sporting Darts
    c64Bump Set Spike
    c64Bumping Buggies
    c64Bunny Zap
    c64Burger Chase
    c64Burger Time
    c64CJ in the USA
    c64CJ's Elephant Antics
    c64Cadcam Warrior
    c64California Games
    c64California Goldrush
    c64Camelot Warriors
    c64Captain America and the Doom Tube
    c64Captain Blood
    c64Captain Dynamo
    c64Captive, The
    c64Castle Master
    c64Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back
    c64Cave Fighter
    c64Caverns of Eriban
    c64Caverns of Sillahc
    c64Centurions Power X Treme
    c64Chain Reaction
    c64Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Strip
    c64Championship 3D Snooker
    c64Championship Golf
    c64Championship Jetski Simulator
    c64Championship Sprint
    c64Chase H.Q.
    c64Chevy Chase
    c64Chickin Chase
    c64China Miner
    c64Chinese Juggler
    c64Chopper Commander
    c64Circus Games
    c64City Fighter
    c64Classic Adventure
    c64Classic Punter
    c64Clean Up Service
    c64Clean-up Time, It's
    c64Cloud Kingdoms
    c64Cobra Force
    c64Code Hunter
    c64Codename Mat II
    c64Colossus Bridge 4
    c64Colossus Chess 2.0
    c64Colour of Magic, The
    c64Combat Crazy - Warbringer
    c64Combat Leader
    c64Combat Lynx
    c64Combat School
    c64Combat Zone
    c64Comet Game
    c64Comic Bakery
    c64Computer Maniacs Diary 1989
    c64Computer Scrabble Deluxe
    c64Connect Four
    c64Continental Circus
    c64Convoy Raider
    c64Cool World
    c64Cops 'n Robbers
    c64Cosmic Causeway - Trailblazer II
    c64Cosmic Commando
    c64Cosmic Pirate
    c64Cosmic Split
    c64Count Duckula
    c64Count Duckula 2 featuring Tremendous Terence
    c64Cowboy Kidz
    c64Crack Down
    c64Crazy Balloon
    c64Crazy Cars III
    c64Crazy Comets
    c64Crazy Er-Bert
    c64Crazy Kong 64
    c64Cricket International
    c64Cricket Master
    c64Critical Mass
    c64Cross Fire
    c64Crypt, The
    c64Crystal Castles
    c64Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
    c64Cuddly Cuburt
    c64Cup Football
    c64Curse of Sherwood, The
    c64Cyberball - Football in the 21st Century
    c64Cyberdyne Warrior
    c64Cybernoid II
    c64Cyrus II
    c64DELETE IK+
    c64DELETE Last Ninja, The
    c64DELETE Pitstop II
    c64DELETE Spy Hunter
    c64DELETE Turrican
    c64DELETE Turrican II - The Final Fight
    c64DELETE Wonderboy
    c64DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers
    c64DNA Warrior
    c64Daley Thompson's Decathlon
    c64Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
    c64Dambusters, The
    c64Dan Dare
    c64Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge
    c64Dan Dare III - The Escape
    c64Dancing Monster
    c64Danger Freak
    c64Dark Fusion
    c64Dark Star
    c64David's Midnight Magic
    c64Days Of Thunder
    c64Deadly Evil
    c64Death Race 64
    c64Death Star
    c64Deep Strike
    c64Deep, The
    c64Defenders of the Earth
    c64Deliverance - Stormlord II
    c64Demon Blue
    c64Demon's Kiss
    c64Denis through the Drinking Glass
    c64Derby Day
    c64Desert Fox
    c64Designer's Pencil, The
    c64Detective, The
    c64Devastating Blow
    c64Dick Tracy
    c64Die Hard II - Die Harder
    c64Die! Alien Slime
    c64Dig Dug
    c64Dinky Doo
    c64Dizzy Dice
    c64Dizzy Down the Rapids
    c64Dizzy Prince of the Yolk Folk
    c64Doc the Destroyer
    c64Doctor Doom's Revenge
    c64Dogfight 2187
    c64Don Quijote
    c64Donald Duck's Playground
    c64Donald's Alphabet Chase
    c64Donkey Kong
    c64Doomdark's Revenge
    c64Double Dragon II - The Revenge
    c64Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone
    c64Double Take
    c64Double, The
    c64Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide
    c64Dragon Breed
    c64Dragon Ninja
    c64Dragon Spirit
    c64Dream Warrior
    c64Duck Shoot
    c64Dynamic Duo
    c64Dynamite Dan
    c64Dynamite Dux
    c64Dynasty Wars
    c64Eagles Nest
    c64Edd the Duck!
    c64Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
    c64Eidolon, The
    c64Election Game, The
    c64Elektra Glide
    c64Elven Warrior
    c64Elvira - The Arcade Game
    c64Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
    c64Enduro Racer
    c64Enforcer, The
    c64England Championship Special
    c64Enigma Force
    c64Enlightenment - Druid II
    c64Equalizer, The
    c64Escape MCP
    c64Escape from Doomworld
    c64Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
    c64Euro Boss
    c64European 5-A-Side
    c64European Champions
    c64European II
    c64European Soccer Challenge
    c64Evening Star
    c64Exploding Fist
    c64Exploding Wall
    c64Express Raider
    c64F-16 Combat Pilot
    c64F1 Tornado
    c64FA Cup Football
    c64Fairlight - A Prelude
    c64Falcon - The Renegade Lord
    c64Falcon Patrol
    c64Fall of Rome, The
    c64Fantastic Soccer
    c64Fantasy World Dizzy
    c64Fast Food
    c64Fearless Fred and the Factory of Doom
    c64Fernandez Must Die
    c64Fifth Quadrant, The
    c64Fight Night
    c64Fighter Bomber
    c64Fighter Pilot
    c64Fighting Soccer
    c64Fighting Warrior
    c64Final Blow
    c64Finders Keepers
    c64Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy
    c64Fire One
    c64Fire Track
    c64First Strike
    c64Fist Fighter
    c64Fist II
    c64Flak - The Ultimate Flight Experience
    c64Flash Gordon
    c64Flintstones - Yabba-Dabba-Dooo!
    c64Flip & Flop
    c64Flying Feathers
    c64Flying Shark
    c64Football Director
    c64Football Manager
    c64Football Manager 2
    c64Football Manager World Cup Edition
    c64Footballer of the Year 2
    c64Forbidden Forest
    c64Force One
    c64Forgotten Worlds
    c64Formula 1 Simulator
    c64Foxx Fights Back!
    c64Frank Bruno's Boxing
    c64Frankenstein Jnr.
    c64Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    c64Freak Factory
    c64Freddy Hardest
    c64Frogger 64
    c64Fruit Machine Simulator
    c64Fruit Machine Simulator II
    c64Fun School 3 for the Under 5s
    c64Future Bike Simulator
    c64Future Knight
    c64G-Loc R360
    c64GBA Championship Basketball
    c64Galaxy Force 2
    c64Galdregons Domain
    c64Game Over
    c64Gandalf the Sorcerer
    c64Garfield - Winter's Tail
    c64Gary Lineker's Hot Shot
    c64Gary Lineker's Super Skills
    c64Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer
    c64Gates Of Dawn
    c64Gauntlet II
    c64Gazza II
    c64Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge
    c64Get Off My Garden!
    c64Ghost Chaser
    c64Ghost Hunters
    c64Ghosts'n Goblins
    c64Gilbert - Escape from Drill
    c64Gilligans Gold
    c64Glider Rider
    c64Go Racing with Peter O'Sullevan
    c64Go-Kart Simulator
    c64Goblin Towers
    c64Gogo the Ghost
    c64Golf Construction Set
    c64Goofy's Railway Express
    c64Graeme Souness International Soccer
    c64Graeme Souness Soccer Manager
    c64Graffiti Man
    c64Graham Gooch's All Star Cricket
    c64Graham Gooch's Test Cricket
    c64Grand Larceny
    c64Grand Master
    c64Grand Prix 500cc
    c64Grand Prix Simulator
    c64Grand Prix Simulator 2
    c64Grand Prix Tennis
    c64Grange Hill - The Computer Game
    c64Graphic Editor
    c64Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The
    c64Great Escape, The
    c64Great Gurianos
    c64Gremlins 2
    c64Greyfell - The Legend of Norman
    c64Grid Iron II
    c64Grid Runner
    c64Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The
    c64Guardian Angel, The
    c64Gun Fighter
    c64H.E.R.O. - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation
    c64Hacker II
    c64Hades Nebula
    c64Halls of the Things, The
    c64Happiest Days of Your Life, The
    c64Harbour Attack
    c64Hard Drivin'
    c64Harrier Attack
    c64Harvey Headbanger
    c64Haunted House
    c64Head Coach
    c64Head over Heels
    c64Head the Ball
    c64Heavy Metal
    c64Hero of the Golden Talisman
    c64Heroes of Karn, The
    c64Hexenkueche II - Der Kuerbis Schlaegt Zurueck
    c64High Frontier
    c64High Noon
    c64Hobbit, The
    c64Hole in One
    c64Hollywood Poker
    c64Hollywood or Bust
    c64Holy Grail
    c64Hong Kong Phooey
    c64Hoodoo Voodoo
    c64Hopper Copper
    c64Hoppin' Mad
    c64Horace Goes Skiing
    c64Hot Shot
    c64Hover Bovver
    c64How to Be a Complete Bastard
    c64Howard the Duck - Adventure on Volcano Island
    c64Hudson Hawk
    c64Human Killing Machine
    c64Human Race, The
    c64Humpty Dumpty
    c64Hunchback II
    c64Hunchback at the Olympics
    c64Hungry Horace
    c64Hunter Patrol
    c64Hunter's Moon
    c64Huxley Pig
    c64Hyper Sports
    c64I, Ball
    c64I, Ball 2 - The Quest for the Past
    c64I. C. U. P. S.
    c64IO - Into Oblivion
    c64Ikari Warriors
    c64Image System, The
    c64Impossible Mission
    c64Impossible Mission II
    c64Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    c64Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    c64Indoor Sports
    c64Indy Heat
    c64Inner Space
    c64Insects in Space
    c64Inside Outing
    c64Interdictor Pilot
    c64Intergalactic Cage Match
    c64International 3D Tennis
    c64International 5 A-Side
    c64International Basketball
    c64International Hockey
    c64International Ice Hockey
    c64International Karate
    c64International Manager
    c64International Ninja Rabbits
    c64International Rugby Simulator
    c64International Speedway
    c64International Sports Challenge
    c64International Table Tennis
    c64International Tennis
    c64International Truck Racing
    c64Invaders 64
    c64Iridis Alpha
    c64Iron Horse
    c64Island of Dr. Destructo, The
    c64Italy 1990
    c64Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road
    c64Jack Charlton's Match Fishing
    c64Jack the Nipper II - In Coconut Capers
    c64Jail Break
    c64James Pond II - Codename Robocod
    c64Jeep Command
    c64Jet Set Willy
    c64Jinn Genie
    c64Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge
    c64Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium
    c64Joe Blade
    c64Joe Blade II
    c64John Elway's Quarterback
    c64Johnny Reb
    c64Jonah Barrington's Squash
    c64Jonny and the Jimpys
    c64Judge Dredd
    c64Jumpin Jack
    c64Jungle Story
    c64KGB Superspy
    c64Kane II
    c64Kat Trap - Planet of the Cat-Men
    c64Kendo Warrior
    c64Kenny Dalglish Soccer
    c64Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager
    c64Kick Box Vigilante
    c64Kick Off 2
    c64Kikstart II
    c64Killed Until Dead
    c64Killer Watt
    c64Killing Machine
    c64Knight Games
    c64Knight Games 2 - Space Trilogy
    c64Knight Rider
    c64Know Your Own IQ
    c64Knuckle Buster
    c64Kobayashi Naru
    c64Kokotoni Wilf
    c64Kong Strikes Back
    c64Kongo Kong
    c64Koronis Rift
    c64Kosmic Kanga
    c64Krypton Factor, The
    c64Krystals of Zong
    c64Kung-Fu Master
    c64Kwik Snax
    c64L.E.D. Storm - Lazer Enhanced Destruction
    c64LA Swat
    c64Land of Neverwhere
    c64Las Vegas Casino
    c64Laser Zone
    c64Last Battle
    c64Last Duel
    c64Last Mission
    c64Last Ninja II - Back with a Vengeance
    c64Last Ninja III, The - Real Hatred Is Timeless
    c64Last Ninja Remix
    c64Last V8, The
    c64Law of the West
    c64Leaderboard Executive Edition
    c64League Challenge
    c64Legend of Kage
    c64Legend of Sinbad, The
    c64Legend of the Amazon Women, The
    c64Line of Fire
    c64Little Computer People
    c64Little Icarus
    c64Little Puff in Dragonland
    c64Livingstone, I Presume
    c64Lode Runner
    c64Lord Of The Balrogs
    c64Los Angeles Police Department
    c64Lunar Outpost
    c64M.A.C.H. - Maneuverable Armed Computer Humans
    c64MIG-29 Soviet Fighter
    c64Macadam Bumper
    c64Mad Mix Game - The Pepsi Challenge
    c64Mag Max
    c64Magic Johnson's Basketball
    c64Magic Rufus
    c64Magicland Dizzy
    c64Manic Miner
    c64Marble Madness
    c64Mario Bros
    c64Master Blaster
    c64Master Chess
    c64Master of the Lamps
    c64Match Day
    c64Match Day II
    c64Match of the Day
    c64Maths Tutor
    c64Mayday Squad!
    c64Mean Machine
    c64Mean Streak
    c64Mega Warz
    c64Meganova - The Weapon
    c64Mercenary - Escape from Targ
    c64Mercenary - The Second City
    c64Mermaid Madness
    c64Metro Blitz
    c64Miami Chase
    c64Miami Dice
    c64Miami Vice
    c64Mickey Mouse
    c64Mickey's Runaway Zoo
    c64Micro Ball
    c64Micro Mouse
    c64Micro Olympics
    c64Microprose Soccer
    c64Mig Alley Ace
    c64Mighty Bombjack
    c64Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz
    c64Mind Control
    c64Mini Office
    c64Missile Command
    c64Mission A.D.
    c64Mission Elevator
    c64Mission Impossibubble
    c64Mission Omega
    c64Monopoly Deluxe
    c64Monte Carlo Casino
    c64Monty Python's Flying Circus
    c64Monty on the Run
    c64Moon Buggy
    c64Moon Shuttle
    c64Motor Mania
    c64Motorcycle 500
    c64Mountain Bike Racer
    c64Mountie Mick's Death Ride
    c64Movie Monster Game, The
    c64Moving Target
    c64Mr Heli
    c64Mr. Angry
    c64Mr. Freeze
    c64Mr. Wino
    c64Mrs. Mop
    c64Mugsy's Revenge
    c64Munch Mania
    c64Muncher, The
    c64Murray Mouse Super-Cop
    c64Mushroom Alley
    c64Mystery of the Nile, The
    c64N.E.I.L. Android
    c64Navy Moves
    c64Nemesis the Warlock
    c64Neptune's Daughters
    c64Neutral Zone
    c64New York City
    c64New Zealand Story
    c64Nick Faldo Plays the Open
    c64Night Racer
    c64Night Shift
    c64Ninja Commando
    c64Ninja Massacre
    c64Ninja Rabbits
    c64Ninja Scooter Simulator
    c64Ninja Spirit
    c64Ninja Warriors, The
    c64Nodes of Yesod
    c64North & South
    c64Nosferatu the Vampyre
    c64Nuclear Embargo
    c64OCP Art Studio, The
    c64Odysseus - Trojan Warrior
    c64Official Father Christmas Game, The
    c64Oh No!
    c64Olli & Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle
    c64Olli and Lissa 3
    c64Ollie's Follies
    c64Omega Run, The
    c64On Court Tennis
    c64On Cue
    c64On Field Football
    c64One Man and His Droid
    c64One on One
    c64Operation Fireball
    c64Operation Hanoi
    c64Operation Hormuz
    c64Operation Thunderbolt
    c64Operation Whirlwind
    c64Operation Wolf
    c64Orc Attack
    c64Out Run
    c64Out on the Tiles
    c64Ozzy versus the Universe - Part I - Demons of Topaz
    c64P.O.D. - Proof Of Destruction
    c64PSI-5 Trading Company
    c64Pacos Pete
    c64Paddington and the Disappearing Ink
    c64Paddington's Early Visit
    c64Paddington's Garden Game
    c64Pandora's Box
    c64Panic 64
    c64Panic Dizzy
    c64Para Academy
    c64Para Assault Course
    c64Paradroid - Competition Edition
    c64Paras, The
    c64Park Patrol
    c64Passing Shot
    c64Paste-Man Pat
    c64Penalty Soccer
    c64Percy the Potty Pigeon
    c64Periscope Up
    c64Pesky Painter
    c64Peter Pack Rat
    c64Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles
    c64Pi. R Squared
    c64Pigs in Space
    c64Pinball Spectacular
    c64Pinball Wizard
    c64Ping Pong
    c64Pitfall II - Lost Caverns
    c64Pitfall! - Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure
    c64Plumb Crazy
    c64Pogo Stick Olympics
    c64Pole Position
    c64Popeye 2
    c64Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy
    c64Poster Paster
    c64Postman Pat
    c64Postman Pat II
    c64Postman Pat III
    c64Potty Painter - In the Jungle
    c64Power Drift
    c64Power Pyramids
    c64Power Struggle
    c64Power, The
    c64Powerboat Simulator
    c64Predator II
    c64Premier II
    c64President Is Missing, The
    c64Price Of Magik
    c64Prince Clumsy
    c64Prince, The
    c64Prison Riot
    c64Pro Boxing Simulator
    c64Pro Ski Simulator
    c64Pro Tennis Simulator
    c64Pro Tennis Tour
    c64Prodigy, The
    c64Professional Skateboard Simulator
    c64Professional Snooker Simulator
    c64Project X
    c64Psi Warrior
    c64Psycho Pigs UXB
    c64Psycho Soldier
    c64Pub Games
    c64Pulse Warrior
    c64Punch and Judy
    c64Purple Turtles
    c64Q10 Tankbuster
    c64Question of Sport, A
    c64Quick Draw McGraw
    c64Quintic Warrior
    c64R.B.I. Baseball 2
    c64R.I.S.K. - Rapid Intercept Seek and Kill
    c64Race, The
    c64Rad Ramp Racer
    c64Raging Beast
    c64Raid on Bungeling Bay
    c64Rainbow Dragon
    c64Rainbow Warrior
    c64Rally Cross
    c64Rally Simulator
    c64Rambo III
    c64Rapid Fire
    c64Raster Runner
    c64Raw Recruit
    c64Real Ghostbusters, The
    c64Real Stunt Experts, The
    c64Rebel Planet
    c64Reckless Rufus
    c64Red Heat
    c64Red Led
    c64Red Max
    c64Red Moon
    c64Renegade III - The Final Chapter
    c64Rescue on Fractalus!
    c64Return of the Mutant Camels
    c64Return to Eden
    c64Return to Oz
    c64Revenge of the Mutant Camels
    c64Rick Dangerous
    c64Rick Dangerous II
    c64Rik the Roadie
    c64River Raid
    c64River Rescue
    c64Road Blasters
    c64Road Runner
    c64Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
    c64Robin Smith's International Cricket
    c64Robin of the Wood
    c64Robin to the Rescue
    c64Rock n' Bolt
    c64Rock'n Wrestle
    c64Rocket Ball
    c64Rocket Roger
    c64Rocky Horror Show, The
    c64Rod Land
    c64Rollercoaster Rumbler
    c64Rolling Thunder
    c64Ronald Rubberduck
    c64Round the Bend!
    c64Roy of the Rovers
    c64Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure
    c64Rugby - The World Cup
    c64Rugby Boss
    c64Run for Gold
    c64Running Man, The
    c64S.D.I. - Strategic Defence Initiative
    c64SAS Combat Simulator
    c64Saboteur II
    c64Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The
    c64Saint & Greavsie
    c64Saint Dragon
    c64Samantha Fox Strip Poker
    c64Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo
    c64Santa's Christmas Caper
    c64Sargon Chess II
    c64Scare Bear
    c64Scary Monsters
    c64Scooby Doo
    c64Scorpion II
    c64Scramble 64
    c64Scramble Spirits
    c64Scrolls of Abadon, The
    c64Scuba Dive
    c64Se-Kaa of Assiah
    c64Seabase Delta
    c64Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The
    c64Sentinel, The
    c64Sergeant Seymour Robotcop
    c64Seymour Goes to Hollywood
    c64Shadow Dancer
    c64Shadow Skimmer
    c64Shadow Warriors
    c64Shanghai Karate
    c64Shanghai Warriors
    c64Shaolin's Road
    c64Shard of Inovar
    c64Shirley Muldowney's Top Fuel Challenge
    c64Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit
    c64Short Circuit
    c64Sidearms + Hyper Dyne
    c64Sidewinder II
    c64Sigma Seven
    c64Silent Service
    c64Siren City
    c64Skate Rock
    c64Skate Wars
    c64Skateboard Joust
    c64Skatin' USA
    c64Skool Daze
    c64Sky High Stuntman
    c64Slap Fight
    c64Slightly Magic
    c64Slimey's Mine
    c64Sly Spy Secret Agent
    c64Snap Dragon
    c64Snoball in Hell
    c64Snow Queen, The
    c64Soccer Boss
    c64Soccer Challenge
    c64Soccer Pinball
    c64Soccer Supremo
    c64Soldier Of Fortune
    c64Solo Flight
    c64Solomon's Key
    c64Son of Blagger
    c64Sonic Boom
    c64Sooper Froot
    c64Sooty and Sweep
    c64Southern Belle
    c64Space Gun
    c64Space Harrier
    c64Space Harrier II
    c64Space Hunter
    c64Space Pilot
    c64Space Rider
    c64Space Shuttle Simulator
    c64Space Trooper
    c64Space Tunnel
    c64Space Walk
    c64Speed King
    c64Speed Zone
    c64Spider and the Fly
    c64Spikey in Transylvania
    c64Spiky Harold
    c64Spirit of the Stones
    c64Spitfire 40
    c64Spitfire Ace
    c64Spitting Image
    c64Split Personalities
    c64Spooky Castle
    c64Sport of Kings
    c64Spy Strikes Back, The
    c64Spy vs Spy
    c64Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper
    c64Spy vs Spy III - Arctic Antics
    c64Spy's Demise
    c64Stack Up
    c64Staff of Karnath
    c64Star Control
    c64Star League Baseball
    c64Star Race
    c64Star Raiders II
    c64Star Trek - The Rebel Universe
    c64Star Wars
    c64Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back, The
    c64Star Wars Droids - The Adventures of R2D2 and C3PO
    c64Starforce Nova
    c64Starship Andromeda
    c64Steel Eagle
    c64Steg the Slug
    c64Stellar 7
    c64Stellar Dodger
    c64Stellar Wars
    c64Steve Davis Snooker
    c64Sting 64
    c64Stop the Express
    c64Storm Warrior
    c64Street Beat
    c64Street Cred Football
    c64Street Fighter II
    c64Street Gang
    c64Street Hassle
    c64Street Sports Baseball
    c64Street Sports Basketball
    c64Street Surfer
    c64Street Warriors
    c64Strike Force Cobra
    c64Strike Force Harrier
    c64Strontium Dog
    c64Stun Runner
    c64Stunt Bike Simulator
    c64Stuntman Seymour
    c64Sub Battle Simulator
    c64Sub Hunt
    c64Sub Hunt 64
    c64Subway Vigilante
    c64Suicide Express
    c64Suicide Strike
    c64Summer Camp
    c64Summer Games
    c64Summer Olympiad
    c64Super Blitz
    c64Super Bowl XX
    c64Super Cars
    c64Super Dogfight
    c64Super G-Man
    c64Super Gran
    c64Super Hang-On
    c64Super Huey II
    c64Super League
    c64Super Monaco Grand Prix
    c64Super Nudge 2000
    c64Super Oswald
    c64Super Pipeline
    c64Super Rider
    c64Super Robin Hood
    c64Super Scramble Simulator
    c64Super Seymour Saves the Planet
    c64Super Ski
    c64Super Skramble!
    c64Super Snake Simulator
    c64Super Soccer
    c64Super Sprint
    c64Super Stock Car
    c64Super Stuntman
    c64Super Tank Simulator
    c64Super Trolley
    c64Super Wonderboy
    c64Super Zaxxon
    c64Superkid in Space
    c64Superleague Soccer
    c64Superman - Man of Steel
    c64Superman - The Game
    c64Superstar Ice Hockey
    c64Superstar Ping-Pong
    c64Survivors, The
    c64Swamp Fever
    c64Sydney Affair, The
    c64TRAZ - Transformable Arcade Zone
    c64Table Soccer
    c64Tag Team Wrestling
    c64Tai Chi Tortoise
    c64Tales of the Arabian Nights
    c64Target Renegade
    c64Tarzan Goes Ape!
    c64Task 3
    c64Terminator II - Judgment Day
    c64Terra Cognita
    c64Terra Cresta
    c64Terror of the Deep
    c64Test Master
    c64The Last Ninja
    c64Thing Bounces Back
    c64Thing on a Spring
    c64Thomas the Tank Engine
    c64Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun with Words
    c64Through the Trapdoor
    c64Thrust II
    c64Thunder Bolt
    c64Thunder Force
    c64Thunder Jaws
    c64Tiger Mission
    c64Time Machine
    c64Time Scanner
    c64Time Soldier
    c64Time Traveller
    c64Time Tunnel
    c64Tintin on the Moon
    c64Titanic Blinky
    c64Tom & Jerry - Hunting High and Low
    c64Tombs of Xeiops
    c64Top Cat Starring in Beverly Hills Cats
    c64Top Duck
    c64Top Gun
    c64Tornado Low Level
    c64Total Eclipse
    c64Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx
    c64Total Recall
    c64Touchdown Football
    c64Toy Bizarre
    c64Tracksuit Manager
    c64Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge
    c64Transformers, The
    c64Transformers, The - Battle to Save the Earth
    c64Transylvanian Tower
    c64Trantor - The Last Stormtrooper
    c64Treasure Hunt
    c64Treasure Island
    c64Treasure of the Phoenix
    c64Treble Champions
    c64Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory
    c64Trooper Truck
    c64Tube, The
    c64Tunnel Vision
    c64Turbo Boat Simulator
    c64Turbo Charge
    c64Turbo Esprit
    c64Turbo Girl
    c64Turbo Kart Racer
    c64Turbo Out Run
    c64Turbo the Tortoise
    c64Turn 'n' Burn
    c64Twin Kingdom Valley
    c64Twin Tornado
    c64Twinky Goes Hiking
    c64Two Player Super League
    c64UCM - Ultimate Combat Mission
    c64UN Squadron
    c64Untouchables, The
    c64Up 'n Down
    c64Up Periscope
    c64Valkyrie 17
    c64Vampire's Empire
    c64Vector Ball
    c64Vegas Jackpot
    c64Very First, The
    c64Video Meanies
    c64Vindicator, The
    c64Vortex Raider
    c64WWF Wrestlemania Challenge
    c64Wacky Darts
    c64Wallie Goes to Rhymeland
    c64War Cars Construction Set
    c64War Machine
    c64War Play
    c64War in Middle Earth
    c64Warlock - The Avenger
    c64Warrior II
    c64Water Polo
    c64Way of the Tiger
    c64Web Dimension
    c64Wembley Greyhounds
    c64Werewolves of London
    c64Wheelin' Wallie
    c64Where's My Bones
    c64Who Dares Wins
    c64Who Dares Wins II
    c64Wild Ride
    c64Wild Streets
    c64Wild West Seymour
    c64Willow Pattern Adventure, The
    c64Wing Commander
    c64Winter Camp
    c64Winter Olympiad
    c64Winter Supersports 92
    c64Wizard Warz
    c64Wizard Willy
    c64Wizard's Lair
    c64Wizard's Pet
    c64Wombles, The
    c64World Champions
    c64World Championship Boxing Manager
    c64World Championship Soccer
    c64World Championship Squash
    c64World Class Leaderboard
    c64World Cricket
    c64World Cup Carnival - Mexico '86
    c64World Cup Soccer - Italia '90
    c64World Rugby
    c64World Series Baseball
    c64World Soccer
    c64World Soccer League
    c64World of Soccer
    c64Worm in the Paradise
    c64Wrestling Superstars
    c64X-15 Alpha Mission
    c64Yie Ar Kung-Fu
    c64Yie Ar Kung-Fu II
    c64Yogi Bear
    c64Yogi Bear & Friends in the Greed Monster
    c64Yogi's Great Escape
    c64Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
    c64Zig Zag
    cd32Tower Of Souls
    cdtvAir Warrior
    cdtvCamel Racer
    cdtvFremdsprachenrätsel Spanisch 1
    cdtvGangster Pursuit
    cdtvJack Nicklaus Golf
    cdtvRead With Asterix - The Secret Weapon
    cdtvSpace Wars
    cpcSpitting Image
    cpcU.N. Squadron
    dos4D Sports Driving
    dosAlley Cat
    dosBeyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor
    dosClonk 2: Debakel
    dosClonk 3: Radikal
    dosClonk A.P.E.
    dosComanche 2
    dosCommander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars
    dosConquests of the Longbow
    dosCurse of Enchantia
    dosDescent II: Vertigo Series
    dosDuke Nukem 3D
    dosDuke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition
    dosEF2000: Special Edition
    dosEye of the Beholder
    dosEye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon
    dosEye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor
    dosFinal Doom
    dosFlashback: The Quest for Identity
    dosGabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
    dosGrand Prix II
    dosHalloween Harry
    dosJazz Jackrabbit
    dosJazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM
    dosJazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994
    dosJazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1995
    dosKing's Quest I: Quest for the Crown
    dosLeisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
    dosLeisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work
    dosLeisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!
    dosLeisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)
    dosLeisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals
    dosLeisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
    dosLeisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail
    dosLost in Time
    dosLure of the Temptress
    dosMaster Levels for DOOM II
    dosMaster of Magic
    dosMaster of Orion
    dosMaster of Orion II: Battle at Antares
    dosMonkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
    dosPanzer General
    dosPepper's Adventures in Time
    dosPhantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh
    dosPinball Dreams
    dosPinball Dreams II
    dosPirates! Gold
    dosPolice Quest 3: The Kindred
    dosPolice Quest II: The Vengeance
    dosPolice Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel
    dosPolice Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel [VGA]
    dosPolice Quest: Open Season
    dosPolice Quest: SWAT
    dosQuest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero
    dosQuest for Glory II: Trial by Fire
    dosQuest for Glory III: Wages of War
    dosQuest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness
    dosRelentless: Twinsen's Adventure
    dosRick Dangerous II
    dosRise of the Dragon
    dosRise of the Triad: Dark War
    dosSam & Max Hit the Road
    dosSpace Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter
    dosSpear of Destiny
    dosStar Wars: Dark Forces
    dosStar Wars: TIE Fighter
    dosStar Wars: TIE Fighter [Collector's CD-ROM]
    dosTest Drive
    dosTest Drive II: The Duel
    dosTest Drive III: The Passion
    dosThe Black Cauldron
    dosThe Colonel's Bequest
    dosThe Dagger of Amon Ra
    dosThe Dig
    dosThe Secret of Monkey Island
    dosThe Settlers II: Gold Edition
    dosThe Ultimate Doom
    dosTraffic Department 2192
    dosTwinsen's Odyssey
    dosUnder a Killing Moon
    dosWacky Wheels
    dosWarcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal
    dosWarcraft II: Tides of Darkness
    dosWerewolf vs. Comanche
    dosWing Commander: Privateer
    dosWorms United
    dosX-COM: UFO Defense
    dosZak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
    gb(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World)
    gb(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World) (Rev 1)
    gb(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Boot ROM (World)
    gb3 Choume no Tama - Tama and Friends - 3 Choume Obake Panic!!
    gb3-pun Yosou - Umaban Club
    gb4 in 1
    gb4-in-1 Fun Pak
    gb4-in-1 Fun Pak Volume II
    gbAa Harimanada
    gbAdventures of Pinocchio, The
    gbAgro Soar
    gbAkazukin Chacha
    gbAkumajou Dracula - Shikkoku Taru Zensoukyoku - Dark Night Prelude
    gbAkumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun
    gbAlien vs Predator
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz Part 2
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz Part 3 - Champion Taikai
    gbAmerica Oudan Ultra Quiz Part 4
    gbAnimal Breeder
    gbAnimal Breeder 2
    gbAnother Bible
    gbAoki Densetsu Shoot!
    gbAretha II
    gbAretha III
    gbAtomic Punk
    gbAyakashi no Shiro
    gbBaby T-Rex
    gbBakenou TV '94
    gbBakenou V3
    gbBakuchou Retrieve Master
    gbBakuchou Retsuden Shou - Hyper Fishing
    gbBakuretsu Senshi Warrior
    gbBart no Survival Camp
    gbBaseball Kids
    gbBass Fishing Tatsujin Techou
    gbBataille Navale
    gbBattle Dodge Ball
    gbBattle Space
    gbBattle of Kingdom
    gbBikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! - Dokodemo Kin Medal
    gbBlaster Master Jr.
    gbBokujou Monogatari GB
    gbBomber Boy
    gbBomber King - Scenario 2
    gbBomber Man Collection
    gbBomber Man GB 2
    gbBonk's Adventure
    gbBouken! Puzzle Road
    gbBubble Bobble Junior
    gbBugs Bunny Collection
    gbBurai Senshi Deluxe
    gbBuster Bros.
    gbCadillac II
    gbCapcom Quiz - Hatena no Daibouken
    gbCaptain Tsubasa J - Zenkoku Seiha e no Chousen
    gbCaptain Tsubasa VS
    gbCave Noire
    gbChachamaru Boukenki 3 - Abyss no Tou
    gbChachamaru Panic
    gbChalvo 55 - Super Puzzle Action
    gbChibi Maruko-chan - Maruko Deluxe Theater
    gbChibi Maruko-chan - Okozukai Daisakusen!
    gbChibi Maruko-chan 2 - Deluxe Maruko World
    gbChibi Maruko-chan 3 - Mezase! Game Taishou no Maki
    gbChibi Maruko-chan 4 - Kore ga Nihon Da yo! Ouji-sama
    gbChiki Chiki Machine Mou Race
    gbChiki Chiki Tengoku
    gbChoplifter II
    gbChou Mashin Eiyuu Den Wataru - Mazekko Monster
    gbChou Mashin Eiyuu Den Wataru - Mazekko Monster 2
    gbChousoku Spinner
    gbCollection Pocket
    gbContra Spirits
    gbCool Ball
    gbCrayon Shin-chan - Ora no Gokigen Collection
    gbCrayon Shin-chan - Ora to Shiro wa Otomodachi Da yo
    gbCrayon Shin-chan 2 - Ora to Wanpaku Gokko Dazo
    gbCrayon Shin-chan 3 - Ora no Gokigen Athletic
    gbCrayon Shin-chan 4 - Ora no Itazura Daihenshin
    gbCult Jump
    gbCult Master - Ultraman ni Miserarete
    gbDX Bakenou Z
    gbDai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen G
    gbDaikaijuu Monogatari - The Miracle of the Zone
    gbDaiku no Gen-san - Ghost Building Company
    gbDaiku no Gen-san - Robot Teikoku no Yabou
    gbDennis the Menace
    gbDino Breeder
    gbDino Breeder 2
    gbDoraemon - Taiketsu HimitsuDougu!!
    gbDoraemon 2 - Animal Planet Densetsu
    gbDoraemon Kart
    gbDoraemon no Game Boy de Asobouyo Deluxe 10
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 1 - Shou 1 Kokugo Kanji
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 2 - Shou 1 Sansuu Keisan
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 3 - Ku Ku Master
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 4 - Shou ni Kokugo Kanji
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 5 - Shou 2 Sansuu Keisan
    gbDoraemon no Study Boy 6 - Gakushuu Kanji Master 1006
    gbDouble Yakuman
    gbDouble Yakuman II
    gbDouble Yakuman Junior
    gbDowntown - Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Dokodemo Daiundoukai
    gbDracula Densetsu
    gbDracula Densetsu II
    gbDragon Ball Z - Gokuu Gekitouden
    gbDragon Ball Z - Gokuu Hishouden
    gbDragon Slayer - Nemuri no Oukan
    gbDragon Tail
    gbDragon's Lair
    gbDruaga no Tou
    gbDungeon Land
    gbF-1 Spirit
    gbF-15 Strike Eagle II
    gbF1 Boy
    gbFamily Jockey
    gbFamily Jockey 2 - Meiba no Kettou
    gbFleet Commander VS.
    gbFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk - Gakeppuchi no Kesshou League
    gbFrom TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 - Zenkoku e no Tip Off
    gbFunny Field
    gbFushigi na Blobby - Princess Blob o Sukue!
    gbFushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren GB - Tsukikage Mura no Kaibutsu
    gbGB Basketball
    gbGB Genjin
    gbGB Genjin 2
    gbGB Genjin Land - Viva! Chikkun Oukoku
    gbGB Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Jr
    gbGBKiss Mini Games
    gbGI King! - Sanbiki no Yosouya
    gbGalaga & Galaxian
    gbGame Boy Camera
    gbGame Boy Camera Gold
    gbGame Boy Controller Kensa Cartridge
    gbGame Boy Datenlogger 1
    gbGame Boy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
    gbGame Boy Gallery
    gbGame Boy Wars
    gbGame Boy Wars Turbo
    gbGame Boy Wars Turbo - Famitsu Version
    gbGame Genie
    gbGame de Hakken!! Tamagotchi
    gbGame de Hakken!! Tamagotchi - Osutchi to Mesutchi
    gbGame de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2
    gbGamera - Daikaijuu Kuuchuu Kessen
    gbGanbare Goemon - Kurofunetou no Nazo
    gbGanbare Goemon - Sarawareta Ebisumaru
    gbGanso!! Yancha Maru
    gbGegege no Kitarou - Youkai Souzoushu Arawaru!
    gbGekitou Power Modeller
    gbGem Gem
    gbGenjin Collection
    gbGinga - Card & Puzzle Collection
    gbGo! Go! Hitchhike
    gbGod Medicine - Fantasy Sekai no Tanjou
    gbGod Medicine - Fukkokuban
    gbGolf Classic
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Joushiki no Sho
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Kanji no Tatsujin
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Keisan no Tatsujin
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Nanmon no Sho
    gbGoukaku Boy GOLD - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Zukei no Tatsujin
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - 99 Nendo Ban Eitango Center 1500
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Eijukugo Target 1000
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Eiken 2kyuu Level no Kaiwa Hyougen 333
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Eitango Target 1900
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Gakken - Kanyouku Kotowaza 210
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Gakken - Rekishi 512
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Gakken - Yojijukugo 288
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Kirihara Shoten Hinshutsu Eibunpou Gohou Mondai 1000
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Chuugaku Eijukugo 350
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Chuugaku Eitango 1700
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Kanji Mondai no Seifuku
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Rekishi Nendai Anki Point 240
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Koukou Nyuushi Derujun - Rika Anki Point 250
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Nihonshi Target 201
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Kokugo Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Rika Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Sansuu Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Shakai Battle Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Shikakui Atama o Maruku Suru - Suuji de Asobou Sansuu Hen
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Yamakawa Ichimonittou - Nihonshi B Yougo Mondaishuu
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Yamakawa Ichimonittou - Sekaishi B Yougo Mondaishuu
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai Kyuukyoku no Eigo Koubun 285
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai Kyuukyoku no Eijukugo 1017
    gbGoukaku Boy Series - Z Kai Kyuukyoku no Eitango 1500
    gbGradius - The Interstellar Assault
    gbGrander Musashi RV
    gbHayaoshi Quiz - Ouza Ketteisen
    gbHead On
    gbHeiankyou Alien
    gbHeisei Tensai Bakabon
    gbHeracles no Eikou - Ugokidashita Kamigami
    gbHiryuu no Ken Gaiden
    gbHitori de Dekirumon! - Cooking Densetsu
    gbHoi Hoi - Game Boy Ban
    gbHokuto no Ken - Seizetsu Juuban Shoubu
    gbHon Shougi
    gbHong Kong
    gbHonmei Boy
    gbHonoo no Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei
    gbHoshi no Kirby
    gbHoshi no Kirby 2
    gbHyper Black Bass
    gbHyper Dunk
    gbIkari no Yousai
    gbIndiana Jones - Saigo no Seisen
    gbInfoGenius Productivity Pak - Berlitz French Translator
    gbInfoGenius Productivity Pak - Berlitz Spanish Translator
    gbInfoGenius Productivity Pak - Frommer's Travel Guide
    gbInfoGenius Productivity Pak - Personal Organizer and Phone Book
    gbInfoGenius Productivity Pak - Spell Checker and Calculator
    gbInfoGenius Systems - Personal Organizer with Phone Book
    gbInitial D Gaiden
    gbIppatsu Gyakuten! DX Bakenou
    gbIshida Yoshio Tsumego Paradise
    gbItsudemo! Nyan to Wonderful
    gbJaleco J.Cup Soccer
    gbJanshirou II - Sekai Saikyou no Janshi
    gbJantaku Boy
    gbJet Pack
    gbJikuu Senki Mu
    gbJimmy Connors no Pro Tennis Tour
    gbJinsei Game
    gbJinsei Game Densetsu
    gbJoe & Mac
    gbJungle Wars
    gbKachiuma Yosou Keiba Kizoku
    gbKachiuma Yosou Keiba Kizoku EX '94
    gbKachiuma Yosou Keiba Kizoku EX '95
    gbKaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru
    gbKaisen Game - Navy Blue
    gbKandume Monsters
    gbKarakuri Kengou Den Musashi Lord
    gbKaseki Sousei Reborn
    gbKawa no Nushi Tsuri 3
    gbKeitai Keiba Eight Special
    gbKick Boxing, The
    gbKidou Keisatsu Patlabor - Nerawareta Machi 1990
    gbKikou Keisatsu Metal Jack
    gbKing James Bible
    gbKing of the Zoo
    gbKingyo Chuuihou! - Wapiko no Wakuwaku Stamp Rally!
    gbKingyo Chuuihou! 2 - Gyopi-chan o Sagase!
    gbKinin Koumaroku Oni
    gbKirby no Block Ball
    gbKirby no Kirakira Kids
    gbKirby no Pinball
    gbKizuchi da Quiz da Gen-san da!
    gbKoi wa Kakehiki
    gbKonamic Basket
    gbKonamic Golf
    gbKonamic Ice Hockey
    gbKonamic Sports in Barcelona
    gbKonchuu Hakase
    gbKoro Dice
    gbKoukiatsu Boy
    gbKrusty World
    gbKuma no Puutarou - Takara Sagashi da Ooiri Game Battle!
    gbKunio-kun no Jidaigeki Da yo Zenin Shuugou!
    gbKyoro-chan Land
    gbLegend of Prince Valiant, The
    gbLitti's Summer Sports
    gbLittle Master - Raikuban no Densetsu
    gbLittle Master 2 - Raikou no Kishi
    gbLolo no Daibouken
    gbLooney Tunes - Bugs Bunny to Yukai na Nakama-tachi
    gbLooney Tunes Series - Daffy Duck
    gbLucky Monkey
    gbMVP Baseball
    gbMach Go Go Go
    gbMaerchen Club
    gbMagic Knight Rayearth
    gbMagic Knight Rayearth 2nd. - The Missing Colors
    gbMagical Taruruuto-kun
    gbMagical Taruruuto-kun 2 - Raibaa Zone Panic!!
    gbMahoujin Guruguru
    gbMakai Toushi Sa-Ga
    gbMakaimura Gaiden - The Demon Darkness
    gbMani 4 in 1
    gbMario & Yoshi
    gbMario no Picross
    gbMarmalade Boy
    gbMasakari Densetsu - Kintarou Action Hen
    gbMasakari Densetsu - Kintarou RPG Hen
    gbMatthias Sammer Soccer
    gbMedarot - Kabuto Version
    gbMedarot - Kuwagata Version
    gbMedarot - Parts Collection
    gbMedarot - Parts Collection 2
    gbMegami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible
    gbMegami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible II
    gbMeitantei Conan - Chika Yuuenchi Satsujin Jiken
    gbMeitantei Conan - Giwaku no Gouka Ressha
    gbMick & Mack as the Global Gladiators
    gbMickey Mouse V
    gbMickey's Chase
    gbMidori no Makibaou
    gbMikeneko Holmes no Kishidou
    gbMilon no Meikyuu Kumikyoku
    gbMini 4 Boy
    gbMini 4 Boy II - Final Evolution
    gbMini Yonku GB Let's & Go!!
    gbMini Yonku GB Let's & Go!! - All-Star Battle Max
    gbMinolta Camera Test Cart 2420
    gbMinolta Camera Test Cart 2440
    gbMogu Mogu Gombo
    gbMomotarou Collection
    gbMomotarou Collection 2
    gbMomotarou Densetsu Gaiden
    gbMomotarou Dentetsu jr. - Zenkoku Ramen Meguri no Maki
    gbMonde Perdu, Le - Jurassic Park
    gbMoney Idol Exchanger
    gbMonster Maker
    gbMonster Maker - Barcode Saga
    gbMonster Maker 2 - Uru no Hiken
    gbMonster Race
    gbMonster Race Okawari
    gbMortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat II
    gbMortal Kombat II - Kyuukyoku Shinken
    gbMr. Go no Baken Tekichuu Jutsu
    gbMystic Quest
    gbNIV Bible & the 20 Lost Levels of Joshua
    gbNada Asatarou & Kojima Takeo no Jissen Mahjong Kyoushitsu
    gbNada Asatarou no Powerful Mahjong - Tsugi no Itte 100 Dai
    gbNakajima Satoru Kanshuu - F-1 Hero GB '92 - The Graded Driver
    gbNangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun - Ganmadan no Yabou
    gbNavy Blue 90
    gbNavy Blue 98
    gbNectaris GB
    gbNekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun - Bangai Rantou Hen
    gbNekketsu Koukou Soccer-bu - World Cup Hen
    gbNekojara Monogatari
    gbNemesis II - The Return of the Hero
    gbNettou Samurai Spirits
    gbNettou Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken
    gbNettou The King of Fighters '95
    gbNettou The King of Fighters '96
    gbNettou Toushinden
    gbNettou World Heroes 2 Jet
    gbNichibutsu Mahjong - Yoshimoto Gekijou
    gbNigel Mansell's World Championship Racing
    gbNihon Daihyou Team France de Ganbare! - J.League Supporter Soccer
    gbNikkan Berutomo Club
    gbNinja Ryuuken Den - Matenrou Kessen
    gbNinku Dai-2-dan - Ninku Sensou Hen
    gbNintama Rantarou GB
    gbNintama Rantarou GB - Eawase Challenge Puzzle
    gbNobunaga no Yabou - Game Boy Ban
    gbOira Jajamaru! Sekai Daibouken
    gbOni II - Oni Densetsu
    gbOni III - Kuro no Hakaishin
    gbOni IV - Kijin no Ketsuzoku
    gbOni V - Oni wo Tsugumono
    gbOnigashima Pachinkoten
    gbOperation C
    gbOsawagase! Penguin Boy
    gbOtogibanashi Taisen
    gbOyatsu Quiz Mogu Mogu Q
    gbP-Man GB
    gbPachi-Slot Hisshou Guide GB
    gbPachi-Slot Kids
    gbPachi-Slot Kids 2
    gbPachi-Slot Kids 3
    gbPachi-Slot World Cup '94
    gbPachinko CR Daiku no Gen-san GB
    gbPachinko Data Card - Chou Ataru-kun
    gbPachinko Kaguya Hime
    gbPachinko Monogatari Gaiden
    gbPachinko Saiyuuki
    gbPachinko Time
    gbPachio-kun - Game Gallery
    gbPachio-kun - Puzzle Castle
    gbPachio-kun 2
    gbPachio-kun 3
    gbPanel no Ninja Kesamaru
    gbParodius Da!
    gbPeke to Poko no Daruman Busters
    gbPenguin-kun Wars VS.
    gbPhantom Air Mission
    gbPinball - 66hiki no Wani Daikoushin!
    gbPocket Bass Fishing
    gbPocket Battle
    gbPocket Camera
    gbPocket Densha
    gbPocket Family
    gbPocket Kanjirou
    gbPocket Kyoro-chan
    gbPocket Love
    gbPocket Love 2
    gbPocket Mahjong
    gbPocket Monsters - Aka
    gbPocket Monsters - Ao
    gbPocket Monsters - Midori
    gbPocket Monsters - Pikachu
    gbPocket Shougi
    gbPocket Sonar
    gbPokemon - Blaue Edition
    gbPokemon - Edicion Amarilla - Edicion Especial Pikachu
    gbPokemon - Edicion Azul
    gbPokemon - Edicion Roja
    gbPokemon - Gelbe Edition - Special Pikachu Edition
    gbPokemon - Rote Edition
    gbPokemon - Version Bleue
    gbPokemon - Version Jaune - Edition Speciale Pikachu
    gbPokemon - Version Rouge
    gbPokemon - Versione Blu
    gbPokemon - Versione Gialla - Speciale Edizione Pikachu
    gbPokemon - Versione Rossa
    gbPokonyan! - Yume no Daibouken
    gbPower Pro GB
    gbPro Action Replay
    gbPro Mahjong Kiwame GB
    gbPro Soccer
    gbPro Wrestling
    gbProbotector 2
    gbPurikura Pocket - Fukanzen Joshikousei Manual
    gbPurikura Pocket 2 - Kareshi Kaizou Daisakusen
    gbPurikura Pocket 3 - Talent Debut Daisakusen
    gbPuzzle Bobble GB
    gbPuzzle Boy
    gbPuzzle Boy II
    gbQuiz Nihon Mukashibanashi - Athena no Hatena
    gbQuiz Sekai wa Show by Shoubai!!
    gbRanma 1-2
    gbRanma 1-2 - Kakugeki Mondou!!
    gbRanma 1-2 - Netsuretsu Kakutou Hen
    gbRed Arremer - Makaimura Gaiden
    gbRed October o Oe!
    gbRenju Club
    gbRock'n! Monster!!
    gbRockman World
    gbRockman World 2
    gbRockman World 3
    gbRockman World 4
    gbRockman World 5
    gbRubble Saver
    gbRubble Saver II
    gbSD Command Gundam - G-Arms
    gbSD Gundam - SD Sengokuden - Kunitori Monogatari
    gbSD Gundam Gaiden - Lacroan' Heroes
    gbSD Lupin Sansei - Kinko Yaburi Daisakusen
    gbSD Sengokuden 2 - Tenka Touitsu Hen
    gbSD Sengokuden 3 - Chijou Saikyou Hen
    gbSa-Ga 2 - Hihou Densetsu
    gbSa-Ga 3 - Jikuu no Hasha
    gbSaint Paradise - Saikyou no Senshi-tachi
    gbSangokushi - Game Boy Ban
    gbSanrio Uranai Party
    gbSchiffe Versenken
    gbSea Battle
    gbSeaside Volley
    gbSeiken Densetsu - Final Fantasy Gaiden
    gbSelection - Erabareshi Mono
    gbSelection I & II
    gbSelection II - Ankoku no Fuuin
    gbSengoku Ninja-kun
    gbShadow Warriors
    gbShin Keiba Kizoku Pocket Jockey
    gbShin SD Gundam Gaiden - Knight Gundam Story
    gbShinri Game 2, The - Oosaka Hen
    gbShinri Game, The
    gbShinseiki GPX Cyber Formula
    gbShippo de Bun
    gbShougi Saikyou
    gbShounen Ashibe - Yuuenchi Panic
    gbShuyaku Sentai Irem Fighter
    gbSimpsons, The - Bart no Jack to Mame no Ki
    gbSnoopy no Hajimete no Otsukai
    gbSoccer Boy
    gbSoreyuke! Speedy Gonzales
    gbSoukoban 2
    gbSpartan X
    gbSpirit of F-1, The
    gbSplitz - Nigaoe 15 Game
    gbSports Collection
    gbStar Sweep
    gbSumou Fighter - Toukaidou Basho
    gbSuper Battletank - War in the Gulf
    gbSuper Black Bass Pocket
    gbSuper Black Bass Pocket 2
    gbSuper Bombliss
    gbSuper Breakout
    gbSuper Chinese Land
    gbSuper Chinese Land 1.2.3'
    gbSuper Chinese Land 2
    gbSuper Chinese Land 3
    gbSuper Donkey Kong GB
    gbSuper Mario Land 2 - 6-tsu no Kinka
    gbSuper Momotarou Dentetsu
    gbSuper Momotarou Dentetsu II
    gbSuper Pachinko Taisen
    gbSuper Robot Taisen
    gbSuper Snakey
    gbTV Champion
    gbTaikyoku Renju
    gbTaito Chase H.Q.
    gbTaito Variety Pack
    gbTaiyou no Tenshi Marlowe - Ohanabatake wa Dai-panic
    gbTakahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima II
    gbTakahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima III
    gbTakeda Nobuhiro no Ace Striker
    gbTasmania Monogatari
    gbTeenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan
    gbTeenage Mutant Hero Turtles II - Back from the Sewers
    gbTeenage Mutant Hero Turtles III - Radical Rescue
    gbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    gbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
    gbTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - Turtles Kikiippatsu
    gbTeke Teke! Asmik-kun World
    gbTekichuu Rush
    gbTenchi o Kurau
    gbTenjin Kaisen
    gbTetris Flash
    gbTiny Toon Adventures
    gbTiny Toon Adventures - Dokidoki Sport Festival
    gbTiny Toon Adventures 2
    gbTokio Senki - Eiyuu Retsuden
    gbTokoro's Mahjong Jr.
    gbTokyo Disneyland - Fantasy Tour
    gbTokyo Disneyland - Mickey no Cinderella-jou Mystery Tour
    gbTom to Jerry
    gbTom to Jerry Part 2
    gbTop Ranking Tennis
    gbTotsugeki Valations
    gbTotsugeki! Ponkotsu Tank
    gbTottemo! Lucky Man - Lucky Cookie Minna Daisuki!!
    gbTrack Meet - Mezase! Barcelona
    gbTrappers Tengoku - Spy vs Spy
    gbTrump Boy
    gbTrump Boy II
    gbTrump Collection GB
    gbTsumego Series 1 - Fujisawa Hideyuki Meiyo Kisei
    gbTsumeshougi - Hyakuban Shoubu
    gbTsumeshougi - Kanki Godan
    gbTsumeshougi - Mondai Teikyou Shougi Sekai
    gbTsuri Sensei
    gbTwinBee da!!
    gbUchiiwai - Kyoudaijingi no Puzzle Game
    gbUchuu Senkan Yamato
    gbUltima - Ushinawareta Runes
    gbUltima - Ushinawareta Runes II
    gbUltra Golf
    gbUltraman Club - Tekikaijuu o Hakken seyo!
    gbUmi no Nushi Tsuri 2
    gbUndercover Cops Gaiden - Hakaishin Garumaa
    gbUno - Small World
    gbUno 2 - Small World
    gbUrusei Yatsura - Miss Tomobiki o Sagase!
    gbVS Battler
    gbVelious - Roland no Majuu
    gbVelious II - Fukushuu no Jashin
    gbVirtual Wars
    gbVitamina Oukoku Monogatari
    gbWedding Peach - Jamapii Panic
    gbWelcome Nakayoshi Park
    gbWinner's Horse
    gbWizardry Gaiden 1 - Joou no Junan
    gbWizardry Gaiden 2 - Kodai Koutei no Noroi
    gbWizardry Gaiden 3 - Yami no Seiten
    gbWorld Beach Volley - 1991 GB Cup
    gbWorld Cup Striker
    gbWorld Soccer GB
    gbYannick Noah Tennis
    gbYomihon Yumegoyomi - Tenjin Kaisen 2
    gbYoshi no Cookie
    gbYoshi no Panepon
    gbYoshi no Tamago
    gbYousei Monogatari: Rod Land
    gbYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
    gbZerd no Densetsu
    gbZerd no Densetsu 2 - Xerd!! Gishin no Ryouiki
    gba(BIOS) Game Boy Advance (Japan) (Debug Version)
    gba(BIOS) Game Boy Advance (World)
    gba2 Disney Games - Disney Sports - Football + Disney Sports - Skateboarding
    gba2 Disney Games - Lilo & Stitch 2 + Peter Pan - Return to Neverland
    gba2 Game Pack! - Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Challenge + Hot Wheels - World Race
    gba2 Game Pack! - Matchbox Missions - Emergency Response & Air, Land and Sea Rescue
    gba2 Game Pack! - Matchbox Missions - Emergency Response + Air, Land and Sea Rescue
    gba2 Game Pack! - Uno & Skip-Bo
    gba2 Game Pack! - Uno + Skip-Bo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Alla Ricerca di Nemo + Gli Incredibili - Una 'Normale' Famiglia di Supereroi
    gba2 Games in 1 - Bionicle + Knights' Kingdom
    gba2 Games in 1 - Brother Bear + The Lion King
    gba2 Games in 1 - Buscando a Nemo + Los Increibles
    gba2 Games in 1 - Cartoon Network Block Party + Cartoon Network Speedway
    gba2 Games in 1 - Columns Crown + ChuChu Rocket!
    gba2 Games in 1 - Die Monster AG + Findet Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesas + El Rey Leon
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesas + Hermano Oso
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesas + Lizzie McGuire
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princess + Brother Bear
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princess + Lizzie McGuire
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesse + Frere des Ours
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Princesse + Le Roi Lion
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Principesse + Il Re Leone
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disney Principesse + Koda, Fratello Orso
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disneys Prinzessinnen + Baerenbrueder
    gba2 Games in 1 - Disneys Prinzessinnen + Der Koenig der Loewen
    gba2 Games in 1 - Dr. Mario + Puzzle League
    gba2 Games in 1 - Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku I & II
    gba2 Games in 1 - Findet Nemo + Die Unglaublichen
    gba2 Games in 1 - Findet Nemo + Findet Nemo - Das Abenteuer Geht Weiter
    gba2 Games in 1 - Finding Nemo + Finding Nemo - The Continuing Adventures
    gba2 Games in 1 - Finding Nemo + The Incredibles
    gba2 Games in 1 - Finding Nemo - The Continuing Adventures + The Incredibles
    gba2 Games in 1 - Golden Nugget Casino + Texas Hold 'em Poker
    gba2 Games in 1 - Hot Wheels - Velocity X + Hot Wheels - World Race
    gba2 Games in 1 - Les Razmoket Rencontrent les Delajungle + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monsters & Co. + Alla Ricerca di Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monsters en Co. + Finding Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monsters, Inc. + Finding Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monstres & Cie + Le Monde de Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Monstruos, S.A. + Buscando a Nemo
    gba2 Games in 1 - Moto GP + GT Advance 3 - Pro Concept Racing
    gba2 Games in 1 - Power Rangers - Ninja Storm + Power Rangers - La Force du Temps
    gba2 Games in 1 - Power Rangers - Ninja Storm + Power Rangers - Time Force
    gba2 Games in 1 - Quad Desert Fury + Monster Trucks
    gba2 Games in 1 - Rugrats - Go Wild + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo + Scooby-Doo 2 - Desatado
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo + Scooby-Doo 2 - Les Monstres Se Dechainent
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo + Scooby-Doo 2 - Monsters Unleashed
    gba2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo! - Mystery Mayhem + Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Advance + ChuChu Rocket!
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Advance + Sonic Battle
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Battle + ChuChu Rocket!
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Battle + Sonic Pinball Party
    gba2 Games in 1 - Sonic Pinball Party + Columns Crown
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom + Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom + Nicktoons - Freeze Frame Frenzy
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom + The Fairly OddParents! - Breakin' da Rules
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Revenge of the Flying Dutchman + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge
    gba2 Games in 1 - SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge + SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom
    gba2 Games in 1 - The Lion King + Disney Princess
    gba2 Games in 1 - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie + SpongeBob SquarePants and Friends in Freeze Frame Frenzy
    gba2 Games in 1! - Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury + Dragon Ball GT - Transformation
    gba2 Games in One! - Dr. Mario + Puzzle League
    gba2 Games in One! - Gauntlet + Rampart
    gba2 Games in One! - Marble Madness + Klax
    gba2 Games in One! - Paperboy + Rampage
    gba2 Games in One! - Spy Hunter + Super Sprint
    gba2 Great Games! - Pac-Man World + Ms. Pac-Man - Maze Madness
    gba2 Jeux en 1 - Titeuf - Ze Gagmachine + Titeuf - Mega Compet
    gba2 in 1 - Asterix & Obelix - Bash Them All! + Asterix & Obelix XXL
    gba2 in 1 - V-Rally 3 + Stuntman
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Shrek 2 & Shark Tale
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Shrek 2 + Shark Tale
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Spider-Man + Spider-Man 2
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Spider-Man - Mysterio's Menace + X2 - Wolverine's Revenge
    gba2 in 1 Game Pack - Tony Hawk's Underground + Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
    gba2-in-1 Fun Pack - Shrek 2 + Madagascar
    gba2-in-1 Fun Pack - Shrek 2 + Madagascar - Operation Penguin
    gba2K Sports - Major League Baseball 2K7
    gba3 Game Pack! - Candy Land + Chutes and Ladders + Original Memory Game
    gba3 Game Pack! - Ker Plunk! + Toss Across + Tip It
    gba3 Game Pack! - Mouse Trap + Simon + Operation
    gba3 Game Pack! - The Game of Life + Payday + Yahtzee
    gba3 Games in 1 - Rugrats - I Gotta Go Party + SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge + Tak and the Power of Juju
    gba3 Games in One! - Breakout + Centipede + Warlords
    gba3 Games in One! - Super Breakout + Millipede + Lunar Lander
    gba3 Games in One! - Yars' Revenge + Asteroids + Pong
    gba4 Games on One Game Pak
    gbaAb durch die Hecke
    gbaAcrobat Kid
    gbaAction Replay
    gbaAction Replay GBX
    gbaAction Replay MAX
    gbaAdvance GT2
    gbaAdvance GTA
    gbaAdvance Rally
    gbaAdventure of Tokyo Disney Sea
    gbaAging Cartridge
    gbaAigle de Guerre, L'
    gbaAirForce Delta II
    gbaAka-chan Doubutsuen
    gbaAleck Bordon Adventure - Tower & Shaft Advance
    gbaAmazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys, The
    gbaAngel Collection - Mezase! Gakuen no Fashion Leader
    gbaAngel Collection 2 - Pichimo ni Narou
    gbaAnimal Mania - Dokidoki Aishou Check
    gbaAnimal Yokochou - Doki Doki Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! no Maki
    gbaAnimal Yokochou - Doki Doki Shinkyuu Shiken! no Maki
    gbaAo-Zora to Nakama-tachi - Yume no Bouken
    gbaArthur and the Minimoys
    gbaAshita no Joe - Makka ni Moeagare!
    gbaAstro Boy - Tetsuwan Atom - Atom Heart no Himitsu
    gbaAvatar - The Legend of Aang
    gbaAvatar - The Legend of Aang - The Burning Earth
    gbaAventures de Jackie Chan, Les - La Legende de la Main Noire
    gbaAzumanga Daiou Advance
    gbaB-Densetsu! Battle B-Daman - Fire Spirits!
    gbaB-Densetsu! Battle B-Daman - Moero! B-Damashii!!
    gbaBB Ball
    gbaBMX Trick Racer
    gbaBabar to the Rescue
    gbaBack Track
    gbaBack to Stone
    gbaBackyard Baseball
    gbaBackyard Baseball 2006
    gbaBackyard Basketball
    gbaBackyard Football
    gbaBackyard Football 2006
    gbaBackyard Hockey
    gbaBackyard Skateboarding
    gbaBackyard Sports - Baseball 2007
    gbaBackyard Sports - Basketball 2007
    gbaBackyard Sports - Football 2007
    gbaBakunetsu Dodge Ball Fighters
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade - Gekitou! Saikyou Blader
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Gekisen! Team Battle!! Kouryuu no Shou - Daichi Hen
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Gekisen! Team Battle!! Seiryuu no Shou - Takao Hen
    gbaBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Ikuze! Bakutou! Chou Jiryoku Battle!!
    gbaBaldur's Gate - Dark Alliance
    gbaBallistic - Ecks vs. Sever
    gbaBalloon Fight
    gbaBanjo-Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge
    gbaBanjo-Kazooie - La Vendetta di Grunty
    gbaBanjo-Kazooie - La Venganza de Grunty
    gbaBarbie - The Princess and the Pauper
    gbaBarbie Diaries, The - High School Mystery
    gbaBarbie Groovy Games
    gbaBarbie Horse Adventures
    gbaBarbie Horse Adventures - Blue Ribbon Race
    gbaBarbie Superpack
    gbaBarbie and the Magic of Pegasus
    gbaBarbie as the Island Princess
    gbaBarbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
    gbaBaseball Advance
    gbaBasic Sample by Nintendo
    gbaBass Tsuri Shiyouze! - Tournament wa Senryaku da!
    gbaBatman - Rise of Sin Tzu
    gbaBatman - Vengeance
    gbaBatman Begins
    gbaBattle B-Daman
    gbaBattle B-Daman - Fire Spirits!
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE 2
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE 3
    gbaBattle Network Rockman EXE 3 - Black
    gbaBattle X Battle - Kyodai Gyo Densetsu
    gbaBattleBots - Beyond the BattleBox
    gbaBattleBots - Design & Destroy
    gbaBeast Shooter - Mezase Beast King!
    gbaBee Game, The
    gbaBerenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, The
    gbaBest Friends - Hunde & Katzen
    gbaBest Play Pro Yakyuu
    gbaBeyblade G-Revolution
    gbaBeyblade V-Force - Ultimate Blader Jam
    gbaBibi Blocksberg - Der Magische Hexenkreis
    gbaBibi und Tina - Ferien auf dem Martinshof
    gbaBible Game, The
    gbaBiene Maja, Die - Klatschmohnwiese in Gefahr
    gbaBig Mutha Truckers
    gbaBionicle - Matoran Adventures
    gbaBionicle - Maze of Shadows
    gbaBionicle Heroes
    gbaBlack Belt Challenge
    gbaBlack Black - Bura Bura
    gbaBlack Matrix Zero
    gbaBlades of Thunder
    gbaBleach Advance - Kurenai ni Somaru Soul Society
    gbaBlender Bros.
    gbaBlib Sample by Nintendo
    gbaBlue Angelo - Angels from the Shrine
    gbaBoard Game Classics
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - 9 Kyoku Senshi Gag Yuugou
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - Bakutou Hajike Taisen
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - Maji de!! Shinken Battle
    gbaBoboboubo Boubobo - Ougi 87.5 Bakuretsu Hanage Shinken
    gbaBoktai - The Sun Is in Your Hand
    gbaBoktai 2 - Solar Boy Django
    gbaBoku wa Koukuu Kanseikan
    gbaBokujou Monogatari - Mineral Town no Nakama-tachi
    gbaBokujou Monogatari - Mineral Town no Nakama-tachi for Girl
    gbaBokura no Taiyou - Taiyou Action RPG
    gbaBomber Man Jetters - Densetsu no Bomber Man
    gbaBomber Man Jetters - Game Collection
    gbaBomber Man Max 2 - Bomber Man Version
    gbaBomber Man Max 2 - Max Version
    gbaBomber Man Story
    gbaBomberman Max 2 - Blue Advance
    gbaBomberman Max 2 - Red Advance
    gbaBomberman Tournament
    gbaBouken Yuuki Pluster World - Densetsu no Plust Gate
    gbaBouken Yuuki Pluster World - Densetsu no Plust Gate EX
    gbaBouken Yuuki Pluster World - Pluston GP
    gbaBouken-ou Beet - Busters Road
    gbaBoukyaku no Senritsu
    gbaBoulder Dash EX
    gbaBoxing Fever
    gbaBratz - Babyz
    gbaBratz - Forever Diamondz
    gbaBratz - Rock Angelz
    gbaBratz - The Movie
    gbaBreath of Fire
    gbaBreath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi
    gbaBreath of Fire II
    gbaBreath of Fire II - Shimei no Ko
    gbaBritney's Dance Beat
    gbaBroken Circle
    gbaBroken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars
    gbaBrother Bear
    gbaBruce Lee - Return of the Legend
    gbaBuffy - Im Bann der Daemonen - Koenig Darkhuls Zorn
    gbaBuffy contre les Vampires - La Colere de Darkhul
    gbaBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Wrath of the Darkhul King
    gbaBura Bura Donkey
    gbaButt-Ugly Martians - B.K.M. Battles
    gbaCIMA - The Enemy
    gbaCT Special Forces
    gbaCT Special Forces - Back to Hell
    gbaCT Special Forces - Bioterror
    gbaCT Special Forces 2 - Back in the Trenches
    gbaCabbage Patch Kids - The Patch Puppy Rescue
    gbaCabela's Big Game Hunter
    gbaCabela's Big Game Hunter - 2005 Adventures
    gbaCaesars Palace Advance - Millennium Gold Edition
    gbaCamp Lazlo - Leaky Lake Games
    gbaCapcom Classics Mini Mix
    gbaCaptain Tsubasa - Eikou no Kiseki
    gbaCar Battler Joe
    gbaCard Party
    gbaCard e-Reader
    gbaCard e-Reader+
    gbaCardcaptor Sakura - Sakura Card Hen - Sakura to Card to Otomodachi
    gbaCardcaptor Sakura - Sakura Card de Mini Game
    gbaCare Bears - The Care Quests
    gbaCarrera Power Slide
    gbaCars - Mater-National Championship
    gbaCars - Motori Ruggenti
    gbaCartoon Network Block Party
    gbaCartoon Network Speedway
    gbaCastlevania - Akatsuki no Minuet
    gbaCastlevania Double Pack
    gbaCat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, The
    gbaChaoji Maliou 2
    gbaChaoji Maliou Shijie
    gbaCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
    gbaCharlotte's Web
    gbaCheetah Girls, The
    gbaChi Vuol Essere Milionario
    gbaChicken Little
    gbaChicken Shoot
    gbaChicken Shoot 2
    gbaChinmoku no Iseki - Estpolis Gaiden
    gbaChobits for Game Boy Advance - Atashi Dake no Hito
    gbaChocobo Land - A Game of Dice
    gbaChoro Q Advance
    gbaChoro Q Advance 2
    gbaChou Makaimura R
    gbaChronicles of Narnia, The - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
    gbaChuChu Rocket!
    gbaCinderella - Magical Dreams
    gbaCinnamon Game Series 2 - Yume no Daibouken
    gbaCinnamon Game Series 3 - Fuwafuwa Daisakusen
    gbaCinnamoroll - Koko ni Iru yo
    gbaClassic NES Series - Bomberman
    gbaClassic NES Series - Castlevania
    gbaClassic NES Series - Donkey Kong
    gbaClassic NES Series - Ice Climber
    gbaClassic NES Series - Metroid
    gbaClassic NES Series - Pac-Man
    gbaClassic NES Series - Xevious
    gbaClassic NES Series: Excitebike
    gbaClu Clu Land
    gbaCocoto - Kart Racer
    gbaCocoto - Platform Jumper
    gbaCodename - Kids Next Door - Operation S.O.D.A.
    gbaColin McRae Rally 2.0
    gbaColumns Crown
    gbaCombat Choro Q - Advance Daisakusen
    gbaCombo Pack - Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party
    gbaComix Zone
    gbaContra Advance
    gbaContra Advance - The Alien Wars EX
    gbaContra Hard Spirits
    gbaCosmo & Wanda - Wenn Elfen Helfen! - Das Schattenduell
    gbaCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 1
    gbaCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 2
    gbaCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 3
    gbaCrash & Spyro Superpack - Spyro - Season of Ice + Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure
    gbaCrash & Spyro Superpack - Spyro Orange - The Cortex Conspiracy + Crash Bandicoot Purple - Ripto's Rampage
    gbaCrash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure
    gbaCrash Bandicoot 2 - N-Tranced
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Advance
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Advance - Wakuwaku Tomodachi Daisakusen!
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Advance 2 - Guruguru Saimin Dai-panic!
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Bakusou! Nitro Cart
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Fusion
    gbaCrash Bandicoot Purple - Ripto's Rampage
    gbaCrash Bandicoot XS
    gbaCrash Nitro Kart
    gbaCrash Superpack
    gbaCrash of the Titans
    gbaCrayon Shin-chan - Arashi o Yobu Cinemaland no Daibouken!
    gbaCrayon Shin-chan - Densetsu o Yobu Omake no Miyako Shockgaan!
    gbaCrazy Chase
    gbaCrazy Frog Racer
    gbaCrazy Taxi - Catch a Ride
    gbaCroket! - Yume no Banker Survival!
    gbaCroket! 2 - Yami no Bank to Banqueen
    gbaCroket! 3 - Granu Oukoku no Nazo
    gbaCroket! 4 - Bank no Mori no Mamorigami
    gbaCroket! Great - Toki no Boukensha
    gbaCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    gbaCruis'n Velocity
    gbaCrushed Baseball
    gbaCubix - Robots for Everyone - Clash 'N Bash
    gbaCurious George
    gbaCustom Robo GX
    gbaCyberdrive Zoids - Kijuu no Senshi Hyuu
    gbaDK - King of Swing
    gbaDaisenryaku for Game Boy Advance
    gbaDaisuki Teddy
    gbaDan Doh!! Tobase Shouri no Smile Shot
    gbaDan Doh!! Xi
    gbaDancing Sword - Senkou
    gbaDanny Phantom - Dschungelstadt
    gbaDanny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy
    gbaDanny Phantom - Urban Jungle
    gbaDarius R
    gbaDark Arena
    gbaDark Empire
    gbaDave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
    gbaDave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3
    gbaDavid Beckham Soccer
    gbaDavis Cup
    gbaDead to Rights
    gbaDeadly Skies
    gbaDeal or No Deal
    gbaDefender - For All Mankind
    gbaDefender of the Crown
    gbaDemiKids - Dark Version
    gbaDemiKids - Light Version
    gbaDemon Driver - Time to Burn Rubber!
    gbaDenki Blocks!
    gbaDensetsu no Stafy
    gbaDensetsu no Stafy 2
    gbaDensetsu no Stafy 3
    gbaDerby Stallion Advance
    gbaDesert Strike Advance
    gbaDeutschland Sucht den Superstar
    gbaDexter's Laboratory - Chess Challenge
    gbaDexter's Laboratory - Deesaster Strikes!
    gbaDi Gi Charat - DigiCommunication
    gbaDiadroids World - Evil Teikoku no Yabou
    gbaDiddy Kong Pilot
    gbaDigiCommunication Nyo - Datou! Black Gemagema Dan
    gbaDigimon - Battle Spirit
    gbaDigimon - Battle Spirit 2
    gbaDigimon Racing
    gbaDinotopia - The Timestone Pirates
    gbaDisney Princesas
    gbaDisney Princess
    gbaDisney Princess - Royal Adventure
    gbaDisney Princesse
    gbaDisney Principesse
    gbaDisney Sports - American Football
    gbaDisney Sports - Basketball
    gbaDisney Sports - Football
    gbaDisney Sports - Motocross
    gbaDisney Sports - Skateboarding
    gbaDisney Sports - Snowboarding
    gbaDisney Sports - Soccer
    gbaDisney's Game + TV Episode - Lizzie McGuire 2 - Lizzie Diaries
    gbaDisney's Party
    gbaDisneys Prinzessinnen
    gbaDog Trainer 2
    gbaDogz - Fashion
    gbaDogz 2
    gbaDokapon Q - Monster Hunter!
    gbaDokidoki Cooking Series 1 - Komugi-chan no Happy Cake
    gbaDokidoki Cooking Series 2 - Gourmet Kitchen - Suteki na Obentou
    gbaDokodemo Taikyoku - Yakuman Advance
    gbaDolphin Demo by Nintendo
    gbaDomo-kun no Fushigi Television
    gbaDonald Duck Advance
    gbaDonchan Puzzle Hanabi de Dohn Advance
    gbaDonkey Kong
    gbaDonkey Kong 3
    gbaDonkey Kong Country
    gbaDonkey Kong Country 2
    gbaDonkey Kong Country 3
    gbaDonkey Kong Jr.
    gbaDonkey Kong Jr. Math
    gbaDoom II
    gbaDora the Explorer - Dora's World Adventure!
    gbaDora the Explorer - Super Spies
    gbaDora the Explorer - Super Star Adventures!
    gbaDora the Explorer - The Search for the Pirate Pig's Treasure
    gbaDora the Explorer Double Pack
    gbaDoraemon - Dokodemo Walker
    gbaDoraemon - Midori no Wakusei Dokidoki Daikyuushutsu!
    gbaDouble Game! - Cartoon Network Block Party & Cartoon Network Speedway
    gbaDouble Game! - Golden Nugget Casino & Texas Hold 'em Poker
    gbaDouble Game! - Quad Desert Fury & Monster Trucks
    gbaDouble Pack - Sonic Advance & ChuChu Rocket!
    gbaDouble Pack - Sonic Battle & Sonic Advance
    gbaDouble Pack - Sonic Pinball Party & Sonic Battle
    gbaDoubutsu-jima no Chobigurumi
    gbaDoubutsu-jima no Chobigurumi 2 - Tama-chan Monogatari
    gbaDowntown - Nekketsu Monogatari EX
    gbaDr. Mario
    gbaDr. Mario
    gbaDr. Mario & Panel de Pon
    gbaDr. Muto
    gbaDr. Seuss' - The Cat in the Hat
    gbaDr. Sudoku
    gbaDragon Ball - Advance Adventure
    gbaDragon Ball - Advanced Adventure
    gbaDragon Ball GT - Transformation
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Bukuu Tougeki
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Collectible Card Game
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Moogongtoogeuk
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors
    gbaDragon Ball Z - Taiketsu
    gbaDragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku
    gbaDragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II
    gbaDragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II International
    gbaDragon Drive - World D Break
    gbaDragon Quest Characters - Torneko no Daibouken 2 Advance - Fushigi no Dungeon
    gbaDragon Quest Characters - Torneko no Daibouken 3 Advance - Fushigi no Dungeon
    gbaDragon Quest Monsters - Caravan Heart
    gbaDragon Tales - Dragon Adventures
    gbaDragon's Rock
    gbaDrake & Josh
    gbaDrill Dozer
    gbaDriver 2 Advance
    gbaDrome Racers
    gbaDroopy's Tennis Open
    gbaDual Blades
    gbaDuel Masters
    gbaDuel Masters - Kaijudo Showdown
    gbaDuel Masters - Sempai Legends
    gbaDuel Masters - Shadow of the Code
    gbaDuel Masters 2 - Invincible Advance
    gbaDuel Masters 2 - Kirifuda Shoubu Ver.
    gbaDuel Masters 3
    gbaDuke Nukem Advance
    gbaDungeons & Dragons - Eye of the Beholder
    gbaDynasty Warriors Advance
    gbaE.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
    gbaESPN Final Round Golf
    gbaESPN Final Round Golf 2002
    gbaESPN Great Outdoor Games - Bass 2002
    gbaESPN Great Outdoor Games - Bass Tournament
    gbaESPN International Winter Sports
    gbaESPN International Winter Sports 2002
    gbaESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2
    gbaESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2002
    gbaESPN X-Games Skateboarding
    gbaEX Monopoly
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 1
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 2
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 3
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 4
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 5
    gbaEZ-Talk - Shokyuu Hen 6
    gbaEarthworm Jim
    gbaEarthworm Jim 2
    gbaEcks V Sever
    gbaEcks vs Sever
    gbaEcks vs. Sever II - Ballistic
    gbaEd, Edd n Eddy - Jawbreakers!
    gbaEd, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures
    gbaEgg Mania
    gbaEgg Mania - Tsukande! Mawashite! Dossun Puzzle!!
    gbaEggo Mania
    gbaElevator Action - Old & New
    gbaElf - The Movie
    gbaElf Bowling 1 & 2
    gbaEnchanted - Once Upon Andalasia
    gbaErementar Gerad - Tozasareshi Uta
    gbaEuropean Super League
    gbaEver Girl
    gbaExciting Bass
    gbaExpedition der Stachelbeeren - Zoff im Zoo
    gbaExtreme Ghostbusters - Code Ecto-1
    gbaExtreme Skate Adventure
    gbaEyeshield 21 Devilbats Devildays
    gbaF-14 Tomcat
    gbaF-Zero - Climax
    gbaF-Zero - Falcon Densetsu
    gbaF-Zero for Game Boy Advance
    gbaF1 2002
    gbaF24 Stealth Fighter
    gbaFIFA Soccer 06
    gbaFIFA Soccer 07
    gbaFIFA Soccer 2003
    gbaFIFA Soccer 2004
    gbaFIFA Soccer 2005
    gbaFILA Decathlon
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Breakin' da Rules
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Clash with the Anti-World
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Enter the Cleft
    gbaFairly OddParents!, The - Shadow Showdown
    gbaFamicom Mini - Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen
    gbaFamicom Mini - Kidou Senshi Z Gundam - Hot Scramble
    gbaFamicom Mini 01 - Super Mario Bros.
    gbaFamicom Mini 02 - Donkey Kong
    gbaFamicom Mini 03 - Ice Climber
    gbaFamicom Mini 04 - Excitebike
    gbaFamicom Mini 05 - Zelda no Densetsu 1 - The Hyrule Fantasy
    gbaFamicom Mini 06 - Pac-Man
    gbaFamicom Mini 07 - Xevious
    gbaFamicom Mini 08 - Mappy
    gbaFamicom Mini 09 - Bomber Man
    gbaFamicom Mini 10 - Star Soldier
    gbaFamicom Mini 11 - Mario Bros.
    gbaFamicom Mini 12 - Clu Clu Land
    gbaFamicom Mini 13 - Balloon Fight
    gbaFamicom Mini 14 - Wrecking Crew
    gbaFamicom Mini 15 - Dr. Mario
    gbaFamicom Mini 16 - Dig Dug
    gbaFamicom Mini 17 - Takahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima
    gbaFamicom Mini 18 - Makaimura
    gbaFamicom Mini 19 - Twin Bee
    gbaFamicom Mini 20 - Ganbare Goemon! - Karakuri Douchuu
    gbaFamicom Mini 21 - Super Mario Bros. 2
    gbaFamicom Mini 22 - Nazo no Murasame Jou
    gbaFamicom Mini 23 - Metroid
    gbaFamicom Mini 24 - Hikari Shinwa - Palthena no Kagami
    gbaFamicom Mini 25 - The Legend of Zelda 2 - Link no Bouken
    gbaFamicom Mini 26 - Famicom Mukashibanashi - Shin Onigashima - Zen, Kouhen
    gbaFamicom Mini 27 - Famicom Tantei Club - Kieta Koukeisha - Zen, Kouhen
    gbaFamicom Mini 28 - Famicom Tantei Club Part II - Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo - Zen, Kouhen
    gbaFamicom Mini 29 - Akumajou Dracula
    gbaFamicom Mini 30 - SD Gundam World - Gachapon Senshi Scramble Wars
    gbaFamille Delajungle, La - A la Poursuite de Darwin
    gbaFamille Delajungle, La - Le Film
    gbaFamily Feud
    gbaFamily Tennis Advance
    gbaFamista Advance
    gbaFancy Pocket
    gbaFantastic 4
    gbaFantastic 4 - Flame On
    gbaFantastic Children
    gbaFantastic Maerchen - Cake-ya-san Monogatari
    gbaFantastici 4, I
    gbaFear Factor Unleashed
    gbaField of Nine - Digital Edition 2001
    gbaFinal Fantasy I, II Advance
    gbaFinal Fight One
    gbaFinal Fire Pro Wrestling - Yume no Dantai Unei!
    gbaFindet Nemo
    gbaFinding Nemo
    gbaFinding Nemo - Aratanaru Bouken
    gbaFinding Nemo - The Continuing Adventures
    gbaFire Eaters - Zero Bandits
    gbaFire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi
    gbaFire Emblem - Rekka no Ken
    gbaFire Emblem - Seima no Kouseki
    gbaFire Pro Wrestling
    gbaFire Pro Wrestling 2
    gbaFire Pro Wrestling A
    gbaFlashback Legends
    gbaFlintstones, The - Big Trouble in Bedrock
    gbaFlushed Away
    gbaFont Sample by Nintendo
    gbaFord Racing 3
    gbaFormation Soccer 2002
    gbaFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    gbaFrank Herbert's Dune - Ornithopter Assault
    gbaFranklin the Turtle
    gbaFranklin's Great Adventures
    gbaFreestyle Scooter
    gbaFrogger - Kodaibunmei no Nazo
    gbaFrogger - Mahou no Kuni no Daibouken
    gbaFrogger Advance - The Great Quest
    gbaFrogger's Adventures - Temple of the Frog
    gbaFrogger's Adventures 2 - The Lost Wand
    gbaFrogger's Journey - The Forgotten Relic
    gbaFrom TV Animation One Piece - Mezase! King of Belly
    gbaFrom TV Animation One Piece - Nanatsu-jima no Daihihou
    gbaFrontier Stories
    gbaFruits Mura no Doubutsu-tachi
    gbaFunctional Sample by Nintendo
    gbaFushigi no Kuni no Alice
    gbaFushigi no Kuni no Angelique
    gbaFutari wa Pretty Cure - Arienaai! Yume no Sono wa Daimeikyuu
    gbaFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - Maji Maji! Fight de IN Janai
    gbaGBA AV Adapter
    gbaGBA Movie Player 2 CF
    gbaGBA Personal Organizer
    gbaGBA TV Tuner PAL
    gbaGP-1 Racing
    gbaGT Advance - Championship Racing
    gbaGT Advance 2 - Rally Racing
    gbaGT Advance 3 - Pro Concept Racing
    gbaGT Championship
    gbaGT Racers
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device - Blue
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device - Red
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device 2 - Dragon
    gbaGachasute! Dino Device 2 - Phoenix
    gbaGachinko Pro Yakyuu
    gbaGadget Racers
    gbaGakkou no Kaidan - Hyakuyoubako no Fuuin
    gbaGakkou o Tsukurou!! Advance
    gbaGakuen Alice - Dokidoki Fushigi Taiken
    gbaGakuen Senki Muryou
    gbaGalaxy Angel Game Boy Advance - Moridakusan Tenshi no Full-Course - Okawari Jiyuu
    gbaGalidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension
    gbaGambler Densetsu Tetsuya - Yomigaeru Densetsu
    gbaGame & Watch Gallery 4
    gbaGame & Watch Gallery Advance
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - All Grown Up! - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Edition Platinum
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Edition Premium
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Edition Speciale
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Limited Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Platinum Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Premium Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Special Edition
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Codename - Kids Next Door - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Disney Channel Collection - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Disney Channel Collection - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Dora the Explorer - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Dragon Ball GT - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Nicktoons - Volume 3
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Nicktoons Collection - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Nicktoons Collection - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 3
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Pokemon - Volume 4
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shark Tale
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shrek
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shrek + Shark Tale
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Shrek 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Sonic X - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - SpongeBob SquarePants - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - SpongeBob SquarePants - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - SpongeBob SquarePants - Volume 3
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Strawberry Shortcake - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Super Robot Monkey Team - Hyper Force Go! - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Le Demenagement
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Things Change
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Fairly OddParents! - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Fairly OddParents! - Volume 2
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - The Proud Family - Volume 1
    gbaGame Boy Advance Video - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yugi vs. Joey
    gbaGame Boy Gallery 4
    gbaGame Boy Wars Advance 1+2
    gbaGameShark GBA
    gbaGames Explosion!
    gbaGanbare! Dodge Fighters
    gbaGang del Bosco, La
    gbaGarfield - The Search for Pooky
    gbaGarfield and His Nine Lives
    gbaGauntlet - Dark Legacy
    gbaGegege no Kitarou - Kikiippatsu! Youkai Rettou
    gbaGekido Advance - Kintaro's Revenge
    gbaGekitou Densetsu Noah - Dream Management
    gbaGekitou! Car Battler Go!!
    gbaGem Smashers
    gbaGenseishin Justirisers - Souchaku! Hoshi no Senshi-tachi
    gbaGensou Maden Saiyuuki - Hangyaku no Toushin-taishi
    gbaGensou Suikoden - Card Stories
    gbaGet Ride! Amdriver - Senkou no Hero Tanjou!
    gbaGet Ride! Amdriver - Shutsugeki! Battle Party
    gbaGet! - Boku no Mushi Tsukamaete
    gbaGetBackers Dakkanya - Jagan Fuuin!
    gbaGetBackers Dakkanya - Jigoku no Scaramouche
    gbaGetBackers Dakkanya - Metropolis Dakkan Sakusen!
    gbaGhost Rider
    gbaGhost Trap
    gbaGlobal Star - Sudoku Fever
    gbaGlory Days
    gbaGo! Go! Beckham! - Adventure on Soccer Island
    gbaGodzilla - Domination!
    gbaGoemon - New Age Shutsudou!
    gbaGojira - Kaijuu Dairantou Advance
    gbaGolden Nugget Casino
    gbaGolden Sun - Die Vergessene Epoche
    gbaGolden Sun - L'Age Perdu
    gbaGolden Sun - L'Era Perduta
    gbaGolden Sun - La Edad Perdida
    gbaGradius Advance
    gbaGradius Galaxies
    gbaGradius Generation
    gbaGrand Theft Auto Advance
    gbaGreatest Nine
    gbaGreen Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
    gbaGreg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd
    gbaGremlins - Stripe vs Gizmo
    gbaGrim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
    gbaGroove Adventure Rave - Hikari to Yami no Daikessen
    gbaGroove Adventure Rave - Hikari to Yami no Daikessen 2
    gbaGuilty Gear X - Advance Edition
    gbaGumby vs. the Astrobots
    gbaGunstar Future Heroes
    gbaGunstar Super Heroes
    gbaGuru Logic Champ
    gbaGyakuten Saiban
    gbaGyakuten Saiban 2
    gbaGyakuten Saiban 3
    gbaHagane no Renkinjutsushi - Meisou no Rondo
    gbaHagane no Renkinjutsushi - Omoide no Sonata
    gbaHajime no Ippo - The Fighting!
    gbaHamepane - Tokyo Mew Mew
    gbaHamster Club 3
    gbaHamster Club 4 - Shigetchi Daidassou
    gbaHamster Monogatari 2 GBA
    gbaHamster Monogatari 3 GBA
    gbaHamster Monogatari 3EX 4 Special
    gbaHamster Monogatari Collection
    gbaHamster Paradise - Pure Heart
    gbaHamster Paradise Advanchu
    gbaHamtaro - Ham-Ham Games
    gbaHamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak
    gbaHamtaro - Rainbow Rescue
    gbaHanabi Hyakkei Advance
    gbaHanafuda Trump Mahjong - Depachika Wayouchuu
    gbaHappy Feet
    gbaHardcore Pinball
    gbaHardcore Pool
    gbaHarlem Globetrotters - World Tour
    gbaHarobots - Robo Hero Battling!!
    gbaHarry Potter - Quidditch World Cup
    gbaHarry Potter Collection
    gbaHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    gbaHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    gbaHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    gbaHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    gbaHarry Potter to Azkaban no Shuujin
    gbaHarry Potter to Himitsu no Heya
    gbaHarry Potter to Kenja no Ishi
    gbaHatena Satena
    gbaHaunted Mansion, The
    gbaHeidi - The Game
    gbaHello Kitty - Happy Party Pals
    gbaHello Kitty Collection - Miracle Fashion Maker
    gbaHello! Idol Debut - Kids Idol Ikusei Game
    gbaHerbie - Fully Loaded
    gbaHey Arnold! - The Movie
    gbaHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
    gbaHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi - Kaznapped!
    gbaHigh Heat Major League Baseball 2002
    gbaHigh Heat Major League Baseball 2003
    gbaHigh School Musical - Livin' the Dream
    gbaHikaru no Go
    gbaHikaru no Go 2
    gbaHimawari Doubutsu Byouin - Pet no Oishasan Ikusei Game
    gbaHime Kishi Monogatari - Princess Blue
    gbaHitsuji no Kimochi.
    gbaHobbit no Bouken - Lord of the Rings - Hajimari no Monogatari
    gbaHobbit, The
    gbaHome on the Range
    gbaHoshi no Kirby - Kagami no Daimeikyuu
    gbaHoshi no Kirby - Yume no Izumi Deluxe
    gbaHot Potato!
    gbaHot Wheels - All Out
    gbaHot Wheels - Burnin' Rubber
    gbaHot Wheels - Stunt Track Challenge
    gbaHot Wheels - Velocity X
    gbaHot Wheels - World Race
    gbaHot Wheels Advance
    gbaHudson Best Collection Vol. 1 - Bomber Man Collection
    gbaHudson Best Collection Vol. 2 - Lode Runner Collection
    gbaHudson Best Collection Vol. 3 - Action Collection
    gbaHudson Best Collection Vol. 4 - Nazotoki Collection
    gbaHudson Best Collection Vol. 5 - Shooting Collection
    gbaHudson Best Collection Vol. 6 - Bouken-jima Collection
    gbaHugo - Bukkazoom!
    gbaHugo - The Evil Mirror Advance
    gbaHugo 2 in 1
    gbaHunter X Hunter - Minna Tomodachi Daisakusen!!
    gbaHyper Sports 2002 Winter
    gbaI Spy Challenger!
    gbaIR Sample by Nintendo
    gbaIce Age
    gbaIce Age 2 - The Meltdown
    gbaIce Climber
    gbaIce Nine
    gbaIgnition Collection - Volume 1
    gbaIncredibili, Gli - Una 'Normale' Famiglia di Supereroi
    gbaIncredible Hulk, The
    gbaIncredibles, The
    gbaIncredibles, The - Rise of the Underminer
    gbaIncreibles, Los
    gbaInitial D - Another Stage
    gbaInspector Gadget - Advance Mission
    gbaInspector Gadget Racing
    gbaInternational Karate Advanced
    gbaInternational Superstar Soccer
    gbaInternational Superstar Soccer Advance
    gbaInukko Club
    gbaInuyasha - Naraku no Wana! Mayoi no Mori no Shoutaijou
    gbaInvincible Iron Man, The
    gbaIridion 3D
    gbaIridion II
    gbaIron Kid
    gbaIsseki Hatchou - Kore 1ppon de 8shurui!
    gbaIt's Mr. Pants
    gbaJ.League Pocket
    gbaJ.League Pocket 2
    gbaJ.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! Advance
    gbaJ.League Winning Eleven Advance 2002
    gbaJGTO Kounin Golf Master - Japan Golf Tour Game
    gbaJGTO Kounin Golf Master Mobile - Japan Golf Tour Game
    gbaJackie Chan Adventures - Legend of the Darkhand
    gbaJajamaru Jr. Denshouki - Jalecolle mo Arisourou
    gbaJames Pond - Codename Robocod
    gbaJazz Jackrabbit
    gbaJet Grind Radio
    gbaJet Set Radio
    gbaJikkyou World Soccer Pocket
    gbaJikkyou World Soccer Pocket 2
    gbaJimmy Neutron un Garcon Genial - L'Attaque des Twonkies
    gbaJimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron
    gbaJinsei Game Advance
    gbaJissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! - Juuou Advance
    gbaJisu F-Zero Weilai Saiche
    gbaJonny Moseley Mad Trix
    gbaJuka and the Monophonic Menace
    gbaJungle Book 2, The
    gbaJungle Book, The
    gbaJurassic Park III - Advanced Action
    gbaJurassic Park III - Dino Attack
    gbaJurassic Park III - Island Attack
    gbaJurassic Park III - Kyouryuu ni Ainiikou!
    gbaJurassic Park III - Park Builder
    gbaJurassic Park III - The DNA Factor
    gbaJurassic Park III - Ushinawareta Idenshi
    gbaJurassic Park Institute Tour - Dinosaur Rescue
    gbaJustice League - Injustice for All
    gbaJustice League Chronicles
    gbaJustice League Heroes - The Flash
    gbaK-1 Pocket Grand Prix
    gbaK-1 Pocket Grand Prix 2
    gbaKaeru B Back
    gbaKaiketsu Zorori to Mahou no Yuuenchi - Ohimesama o Sukue!
    gbaKaisertal - Fight the Necronis War
    gbaKamaitachi no Yoru Advance
    gbaKami no Kijutsu - Illusion of the Evil Eyes
    gbaKao the Kangaroo
    gbaKappa no Kai-kata - Kaatan Daibouken!
    gbaKarnaaj Rally
    gbaKawa no Nushi Tsuri 3 & 4
    gbaKawa no Nushi Tsuri 5 - Fushigi no Mori kara
    gbaKawaii Koinu Wonderful
    gbaKawaii Pet Game Gallery
    gbaKawaii Pet Game Gallery 2
    gbaKawaii Pet Shop Monogatari 3
    gbaKaze no Klonoa - Yumemiru Teikoku
    gbaKaze no Klonoa G2 - Dream Champ Tournament
    gbaKeitai Denjuu Telefang 2 - Power
    gbaKeitai Denjuu Telefang 2 - Speed
    gbaKelly Slater's Pro Surfer
    gbaKeroro Gunsou - Taiketsu! Gekisou Keronprix Daisakusen de Arimasu!!
    gbaKessaku Sen! - Ganbare Goemon 1, 2 - Yuki Hime to Magginesu
    gbaKid Paddle
    gbaKid's Cards
    gbaKidou Gekidan Haro Ichiza Haro no Puyo Puyo
    gbaKidou Senshi Gundam Seed - Tomo to Kimi to Koko de.
    gbaKidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny
    gbaKidou Tenshi Angelic Layer - Misaki to Yume no Tenshi-tachi
    gbaKikaika Guntai - Mech Platoon
    gbaKikikai-kai Advance
    gbaKill Switch
    gbaKiller 3D Pool
    gbaKim Possible
    gbaKim Possible - Revenge of Monkey Fist
    gbaKim Possible 2 - Drakken's Demise
    gbaKim Possible III - Team Possible
    gbaKing Kong - The Official Game of the Movie
    gbaKing of Fighters EX, The - NeoBlood
    gbaKing of Fighters EX2, The - Howling Blood
    gbaKingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories
    gbaKinniku Banzuke - Kimero! Kiseki no Kanzen Seiha
    gbaKinniku Banzuke - Kongou-kun no Daibouken!
    gbaKinnikuman II-Sei - Seigi Choujin e no Michi
    gbaKirby & the Amazing Mirror
    gbaKirby - Nightmare in Dream Land
    gbaKisekko Gurumii - Chesty to Nuigurumi-tachi no Mahou no Bouken
    gbaKiss x Kiss Seirei Gakuen
    gbaKiwame Mahjong Deluxe - Mirai Senshi 21
    gbaKlonoa - Empire of Dreams
    gbaKlonoa 2 - Dream Champ Tournament
    gbaKlonoa Heroes - Densetsu no Star Medal
    gbaKnights' Kingdom
    gbaKoala Brothers - Outback Adventures
    gbaKoinu to Issho - Aijou Monogatari
    gbaKoinu to Issho 2
    gbaKoinu-chan no Hajimete no Osanpo - Koinu no Kokoro Ikusei Game
    gbaKonami Arcade Game Collection
    gbaKonami Collector's Series - Arcade Advanced
    gbaKonami Collector's Series - Arcade Classics
    gbaKonami Krazy Racers
    gbaKonami Wai Wai Racing Advance
    gbaKonchuu Monster Battle Master
    gbaKonchuu Monster Battle Stadium
    gbaKonchuu no Mori no Daibouken - Fushigi na Sekai no Juunin-tachi
    gbaKong - King of Atlantis
    gbaKong - The 8th Wonder of the World
    gbaKong - The Animated Series
    gbaKonjiki no Gashbell!! - Makai no Bookmark
    gbaKonjiki no Gashbell!! - Unare! Yuujou no Zakeru
    gbaKonjiki no Gashbell!! - Unare! Yuujou no Zakeru 2
    gbaKonjiki no Gashbell!! The Card Battle for GBA
    gbaKonjiki no Gashbell!! Yuujou no Zakeru - Dream Tag Tournament
    gbaKoro Koro Puzzle - Happy Panechu!
    gbaKotoba no Puzzle - Mojipittan Advance
    gbaKouchuu Ouja Mushiking - Greatest Champion e no Michi
    gbaKoukou Juken Advance Series Eigo Koubun Hen - 26 Units Shuuroku
    gbaKoukou Juken Advance Series Eijukugo Hen - 650 Phrases Shuuroku
    gbaKoukou Juken Advance Series Eitango Hen - 2000 Words Shuuroku
    gbaKoutetsu Teikoku from HOT-B
    gbaKunio-kun Nekketsu Collection 1
    gbaKunio-kun Nekketsu Collection 2
    gbaKunio-kun Nekketsu Collection 3
    gbaKurohige no Golf Shiyouyo
    gbaKurohige no Kurutto Jintori
    gbaKurukuru Kururin
    gbaKururin Paradise
    gbaLC Font Sample by Nintendo
    gbaLEGO Bionicle
    gbaLEGO Island - Xtreme Stunts
    gbaLEGO Island 2 - The Brickster's Revenge
    gbaLEGO Racers 2
    gbaLEGO Soccer Mania
    gbaLEGO Star Wars - The Video Game
    gbaLEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy
    gbaLady Sia
    gbaLand Before Time, The
    gbaLand Before Time, The - Into the Mysterious Beyond
    gbaLara Croft Tomb Raider - Legend
    gbaLara Croft Tomb Raider - The Prophecy
    gbaLea - Passion Veterinaire
    gbaLegend of Dynamic Goushouden - Houkai no Rondo
    gbaLegend of Spyro, The - A New Beginning
    gbaLegend of Spyro, The - The Eternal Night
    gbaLegends of Wrestling II
    gbaLegendz - Buhwarhaneun Siryeonyi Seom
    gbaLegendz - Sign of Nekuromu
    gbaLegendz - Yomigaeru Shiren no Shima
    gbaLemony Snicket - Raetselhafte Ereignisse
    gbaLemony Snicket - Una Serie di Sfortunati Eventi
    gbaLemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
    gbaLet's Ride! - Dreamer
    gbaLet's Ride! - Friends Forever
    gbaLet's Ride! - Sunshine Stables
    gbaLicca-chan no Oshare Nikki
    gbaLilliput Oukoku - Lillimoni to Issho Puni!
    gbaLilo & Stitch
    gbaLilo & Stitch 2
    gbaLilo & Stitch 2 - Haemsterviel Havoc
    gbaLion King 1 1-2, The
    gbaLittle Buster Q
    gbaLittle Einsteins
    gbaLittle League Baseball 2002
    gbaLittle Mermaid, The - Magic in Two Kingdoms
    gbaLittle Patissier - Cake no Oshiro
    gbaLizzie McGuire
    gbaLizzie McGuire - On the Go!
    gbaLizzie McGuire 2 - Lizzie Diaries
    gbaLizzie McGuire 3 - Homecoming Havoc
    gbaLoader Binary by Nintendo
    gbaLode Runner
    gbaLooney Tunes - Back in Action
    gbaLooney Tunes Double Pack
    gbaLord of the Rings, The - Futatsu no Tou
    gbaLord of the Rings, The - Nakatsukuni Daisanki
    gbaLord of the Rings, The - Ou no Kikan
    gbaLord of the Rings, The - The Fellowship of the Ring
    gbaLord of the Rings, The - The Return of the King
    gbaLord of the Rings, The - The Third Age
    gbaLord of the Rings, The - The Two Towers
    gbaLost Vikings, The
    gbaLove Hina Advance - Shukufuku no Kane wa Naru Kana
    gbaLucky Luke - Wanted!
    gbaLunar Legend
    gbaM&M's - Blast!
    gbaM&M's - Break 'em
    gbaMAER Heaven - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
    gbaMLB SlugFest 20-04
    gbaMX 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael
    gbaMadagascar - Operacion Pinguino
    gbaMadagascar - Operation Penguin
    gbaMadden NFL 06
    gbaMadden NFL 07
    gbaMadden NFL 2002
    gbaMadden NFL 2003
    gbaMadden NFL 2004
    gbaMadden NFL 2005
    gbaMade in Wario
    gbaMagi Nation
    gbaMagical Houshin
    gbaMagical Quest 2 Starring Mickey & Minnie
    gbaMagical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald
    gbaMagical Quest Starring Mickey & Minnie
    gbaMagical Vacation
    gbaMahjong Keiji
    gbaMahou Sensei Negima! - Private Lesson - Damedesuu Toshokan-jima
    gbaMahou Sensei Negima! - Private Lesson 2 - Ojamashimasuu Parasite de Chuu
    gbaMahou no Pumpkin - Ann to Greg no Daibouken
    gbaMail de Cute
    gbaMajesco's Rec Room Challenge
    gbaMajesco's Sports Pack
    gbaMajokko Cream-chan no Gokko Series 1 - Wannyan Idol Gakuen
    gbaMajokko Cream-chan no Gokko Series 2 - Kisekae Angel
    gbaMandrake the Magician
    gbaManga-ka Debut Monogatari
    gbaManiac Racers Advance
    gbaManic Miner
    gbaMarch of the Penguins
    gbaMarie, Elie & Anis no Atelier - Soyokaze kara no Dengon
    gbaMario & Luigi RPG
    gbaMario Bros.
    gbaMario Golf - GBA Tour
    gbaMario Kart - Double Dash!!
    gbaMario Kart Advance
    gbaMario Party Advance
    gbaMario Pinball Land
    gbaMario Power Tennis
    gbaMario Tennis Advance
    gbaMarvel - Ultimate Alliance
    gbaMary-Kate and Ashley - Girls Night Out
    gbaMary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive
    gbaMasters of the Universe He-Man - Power of Grayskull
    gbaMat Hoffman's Pro BMX
    gbaMat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2
    gbaMatantei Loki Ragnarok - Gensou no Labyrinth
    gbaMatchbox Cross Town Heroes
    gbaMath Patrol - The Kleptoid Threat
    gbaMawaru - Made in Wario
    gbaMax Payne
    gbaMax Payne Advance
    gbaMaya the Bee - Sweet Gold
    gbaMaya the Bee - The Great Adventure
    gbaMazes of Fate
    gbaMech Platoon
    gbaMedabots - Metabee
    gbaMedabots - Rokusho
    gbaMedabots AX - Metabee Ver.
    gbaMedabots AX - Rokusho Ver.
    gbaMedal of Honor - Infiltrator
    gbaMedal of Honor - Underground
    gbaMedal of Honor Advance
    gbaMedarot G - Kabuto
    gbaMedarot G - Kuwagata
    gbaMedarot Navi - Kabuto
    gbaMedarot Navi - Kuwagata
    gbaMedarot Ni Core - Kabuto
    gbaMedarot Ni Core - Kuwagata
    gbaMeet the Robinsons
    gbaMega Man Battle Chip Challenge
    gbaMega Man Battle Network
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 2
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 3 - Blue
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 3 - Blue Version
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 3 - White
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 3 - White Version
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 4 - Blue Moon
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 4 - Red Sun
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Colonel
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Proto Man
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Falzar
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Gregar
    gbaMeine Tierarztpraxis
    gbaMeine Tierpension
    gbaMeitantei Conan - Akatsuki no Monument
    gbaMeitantei Conan - Nerawareta Tantei
    gbaMen in Black - The Series
    gbaMermaid Melody - Pichi Pichi Pitch
    gbaMermaid Melody - Pichi Pichi Pitch - Pichi Pichi Party
    gbaMermaid Melody - Pichi Pichi Pitch - Pichi Pichitto Live Start!
    gbaMetal Max 2 Kai
    gbaMetalgun Slinger
    gbaMezase! Koushien
    gbaMickey no Pocket Resort
    gbaMickey to Donald no Magical Quest 3
    gbaMickey to Minnie no Magical Quest
    gbaMickey to Minnie no Magical Quest 2
    gbaMicro Machines
    gbaMidnight Club - Street Racing
    gbaMidway's Greatest Arcade Hits
    gbaMighty Beanz Pocket Puzzles
    gbaMijn Dierenpension
    gbaMijn Dierenpraktijk
    gbaMike Tyson Boxing
    gbaMinami no Umi no Odyssey
    gbaMini Moni. - Mika no Happy Morning Chatty
    gbaMini Moni. - Onegai Ohoshi-sama!
    gbaMinna de Puyo Puyo
    gbaMinna no Ouji-sama
    gbaMinna no Shiiku Series - Boku no Kabuto, Kuwagata
    gbaMinna no Shiiku Series 1 - Boku no Kabutomushi
    gbaMinna no Shiiku Series 2 - Boku no Kuwagata
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Happy Trump 20
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima - Don Gabacho Daikatsuyaku no Maki
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Minna no Mahjong
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Minna no Shougi
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Numpla Advance
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Shanghai
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Tetris Advance
    gbaMinna no Soft Series - Zooo
    gbaMinority Report - Everybody Runs
    gbaMirakuru! Panzou - 7-tsu no Hoshi no Uchuu Kaizoku
    gbaMission Impossible - Operation Surma
    gbaMiteluode - Lingdian Renwu
    gbaMiteluode Ronghe
    gbaMobile Pro Yakyuu - Kantoku no Saihai
    gbaMobile Suit Gundam Seed - Battle Assault
    gbaMoero!! Jaleco Collection
    gbaMomotarou Dentetsu G - Gold Deck o Tsukure!
    gbaMomotarou Matsuri
    gbaMonster AG, Die
    gbaMonster Farm Advance
    gbaMonster Farm Advance 2
    gbaMonster Force
    gbaMonster Gate
    gbaMonster Gate - Ooinaru Dungeon - Fuuin no Orb
    gbaMonster Guardians
    gbaMonster House
    gbaMonster Jam - Maximum Destruction
    gbaMonster Maker 4 - Flash Card
    gbaMonster Maker 4 - Killer Dice
    gbaMonster Rancher Advance
    gbaMonster Rancher Advance 2
    gbaMonster Summoner
    gbaMonster Truck Madness
    gbaMonster Trucks
    gbaMonster Trucks Mayhem
    gbaMonster! Bass Fishing
    gbaMonsters, Inc.
    gbaMoorhen 3 - The Chicken Chase!
    gbaMorita Shougi Advance
    gbaMorning Adventure, The
    gbaMortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance
    gbaMortal Kombat - Tournament Edition
    gbaMortal Kombat Advance
    gbaMother 1+2
    gbaMother 3
    gbaMoto GP
    gbaMotocross Challenge
    gbaMotocross Maniacs Advance
    gbaMotoracer Advance
    gbaMr Nutz
    gbaMr. Driller 2
    gbaMr. Driller A - Fushigi na Pacteria
    gbaMr. Incredible
    gbaMr. Incredible - Kyouteki Underminer Toujou
    gbaMs. Pac-Man - Maze Madness
    gbaMucha Lucha! - Mascaritas of the Lost Code
    gbaMulti-Play Boot Sample by Nintendo
    gbaMulti-Play Load Sample by Nintendo
    gbaMulti-Play SIO Sample by Nintendo
    gbaMultiple Interrupt Sample by Nintendo
    gbaMummy, The
    gbaMuppet Pinball Mayhem
    gbaMuppets, The - On with the Show!
    gbaMutsu - Water Looper Mutsu
    gbaMy Animal Centre in Africa
    gbaMy Little Pony - Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow
    gbaNASCAR Heat 2002
    gbaNBA Jam 2002
    gbaNES Classics - Castlevania
    gbaNFL Blitz 20-02
    gbaNFL Blitz 20-03
    gbaNHL 2002
    gbaNHL Hitz 20-03
    gbaNakayoshi Mahjong - KabuReach
    gbaNakayoshi Pet Advance Series 1 - Kawaii Hamster
    gbaNakayoshi Pet Advance Series 2 - Kawaii Koinu
    gbaNakayoshi Pet Advance Series 3 - Kawaii Koneko
    gbaNakayoshi Pet Advance Series 4 - Kawaii Koinu Mini - Wankoto Asobou!! Kogata-ken
    gbaNakayoshi Youchien - Sukoyaka Enji Ikusei Game
    gbaNamco Museum
    gbaNamco Museum - 50th Anniversary
    gbaNancy Drew - Message in a Haunted Mansion
    gbaNarikiri Jockey Game - Yuushun Rhapsody
    gbaNaruto - Konoha Senki
    gbaNaruto - Ninja Council
    gbaNaruto - Ninja Council 2
    gbaNaruto - Ninjutsu Zenkai! Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu
    gbaNaruto - Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 2
    gbaNaruto RPG - Uketsugareshi Hi no Ishi
    gbaNatural 2 - Duo
    gbaNeed for Speed - Most Wanted
    gbaNeed for Speed - Porsche Unleashed
    gbaNeed for Speed - Underground
    gbaNeed for Speed - Underground 2
    gbaNeed for Speed Carbon - Own the City
    gbaNeoromance Game - Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
    gbaNext Generation Tennis
    gbaNicktoons - Attack of the Toybots
    gbaNicktoons - Battle for Volcano Island
    gbaNicktoons - Freeze Frame Frenzy
    gbaNicktoons Racing
    gbaNicktoons Unite!
    gbaNihon Pro Mahjong Renmei Kounin - Tetsuman Advance - Menkyo Kaiden Series
    gbaNinja Cop
    gbaNintendo MP3 Player
    gbaNintendo Puzzle Collection Controller
    gbaNintendogs + Super Mario 64 DS - Trainer Expansion for NDS
    gbaNo No No Puzzle Chailien
    gbaNo Rules - Get Phat
    gbaNobunaga Ibun
    gbaNobunaga no Yabou
    gbaNoddy - A Day in Toyland
    gbaNos Voisins, les Hommes
    gbaNyan Nyan Nyanko no NyanCollection
    gbaOchaken Kururin - Honwaka Puzzle de Hotto Shiyo
    gbaOchaken no Bouken-jima - Honwaka Yume no Island
    gbaOchaken no Heya
    gbaOchaken no Yume Bouken
    gbaOddworld - Munch's Oddysee
    gbaOhanaya-san Monogatari GBA - Iyashikei Ohanaya-san Ikusei Game
    gbaOjarumaru - Gekkouchou Sanpo de Ojaru
    gbaOkumanchouja Game - Nottori Daisakusen!
    gbaOne Piece
    gbaOne Piece - Dragon Dream
    gbaOne Piece - Going Baseball - Haejeok Yaku
    gbaOne Piece - Going Baseball - Kaizoku Yakyuu
    gbaOne Piece - Ilgop Seomui Debomool
    gbaOnimusha Tactics
    gbaOnmyou Taisenki Zeroshiki
    gbaOpen Season
    gbaOperation Armored Liberty
    gbaOriental Blue - Ao no Tengai
    gbaOshaberi Inko Club
    gbaOshare Princess
    gbaOshare Princess 2
    gbaOshare Princess 3
    gbaOshare Princess 5
    gbaOshare Wanko
    gbaOttifanten Pinball
    gbaOugon no Taiyou - Hirakareshi Fuuin
    gbaOugon no Taiyou - Ushinawareshi Toki
    gbaOver the Hedge
    gbaOver the Hedge - Beesten bij de Buren
    gbaOver the Hedge - Hammy Goes Nuts!
    gbaOverlay Sample by Nintendo
    gbaOzzy & Drix
    gbaPaard & Pony - Mijn Manege
    gbaPaard & Pony - Paard in Galop
    gbaPac-Man Collection
    gbaPac-Man Pinball Advance
    gbaPac-Man World
    gbaPac-Man World & Ms. Pac-Man - Maze Madness
    gbaPac-Man World 2
    gbaPaws & Claws - Best Friends - Dogs & Cats
    gbaPaws & Claws - Pet Resort
    gbaPazuninn - Umininn no Puzzle de Nimu
    gbaPenny Racers
    gbaPeter Pan - Return to Neverland
    gbaPeter Pan - The Motion Picture Event
    gbaPetz - Hamsterz Life 2
    gbaPetz Vet
    gbaPferd & Pony - Best Friends - Mein Pferd
    gbaPferd & Pony - Lass Uns Reiten 2
    gbaPferd & Pony - Mein Gestuet
    gbaPferd & Pony - Mein Pferdehof
    gbaPferd & Pony 2 in 1
    gbaPhantasy Star Collection
    gbaPhantom, The
    gbaPhil of the Future
    gbaPia Carrot e Youkoso!! 3.3
    gbaPiglet's Big Game
    gbaPikapika Nurse Monogatari - Nurse Ikusei Game
    gbaPinball Advance
    gbaPinball Challenge Deluxe
    gbaPinball Tycoon
    gbaPinball of the Dead, The
    gbaPink Panther - Pinkadelic Pursuit
    gbaPinky Monkey Town
    gbaPinky and the Brain - The Masterplan
    gbaPinobee & Phoebee
    gbaPinobee - Wings of Adventure
    gbaPinobee no Daibouken
    gbaPippa Funnell - Stable Adventure
    gbaPippa Funnell 2
    gbaPirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
    gbaPirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl
    gbaPitfall - L'Expedition Perdue
    gbaPitfall - The Lost Expedition
    gbaPitfall - The Mayan Adventure
    gbaPixeline i Pixieland
    gbaPlanet Monsters
    gbaPlanet of the Apes
    gbaPlay Novel - Silent Hill
    gbaPlay-Yan Micro
    gbaPocket Dogs
    gbaPocket Monsters - Emerald
    gbaPocket Monsters - FireRed
    gbaPocket Monsters - LeafGreen
    gbaPocket Monsters - Ruby
    gbaPocket Monsters - Sapphire
    gbaPocket Music
    gbaPocket Professor - Kwik Notes - Vol. 1
    gbaPocky & Rocky with Becky
    gbaPoke Inu
    gbaPokemon - 10th Anniversary Distribution
    gbaPokemon - Aura Mew Distribution
    gbaPokemon - Aurora Ticket Distribution
    gbaPokemon - Blattgruene Edition
    gbaPokemon - Edicion Esmeralda
    gbaPokemon - Edicion Rojo Fuego
    gbaPokemon - Edicion Rubi
    gbaPokemon - Edicion Verde Hoja
    gbaPokemon - Edicion Zafiro
    gbaPokemon - Feuerrote Edition
    gbaPokemon - Liechi Berry Glitch Fix & Shiny Zigzagoon Distribution
    gbaPokemon - Rubin-Edition
    gbaPokemon - Saphir-Edition
    gbaPokemon - Slot 2 Distribution
    gbaPokemon - Smaragd-Edition
    gbaPokemon - Version Emeraude
    gbaPokemon - Version Rouge Feu
    gbaPokemon - Version Rubis
    gbaPokemon - Version Saphir
    gbaPokemon - Version Vert Feuille
    gbaPokemon - Versione Rosso Fuoco
    gbaPokemon - Versione Rubino
    gbaPokemon - Versione Smeraldo
    gbaPokemon - Versione Verde Foglia
    gbaPokemon - Versione Zaffiro
    gbaPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Aka no Kyuujotai
    gbaPokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team
    gbaPokemon Pinball - Ruby & Sapphire
    gbaPolar Express, The
    gbaPolarium Advance
    gbaPolly Pocket! - Super Splash Island
    gbaPop Idol
    gbaPopeye - Rush for Spinach
    gbaPostman Pat and the Greendale Rocket
    gbaPower Poke Dash
    gbaPower Pro Kun Pocket 1, 2
    gbaPower Pro Kun Pocket 3
    gbaPower Pro Kun Pocket 4
    gbaPower Pro Kun Pocket 5
    gbaPower Pro Kun Pocket 6
    gbaPower Pro Kun Pocket 7
    gbaPower Rangers - Dino Thunder
    gbaPower Rangers - La Force du Temps
    gbaPower Rangers - Ninja Storm
    gbaPower Rangers - Time Force
    gbaPower Rangers - Wild Force
    gbaPower Rangers S.P.D.
    gbaPowerpuff Girls, The - Him and Seek
    gbaPowerpuff Girls, The - Mojo Jojo A-Go-Go
    gbaPrehistorik Man
    gbaPremier Action Soccer
    gbaPremier Manager 2003-04
    gbaPremier Manager 2004-2005
    gbaPremier Manager 2005-2006
    gbaPrince of Persia - The Sands of Time
    gbaPrince of Persia - The Sands of Time & Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Prophecy
    gbaPrincess Natasha - Student, Secret Agent, Princess
    gbaPro Action Replay
    gbaPro Beach Soccer
    gbaPro Mahjong Tsuwamono GBA
    gbaPro Tennis WTA Tour
    gbaPro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! Advance
    gbaProud Family, The
    gbaPukuPuku Tennen Kairanban
    gbaPukuPuku Tennen Kairanban - Koi no Cupid Daisakusen
    gbaPukuPuku Tennen Kairanban - Youkoso! Illusion Land he
    gbaPunch King - Arcade Boxing
    gbaPuppy Luv - Spa and Resort
    gbaPuyo Pop
    gbaPuyo Pop Fever
    gbaPuyo Puyo Fever
    gbaPuzzle & Tantei Collection
    gbaPyuu to Fuku! Jaguar - Byoo to Deru! Megane-kun
    gbaQuad Desert Fury
    gbaQui Veut Gagner des Millions
    gbaQuiere Ser Millonario
    gbaR-Type III - The Third Lightning
    gbaRPG Tsukuru Advance
    gbaRacing Fever
    gbaRacing Gears Advance
    gbaRampage - Puzzle Attack
    gbaRapala Pro Fishing
    gbaRave Master - Special Attack Force!
    gbaRayman - 10th Anniversary
    gbaRayman - Hoodlum's Revenge
    gbaRayman - Raving Rabbids
    gbaRayman 3
    gbaRayman Advance
    gbaRazbitume! - Restez Branches!
    gbaRazmoket Rencontrent les Delajungle, Les
    gbaRazmoket, Les - A Moi la Fiesta
    gbaRazmoket, Les - Voler N'Est Pas Jouer
    gbaRazor Freestyle Scooter
    gbaReady 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 2
    gbaRebelstar - Tactical Command
    gbaRecca no Honoo - The Game
    gbaReign of Fire
    gbaReintr Sample by Nintendo
    gbaRelaxuma na Mainichi
    gbaRescue Heroes - Billy Blazes!
    gbaResident Evil 2
    gbaRevenge of Shinobi, The
    gbaRhythm Tengoku
    gbaRipping Friends, The
    gbaRiver City Ransom EX
    gbaRiviera - The Promised Land
    gbaRiviera - Yakusoku no Chi Riviera
    gbaRoad Rash - Jailbreak
    gbaRoad Trip - Shifting Gears
    gbaRobopon 2 - Cross Version
    gbaRobopon 2 - Ring Version
    gbaRobot Poncots 2 - Cross Version
    gbaRobot Poncots 2 - Ring Version
    gbaRobot Wars - Extreme Destruction
    gbaRobotech - The Macross Saga
    gbaRock n' Roll Racing
    gbaRock'em Sock'em Robots
    gbaRocket Power - Beach Bandits
    gbaRocket Power - Dream Scheme
    gbaRocket Power - Le Cauchemar d'Otto
    gbaRocket Power - Zero Gravity Zone
    gbaRockman & Forte
    gbaRockman EXE 4 - Tournament Blue Moon
    gbaRockman EXE 4 - Tournament Red Sun
    gbaRockman EXE 4.5 - Real Operation
    gbaRockman EXE 5 - Team of Blues
    gbaRockman EXE 5 - Team of Colonel
    gbaRockman EXE 6 - Dennoujuu Falzar
    gbaRockman EXE 6 - Dennoujuu Gregar
    gbaRockman EXE Battle Chip GP
    gbaRockman Zero
    gbaRockman Zero 2
    gbaRockman Zero 3
    gbaRockman Zero 4
    gbaRugrats - Castle Capers
    gbaRugrats - Go Wild
    gbaRugrats - I Gotta Go Party
    gbaRugrats - Travesuras en el Castillo
    gbaSD Gundam Force
    gbaSD Gundam G Generation Advance
    gbaSK8 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
    gbaSSX 3
    gbaSSX Tricky
    gbaSabre Wulf
    gbaSabrina - The Teenage Witch - Potion Commotion
    gbaSaibara Rieko no Dendou Mahjong
    gbaSakura Momoko no UkiUki Carnival
    gbaSalt Lake 2002
    gbaSamsara Naga 1x2
    gbaSamurai Deeper Kyo
    gbaSamurai Evolution - Oukoku Geist
    gbaSamurai Jack - The Amulet of Time
    gbaSangokushi - Eiketsuden
    gbaSangokushi - Koumeiden
    gbaSanrio Puroland - All Characters
    gbaSanta Claus Jr. Advance
    gbaSanta Claus Saves the Earth
    gbaSanta Clause 3, The - The Escape Clause
    gbaScan Hunter - Sennen Kaigyo o Oe!
    gbaScooby-Doo 2 - Monsters Unleashed
    gbaScooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase
    gbaScooby-Doo! - Mystery Mayhem
    gbaScooby-Doo! - Unmasked
    gbaScorpion King, The - Sword of Osiris
    gbaScrabble Blast!
    gbaScrabble Scramble!
    gbaScrew Breaker - Goushin DoriRureRo
    gbaScurge - Hive
    gbaSea Trader - Rise of Taipan
    gbaSecret Agent Barbie - Royal Jewels Mission
    gbaSega Arcade Gallery
    gbaSega Rally Championship
    gbaSega Smash Pack
    gbaSengoku Kakumei Gaiden
    gbaSennen Kazoku
    gbaSentouin Yamada Hajime
    gbaSerious Sam Advance
    gbaShaman King - Legacy of the Spirits - Soaring Hawk
    gbaShaman King - Legacy of the Spirits - Sprinting Wolf
    gbaShaman King - Master of Spirits
    gbaShaman King - Master of Spirits 2
    gbaShaman King Card Game - Chou Senjiryakketsu 2
    gbaShaman King Card Game - Chou Senjiryakketsu 3
    gbaShamu's Deep Sea Adventures
    gbaShanghai Advance
    gbaShark Tale
    gbaShaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder
    gbaShikakui Atama o Maruku Suru. Advance - Kanji, Keisan
    gbaShikakui Atama o Maruku Suru. Advance - Kokugo, Sansuu, Shakai, Rika
    gbaShimura Ken no Baka Tonosama - Bakushou Tenka Touitsu Game
    gbaShin Bokura no Taiyou - Gyakushuu no Sabata
    gbaShin Kisekae Monogatari
    gbaShin Megami Tensei
    gbaShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Hikari no Sho
    gbaShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Honoo no Sho
    gbaShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Koori no Sho
    gbaShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Messiah Riser
    gbaShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Puzzle de Call!
    gbaShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Yami no Sho
    gbaShin Megami Tensei II
    gbaShin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden Advance
    gbaShin Sangoku Musou Advance
    gbaShin chan - Aventuras en Cineland
    gbaShin chan contra los Munecos de Shock Gahn
    gbaShingata Medarot - Kabuto Version
    gbaShingata Medarot - Kuwagata Version
    gbaShining Force - Kuroki Ryuu no Fukkatsu
    gbaShining Force - Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
    gbaShining Soul
    gbaShining Soul II
    gbaShinyaku Seiken Densetsu
    gbaShiren Monsters Netsal
    gbaShrek - Hassle at the Castle
    gbaShrek - Reekin' Havoc
    gbaShrek - Smash n' Crash Racing
    gbaShrek - Super Slam
    gbaShrek - Swamp Kart Speedway
    gbaShrek 2
    gbaShrek 2 - Beg for Mercy
    gbaShrek the Third
    gbaSigma Star Saga
    gbaSilent Scope
    gbaSilk to Cotton
    gbaSimCity 2000
    gbaSimple 2960 Tomodachi Series Vol. 1 - The Table Game Collection - Mahjong, Shougi, Hanafuda, Reversi
    gbaSimple 2960 Tomodachi Series Vol. 2 - The Block Kuzushi
    gbaSimple 2960 Tomodachi Series Vol. 3 - The Itsudemo Puzzle - Massugu Soroete Straws
    gbaSimple 2960 Tomodachi Series Vol. 4 - The Trump - Minna de Asoberu 12 Shurui no Trump Game
    gbaSimple Sample by Nintendo
    gbaSimpsons, The - Road Rage
    gbaSims 2, The
    gbaSims 2, The - Pets
    gbaSims, The
    gbaSims, The - Bustin' Out
    gbaSister Princess - RePure
    gbaSitting Ducks
    gbaSky Dancers - They Magically Fly!
    gbaSlime Morimori Dragon Quest - Shougeki no Shippo Dan
    gbaSlot! Pro 2 Advance - GoGo Juggler & New Tairyou
    gbaSlot! Pro Advance - Takarabune & Ooedo Sakurafubuki 2
    gbaSmashing Drive
    gbaSmuggler's Run
    gbaSmurfs, The - The Revenge of the Smurfs
    gbaSnap Kid's
    gbaSnood 2 - On Vacation
    gbaSoccer Kid
    gbaSonic Battle
    gbaSonic Pinball Party
    gbaSonic The Hedgehog - Genesis
    gbaSound of Thunder, A
    gbaSpace Channel 5 - Ulala's Cosmic Attack
    gbaSpace Hexcite - Maetel Legend EX
    gbaSpace Invaders
    gbaSpace Invaders EX
    gbaSpeedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe
    gbaSpider-Man - Battle for New York
    gbaSpider-Man - Mysterio no Kyoui
    gbaSpider-Man - Mysterio's Menace
    gbaSpider-Man 2
    gbaSpider-Man 3
    gbaSpirit - Der Wilde Mustang - Auf der Suche nach Homeland
    gbaSpirit - L'Etalon des Plaines - A la Recherche de la Terre Natale
    gbaSpirit - Stallion of the Cimarron - Search for Homeland
    gbaSpirits & Spells
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants - Creature from the Krusty Krab
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants - Lights, Camera, Pants!
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants - Revenge of the Flying Dutchman
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants and Friends - Battle for Volcano Island
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants and Friends Unite!
    gbaSpongeBob SquarePants and Friends in Freeze Frame Frenzy
    gbaSpongeBob and Friends - Attack of the Toybots
    gbaSpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis
    gbaSports Illustrated for Kids - Baseball
    gbaSports Illustrated for Kids - Football
    gbaSportsman's Pack
    gbaSpy Hunter
    gbaSpy Kids 3-D - Game Over
    gbaSpy Kids Challenger
    gbaSpy Muppets - License to Croak
    gbaSpyro - Attack of the Rhynocs
    gbaSpyro - Season of Ice
    gbaSpyro 2 - Season of Flame
    gbaSpyro Advance
    gbaSpyro Advance - Wakuwaku Tomodachi Daisakusen!
    gbaSpyro Adventure
    gbaSpyro Fusion
    gbaSpyro Orange - The Cortex Conspiracy
    gbaSpyro Superpack
    gbaStadium Games
    gbaStar Wars - Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    gbaStar Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
    gbaStar Wars - Flight of the Falcon
    gbaStar Wars - Jedi Power Battles
    gbaStar Wars - The New Droid Army
    gbaStar Wars Trilogy - Apprentice of the Force
    gbaStar X
    gbaStarsky & Hutch
    gbaSteel Empire
    gbaSteven Gerrard's Total Soccer 2002
    gbaStrawberry Shortcake - Ice Cream Island - Riding Camp
    gbaStrawberry Shortcake - Summertime Adventure
    gbaStrawberry Shortcake - Summertime Adventure - Special Edition
    gbaStrawberry Shortcake - Sweet Dreams
    gbaStreet Fighter Zero 3 Upper
    gbaStreet Jam Basketball
    gbaStreet Racing Syndicate
    gbaStrike Force Hydra
    gbaStuart Little 2
    gbaSugar Sugar Rune - Heart Ga Ippai! Moegi Gakuen
    gbaSuite Life of Zack & Cody, The - Tipton Caper
    gbaSum of All Fears, The
    gbaSummon Night - Craft Sword Monogatari
    gbaSummon Night - Craft Sword Monogatari - Hajimari no Ishi
    gbaSummon Night - Craft Sword Monogatari 2
    gbaSummon Night - Swordcraft Story
    gbaSummon Night - Swordcraft Story 2
    gbaSuper Army War
    gbaSuper Black Bass Advance
    gbaSuper Bubble Pop
    gbaSuper Bust-A-Move
    gbaSuper Chinese 1, 2 Advance
    gbaSuper Collapse! II
    gbaSuper Dodge Ball Advance
    gbaSuper Donkey Kong
    gbaSuper Donkey Kong 2
    gbaSuper Donkey Kong 3
    gbaSuper Dropzone - Intergalactic Rescue Mission
    gbaSuper Duper Sumos
    gbaSuper Ghouls'n Ghosts
    gbaSuper Hornet FA 18F
    gbaSuper Mario Advance - Super Mario USA + Mario Brothers
    gbaSuper Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World + Mario Brothers
    gbaSuper Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island + Mario Brothers
    gbaSuper Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario 3 + Mario Brothers
    gbaSuper Mario Ball
    gbaSuper Mario Bros.
    gbaSuper Mario Bros.
    gbaSuper Puzzle Bobble Advance
    gbaSuper Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
    gbaSuper Real Mahjong Dousoukai
    gbaSuper Robot Taisen - Original Generation
    gbaSuper Robot Taisen - Original Generation 2
    gbaSuper Robot Taisen A
    gbaSuper Robot Taisen D
    gbaSuper Robot Taisen J
    gbaSuper Robot Taisen R
    gbaSuper Street Fighter II X - Revival
    gbaSuperman - Countdown to Apokolips
    gbaSuperman Returns - Fortress of Solitude
    gbaSurf's Up
    gbaSutakomi - Star Communicator
    gbaSweet Cookie Pie
    gbaSword of Mana
    gbaSylvanian Families - Fashion Designer ni Naritai! - Kurumi-risu no Onnanoko
    gbaSylvanian Families - Yousei no Stick to Fushigi no Ki - Marron-inu no Onnanoko
    gbaSylvanian Families 4 - Meguru Kisetsu no Tapestry
    gbaTG Rally
    gbaTMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    gbaTOCA World Touring Cars
    gbaTactics Ogre Gaiden - The Knight of Lodis
    gbaTaiketsu! Ultra Hero
    gbaTak - The Great Juju Challenge
    gbaTak 2 - The Staff of Dreams
    gbaTak and the Power of Juju
    gbaTales of Phantasia
    gbaTales of the World - Narikiri Dungeon 2
    gbaTales of the World - Narikiri Dungeon 3
    gbaTales of the World - Summoner's Lineage
    gbaTanbi Musou - Meine Liebe
    gbaTang Tang
    gbaTantei Gakuen Q - Kyuukyoku Trick ni Idome!
    gbaTantei Gakuen Q - Meitantei wa Kimi da!
    gbaTantei Jinguuji Saburou - Shiroi Kage no Shoujo
    gbaTarzan - L'Appel de la Jungle
    gbaTarzan - Return to the Jungle
    gbaTarzan - Rueckkehr in den Dschungel
    gbaTaxi 3
    gbaTeen Titans
    gbaTeen Titans 2
    gbaTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    gbaTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Battle Nexus
    gbaTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double Pack
    gbaTekken Advance
    gbaTen Pin Alley 2
    gbaTennis Masters Series 2003
    gbaTennis no Ouji-sama - Aim at the Victory!
    gbaTennis no Ouji-sama - Genius Boys Academy
    gbaTennis no Ouji-sama 2003 - Cool Blue
    gbaTennis no Ouji-sama 2003 - Passion Red
    gbaTennis no Ouji-sama 2004 - Glorious Gold
    gbaTennis no Ouji-sama 2004 - Stylish Silver
    gbaTerminator 3 - Rise of the Machines
    gbaTetris Worlds
    gbaTexas Hold 'em Poker
    gbaThat's So Raven
    gbaThat's So Raven 2 - Supernatural Style
    gbaThe Legend of Zelda - Classic NES Series
    gbaThe Lion King
    gbaThree Stooges, The
    gbaThree-in-One Pack - Connect Four + Perfection + Trouble
    gbaThree-in-One Pack - Risk + Battleship + Clue
    gbaThree-in-One Pack - Sorry! + Aggravation + Scrabble Junior
    gbaThunder Alley
    gbaThunderbirds - International Rescue
    gbaTiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
    gbaTiger Woods PGA Tour Golf
    gbaTim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - The Pumpkin King
    gbaTiny Toon Adventures - Buster's Bad Dream
    gbaTiny Toon Adventures - Scary Dreams
    gbaTiny Toon Adventures - Wacky Stackers
    gbaTir et But - Edition Champions du Monde
    gbaTiteuf - Mega Compet
    gbaTiteuf - Ze Gagmachine
    gbaTiti et les Bijoux Magiques
    gbaTokimeki Yume Series 1 - Ohanaya-san ni Narou!
    gbaTokyo Majin Gakuen - Fuju Houroku
    gbaTokyo Xtreme Racer Advance
    gbaTom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear
    gbaTom Clancy's Splinter Cell
    gbaTom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow
    gbaTom and Jerry - The Magic Ring
    gbaTom and Jerry Tales
    gbaTom and Jerry in Infurnal Escape
    gbaTomato Adventure
    gbaTonka - On the Job
    gbaTony Hawk's American Sk8land
    gbaTony Hawk's Downhill Jam
    gbaTony Hawk's Underground
    gbaTony Hawk's Underground 2
    gbaTootuff - The Gagmachine
    gbaTop Gear GT Championship
    gbaTop Gear Rally
    gbaTop Gun - Combat Zones
    gbaTop Gun - Firestorm Advance
    gbaTop Spin 2
    gbaTotal Soccer Advance
    gbaTotally Spies!
    gbaTotally Spies! 2 - Undercover
    gbaTottoko Hamutarou 3 - Love Love Daibouken Dechu
    gbaTottoko Hamutarou 4 - Nijiiro Daikoushin Dechu
    gbaTouhai Densetsu Akagi - Yami ni Mai Orita Tensai
    gbaToukon Heat
    gbaTower SP, The
    gbaToyrobo Force
    gbaTreasure Planet
    gbaTrick Star
    gbaTrollz - Hair Affair!
    gbaTron 2.0 - Killer App
    gbaTsuukin Hitofude
    gbaTurbo Turtle Adventure
    gbaTurok Evolution
    gbaTweety and the Magic Gems
    gbaTweety no Hearty Party
    gbaTwin Series 1 - Mezase Debut! - Fashion Designer Monogatari + Kawaii Pet Game Gallery 2
    gbaTwin Series 2 - Oshare Princess 4 + Renai Uranai Daisakusen! + Renai Party Game - Sweet Heart
    gbaTwin Series 3 - Konchuu Monster - Ouja Ketteisen + Super Chinese Labyrinth
    gbaTwin Series 4 - Hamu Hamu Monster EX - Hamster Monogatari RPG + Fantasy Puzzle - Hamster Monogatari - Mahou no Meikyuu 1.2.3
    gbaTwin Series 5 - Mahou no Kuni no Cake-ya-san Monogatari + Wanwan Meitantei EX
    gbaTwin Series 6 - Wannyan Idol Gakuen + Koinu to Issho Special
    gbaTwin Series 7 - Twin Puzzle - Kisekae Wanko EX + Nyaa to Chuu no Rainbow Magic 2
    gbaTy the Tasmanian Tiger 2 - Bush Rescue
    gbaTy the Tasmanian Tiger 3 - Night of the Quinkan
    gbaTyrian 2000
    gbaUchuu Daisakusen Choco Vader - Uchuu kara no Shinryakusha
    gbaUchuu no Stellvia
    gbaUeki no Housoku - Jingi Sakuretsu! Nouryokusha Battle
    gbaUi-Ire - World Soccer Winning Eleven
    gbaUltimate Arcade Games
    gbaUltimate Beach Soccer
    gbaUltimate Brain Games
    gbaUltimate Muscle - The Kinnikuman Legacy - The Path of the Superhero
    gbaUltimate Puzzle Games
    gbaUltimate Spider-Man
    gbaUltimate Winter Games
    gbaUltra Keibitai - Monster Attack
    gbaUnglaublichen, Die
    gbaUno 52
    gbaUno Free Fall
    gbaUrban Yeti!
    gbaUrbz, The - Sims in the City
    gbaV-Master Cross
    gbaV-Rally 3
    gbaVan Helsing
    gbaVattroller X
    gbaVecinos Invasores
    gbaVeggieTales - LarryBoy and the Bad Apple
    gbaVirtua Tennis
    gbaVirtual Kasparov
    gbaWTA Tour Tennis
    gbaWTA Tour Tennis Pocket
    gbaWWE - Road to WrestleMania X8
    gbaWWE - Survivor Series
    gbaWWF - Road to WrestleMania
    gbaWade Hixton's Counter Punch
    gbaWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - 8 Nin no Toki no Yousei
    gbaWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - Dokidoki Memorial Panic
    gbaWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - Nazo no Kagi to Shinjitsu no Tobira
    gbaWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - Ougon Maracas no Densetsu
    gbaWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - Taisen Mahoudama
    gbaWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - Yume no Kakera
    gbaWakeboarding Unleashed featuring Shaun Murray
    gbaWaliou Xunbao Ji
    gbaWaliou Zhizao
    gbaWanko Mix Chiwanko World
    gbaWanko de Kururin! Wancle
    gbaWannyan Doubutsu Byouin - Doubutsu no Oishasan Ikusei Game
    gbaWanwan Meitantei
    gbaWario Land Advance
    gbaWario Land Advance - Youki no Otakara
    gbaWarioWare, Inc. - Minigame Mania
    gbaWeekend Miljonairs
    gbaWer Wird Millionaer
    gbaWhistle! - Dai-37-kai Tokyo-to Chuugakkou Sougou Taiiku Soccer Taikai
    gbaWho Wants to Be a Millionaire
    gbaWho Wants to Be a Millionaire - 2nd Edition
    gbaWho Wants to Be a Millionaire Junior
    gbaWild Thornberrys Movie, The
    gbaWild Thornberrys, The - Chimp Chase
    gbaWild, The
    gbaWilden Fussball-Kerle, Die - Entscheidung im Teufelstopf
    gbaWilden Fussball-Kerle, Die - Gefahr im Wilde Kerle Land
    gbaWinX Club
    gbaWinX Club - Quest for the Codex
    gbaWing Commander - Prophecy
    gbaWinnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure
    gbaWinnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure & Rayman 3
    gbaWinning Post for Game Boy Advance
    gbaWinter Sports
    gbaWizardry Summoner
    gbaWolfenstein 3D
    gbaWoody Woodpecker - Crazy Castle 5
    gbaWord Safari - The Friendship Totems
    gbaWorld Advance Soccer - Shouri e no Michi
    gbaWorld Championship Poker
    gbaWorld Poker Tour
    gbaWorld Reborn
    gbaWorld Tennis Stars
    gbaWorms Blast
    gbaWorms World Party
    gbaX-Bladez - Inline Skater
    gbaX-Men - Reign of Apocalypse
    gbaX-Men - The Official Game
    gbaX-Men 2 - La Vengeance de Wolverine
    gbaX-Terminator Advance
    gbaX2 - Wolverine's Revenge
    gbaXS Moto
    gbaXploder Advance
    gbaYaoxi Dao
    gbaYggdra Union
    gbaYggdra Union - We'll Never Fight Alone
    gbaYoshi - Topsy-Turvy
    gbaYoshi Sample
    gbaYoshi no Banyuuinryoku
    gbaYoshi's Cookie
    gbaYoshi's Universal Gravitation
    gbaYu Yu Hakusho - Ghostfiles - Spirit Detective
    gbaYu Yu Hakusho - Ghostfiles - Tournament Tactics
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - 7 Trials to Glory - World Championship Tournament 2005
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Day of the Duelist - World Championship Tournament 2005
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Destiny Board Traveler
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Dungeon Dice Monsters
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Reshef of Destruction
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Sugoroku no Sugoroku
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - The Eternal Duelist Soul
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - The Sacred Cards
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Ultimate Masters - World Championship Tournament 2006
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Ultimate Masters Edition - World Championship Tournament 2006
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship Tournament 2004
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - Worldwide Edition - Stairway to the Destined Duel
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack 2
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6 Expert 2
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 7 - Kettou Toshi Densetsu
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 8 - Hametsu no Daijashin
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Expert 2006
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Expert 3
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX - Mezase Duel King!
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International - Worldwide Edition
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International 2
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy
    gbaYumemi-chan no Naritai Series 3 - Watashi no Makesalon
    gbaYuujou no Victory Goal 4v4 Arashi - Get the Goal!!
    gbaYuureiyashiki no Nijuuyojikan
    gbaZ.O.E. 2173 - Testament
    gbaZapper - One Wicked Cricket!
    gbaZatchbell! - Electric Arena
    gbaZelda II: The Adventure of Link - Classic NES Series
    gbaZen-Nihon GT Senshuken
    gbaZen-Nihon Shounen Soccer Taikai 2 - Mezase Nihon-ichi!
    gbaZero One
    gbaZero One SP
    gbaZettaizetsumei Dangerous Jiisan - Naki no 1-kai - Zettaifukujuu Violence Kouchou - Wagahai ga 1-ban Erainjai!!
    gbaZettaizetsumei Dangerous Jiisan - Shijou Saikyou no Dogeza
    gbaZettaizetsumei Dangerous Jiisan 3 - Hateshinaki Mamonogatari
    gbaZettaizetsumei Dangerous Jiisan Tsuu - Ikari no Oshioki Blues
    gbaZidane Football Generation
    gbaZoey 101
    gbaZoids Legacy
    gbaZoids Saga
    gbaZoids Saga Fuzors
    gbaZoids Saga II
    gbaZoku Bokura no Taiyou - Taiyou Shounen Django
    gbaZone of the Enders - The Fist of Mars
    gbabit Generations - Boundish
    gbabit Generations - Coloris
    gbabit Generations - Dialhex
    gbabit Generations - Digidrive
    gbabit Generations - Dotstream
    gbabit Generations - Orbital
    gbabit Generations - Soundvoyager
    gbaiQue Reader
    gbaiQue Video & Audio
    gbc(BIOS) Nintendo Game Boy Color Boot ROM (World)
    gbc102 Dalmatas - Cachorros Al Rescate
    gbc102 Dalmatiens a la Rescousse, Les
    gbc102 Dalmatiner
    gbc31 in 1
    gbc31-in-1 Mighty Mix
    gbc4 in 1 + 8 in 1
    gbc4x4 World Trophy
    gbcATV Racing
    gbcATV Racing & Karate Joe
    gbcAction Replay Online
    gbcAnimal Breeder 3
    gbcAnimal Breeder 4
    gbcAnimastar GB
    gbcArle no Bouken - Mahou no Jewel
    gbcAtsumete Asobu Kuma no Pooh-san - Mori no Takaramono
    gbcAventures de Buzz l'Eclair, Les
    gbcAzarashi Sentai Inazuma - Dokidoki Daisakusen!
    gbcB-Daman Bakugaiden - Victory e no Michi
    gbcB-Daman Bakugaiden V - Final Mega Tune
    gbcBad Badtz-Maru Robo Battle
    gbcBakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman - Gekitan! Rising Valkyrie!!
    gbcBakusou Dekotora Densetsu GB Special - Otoko Dokyou no Tenka Touitsu
    gbcBakusou Senki Metal Walker GB - Koutetsu no Yuujou
    gbcBakuten Shoot Beyblade
    gbcBarbie - Aventura Submarina
    gbcBarbie - Avventure nell'Oceano
    gbcBarbie - Chasse au Tresor Sous-Marine
    gbcBarbie - Diepzee Avontuur
    gbcBarbie - Meeres Abenteuer
    gbcBarca Total 2000
    gbcBarcode Taisen Bardigun
    gbcBatman of the Future - Return of the Joker
    gbcBattle Fishers
    gbcBeach'n Ball
    gbcBeast Fighter
    gbcBeyblade - Fighting Tournament
    gbcBikkuriman 2000 - Charging Card GB
    gbcBiohazard Gaiden
    gbcBlack Onyx, The
    gbcBoku no Camp-jou
    gbcBokujou Monogatari GB2
    gbcBokujou Monogatari GB3 - Boy Meets Girl
    gbcBomber Man Max - Ain Version
    gbcBomber Man Max - Hikari no Yuusha
    gbcBomber Man Max - Yami no Senshi
    gbcBomberman Selection
    gbcBouken! Dondoko-tou
    gbcBrave Saga - Shinshou Astaria
    gbcBugs Bunny & Lola Bunny - Operation Carrots
    gbcBugs Bunny et le Chateau des Catastrophes
    gbcBundesliga Stars 2001
    gbcBurai Senshi Color
    gbcBurger Burger Pocket
    gbcBurger Paradise International
    gbcCaptain Buzz Lightyear - Star Command
    gbcCard Sharks
    gbcCardcaptor Sakura - Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho
    gbcCardcaptor Sakura - Tomoeda Shougakkou Daiundoukai
    gbcChee-Chai Alien
    gbcChi to Ase to Namida no Koukou Yakyuu
    gbcChibi Maruko-chan - Go Chounai Minna de Game Da yo!
    gbcChiki Chiki Machine Mou Race
    gbcChoro Q - Hyper Customable GB
    gbcCommand Master
    gbcCool Hand
    gbcCrazy Bikers
    gbcCross Country Racing
    gbcCross Hunter - Monster Hunter Version
    gbcCross Hunter - Treasure Hunter Version
    gbcCross Hunter - X Hunter Version
    gbcDT - Lords of Genomes
    gbcDX Jinsei Game
    gbcDX Monopoly GB
    gbcDaa! Daa! Daa! - Totsuzen Card de Battle de Uranai de!
    gbcDaffy Duck - Subette Koron de Oogane Mochi
    gbcDaikaijuu Monogatari - Poyon no Dungeon Room
    gbcDaikaijuu Monogatari - Poyon no Dungeon Room 2
    gbcDaikaijuu Monogatari - The Miracle of the Zone II
    gbcDaikatana GB
    gbcDancing Furby
    gbcDeadly Skies
    gbcDear Daniel no Sweet Adventure - Kitty-chan o Sagashite
    gbcDejiko no Mahjong Party
    gbcDensha de Go!
    gbcDensha de Go! 2
    gbcDino Breeder 3 - Gaia Fukkatsu
    gbcDino Breeder 4
    gbcDokapon! - Millennium Quest
    gbcDoki x Doki Sasete!!
    gbcDokidoki Densetsu - Mahoujin Guruguru
    gbcDonald Duck - Daisy o Sukue!
    gbcDonald Duck - Quack Attack
    gbcDonkey Kong 2001
    gbcDoraemon - Aruke Aruke Labyrinth
    gbcDoraemon - Kimi to Pet no Monogatari
    gbcDoraemon no Quiz Boy
    gbcDoraemon no Quiz Boy 2
    gbcDoraemon no Study Boy - Gakushuu Kanji Game
    gbcDoraemon no Study Boy - Kanji Yomikaki Master
    gbcDoraemon no Study Boy - Kuku Game
    gbcDoug - La Grande Aventure
    gbcDr. Rin ni Kiitemite! - Koi no Rin Fuusui
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Densetsu no Chou Senshi-tachi
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Guerreros de Leyenda
    gbcDragon Ball Z - I Leggendari Super Guerrieri
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Legendaere Superkaempfer
    gbcDragon Ball Z - Les Guerriers Legendaires
    gbcDragon Quest I & II
    gbcDragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e...
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters - Terry no Wonderland
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters 2 - Maruta no Fushigi na Kagi - Iru no Bouken
    gbcDragon Quest Monsters 2 - Maruta no Fushigi na Kagi - Ruka no Tabidachi
    gbcDungeon Savior
    gbcE.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial - Digital Companion
    gbcElie no Atelier GB
    gbcEstpolis Denki - Yomigaeru Densetsu
    gbcFairy Kitty no Kaiun Jiten - Yousei no Kuni no Uranai Shugyou
    gbcFerret Monogatari
    gbcFreestyle Scooter
    gbcFrom TV Animation One Piece - Maboroshi no Grand Line Boukenki!
    gbcFrom TV Animation One Piece - Yume no Luffy Kaizokudan Tanjou!
    gbcFront Line - The Next Mission
    gbcFull Time Soccer
    gbcFull Time Soccer & Hang Time Basketball
    gbcFushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren GB2 - Sabaku no Majou
    gbcGB Harobots
    gbcGB Karan Koron Gakuen - Hanafuda Mahjong
    gbcGB Memory Multi Menu
    gbcGaiamaster Duel - Card Attackers
    gbcGakkyuu Ou Yamazaki
    gbcGambler Densetsu Tetsuya - Shinjuku Tenun Hen
    gbcGame Boy Color
    gbcGame Boy Gallery 3
    gbcGame Boy Gallery 4
    gbcGame Boy Wars 2
    gbcGame Boy Wars 3
    gbcGame Conveni 21
    gbcGameShark Online
    gbcGames Frenzy
    gbcGanbare Goemon - Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase Nabebugyou!
    gbcGanbare Goemon - Tengutou no Gyakushuu
    gbcGanbare! Nippon! Olympic 2000
    gbcGekisou Dangun Racer - Onsoku Buster Dangun Dan
    gbcGem Gem Monster
    gbcGensou Maden Saiyuuki - Sabaku no Shijin
    gbcGet Chuu Club - Minna no Konchuu Daizukan
    gbcGex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko
    gbcGlocal Hexcite
    gbcGolf de Ohasuta
    gbcGonta no Okiraku Daibouken
    gbcGoraku Ou Tango!
    gbcGrandia - Parallel Trippers
    gbcGranduel - Shinki Dungeon no Hihou
    gbcGreat Battle Pocket, The
    gbcGuruguru Garakutas
    gbcGuruguru Town Hanamaru-kun
    gbcGyouten Ningen Batseelor - Doctor Guy no Yabou
    gbcHamster Club
    gbcHamster Club - Awasete Chuu
    gbcHamster Club - Oshiema Chuu
    gbcHamster Club 2
    gbcHamster Monogatari GB + Magi Ham no Mahou Shoujo
    gbcHamster Paradise
    gbcHamster Paradise 2
    gbcHamster Paradise 3
    gbcHamster Paradise 4
    gbcHamunaptra - Ushinawareta Sabaku no Miyako
    gbcHana Yori Dango - Another Love Story
    gbcHanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun no Beat Breaker
    gbcHang Time Basketball
    gbcHarry Potter to Kenja no Ishi
    gbcHello Kitty no Beads Factory
    gbcHello Kitty no Happy House
    gbcHello Kitty no Magical Museum
    gbcHello Kitty no Sweet Adventure - Daniel-kun ni Aitai
    gbcHello Kitty to Dear Daniel no Dream Adventure
    gbcHero Hero Kun
    gbcHissatsu Pachinko Boy - CR Monster House
    gbcHoly Magic Century
    gbcHonkaku Hanafuda GB
    gbcHonkaku Shougi - Shougi Ou
    gbcHonkaku Taisen Shougi Ayumu
    gbcHonkaku Yonin Uchi Mahjong - Mahjong Ou
    gbcHugo - The Evil Mirror
    gbcHunter X Hunter - Hunter no Keifu
    gbcHyper Olympic - Winter 2000
    gbcHyper Olympic Series - Track & Field GB
    gbcIde Yousuke no Mahjong Kyoushitsu GB
    gbcInternational Track & Field - Summer Games
    gbcIt's a World Rally
    gbcItsudemo Pachinko GB - CR Monster House
    gbcJack no Daibouken - Daimaou no Gyakushuu
    gbcJankyuusei - Cosplay Paradise
    gbcJet de Go!
    gbcJinsei Game - Tomodachi Takusan Tsukurou yo!
    gbcJisedai Begoma Battle Beyblade
    gbcJissen ni Yakudatsu Tsumego
    gbcJoryuu Janshi ni Chousen GB - Watashi-tachi ni Chousen Shitene!
    gbcJurassic Boy 2
    gbcJurassic Boy II + Thunder Blast Man
    gbcJuukou Senki Bullet Battlers
    gbcKaitei Densetsu!! Treasure World
    gbcKakurenbo Battle Monster Tactics
    gbcKakutou Ryouri Densetsu Bistro Recipe - Gekitou Foodon Battle Hen
    gbcKakutou Ryouri Densetsu Bistro Recipe - Kettou Bistgarm Hen
    gbcKanji Boy
    gbcKanji Boy 2
    gbcKanji Boy 3
    gbcKanji de Puzzle
    gbcKanzume Monsters Parfait
    gbcKaramuchou wa Oosawagi! - Okawari!
    gbcKaramuchou wa Oosawagi! - Polinkies to Okashina Nakama-tachi
    gbcKarate Joe
    gbcKaseki Sousei Reborn II - Monster Digger
    gbcKatou Hifumi Kudan - Shougi Kyoushitsu
    gbcKawa no Nushi Tsuri 4
    gbcKawaii Pet Shop Monogatari
    gbcKawaii Pet Shop Monogatari 2
    gbcKeibajou e Ikou! Wide
    gbcKeitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version
    gbcKeitai Denjuu Telefang - Speed Version
    gbcKidou Senkan Nadesico - Ruri Ruri Mahjong
    gbcKikansha Thomas - Sodor-tou no Nakama-tachi
    gbcKindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo - 10nenme no Shoutaijou
    gbcKinniku Banzuke GB - Chousensha wa Kimida!
    gbcKinniku Banzuke GB2 - Mezase! Muscle Champion
    gbcKinniku Banzuke GB3 - Shinseiki Survival Retsuden!
    gbcKisekae Series 2 - Oshare Nikki
    gbcKisekae Series 3 - Kisekae Hamster
    gbcKoenig der Loewen, Der - Simbas grosses Abenteuer
    gbcKoguru Guruguru - Guruguru to Nakayoshi
    gbcKonami Winter Games
    gbcKonchuu Fighters
    gbcKonchuu Hakase 2
    gbcKonchuu Hakase 3
    gbcKorokoro Kirby
    gbcKoto Battle - Tengai no Moribito
    gbcLNF Stars 2001
    gbcLe Mans 24 Hours
    gbcLode Runner - Domudomu Dan no Yabou
    gbcLodoss-tou Senki - Eiyuu Kishiden GB
    gbcLooney Tunes Collector - Martian Alert!
    gbcLooney Tunes Collector - Martian Quest!
    gbcLoppi Puzzle Magazine - Hirameku Puzzle Dai-2-gou
    gbcLoppi Puzzle Magazine - Hirameku Puzzle Dai-3-gou
    gbcLoppi Puzzle Magazine - Hirameku Puzzle Soukangou
    gbcLoppi Puzzle Magazine - Kangaeru Puzzle Dai-2-gou
    gbcLoppi Puzzle Magazine - Kangaeru Puzzle Dai-3-gou
    gbcLoppi Puzzle Magazine - Kangaeru Puzzle Soukangou
    gbcLove Hina Party
    gbcLove Hina Pocket
    gbcLuca no Puzzle de Daibouken!
    gbcMacross 7 - Ginga no Heart o Furuwasero!!
    gbcMahjong Joou
    gbcMahjong Quest
    gbcMajokko Mari-chan no Kisekae Monogatari
    gbcMarie no Atelier GB
    gbcMario Family
    gbcMario Golf GB
    gbcMario Tennis GB
    gbcMarvin Strikes Back!
    gbcMary-Kate and Ashley - Pocket Planner
    gbcMcDonald's Monogatari - Honobono Tenchou Ikusei Game
    gbcMedarot 2 - Kabuto Version
    gbcMedarot 2 - Kuwagata Version
    gbcMedarot 2 - Parts Collection
    gbcMedarot 3 - Kabuto Version
    gbcMedarot 3 - Kuwagata Version
    gbcMedarot 3 - Parts Collection - Z kara no Chousenjou
    gbcMedarot 4 - Kabuto Version
    gbcMedarot 4 - Kuwagata Version
    gbcMedarot 5 - Susutake Mura no Tenkousei - Kabuto
    gbcMedarot 5 - Susutake Mura no Tenkousei - Kuwagata
    gbcMedarot Cardrobottle - Kabuto Version
    gbcMedarot Cardrobottle - Kuwagata Version
    gbcMegami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible
    gbcMegami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible II
    gbcMeitantei Conan - Karakuri Jiin Satsujin Jiken
    gbcMeitantei Conan - Kigantou Hihou Densetsu
    gbcMeitantei Conan - Norowareta Kouro
    gbcMetaFight EX
    gbcMetal Gear - Ghost Babel
    gbcMinna no Shougi - Shokyuu Hen
    gbcMinnie & Friends - Yume no Kuni o Sagashite
    gbcMizuki Shigeru no Shin Youkaiden
    gbcMobile Trainer
    gbcMomotarou Densetsu 1-2
    gbcMonster AG, Die
    gbcMonster Farm Battle Card GB
    gbcMonster Race 2
    gbcMonster Traveler
    gbcMoomin no Daibouken
    gbcMoorhen 3 - The Chicken Chase!
    gbcMs. Pac-Man - Special Colour Edition
    gbcMuteki Ou Tri-Zenon
    gbcNBA Pro '99
    gbcNakayoshi Cooking Series 1 - Oishii Cake-ya-san
    gbcNakayoshi Cooking Series 2 - Oishii Panya-san
    gbcNakayoshi Cooking Series 3 - Tanoshii Obentou
    gbcNakayoshi Cooking Series 4 - Tanoshii Dessert
    gbcNakayoshi Cooking Series 5 - Cake o Tsukurou
    gbcNakayoshi Pet Series 1 - Kawaii Hamster
    gbcNakayoshi Pet Series 2 - Kawaii Usagi
    gbcNakayoshi Pet Series 3 - Kawaii Koinu
    gbcNakayoshi Pet Series 4 - Kawaii Koneko
    gbcNakayoshi Pet Series 5 - Kawaii Hamster 2
    gbcNaminori Yarou!
    gbcNet de Get - Minigame @ 100
    gbcNetwork Boukenki Bugsite - Alpha Version
    gbcNetwork Boukenki Bugsite - Beta Version
    gbcNintama Rantarou - Ninjutsu Gakuen ni Nyuugaku Shiyou no Dan
    gbcNisemon Puzzle da Mon! - Feromon Kyuushutsu Daisakusen!
    gbcNobunaga no Yabou - Game Boy Ban 2
    gbcNushi Tsuri Adventure - Kite no Bouken
    gbcOhasuta Dance Dance Revolution GB
    gbcOhasuta Yama-chan & Raymond
    gbcOide Rascal
    gbcOjarumaru - Mangan Jinja no Ennichi de Ojaru!
    gbcOjarumaru - Tsukiyo ga Ike no Takaramono
    gbcOthello Millennium
    gbcOther Life - Azure Dreams GB
    gbcOu Dorobou Jing - Angel Version
    gbcOu Dorobou Jing - Devil Version
    gbcOwarai Yoiko no Geemumichi - Oyaji Sagashite 3 Choume
    gbcPac-Man - Special Colour Edition
    gbcPachinko CR Mouretsu Genshijin T
    gbcPachinko Hisshou Guide - Data no Ousama
    gbcPachipachi Pachisurou - New Pulsar Hen
    gbcPerfect Choro Q
    gbcPhantom Zona
    gbcPia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2
    gbcPitfall GB
    gbcPocket Billiards - Funk the 9 Ball
    gbcPocket Color Block
    gbcPocket Color Mahjong
    gbcPocket Color Trump
    gbcPocket Cooking
    gbcPocket Densha 2
    gbcPocket Family GB2
    gbcPocket GI Stable
    gbcPocket GT
    gbcPocket Hanafuda
    gbcPocket King
    gbcPocket Lure Boy
    gbcPocket Monsters - Crystal Version
    gbcPocket Monsters Eun
    gbcPocket Monsters Geum
    gbcPocket Monsters Gin
    gbcPocket Monsters Kin
    gbcPocket Music
    gbcPocket Smash Out
    gbcPocket Smash Out & Race Time
    gbcPocket no Naka no Oukoku
    gbcPokemon - Edicion Cristal
    gbcPokemon - Edicion Oro
    gbcPokemon - Edicion Plata
    gbcPokemon - Goldene Edition
    gbcPokemon - Kristall-Edition
    gbcPokemon - Silberne Edition
    gbcPokemon - Version Argent
    gbcPokemon - Version Cristal
    gbcPokemon - Version Or
    gbcPokemon - Versione Argento
    gbcPokemon - Versione Cristallo
    gbcPokemon - Versione Oro
    gbcPokemon Card GB
    gbcPokemon Card GB2 - GR Dan Sanjou!
    gbcPokemon de Panepon
    gbcPower Pro Kun Pocket
    gbcPower Pro Kun Pocket 2
    gbcPowerpuff Girls, The - Bulle Contre Lui
    gbcPowerpuff Girls, The - L'Affreux Mojo Jojo
    gbcPowerpuff Girls, The - Panique A Townsville
    gbcPro Foot
    gbcPro Mahjong Kiwame GB II
    gbcPro Mahjong Tsuwamono GB
    gbcPro Mahjong Tsuwamono GB2
    gbcPuyo Puyo Gaiden - Puyo Wars
    gbcPuzz Loop
    gbcPuzzle Bobble 4
    gbcPuzzle Bobble Millennium
    gbcPuzzle de Shoubuyo! Wootama-chan
    gbcQui Qui
    gbcRPG Tsukuru GB
    gbcRace Time
    gbcRadikal Bikers
    gbcRaku x Raku - Cut Shuu
    gbcRaku x Raku - Mishin
    gbcRaku x Raku - Moji
    gbcRayman - Mister Dark no Wana
    gbcRazmoket a Paris, Les - Le Film
    gbcRazmoket, Les - 100% Angelica
    gbcRazmoket, Les - Voyage dans le Temps
    gbcResident Evil
    gbcRoadsters '98
    gbcRobot Poncots - Comic Bom Bom Special Version
    gbcRobot Poncots - Moon Version
    gbcRobot Poncots - Star Version
    gbcRobot Poncots - Sun Version
    gbcRocket Power - La Glisse de l'Extreme
    gbcRockman X - Cyber Mission
    gbcRockman X2 - Soul Eraser
    gbcRocman X Gold + 4 in 1
    gbcRoi Lion, Le - Les Adventures de Simba
    gbcRokumon Tengai Mon-Colle-Knight GB
    gbcRonaldo V-Soccer
    gbcRugrats - Typisch Angelica
    gbcSakata Gorou Kudan no Renju Kyoushitsu
    gbcSakura Taisen GB - Geki Hana Gumi Nyuutai!
    gbcSakura Taisen GB2 - Thunderbolt Sakusen
    gbcSangokushi - Game Boy Ban 2
    gbcSanrio Timenet - Kako Hen
    gbcSanrio Timenet - Mirai Hen
    gbcSaru Puncher
    gbcSei Hai Densetsu
    gbcSeme COM Dungeon - Drururuaga
    gbcSemekomi Dungeon - Drururuaga
    gbcSenkai Ibunroku Juntei Taisen - TV Animation Senkaiden Houshin Engi Yori
    gbcSewing Machine Operation Software
    gbcShadowgate Return
    gbcShaman King Card Game - Chou Senjiryakketsu - Funbari Hen
    gbcShaman King Card Game - Chou Senjiryakketsu - Meramera Hen
    gbcShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Aka no Sho
    gbcShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Kuro no Sho
    gbcShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Shiro no Sho
    gbcShin Megami Tensei Trading Card - Card Summoner
    gbcShinseiki Evangelion - Mahjong Hokan Keikaku
    gbcShougi 2
    gbcShougi 3
    gbcSoreike! Anpanman - 5-tsu no Tou no Ousama
    gbcSoreike! Anpanman - Fushigi na Nikoniko Album
    gbcSoul Getter - Houkago Bouken RPG
    gbcSpace Invaders X
    gbcSpace Invasion
    gbcSpace Invasion & Karate Joe
    gbcSpace Invasion & Painter
    gbcSpace-Net - Cosmo Blue
    gbcSpace-Net - Cosmo Red
    gbcStar Ocean - Blue Sphere
    gbcStranded Kids
    gbcStreet Hero
    gbcSuper 16 in 1
    gbcSuper 6 in 1
    gbcSuper Black Bass - Real Fight
    gbcSuper Black Bass Pocket 3
    gbcSuper Doll Licca-chan - Kisekae Daisakusen
    gbcSuper Gals! Kotobuki Ran
    gbcSuper Gals! Kotobuki Ran 2 - Miracle Getting
    gbcSuper Me-Mail GB - Me-Mail Bear no Happy Mail Town
    gbcSuper Nenas, Las - El Malvado Mojo Jojo