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    The following game configurations are not associated with a parent game. You can connect them with a main game entry by adding the parent_uuid key to the game configuration with the game UUID of the correct parent.

    amiga986b54e5-9b35-5544-a105-450333b01c6bgreat giana sisters, the Amiga, ADF, GameBase
    amiga0d534727-aef6-533e-a74b-cafdacf65021LemmingsHolidayDemo (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.1)
    amiga3d3b2d35-eaee-5486-9fa6-271669773f87LemmingsXmasDemo1991 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.1)
    amiga946937ad-3356-551e-8cfc-200b96b9ec68LemmingsXmasDemo1992 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.0)
    amiga82b9b832-2475-5c7f-9cca-1e4dd9611c45police quest - in pursuit of the death angel Amiga, ADF, GameBase
    amigaec7703b1-f49f-5290-8513-aae82f71cd7csr1amiga (Amiga, )
    amigafd30f2bd-b18d-57db-86f3-714c8bb18929sr2amiga (Amiga, )
    amiga00492587-6577-5d25-9d7d-7dc90c7494c6War Zone (Amiga, TOSEC, ADF, 1991, Core, cr FLT, h Liberty, m baddump)
    amigadad1bdb8-d0d1-5dce-aaf5-cbfcf1adc521War Zone (Amiga, TOSEC, ADF, 1991, Core, cr FLT, t +4 Orix)
    amiga6083b3f3-93cb-5374-baa0-ab020a1468bcXmasLemmingsDemo1991 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.0)
    arcade8ad0b181-9745-5f27-9ead-3e32286472e1Bucky O'Hare (Arcade, handheld)
    cd323b30f385-7752-5d6f-b729-627318d800ffAmiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 03 (GB) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd32eca0515a-8059-5bbd-9bb7-c5c10fc612d2Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 04 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd32aae570a5-3354-56b8-be55-7b3aa760d2e4Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 05 (GB) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd3295a2fe1d-a832-5a71-a07f-3fcfe06ebdc5Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 06 (GB) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd32b0a81286-60d7-5cde-b893-b8f16b34c150Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 07 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd32cf4aeec7-66c2-5973-b3e5-ad1658fc6d36Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 08 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd320e417cbb-5f1e-535d-b587-76e820c0c8a3Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 09 (GB) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd3208fb5647-6bcc-55d0-b594-f51d1a8dbb42Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 10 (GB) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd32f115753a-c66a-55d8-a040-757371e62118Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 11 (GB) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd3283902731-85fa-534f-b4d0-99339dfd8147Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 12 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd3215a107dc-b313-52f8-9b3f-31e59552262dAmiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 13 (GB) CD32, ISO, Trurip
    cd32afa0e3bf-7873-5496-b516-de14f38bb44eAmiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 2 (Europe) CD32, CUE, Redump
    cd3283d8d439-69f0-5863-8149-7c44adfbbcbbAmiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 21 (GB) CD32, ISO, Trurip
    cd32f6a16c7e-38ff-56f1-96c6-92d8ed5ad0d3Amiga CD32 Gamer Vol. 22 (GB) CD32, ISO, Trurip
    cd32040579ec-a51a-5b2b-aacc-0b06838f7d0eAmiga CD32 Magazine - Spring 1994 (Europe) CD32, CUE, Redump
    cd327be39bf3-6d0d-5055-ba45-be685c7049ebAmiga CD32 Magazine - Spring 1994 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd327e4e718d-e50c-5b2e-b6a8-1fdb613083b2Amiga CD32 Magazine - Winter 1994 (Europe) CD32, CUE, Redump
    cd32d2f3073e-a73c-5d18-9072-392e6784acc5Amiga CD32 Magazine - Winter 1994 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd320b25d986-f1ab-554d-b0c4-c8a93721a2caAmiga Computing 1995-05 (GB) CD32, ISO, Trurip
    cd32212fb222-8025-528f-832a-097b1b2550f8Amiga Power - Games Massive Volume 1 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd320d776466-3678-51d3-ae12-6d118bf082e7Amiga User International - Amiga CD! Magazine No. 1 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd3235e5645f-fee8-52fe-8f3b-1d5e04b4092aAmiga User International - Amiga CD! Magazine No. 2 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd324dc658cb-8270-5aef-8faf-12665b417092Amiga User International - Amiga CD! Magazine No. 3 (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd32bb6e249e-72f6-5c5e-b0be-94c5269c2690Amiga Workbench CD - 32 3.0 (DE) CD32, ISO, Trurip
    cd32d2406d4f-7c18-59a6-90f3-f23b935e18beAnarka CD32 Volume 1 (Unk) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd322ddf66cf-eb7d-5d82-837c-6b8d7355d164Anarka CD32 Volume 2 (Unk) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd326113e49c-4bc6-58fd-8f60-98a5480151a6Anarka CD32 Volume 3 (Unk) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd329d886823-2b4b-586d-b477-289ea9f1395bAnarka CD32 Volume 4 (Unk) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd321e866bdb-552f-51f4-bfb9-10608ddf6125Anarka CD32 Volume 5 (Unk) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd32c5359a04-9476-550b-a69a-b8765e5969f4Anarka CD32 Volume 6 (Unk) CD32, CCD, Trurip
    cd322904754f-e801-5dfb-826d-bffb2ad6cbd2Apidya (Unk) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd3268d4f2c7-df3c-588e-bdde-e07e0ed46703Diggers & Oscar (Console) (GB) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd329f016846-218f-5023-9511-44707d97e28dHybris (Unk) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd329546d4cf-4030-5cb6-acae-8e0c7df61289Phoenix Fighters (Unk) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd325ba341c7-ca6f-599a-8fe4-0dd16a7877c7T-Racer (Unk) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cd32862d7103-448c-51bd-91de-bdca6b01a4ebTurbo Trax (Unk) CD32, CUE, Trurip
    cdtvf4800222-a3f4-553e-8e4a-dc5f80ac16cb17 Bit - Collection for Amiga CDTV (Europe) (Disc A) (The Early Classics) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv3954286e-c33c-5ede-bd21-5d6617384dfa17 Bit - Collection for Amiga CDTV (Europe) (Disc A) (The Early Classics) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv998bbdec-4dec-59cb-8e90-f12ece562a3117 Bit - Collection for Amiga CDTV (Europe) (Disc B) (The Latest Batch) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv46e7eee2-f7fc-5346-8adb-a5fcfe6d19b917 Bit Continuation Disc (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv8c6e35a6-0def-5551-96f3-4ab633f83b2aAlmathera Clipart & Fonts CD, The (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvbbf98655-1167-5321-9d7c-fbc37eb7322dAlmathera Comms & Networking CD (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv02002cfc-2114-578a-9331-13df3d4b3fb8Almathera Photo Library CD, The (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvffa4df2c-d992-526b-9e7c-f44e4388e0edAmerican Heritage - Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary - 1991a Edition (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvdf9daa6f-30c2-5c86-8761-9a2e152e279dCDPD 1 (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvccca6b45-5556-5992-ba98-99be8bfd47a6CDPD 2 (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv83013221-edb9-54c8-a30b-f333c1090b09CDTV Demo Disc (Europe) (Disc 1) (Amiga CD Psygnosis Demo) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtva4d2980a-1cd4-56b7-b9f3-7c52c1f319e2CDTV Demo Disc (Europe) (Disc 1) (Amiga CD Psygnosis Demo) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv8eec83a1-cd2d-5b9d-8f06-c46250917e52CDTV Demo Disc (Europe) (Disc 2) (Amiga CDTV - Amiga 600 - Amiga 600 HD) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv36fc25cd-89cc-5ffb-909b-9e2c0eb69b50Demo 1 (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvf626996d-79c1-5ba7-9be9-a5a3771a985bDeutschland Kompakt (Germany) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv70ca1003-c923-50ea-9252-ca91e0ce0e8bGarden Fax - Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv676d7467-f96e-5810-91dd-02726c577b2aGarden Fax - Garden Plants (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv45586f0f-efcb-51bb-9f73-78f2d4cd4cd4Garden Fax - Indoor Plants (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv636b057e-2a13-52cb-920c-2356f2226d3eGarden Fax - Trees, Shrubs, Roses & Conifers (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtve3debe23-3d62-5342-abe3-761c80da0adfHutchinson Encyclopedia, The (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvff35d540-1585-5ba5-8490-c0d116e359eaIllustrated Works of Shakespeare (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv23c700d4-3c5e-50c5-8567-04631a90c11dLanguage TV - English (France) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv03aef5ab-8be3-5f8c-9e47-49e5818c11d1New Basics Electronic Cookbook, The - 1991a Edition (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv9404b41a-ac60-5853-9ec0-325edd6b2daePandora's CD (Europe) (Alt) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvaaf428b9-f715-5b47-a726-9a9c8cd3ecbdPandora's CD (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtva67f723d-281b-5006-ad1e-f71dd28819eeTime Table of History - Business, Politics & Media - 1991a Edition (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtvd5dee49d-b71a-5bb2-881b-78512a9a52a6Welcome to CDTV Multimedia (USA) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    cdtv9844c782-88ef-515f-958a-f81f45c8133fWorld Vista (Europe) CDTV, CUE, Redump
    psx47b8bd1a-bc8e-5e07-8b0d-796410bb0771Command & Conquer - Red Alert - Retaliation (USA) (Disc 2) (Soviet) psx, CUE, Redump