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    amigaSpeedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (WHDLoad, v2.3, CD32)2018-05-04 17:50:02
    amigaShadoworlds (WHDLoad, v1.1, 0030)2018-05-04 17:39:27
    amigaPolice Quest III (WHDLoad, v1.3)2018-05-04 17:24:40
    amigaPinball Fantasies (WHDLoad, v2.7, 0025)2018-05-04 17:22:38
    amigaPinball Fantasies [AGA] (WHDLoad, v2.7, AGA, Chip, 0047)2018-05-04 17:18:05
    amigaPinball Fantasies [AGA] (WHDLoad, v2.7, AGA, NTSC, 2025)2018-05-04 17:17:54
    amigaPinball Fantasies [AGA] (WHDLoad, v2.7, CD32, Chip)2018-05-04 17:17:11
    amigaPinball Fantasies [AGA] (WHDLoad, v2.7, CD32)2018-05-04 17:16:57
    amigaPinball Fantasies [AGA] (WHDLoad, v2.7, AGA, NTSC, Chip, 2025)2018-05-04 17:16:48
    amigaPinball Fantasies [AGA] (WHDLoad, v2.7, AGA, 0047)2018-05-04 17:16:37
    amigaPolice Quest III (WHDLoad, v1.3, De)2018-05-04 17:16:29
    amigaJames Pond 2: Codename RoboCod [AGA] (WHDLoad, v1.0, CD32)2018-05-04 16:57:02
    amigaJames Pond 2: Codename RoboCod (WHDLoad, v1.3, 1352)2018-05-04 16:54:57
    amigaJames Pond 2: Codename RoboCod [AGA] (WHDLoad, v2.0, AGA, 1354)2018-05-04 16:54:22
    amigaDynamo (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.3, 0995)ORPHAN2018-05-04 16:45:08
    amigaBanshee (WHDLoad, v3.3, CD32)2018-05-04 16:34:32
    amigaBetrayal (WHDLoad, v1.1, 0812)2018-05-04 16:30:28
    amigaBanshee (WHDLoad, v3.3, AGA, 0633)2018-05-04 16:25:34
    amigaZ-Out (WHDLoad, v3.5, 0609)2018-05-04 16:14:20
    amigaKick Off 2 (WHDLoad, v1.08, Fr)2018-05-04 16:12:27
    amigaKick Off 2 (WHDLoad, v1.08, De, 1245)2018-05-04 16:12:19
    amigaKick Off 2 (WHDLoad, v1.08, 0760)2018-05-04 16:10:21
    amigaKick Off 2 (WHDLoad, v1.08, It, 2574)2018-05-04 16:10:15
    amigaKickOff2PlusWorldCup90 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.08, De, 0689)ORPHAN2018-05-04 16:10:06
    amigaKick Off 2 (WHDLoad, v1.08, Es, 2507)2018-05-04 16:09:57
    amigaKick Off 2 (WHDLoad, v1.08)2018-05-04 16:08:26
    amigaKickOff216 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.08, 2191)ORPHAN2018-05-04 16:06:39
    amigaKickOff2PlusWorldCup90 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.08, Fr)ORPHAN2018-05-04 16:06:25
    amigaKickOff2PlusWorldCup90 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.08, 0168)ORPHAN2018-05-04 16:06:02
    amigaKickOff2PlusWorldCup90 (Amiga, WHDLoad, v1.08, It, 2573)ORPHAN2018-05-04 16:05:34
    amigaUFO: Enemy Unknown [AGA] (WHDLoad, v1.1, AGA, 0157)2018-05-04 16:05:06
    amigaUFO: Enemy Unknown [AGA] (WHDLoad, v1.1, CD32)2018-05-04 16:03:58
    amigaUltima V: Warriors Of Destiny (WHDLoad, v1.3, 0785)2018-05-04 16:03:17
    amigaUFO: Enemy Unknown (WHDLoad, v1.0, 1677)2018-05-04 16:03:09
    amigaThe Amazing Spider-Man (WHDLoad, v2.0, 1006)2018-05-04 16:00:42
    amigaAmbermoon (WHDLoad, v2.0, De)2018-05-04 15:59:18
    amigaThe Amazing Spider-Man (WHDLoad, v2.0, NTSC)2018-05-04 15:58:18
    amigaAmbermoon (WHDLoad, v2.0)2018-05-04 15:50:38
    amigaLaser Squad (WHDLoad, v2.4, It)2018-05-04 15:42:08
    amigaLaser Squad (WHDLoad, v2.4, NTSC, 1908)2018-05-04 15:41:06
    amigaLaser Squad (WHDLoad, v2.4, 1907)2018-05-04 15:33:15
    amigaRuff 'n' Tumble (WHDLoad, v2.3, 0199)2018-05-04 15:19:57
    amigaCrystal Hammer (WHDLoad, v1.2, V2)2018-05-04 15:04:39
    amigaCoala (WHDLoad, v2.0, AGA, 0242)2018-05-04 15:02:26
    amigaCoala (WHDLoad, v2.0, 0242)2018-05-04 15:01:32
    amigaCrystal Hammer (WHDLoad, v1.2, V1)2018-05-04 15:01:21
    amigaOdyssey (WHDLoad, v2.1, 2854)2018-05-04 14:12:09
    amigaElvira: Mistress of the Dark (WHDLoad, v1.2, Fr, 1751)2018-05-04 14:10:50
    amigaElvira: Mistress of the Dark (WHDLoad, v1.2, 0267)2018-05-04 14:08:23
    amigaElvira: Mistress of the Dark (WHDLoad, v1.2, De, 0474)2018-05-04 14:08:15
    smsSuper Boy III (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 12:03:50
    smsSuper Boy I (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 12:03:46
    smsSuper Bioman I (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 12:03:42
    smsSuper Arkanoid (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 12:03:38
    smsMicro Xevious, The (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:59:37
    smsGhost House (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:57:08
    smsGalaxian (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:56:46
    smsComical Machine Gun Joe (SMS, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:54:09
    sms8 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, C, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:49
    sms8 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, B, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:48
    sms8 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, A, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:46
    sms3 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, F, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:41
    sms3 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, E, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:38
    sms3 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, D, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:36
    sms3 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, C, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:33
    sms3 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, B, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:29
    sms3 in 1 - The Best Game Collection (SMS, A, Korea, Unlicensed)2018-04-22 11:50:27
    gbaYu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship Tournament 2004 (GBA, Europe)2018-04-21 14:52:35
    gbaYoshi's Cookie (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 14:51:52
    gbaWarioWare, Inc. - Mega Microgame$! (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:49:29
    gbaWario Land Advance - Youki no Otakara (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:49:21
    gbaWario Land 4 (GBA, USA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:49:16
    gbaTsuukin Hitofude (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:46:52
    gbaTennis (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 14:43:15
    gbaSuper Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:41:49
    gbaSuper Mario Bros. (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 14:41:22
    gbaSuper Mario Ball (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:41:19
    gbaSuper Mario Bros. 3 (GBA, Europe, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:41:14
    gbaSuper Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario 3 + Mario Brothers (GBA, Japan, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:41:07
    gbaYoshi's Island (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:41:00
    gbaSoccer (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 14:36:45
    gbaSims, The - Bustin' Out (GBA, USA, Rev 1)2018-04-21 14:36:13
    gbaSimple Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 14:36:01
    gbaRockman EXE 6 - Dennoujuu Gregar (GBA, Japan, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:32:06
    gbaRockman EXE 6 - Dennoujuu Falzar (GBA, Japan, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:32:01
    gbaRockman EXE 4.5 - Real Operation (GBA, Japan, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:31:49
    gbaReintr Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 14:29:52
    gbaPower Pro Kun Pocket 5 (GBA, Japan, Rev 1)2018-04-21 14:25:10
    gbaPolarium Advance (GBA, USA, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:24:15
    gbaPokemon - Slot 2 Distribution (GBA, Japan, Unreleased)2018-04-21 14:22:38
    gbaPokemon - Liechi Berry Glitch Fix & Shiny Zigzagoon Distribution (GBA, Europe)2018-04-21 14:21:58
    gbaPokemon - Aurora Ticket Distribution (GBA, USA)2018-04-21 14:20:56
    gbaPokemon - Aura Mew Distribution (GBA, Europe)2018-04-21 14:20:51
    gbaPokemon - 10th Anniversary Distribution (GBA, Europe)2018-04-21 14:20:46
    gbaPinball (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 14:17:37
    gbaPhantom, The (GBA, Italy, Prototype)2018-04-21 14:17:08
    gbaPac-Man Collection (GBA, Europe, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:14:58
    gbaPac-Man Collection (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 14:14:54
    gbaOverlay Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 14:14:17
    gbaNintendo Puzzle Collection Controller (GBA, USA, GameCube)2018-04-21 14:10:52
    gbaMultiple Interrupt Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 14:06:40
    gbaMulti-Play SIO Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 14:06:33
    gbaMulti-Play Load Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 14:06:28
    gbaMulti-Play Boot Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 14:06:21
    gbaMetroid Fusion (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:59:20
    gbaMetroid Fusion (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:59:16
    gbaMetroid: Zero Mission (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:58:55
    gbaMetroid: Zero Mission (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:58:52
    gbaMega Man Zero 3 (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:57:21
    gbaMega Man Zero 2 (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:57:10
    gbaMega Man Zero (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:57:00
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Gregar (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:53
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Gregar (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:50
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Falzar (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:39
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Falzar (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:35
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Proto Man (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:24
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Proto Man (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:20
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Colonel (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:09
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Colonel (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:56:06
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 4 - Red Sun (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:55:54
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 4 - Red Sun (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:55:49
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 4 - Blue Moon (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:55:37
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 4 - Blue Moon (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:55:33
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 3 - White Version (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:55:23
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 3 - White (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:55:16
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 3 - Blue (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:55:01
    gbaMega Man Battle Network 2 (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:54:53
    gbaMega Man Battle Network (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:54:39
    gbaMega Man Battle Network (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:54:36
    gbaMega Man Battle Chip Challenge (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:54:26
    gbaMega Man Battle Chip Challenge (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:54:22
    gbaMega Man & Bass (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:54:12
    gbaMedabots - Metabee (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:52:44
    gbaMario Tennis: Power Tour (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:50:32
    gbaMario Party Advance (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:50:14
    gbaMario Party Advance (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:50:11
    gbaMario Kart Advance (GBA, Japan, 3DS Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:49:58
    gbaMario Kart Advance (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:49:55
    gbaMario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:49:47
    gbaMario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:49:44
    gbaMario Kart - Double Dash!! (GBA, USA, Fire Emblem GBA - Bonus Items)2018-04-21 13:49:33
    gbaMario Golf: Advance Tour (GBA, Europe, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:49:23
    gbaMario Bros. (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 13:48:59
    gbaMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:48:48
    gbaMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:48:45
    gbaMandrake the Magician (GBA, Italy, Prototype)2018-04-21 13:48:05
    gbaMade in Wario (GBA, Japan, Demo, Kiosk, GameCube)2018-04-21 13:46:42
    gbaMade in Wario (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:46:39
    gbaLoader Binary by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Promo)2018-04-21 13:43:58
    gbaLC Font Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 13:40:31
    gbaKlonoa 2 - Dream Champ Tournament (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:37:11
    gbaKirby - Nightmare in Dream Land (GBA, USA, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:36:53
    gbaKirby & the Amazing Mirror (GBA, USA, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:36:45
    gbaKing Kong - The Official Game of the Movie (GBA, Europe)2018-04-21 13:36:06
    gbaIR Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 13:30:09
    gbaiQue Video & Audio (GBA, China)2018-04-21 13:30:04
    gbaiQue Reader (GBA, China)2018-04-21 13:29:59
    gbaIce Climber (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 13:28:17
    gbaHoshi no Kirby - Kagami no Daimeikyuu (GBA, Japan, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:26:40
    gbaGolf (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 13:19:26
    gbaGolden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA, USA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:19:20
    gbaGame Boy Gallery 4 (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:15:47
    gbaGame & Watch Gallery 4 (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:12:45
    gbaFunctional Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 13:11:03
    gbaFont Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 13:08:50
    gbaFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:08:09
    gbaFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:08:06
    gbaFire Emblem (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:07:27
    gbaFire Emblem (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:07:24
    gbaFinal Fight One (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:06:19
    gbaFinal Fantasy V Advance (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:05:54
    gbaFinal Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:05:41
    gbaFinal Fantasy I, II Advance (GBA, Japan, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 13:05:13
    gbaF-Zero - Maximum Velocity (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:59:53
    gbaF-Zero - GP Legend (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:59:44
    gbaF-Zero - GP Legend (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:59:41
    gbaExcitebike (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:58:19
    gbaDrill Dozer (GBA, Europe, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:53:31
    gbaDr. Mario (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:51:28
    gbaDonkey Kong Jr. Math (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:49:50
    gbaDonkey Kong Jr. (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:49:45
    gbaDonkey Kong 3 (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:49:15
    gbaDonkey Kong (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:49:10
    gbaDolphin Demo by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Demo)2018-04-21 12:48:43
    gbaDiddy Kong Pilot (GBA, Unknown, Prototype, 2001)2018-04-21 12:45:06
    gbaDark Empire (GBA, Japan, Prototype)2018-04-21 12:42:31
    gbaContra Advance - The Alien Wars EX (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:37:25
    gbaClu Clu Land (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:36:27
    gbaCastlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:32:38
    gbaCastlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:32:26
    gbaCastlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:32:23
    gbaCastlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:32:07
    gbaBlue Angelo - Angels from the Shrine (GBA, Europe, Proto 2)2018-04-21 12:25:00
    gbaBlue Angelo - Angels from the Shrine (GBA, Europe, Proto 1)2018-04-21 12:24:56
    gbaBlib Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Sample)2018-04-21 12:24:50
    gbaBasic Sample by Nintendo (GBA, Unknown, Demo)2018-04-21 12:20:58
    gbaBaseball (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:20:49
    gbaBalloon Fight (GBA, USA, Advance Play Edition)2018-04-21 12:19:04
    gbaAging Cartridge (GBA, World)2018-04-21 12:12:31
    gbaAdvance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:11:34
    gbaAdvance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (GBA, USA, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:11:31
    gbaAdvance Wars (GBA, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:11:21
    gbaAdvance Wars (GBA, USA, Wii U Virtual Console)2018-04-21 12:11:18
    gbaAdvance GTA (GBA, Japan, Rev 1)2018-04-21 12:10:55
    gbTintin in Tibet (, Europe, SGB Enhanced)2018-04-21 09:56:51
    gbMickey Mouse V (GB, Japan, Rev 1)2018-04-21 09:41:49
    gbcSurvival Kids (GBC, Japan, SGB Enhanced, GB Compatible)2018-04-20 22:46:30
    gbcSuper Mario Bros. Deluxe (GBC, Japan, 3DS Virtual Console)2018-04-20 22:46:13
    gbcShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Aka no Sho (GBC, Japan, Rev A, SGB Enhanced, GB Compatible)2018-04-20 22:44:21
    gbcSanrio Timenet - Mirai Hen (GBC, Japan, Rev 1, SGB Enhanced, GB Compatible)2018-04-20 22:43:44
    gbcSanrio Timenet - Kako Hen (GBC, Japan, Rev 1, SGB Enhanced, GB Compatible)2018-04-20 22:43:41
    gbcPokemon Trading Card Game (GBC, Europe, Rev 1, 3DS Virtual Console, SGB Enhanced, GB Compatible)2018-04-20 22:39:58
    gbcLove Hina Pocket (GBC, Japan, Rev 1)2018-04-20 22:32:40
    gbcGekido (GBC, Europe, Prototype)2018-04-20 22:25:50
    gbcF-1 World Grand Prix (GBC, Europe, Beta)2018-04-20 22:24:18
    gbcCannon Fodder (GBC, Europe, v0.45.3, Beta)2018-04-20 22:19:43
    smdZhong Guo Xiang Qi (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:40:11
    smdZhan Qi Chinese Battle Chess (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:40:07
    smdYu Yu Hakusho - Makyou Toitsusen (MD, Japan, Prototype, 06.1994)2018-04-20 21:39:47
    smdYa Se Chuan Shuo (MD, Taiwan, Alt, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:39:34
    smdLegend of Wukong (MD, Taiwan, Alt, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:39:08
    smdWater Margin: The Tales of Clouds and Winds (MD, USA, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:37:32
    smdVirtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:37:01
    smdTun Shi Tian Di 3 - San Guo Wai Chuan (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:35:50
    smdTruco '96 (MD, Argentina, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:35:45
    smdTop Fighter 2005 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:35:13
    smdTop Fighter 2000 MK VIII (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:35:10
    smdTom Clown (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:35:00
    smdTiny Toon Adventures 3 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:34:32
    smdThunderbolt II (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:34:13
    smdTenchi o Kurau III - Sangoku Gaiden (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:33:50
    smdTekken 3 Special (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:33:37
    smdTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Legend Returns (MD, Russia, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:33:29
    smdSuper Tank War (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:32:02
    smdThe Revenge of Shinobi (MD, Japan, Beta, 21.08.1989, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:31:49
    smdSuper Mario World 64 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:31:29
    smdSuper Mario World (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:31:26
    smdSuper Mario Bros. (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:31:23
    smdSuper Mario 2 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:31:20
    smdSuper King Kong 99 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:31:15
    smdSuper Hang-On (MD, World, Beta, 18.08.1989, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:31:05
    smdSuper Donkey Kong 99 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:30:55
    smdSteel Empire (MD, USA, 13.03.1992, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:29:48
    smdSplatterhouse 2 (MD, USA, 02.03.1992, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:29:12
    smdSoul Edge VS Samurai Spirits (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:28:38
    smdSoul Blade (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:28:35
    smdSonic the Hedgehog 3 Limited Edition (MD, Japan, Prototype, 08.04.1994)2018-04-20 21:28:25
    smdSonic the Hedgehog 3 Limited Edition (MD, Japan, Prototype, 17.05.1994)2018-04-20 21:28:22
    smdSonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD, World, Rev B, GameCube Edition)2018-04-20 21:28:16
    smdSonic Jam 6 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:27:59
    smdSol-Deace (MD, USA, 03.02.1992, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:27:28
    smdShip (MD, World, Prototype)2018-04-20 21:26:39
    smdShi San Zhang Ma Jiang 98 - Mei Shao Nv (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:26:14
    smdSF II' - Turbo (MD, USA, Prototype, Unlicensed, Pirate, Bad)2018-04-20 21:25:50
    smdSega Sound Tool (MD, USA, v2.2, Program)2018-04-20 21:25:39
    smdSega Channel (MD, Japan, v2.11, Earlier, Program)2018-04-20 21:25:35
    smdSega Channel (MD, Japan, v2.11, Program)2018-04-20 21:25:34
    smdSega Art Tool (MD, Japan, Program, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:25:29
    smdseaQuest DSV (MD, Europe)2018-04-20 21:25:25
    smdSan Guo Yan Yi - Huo Shao Chi Bi (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:24:58
    smdSamurai Spirits II (MD, Taiwan, Alt, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:24:56
    smdSamurai Spirits II (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:24:54
    smdRockman X3 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:24:21
    smdQueen of Poker Club (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:22:43
    smdQuackShot Starring Donald Duck (MD, Japan, Europe)2018-04-20 21:22:39
    smdQuackShot Starring Donald Duck (MD, Japan, Europe, Alt)2018-04-20 21:22:38
    smdPrimal Rage Showdown (MD, USA, Demo, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:21:41
    smdPrimal Rage (MD, USA, Demo, Sega Channel, Test Drive Version)2018-04-20 21:21:38
    smdPrimal Rage (MD, USA, Europe, Demo, Sega Channel, Rental Version)2018-04-20 21:21:37
    smdPokemon Stadium (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:21:15
    smdPocket Monsters 2 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:21:13
    smdPocket Monsters (MD, Taiwan, Alt, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:21:10
    smdPocket Monsters (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:21:08
    smdPlanet Message Quiz (MD, Japan, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:21:03
    smdPhantasy Star Fukkokuban (MD, Japan)2018-04-20 21:20:02
    smdPac-Attack (MD, USA)2018-04-20 21:19:10
    smdNyuushi Chokuzen Check - Nanmon Kimon Kiki Kaikai (MD, Japan, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:18:26
    smdBulls versus Blazers and the NBA Playoffs (MD, Japan)2018-04-20 21:16:43
    smdMK5 - Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:15:33
    smdMighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (MD, Russia, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:15:20
    smdMicro Machines (MD, USA, Europe, Alt 3)2018-04-20 21:14:56
    smdMega Bomberman - Special 8-Player-Demo (MD, Europe, Prototype)2018-04-20 21:14:05
    smdMagic Girl featuring Ling Ling the Little Witch (MD, World, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:13:00
    smdMagic Bubble (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:12:58
    smdLion King II (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:12:22
    smdLion King 3 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:12:19
    smdKyuukai Douchuuki (MD, Japan, Rev A, Beta, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:11:13
    smdThe King of Fighters 98' (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:10:45
    smdThe King of Fighters 2000 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:10:42
    smdThe King of Fighters '99 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:10:39
    smdJohn Madden Football (MD, USA, Europe, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:09:36
    smdJiu Ji Ma Jiang II - Ye Yan Bian (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:09:26
    smdJesse 'The Body' Ventura - Wrestling Superstars (MD, USA, Prototype, 02.03.1992, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:09:15
    smdHercules 2 (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:07:22
    smdGolden Axe III (MD, Europe, Virtual Console)2018-04-20 21:06:08
    smdGEMS (MD, USA, v2.8, Beta, 04.06.1994, Program)2018-04-20 21:05:30
    smdG-LOC - Air Battle (MD, World, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:04:52
    smdFire Shark (MD, USA)2018-04-20 21:04:08
    smdFantasia (MD, World, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:03:19
    smdF1 Circus MD (MD, USA, Prototype, 28.12.1991, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:03:11
    smdExile (MD, USA, Beta, 13.12.1991, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:02:37
    smdEcco the Dolphin (MD, USA, Europe, Rev A, Beta, 29.06.1993, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 21:01:51
    smdDynoBlaze (MD, USA, Prototype)2018-04-20 21:01:22
    smdDu Shen Zhi Meng Huan Poker (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 21:00:59
    smdDragon Ball - Final Bout (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed, Bad)2018-04-20 21:00:38
    smdDavis Cup II (MD, Europe, Prototype, 10.07.1994)2018-04-20 20:59:25
    smdCurse (MD, USA, Prototype, 26.06.1990, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 20:58:41
    smdCosmic Spacehead (MD, Europe)2018-04-20 20:58:21
    smdColumns (MD, World, Rev A, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 20:57:54
    smdCliffhanger (MD, Europe)2018-04-20 20:57:38
    smdChess (MD, Russia, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:57:08
    smdChao Ji Poker (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:56:56
    smdChao Ji Mahjong Club (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:56:53
    smdCascade (MD, World, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:56:29
    smdBugs Bunny in Double Trouble (MD, Europe)2018-04-20 20:55:57
    smdBug's Life (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:55:54
    smdBudokan - The Martial Spirit (MD, USA, Rev A, Beta, 25.09.1990, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 20:55:51
    smdBomber (MD, Brazil, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:55:07
    smdBattle Squadron (MD, USA, Europe, Rev A, Beta, 18.01.1991, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 20:54:06
    smdBao Xiao San Guo (MD, Taiwan, Alt, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:53:24
    smdBao Xiao San Guo (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:53:22
    smdBaby Boom (MD, USA, Prototype, 03.06.1994)2018-04-20 20:53:06
    smdBaby Boom (MD, USA, Prototype, 06.06.1994)2018-04-20 20:53:03
    smdBaby Boom (MD, USA, Prototype, 11.08.1994)2018-04-20 20:53:00
    smdArnold Palmer Tournament Golf (MD, USA, Europe, Rev A, Beta, 22.03.1990, Sega Channel)2018-04-20 20:52:19
    smdArcade Legends Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition ~ Mega Drive Play TV 3 (MD, World)2018-04-20 20:52:10
    smdArcade Legends Sega Mega Drive ~ Arcade Legends Sega Genesis ~ Mega Drive Play TV (MD, World)2018-04-20 20:52:07
    smdAlien Soldier (MD, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-20 20:51:40
    smdAladdin II (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:51:27
    smd16 Zhang Mahjong II (MD, Taiwan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 20:50:14
    tg16(BIOS) Games Express CD Card (Japan) (Alt) (PCE, Default)2018-04-20 20:36:08
    nesTale, The - Elrond no Eiyuu (NES, Japan, Beta)2018-04-20 19:48:09
    nesSuper Adventure Quests (NES, Europe, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 19:44:56
    nesL.A Cop - Miss. Peach World (NES, Japan, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 19:15:33
    nesHappy Camper (NES, USA, Prototype, Unlicensed, Bad)2018-04-20 19:05:36
    nesDreamworld Pogie (NES, Unknown, Proto 3, 2017, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 18:54:36
    nesDonkey Kong (NES, USA, Virtual Console)2018-04-20 18:51:40
    nesCadillac (NES, Japan, Sample)2018-04-20 18:43:09
    snesWWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game (SFC, USA, Beta)2018-04-20 16:14:40
    snesWorms (SFC, Europe)2018-04-20 16:14:13
    snesVirtual Soccer (SFC, USA, Prototype, Bad)2018-04-20 16:09:40
    snesTotal Football (SFC, Europe, Prototype)2018-04-20 16:02:33
    snesSuper Bombliss (SFC, Japan)2018-04-20 15:33:42
    snesStar Fox 2 (SFC, Japan, Proto 3)2018-04-20 15:31:08
    snesStar Fox 2 (SFC, Japan, Proto 2)2018-04-20 15:31:06
    snesStar Fox 2 (SFC, Japan, SNES Mini)2018-04-20 15:31:04
    snesStar Fox 2 (SFC, USA, SNES Mini)2018-04-20 15:31:03
    snesSpectre (SFC, Europe)2018-04-20 15:30:06
    snesRedline F-1 Racer (SFC, USA, Beta)2018-04-20 15:21:54
    snesPower Drive (SFC, USA, Prototype)2018-04-20 15:19:31
    snesPinball Dreams (SFC, Europe, Beta 2)2018-04-20 15:18:16
    snesPachinko Fan - Shouri Sengen (SFC, Japan, Rev 1)2018-04-20 15:15:55
    snesNightmare Busters (SFC, USA, Unlicensed)2018-04-20 15:13:19
    snesNightmare Busters (SFC, Europe, Prototype)2018-04-20 15:13:17
    snesMs. Pac-Man (SFC, USA, Beta)2018-04-20 15:09:59
    snesMickey Mania (SFC, Japan, Beta)2018-04-20 15:07:41
    snesFIFA 97 (SFC, Europe)2018-04-20 14:45:31
    snesDorque & Imp (SFC, Woods Level, Europe, Prototype)2018-04-20 14:41:32
    snesDorque & Imp (SFC, Palace Level, Europe, Prototype)2018-04-20 14:41:30
    snesDorque & Imp (SFC, Mine Level, Europe, Prototype)2018-04-20 14:41:28
    snesBuck Rogers - The Arcade Game (SFC, USA, Beta)2018-04-20 14:35:33
    snesAlbert Odyssey (SFC, Japan, Rev 1)2018-04-20 14:28:03