Configuring FS-UAE Launcher

This information (and the screenshots) is quite out of date. The good news is that the current procedure is much more streamlined 🙂

Screenshot-FS-UAE Launcher 2.2.2

FS-UAE Launcher with many game entries from the Open Amiga Game Database

FS-UAE Launcher works great with the Open Amiga Game Database. When you enable the game database feature in FS-UAE Launcher, the following nice things will happen:

  • FS-UAE Launcher downloads game information from the online database.
  • Game entries appear automatically in your FS-UAE Launcher, provided you have recognized game files on your system.
  • You’ll automatically get nice screenshots and covers in FS-UAE Launcher.
  • The games are correctly set up in advance, and you can just click “Start” to start the games without fiddling with Amiga configuration.

No games are stored / distributed via the database. You need to have recognized floppy images, CD-ROM images and/or WHDLoad installations on your system to use the database in a meaningful way.

This page will guide you through enabling the database (When the feature is out of beta, the setup process will be smoother).

Step 1 – Install FS-UAE and FS-UAE Launcher

Download and install the most recent version of FS-UAE for your system from

FS-UAE is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and OpenBSD 🙂

Step 2 – Scan your system for recognized game media

In order for the online database to find your games, you need to let FS-UAE Launcher build a local database of your Amiga files (ADF disk images, etc).

Start FS-UAE Launcher, and open “Scan Files and Configuration”, like this:


The following dialog should then appear:


You must then ensure your .adf files (etc) are somewhere within one of the listed folders. You can of course add additional folders to the list of folders to scan. Note: FS-UAE will also find .adf files inside .zip archives.

Click on the scan button to perform a scan of the listed folders (including subfolders).

Step 3 – Get yourself an username and password

If you have not already registered, go to to register for a new account. (In the future, you’ll likely be able to use the database without having an account, but a user registration is required during the beta).

Once you have got your username and password, continue to the next step.

Step 4 – Enable the database feature in FS-UAE Launcher

Start FS-UAE Launcher, if not already running, and open “Preferences”.


Select Experimental Features” in the list to the left, and change “Enable online database support” to “On”, like this:


Close the dialog, and then you need to re-start FS-UAE Launcher for the change to be applied.

Step 5 – Enter username and password

Open Preferences again, and click on the new Game Database entry. Here you must type your registered username and password:


Close the dialog when you have entered your username and password.

Step 6 – Refresh the game database

Simply click on the highlighted button to get the latest updates from the online database.


When this is done, you’ll automatically get game entries in your game list based on what games were found on your system 🙂

Step 7 – Enjoy 🙂

Have fun with the system! – and please do report any problems 🙂

Contributing to the Database

For the initial version, users can contribute changes from the web interface at For more information about how the configurations work, and how to correct games which are not set up correctly, see online database editing. I have also created some guidelines for contributing images. If you are interested, please see how to contribute for more information on how you can help make the database better 🙂


It is possible some game variants are not configured correctly (yet). If you encounter a problem, please either try to fix it (and submit a fix on, or report the problem in a comment (you need to log in to the web interface with your username and password first).

If a game does not appear as expected, this may be due to one or more disk files being modified. The database will only recognized unmodified ADF files.

Another reason a game may not appear is that you have a set of ADF files which are not in the database. TOSEC for example has often several different version of each disks, and not *all combinations* of disks for a multi-disk game will appear in the database.

If everything else fails, please feel free to join the live channel and ask your question there. We’ll try to help you as good as we can 🙂

23 thoughts on “Configuring FS-UAE Launcher

  1. Hello,

    Using OS X, I find that in order to move left in any application I must also use the left ‘command key’ with the left arrow. Otherwise there is no movement of the cursor. ‘Delete’ key works ok. Is this a configuration issue with my system?

    Using Amiga Forever / WIN-UAE on a Windows system, left movement is as expected.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards and thanks so much for your efforts with FS-UAE

    Hulen Smith

    • This sounds very strange, never heard of it. Maybe a setting in macOS? (Maybe Fn-lock is turned on or something).

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