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200 thoughts on “Support & Feedback

  1. Hi !
    I’ve suggestion for the database :

    Can add regions covers option ?
    Actually, you can add cover for a specific variant (by the way, how can I display it under FS UAE? It’s automatic?)
    A lot of game has only one variant and some games, EN only, get different translated covers for each country.
    It would be very nice to have sub category when you edit covers section for each game, because with just one variant, you can’t upload different region covers.

    By example :
    US : With sub category for BRA, CA
    EU : With sub category for DE,ES,FR,IT,PL
    JP :

    With a filter option for languages/region under FS-UAE, choose to just show FR cover of the game and if a FR cover wasn’t uploaded, default EUR/en could be displayed.
    And if a games with different names are “linked”, just displayed the selected language/region version.

    It would be very interesting and useful for console systems too, actually The Voice upload a lot a GAME GEAR games and for “WORLD” region release , you can upload just one cover. by this way, each user could see the games like he’s discovering them in the past in his country.

    This option can be very interesting and made a perfect and complete database.
    If you do that , i can upload a thousand of console covers by region (i get more than 10000 covers in good quality)

    Sorry again for my english… (^_^;) I hope you understand what I try to explain.

    • Hi, yes, I think I understand what you mean – I have been thinking along the same lines myself. I think this is something that I might experiment with in the near future 🙂

      (P.S.: Your English is more than good enough 🙂 )

  2. Also, is it possible to create a new variant that is local to me for a game? The sha sum for Rogue does not match the one for my original Rogue disk or for any disk image I could find, and I found 4:

    d87d29d7c2268ada4585ae1504ace6a317f48e73 /Users/barryn/Documents/FS-UAE/Downloads/Rogue – The Adventure Game (1986)(Epyx)-var2.adf
    0063352d22315cdcb080331306ff60fe4b0e173d /Users/barryn/Documents/FS-UAE/Downloads/Rogue – The Adventure Game (1986)(Epyx).adf
    83e666f675a412221bc014a97cda11c4a9f1fc57 /Users/barryn/Documents/FS-UAE/Downloads/Rogue-Disk-0.adf
    22899c796f6e1cc392704153e09be51a9d2a90ec /Users/barryn/Documents/FS-UAE/Downloads/Rogue.adf

    • I’ve been thinking user-specific variants but it is not possible now, no. However, I’ve imported an additional TOSEC variant which matches one of your disk images 🙂

  3. Hi !
    I try to upload this cover for the game “Passagers du Vent, Les Amiga” in the databse

    This is the french cover :

    There no cover at all actually and when i try to upload, i get this message :

    Error: 500 Internal Server Error

    Sorry, the requested URL ‘’ caused an error:

    Internal Server Error


    TypeError(‘not all arguments converted during string formatting’,)


    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/home/frode/”, line 764, in _handle
    File “/home/frode/”, line 1575, in wrapper
    rv = callback(*a, **ka)
    File “/home/frode/”, line 85, in wrapper
    result = f(*args, **kwargs)
    File “/home/frode/”, line 1301, in post_image
    cursor.execute(“SELECT id FROM file WHERE sha1 = %s”, (sha1))
    File “/home/frode/”, line 158, in execute
    return MySQLdb.cursors.Cursor.execute(self, query, args)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/MySQLdb/”, line 210, in execute
    query = query % args
    TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

    Did I need to convert in a special format? I try with a PNG conversion, but i get the same result…

    • Sorry for late response, this was a bug on site in a period earlier this year. Fixed this a few months ago.

  4. Hello!
    I had a question related to scraping whdload lha games. I asked this on the skyscraper page but was told it could be related to the OpenRetro database.
    Basically, I have been scraping my set of lha whdload games (which match the database file of amiberry) and found a small percentage of skipped games.
    The main ones I was surprised that were skipped were the Indiana Jones games (the adventure and and action versions were all skipped)

    Here are some of the game names for reference:

    I can see there are entries in the database (and in fact I can see all their info and screenshots in FS UAE, albeit I use zipped whdload installs in there, not the lha versions).
    Do you think there is something that could be added to the database to allow for these to be scraped? (Such as adding these names)
    If it’s something pretty easy to do, which I could do myself I would happily help out (and even try and fix the other missed entries I have discovered)

  5. hey guys. i checked the site and i am interested in your covers and tags for using it with my game launcher project. can i download them and/or link to them? when it comes to tags, i would also contribute to this site.

    • Hi, yes, the content of this site is meant to be used, download and use as you see fit 🙂

    • Hi, sorry, I didn’t see this comment until now, I’ve sent a request for confirmation to your listed e-mail.

  6. Hi. I’ve just started setting up and using FS-UAE on my MacBook Pro. When I go to update the games database, it counts up to around 87,000 items, and then eventually times out. Is this an issue on my end, or is there an issue with the database?

    • Hi, this was long ago. I assume there was a hiccup at that point. Everything working nicely for you now?

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