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If you have a general comment about the features of the online database, or a suggestion, please provide your feedback here.

If you would like to see some more games added to the database, please add a comment on the wishlist page.

IRC Discussion

For live discussion, you can connect to the IRC channel directly from your web browser: Enter live channel, or connect with your own IRC client to and join #FS-UAE.

192 thoughts on “Support & Feedback

  1. Im getting a “Error -5 while decompressing data:incomplete or truncated stream” error message while its scanning the game variants portion of the database (15578 scanned).

    does anyone have any ideas how to fix ?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hmm, sounds like invalid data have snuck into the database. Please try to delete Amiga.sqlite, CDTV.sqlite and CD32.sqlite from FS-UAE/Data/Databases and restart the Launcher, then update the database (will download the database from scratch).

  2. I tried to register but never received your email.. I looked at my inbox and spam but not there. It has been atleast 15 minutes since I initially tried registering and then did it again to no avail.

    • Hi seems like you service provider (AT&T) is blocking e-mails from I got a rejection back from their e-mail service when I tried to send you a response. I’ve contacted the AT&T Postmaster Staff to see if they can lift the block.

      • I’ll keep checking here until, hopefully they straighten it out. But why should they block it? I get tons of emails which are not blocked. I thought that email laws were similar to USPS laws, where they cannot hold up other peoples emails. I’ll keep checking back here until I can register.

        • I got a reply back from AT&T, and they would make sure my e-mail server was unblocked within 48 hours. So it could be unblocked already, or if not, at least over the weekend 🙂

  3. having problems register account im getting internal error message on clicking register
    hope you can assist

    • Hi, sorry for late response. Is there a still a problem registering? If so, I can create an account manually for you!

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