Improved outbound e-mail

I have tweaked the setup of the outbound e-mail server, so this should hopefully improve the delivery success of registration e-mails. Delivery to Hotmail /Outlook accounts have been particularly bad the last few weeks, according to feedback. Hopefully, this should be fixed now!

If you have had registration issues, I apologize for that, please try again now. And remember to check your spam folder as well. If the e-mail ended up in the spam folder, please make sure to mark the e-mail as “not spam” to help build the reputation on services such as and

WHDLoad quit key can be registered

The WHDLoad quit key can be registered for WHDLoad variants now. This allows FS-UAE to quit gracefully without losing data – some WHDLoad slaves to not save state until they have (gracefully) exited. Once the slave exits, FS-UAE will then close normally.

Example: if the WHDload slave expects the user to press the Amiga ‘Help’ key to quit, you can register whdload_quit_key = 5F. See for a list of valid raw key codes.

Server upgrades has been moved to new infrastructure, which explains the downtime the last couple of days. Most of the server is up and running again as normal, but some functionality may not work properly yet. In particular, registration is currently broken, but that should be fixed quite soon.

If you notice any other issues, please add a comment 🙂

Database Maintenance

Database maintenance is being performed, and to make the system even more future-proof, UUIDs for some variants are changed. Some variants (which should not have been included in the first place) will be purged as part of this update (this includes Quarterback ADFs, and virus-infected variants). During the maintenance, you might run into some temporary problems.

When the update is done, the “database version number” will be incremented, which will cause the Launcher to re-download the entire database. So you shouldn’t notice this much except for one extra long refresh operation.

Updated: The update process is now done. You should use the latest development version of FS-UAE and refresh the game database 🙂 Due to renaming of some disks, you may seemingly have “lost” savegames saved on floppies from the game database. If you miss a savegame, you need to rename the corresponding floppy .sdf file in the save state directory.

Second update: There remained a problem with starting WHDLoad games after the update. This has now been fixed, just make sure to refresh the database!

New FS-UAE Launcher Release

New FS-UAE Launcher release

New FS-UAE Launcher release

The latest release of FS-UAE Launcher contains a few updates which are relevant for the game database. When you now select a game in FS-UAE Launcher, a game variant will be auto-pre-selected according to the following rules:

  • If you have personally rated a variant with score 5, this variant will be selected.
  • If not, the variant with the highest score will be selected.

While being a nice feature in itself, this should also give you some extra motivation to rate variants, as the variant you rate 5 will be your “preferred variant”, or favorite if you will 🙂

Game variants can now specify that an empty HD or a HD with Workbench must be added to the system. This is done by setting a new database key “requirements” to one of
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