New FS-UAE Launcher Release

New FS-UAE Launcher release

New FS-UAE Launcher release

The latest release of FS-UAE Launcher contains a few updates which are relevant for the game database. When you now select a game in FS-UAE Launcher, a game variant will be auto-pre-selected according to the following rules:

  • If you have personally rated a variant with score 5, this variant will be selected.
  • If not, the variant with the highest score will be selected.

While being a nice feature in itself, this should also give you some extra motivation to rate variants, as the variant you rate 5 will be your “preferred variant”, or favorite if you will 🙂

Game variants can now specify that an empty HD or a HD with Workbench must be added to the system. This is done by setting a new database key “requirements” to one of

  • HD
  • WB
  • HD, WB

depending on the game’s requirement. When you only specify “WB”, this only means that Workbench must be loaded somehow, either from floppy or HD. Currently, a HD (with Workbench) is always added. You should use the value which best fits the game’s requirement. When a HD with Workbench is added, the added hard drive gets highest boot priority and will prevent DF0 from booting. This does not happen when you add an empty HD, of course.

Currently, the Workbench setup must be provided by the user. The Launcher will show an error if you start a variant which requires WB and it is not corrently set up. Depending on the Amiga model, FS-UAE Launcher will copy the WB files from one of the following directories: “Minimal Workbench v3.1”, “Minimal Workbench v2.05”, “Minimal Workbench v2.04”, “Minimal Workbench v1.3” -which must be placed in the Hard Drives folder.

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2 thoughts on “New FS-UAE Launcher Release

    • Can be used if a floppy-based / bootable game also allows installation on the HD. But if it’s not useful, don’t use it 😉 It was trivial to include the feature while adding support for “HD, WB”. Oh, I also forgot to mention how the WB feature works, will update the text in the post.

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