Contribute to Your Favourites

The beauty of having an open database is that nothing is written in stone and everything can be improved over time 🙂 If you think that your favourite game(s) deserve better screenshots or that some information is missing, please don’t hesitate to contribute and add/replace it by all means. Also don’t forget that you can at any time add your favourite game(s) to our wishlist here. Not to mention that if you have an idea how to improve the database itself, you’re welcome to post your ideas on the feedback page.

Oh and not to mention that we passed the 1,000 Amiga games mark yesterday 😉 Happy gaming everyone and give us your thoughts about how we can improve 🙂

Updated Cover Guidelines for Custom Covers

I have added some new guidelines concerning custom covers. Basically, custom covers are OK, and encouraged where needed 🙂 -But we should also avoid creating too realistic-looking custom covers (which look like they were sold in stores). A new __custom_cover field is also used to register that the cover is an unofficial one. Read more about it at the bottom of this page (section “Custom Covers”).

The cover guidelines have also been moved to its own page.