Thank You, Contributors

At this point, I would like to highlight the biggest contributors to the online database, and express my thanks. Currently, the users with most contributions are: nexusle, TheCyberDruid, Retro-Nerd, lomdav, FrodeSolheim, Goingdown, thundercato, Enzo, 1time, thevoice, CrazyOne, Thomas Magnum. Without you, the project would not exist 🙂

Honourable mentions go to: xpect, koldinsky, Amberstar, highplainsdrift, browny, antonvaltaz, riker77, bcripon, nixonbn, FabianSchoelzel – who have also contributed changes to the database.

For other users: you do not have to dedicate a lot of time to make a difference! Remember that a single correction is valuable and appreciated 🙂

1 thought on “Thank You, Contributors

  1. It has been a pleasure to contribute and I really hope that more people get the ‘bug’ 😉

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