Cinemaware Downloadable Games Removed

Several Amiga Cinemaware games have been available for download from – until now. It looks like the game downloads have been removed without a trace, with no mention of it in the news section. I found this post though which hints that the downloads *may* appear (though it doesn’t really explain why the downloads have been removed in the first place). So unfortunately, we have to remove the games from the list of downloadable games…

Steam-Compatible Banners Added

Turrican II example banner

Turrican II example banner in 460×215 size

Steam-compatible banners (460×215 or 920×430) may now be added to game entries. The uses cases for these are:

  • Users who also use Steam and/or Steam Big Picture mode might want to have their favorite Amiga games available in the same interface, and then these banners can be used to make it look really nice.
  • The web interface and other clients may sometimes want to present games in lists where wide banners look nicer then tall covers.

One idea is that FS-UAE Launcher can automatically synchronize selected games – or all games from a user’s game list into Steam as shortcuts – with banners automatically added. The game will then start via FS-UAE Game Center full screen mode (for variant and input device selection). Note that this feature does not exist yet, and it won’t displace the FS-UAE Game Center interface in any way – it will be complementary.

Also, a user may not want all Amiga games in the Steam interface as it may clutter it too much, but a game list feature is under development where the launcher and game center can show only the games which are added to a game list. The user could for example create a “Favorites” list or a “Steam Shortcuts” list and choose to export those games to Steam.

Game banners can be added now, and you can also see the already existing banners on a nice page. Also, if you are interested in this – or just are on Steam and like FS-UAE and/or, consider joining the group on Steam 🙂

Markdown Support

You can now use markdown format in comments. This is a markup format used by several other projects. Sites such as GitHub, reddit, Stack Overflow and SourceForge use Markdown to facilitate discussion between users.

See for description of this format with examples.

In other site-related news, the WordPress installation is updated to the latest version (3.5.2).

Improved Search

The search function is improved by allowing us to register extra search terms (in the search_terms field). You can now search for either “dark seed” or “darkseed”, since the latter is registered as an extra search term for that game. As a further refinement, the search function is now based on matching whole words (and there is some semi-clever logic in place to handle common word variations and abbrevations). You can for example search for either “soccer 95-96” or “sensible 1995/96”.

Finally, the search results page are now displayed with the more “user-friendly” game browser. For the classic search results (where you also get listed variants, etc), just prefix the search with +.

The same search improvements are coming soon to FS-UAE Launcher as well 🙂