Steam-Compatible Banners Added

Turrican II example banner

Turrican II example banner in 460×215 size

Steam-compatible banners (460×215 or 920×430) may now be added to game entries. The uses cases for these are:

  • Users who also use Steam and/or Steam Big Picture mode might want to have their favorite Amiga games available in the same interface, and then these banners can be used to make it look really nice.
  • The web interface and other clients may sometimes want to present games in lists where wide banners look nicer then tall covers.

One idea is that FS-UAE Launcher can automatically synchronize selected games – or all games from a user’s game list into Steam as shortcuts – with banners automatically added. The game will then start via FS-UAE Game Center full screen mode (for variant and input device selection). Note that this feature does not exist yet, and it won’t displace the FS-UAE Game Center interface in any way – it will be complementary.

Also, a user may not want all Amiga games in the Steam interface as it may clutter it too much, but a game list feature is under development where the launcher and game center can show only the games which are added to a game list. The user could for example create a “Favorites” list or a “Steam Shortcuts” list and choose to export those games to Steam.

Game banners can be added now, and you can also see the already existing banners on a nice page. Also, if you are interested in this – or just are on Steam and like FS-UAE and/or, consider joining the group on Steam 🙂

Markdown Support

You can now use markdown format in comments. This is a markup format used by several other projects. Sites such as GitHub, reddit, Stack Overflow and SourceForge use Markdown to facilitate discussion between users.

See for description of this format with examples.

In other site-related news, the WordPress installation is updated to the latest version (3.5.2).

Improved Search

The search function is improved by allowing us to register extra search terms (in the search_terms field). You can now search for either “dark seed” or “darkseed”, since the latter is registered as an extra search term for that game. As a further refinement, the search function is now based on matching whole words (and there is some semi-clever logic in place to handle common word variations and abbrevations). You can for example search for either “soccer 95-96” or “sensible 1995/96”.

Finally, the search results page are now displayed with the more “user-friendly” game browser. For the classic search results (where you also get listed variants, etc), just prefix the search with +.

The same search improvements are coming soon to FS-UAE Launcher as well 🙂

New Game Pages and New Features

Hi, you may have noticed that new features have been added to, especially during the last couple of weeks. The most recent major change is the new “game pages”, see for example Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Paradise Lost. This is just the first version of game front pages, coinciding with the release of Paradise Lost. Not all new editing functionality is enabled for users yet. This is simply because not every detail is fleshed out yet – please be patient 🙂

We are also working on support for auto-downloading games (on demand) directly to FS-UAE Launcher – where possible.

The reason for these changes is that while the primary function of was to serve as an online configuration database for FS-UAE Launcher (and other clients), the scope of the project grows, as we now also try to host game ourselves where possible – or link to legal download pages. People may now start to browse without necessarily wanting to edit the online database.

We keep in mind that trying to do “everything” is not not always a good idea. The primary function of was, and still is, to be a great resource for helping people to play games, either directly to human visitors, or indirectly when clients such as FS-UAE Launcher retrieves information from this site. It is not an encyclopedia, and it will not try to compete with e.g. HOL on the level of detail available about games. For this purpose, we link to HOL and Wikipedia instead 😉

It will probably help to have some kind of “mission statement” at some point. But in short, if something is useful to people playing Amiga games, and we can host or link to it, it should have a place on in the future. I’ll follow up better later with more details and documentation regarding any changes 🙂

Rare Game “Paradise Lost” Now Available for Download

A previously unknown game (to most people), Paradise Lost, was intially sent to HOL by the developer Mert Börü with the request to include the game in HOL in April 2013. Mert included two releases of the game in his upload that the HOL team used to take the screenshots. One version was the original 4 disk release of the game and another one was included with a built-in unlimited energy trainer.

Mert Börü kindly gave permission to host both releases directly on, so everybody can experience this long lost Turkish game 🙂

Open Beta – Open Registration

Open Amiga Game Database is now in open beta! This means that you can now register yourself a username/password to access the database, no need to send an e-mail and ask for an account any more.

By registering a username and password, you’ll be able to:

  • Enable the database feature in FS-UAE Launcher and enjoy “one-click” running of pre-configured games (provided you have the required floppy images, etc).
  • Log in to the web interface and make improvements to game entries if you find missing information, or want to improve what’s already there.

Thank You, Contributors

At this point, I would like to highlight the biggest contributors to the online database, and express my thanks. Currently, the users with most contributions are: nexusle, TheCyberDruid, Retro-Nerd, lomdav, FrodeSolheim, Goingdown, thundercato, Enzo, 1time, thevoice, CrazyOne, Thomas Magnum. Without you, the project would not exist 🙂

Honourable mentions go to: xpect, koldinsky, Amberstar, highplainsdrift, browny, antonvaltaz, riker77, bcripon, nixonbn, FabianSchoelzel – who have also contributed changes to the database.

For other users: you do not have to dedicate a lot of time to make a difference! Remember that a single correction is valuable and appreciated 🙂

Open Amiga Game Database

The new name for this database is: Open Amiga Game Database (OAGD) 🙂  (though a bit less open during the beta ;-))

The new domain name is simple and short: Old links to should still work and/or redirect to the same resource at