Cinemaware Downloadable Games Removed

Several Amiga Cinemaware games have been available for download from – until now. It looks like the game downloads have been removed without a trace, with no mention of it in the news section. I found this post though which hints that the downloads *may* appear (though it doesn’t really explain why the downloads have been removed in the first place). So unfortunately, we have to remove the games from the list of downloadable games…

3 thoughts on “Cinemaware Downloadable Games Removed

  1. The games were removed because they entered an agreement with They are selling the games in a distribution that is both PC and Amiga emulated. Here is the link for Rocket Ranger: as well as Wings:

    Not sure if anyone would be interested in buying them if they already have the games… I did buy Rocket Ranger although I had already downloaded all the Amiga games when they were available for download.



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