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    Grand Theft Auto 2   PlayStation   2019-10-06 06:59:10 by thevoice

    FAQ: The Parental Code for the French version is : WFUSDFCF

    Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor   DOS   2019-09-14 18:07:52 by thevoice

    @tomse: i moved 2 screenshots to get the character creaton screen from spot #1. and as a tip, try to park the mouse pointer on a single color spot of the screen and remove it there before uploading the screenshot smiley

    Odyssey   Amiga   2019-09-10 03:37:40 by thevoice

    @DMK amiga model changed to a1200 for version 2.1.

    Odyssey   Amiga   2019-09-09 17:43:26 by DMK

    Requested change to WHDload 2.1 variant to 'Amiga_Model - A1200'. A600 was just too slow for me.

    Starblaze   Amiga   2019-09-07 20:02:31 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @jyanncorp. i just changed the order.

    Humans 2: The Jurassic Levels   Amiga   2019-09-07 19:45:02 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @jyanncorp. i just moved them around and did some cropping.

    Times of Lore   Amiga   2019-09-07 19:32:46 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @jyanncorp. i just re-ordered a bit and did some cropping.

    Space Racer   Amiga   2019-09-07 06:09:40 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @jyanncorp. i just moved them around a bit.

    Spell Bound [Psyclapse]   Amiga   2019-09-07 05:34:34 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @jyanncorp. i just cropped them to make them compatible with the guidelines.

    Spellbound [Lander]   Amiga   2019-09-06 19:06:06 by thevoice

    All screenshots taken by Enzo. i just cropped them properly. so they match screenshot guidelines.

    Nuclear War   Amiga   2019-08-23 18:36:31 by thevoice

    @iznogoud i assume the manual protection info comes from the whdload slave author as he mentions "manual protection" removed. so your info seem to be be correct. i will change the manual protection tag.

    Nuclear War   Amiga   2019-08-23 15:20:55 by iznogoud

    I don't think that the IPF variant (2014) has a "Manual"-based copy protection. I haven't encountered any security question while playing the game and according to the instruction sheet, it seems that Disk 1 is used instead as a "Key Disk" to validate the authenticity of the copy:

    Little Computer People   Amiga   2019-08-19 03:21:40 by thevoice

    changed all floppy variants to only use chip memory as with enabled "slow" mem the actor is invisible.

    Little Computer People   Amiga   2019-08-19 03:20:55 by thevoice

    @correct, it is not the amiga model but the existence of "slow" memory. i changed the entries to just use chipmem. after the changes go live the problem should be solved. thanks for finding the issue.

    Black Crypt   Amiga   2019-08-18 13:31:48 by thevoice

    @iznogoud that is a known problem for several titles which require a proper labeled save disk. i remember frode palnned a solution for that a while ago. but i let him give the answer how far this implementation is done. for the time being the only "solution" is to use the whdload version.

    Black Crypt   Amiga   2019-08-18 11:48:13 by iznogoud

    The disk for the saves that the game is asking for, needs to be labelled "GAMESAVE". More info here:

    Little Computer People   Amiga   2019-08-18 10:58:13 by iznogoud

    The IPF versions (0912, 0913) have a weird issue: the sprite of the "little person" is not visible. Starting the game with the A500+ configuration solves this. More info on this thread:

    Championship Motocross 2001 featuring Ricky Carmichael   PlayStation   2019-08-17 17:54:59 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: for some reason the driver is not shown, just the bike. tested with mednafem 1.22.2.

    Ilyad   Amiga   2019-08-04 13:36:55 by thevoice

    @qupe75 the mentioned quote refers to the 2006 released version 1.1. with a600 model ticking disable blitter waits would fix these "glitches". anyway i changed the amiga model to a1200 which makes ticking blitter waits obsolete. so after frode triggers the update process model should be a1200.

    Iceball   Amiga   2019-08-04 13:34:20 by qupe75

    I used the A500 with 512k slow ram with the (1988)(Turtle Byte)[cr Ackerlight][t +2 Ackerlight] and no extra ram settings and the game works fine.

    I found the gamebase version was running too fast using the A1000 settings for some reason

    Ilyad   Amiga   2019-08-04 13:01:17 by qupe75

    as mentioned previously the whdload version 1.2, 1944 has graphical glitches pretty much rendering the game unplayable.

    Torvak the Warrior   Amiga   2019-07-28 19:03:48 by thevoice

    @alfman also here i cant see a launcher problem. best bet would be to file a bug at whdload bugtracker as this slave is also 9 years old.

    Pit-Fighter   Amiga   2019-07-28 19:02:54 by thevoice

    @alfman not a fs-uae problem i guess. but the slave is dated from 1999. maybe a good idea to file a bug at the whdload bugtracker:

    Pit-Fighter   Amiga   2019-07-28 15:31:50 by alfman

    Following WHDLoad Version has Problems :


    FS-UAE used :


    Error :

    No Intromusic playing... (after the DOMARK Logo)

    Torvak the Warrior   Amiga   2019-07-28 15:29:40 by alfman

    Following WHDLoad Version has Problems :


    FS-UAE used :


    Error :

    No Sound at all...

    Future Wars: Time Travellers   Amiga   2019-07-25 14:00:10 by thevoice

    @alfman all whdload variants changed to a1200. thanks for reporting.

    Future Wars: Time Travellers   Amiga   2019-07-25 12:42:40 by alfman

    Following WHDLoad Version has Problems :


    FS-UAE used :


    Error :

    "resload_FlushCache" has been interrupted...

    Powder   Amiga   2019-06-21 19:43:30 by thevoice

    @qupe75 i played the game for quite a bit now. and to be honest i cant see any difference beween a600 and a1200 model on my gsync setup here.

    A Prehistoric Tale   Amiga   2019-06-21 18:34:03 by thevoice

    @qupe75 you are totally right. i must have c&p the wrong parent id. i requested a move to the correct entry. thanks for finding this mistake smiley.

    A Prehistoric Tale   Amiga   2019-06-20 16:58:52 by qupe75

    Think Prehistorik's WHD's are incorrectly showing in A Prehistoric Tale set up. Showing whd 2.0, 0557 and CDTV which are both Prehistoik's

    Powder   Amiga   2019-06-19 21:30:33 by qupe75

    I thought this was an AGA Game? The game works a bit smoother with the A1200 settings. I used A1200, 2mb and 8mb.

    Za Żelazną Bramą   Amiga   2019-06-16 13:34:59 by FrodeSolheim

    @qupe75 Both disks should be included, you need to swap disk when the game requests you to (F12 menu).

    Atlantis - The Lost Tales   PlayStation   2019-06-15 06:21:33 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game freezes if you attempt to leave chapter 1. i guess this is a memory card problem. tested with mednafen 1.22.2

    Army Men - Air Attack   PlayStation   2019-06-12 17:59:51 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: both european variants fail to load mission 5. tested with mednafen 1.22.2

    Za Żelazną Bramą   Amiga   2019-06-08 19:26:37 by thevoice

    @qupe75 yes, the game supports only df0: for loading.

    Za Żelazną Bramą   Amiga   2019-06-08 18:35:06 by qupe75

    Please note the configuration of this game only has the first disk included.

    Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures Of Cool Coyote   Amiga   2019-06-07 15:17:09 by thevoice

    @karaokeking this game suppoerts only 1 disk drive for loading.

    L'Aigle d'or : le Retour   Amiga   2019-05-30 23:50:27 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim There is a WHDLoad variant : AigleDOr_v1.1_Fr_2600.lha

    Time   Amiga   2019-05-30 23:41:47 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Ok, I will do next in that way!

    Time   Amiga   2019-05-30 23:13:14 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, looks like you got a bit familiar with screenshooting now smiley. i just have a little "advise" since there is something like a "rule" about the order of screenshots. the first 2 screenshots after the title ideally shows images from actually playing the game. and the screens 3-5 can show coll cutscenes or loading pictures and such (or even more ingame content). decisision is entirely up to you since you contribute the screenshots. just make sure the first 2 of them show actually ingame content.

    Police Quest III   Amiga   2019-05-30 19:28:53 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Good use case for A1200 then smiley

    Maupiti Island   Amiga   2019-05-30 19:27:51 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp The A1200 emulation is less accurate than the A1000/A500/A500+/A600 emulation, and emulate the A1200 is also much more demanding on the host computer.

    So please don't change to A1200 unless the game actually runs better on emulated A1200 smiley

    Police Quest III   Amiga   2019-05-30 19:11:27 by jyanncorp

    Run smoother and faster on A1200, no slideshow effect on animations.

    Maupiti Island   Amiga   2019-05-30 18:44:02 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Sightly faster, but that's right , the parentheses of copyright logo are shift on the title screen, I don't pay attention the first time when i try in A1200. The rest of the game work fine without texts glitches, but maybe later in game.. That's really strange by the way.. Keep in A600 !

    Maupiti Island   Amiga   2019-05-30 18:13:25 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Hi, ref the comment from TCD. He switched to A600 due to issues with A1200. Have you tested that it works better with A1200 than A600?

    Jimmy Willburne - A La Recherche Du Peigne Perdu   Amiga   2019-05-30 14:00:45 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Thanks you for title screen method ! For the WHDload, I don't know if I can give link here, but..!gdozjZxL?1dJQAC6b

    Jimmy Willburne - A La Recherche Du Peigne Perdu   Amiga   2019-05-30 06:05:29 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, i have redone your first screenshot. you "parked" the mouse cursor in the top left corner. this made a black area on the top. so on such titles try to move the mouse outside the visible area and then do the screen shot smiley. if this doesnt work then just "park" the pointer in a single color area and remove it from there after doing screens.

    Jimmy Willburne - A La Recherche Du Peigne Perdu   Amiga   2019-05-30 06:03:05 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp there is no whdload variant in the orphanage. so maybe frode overlooked it when importing ?

    Tom and the Ghost   Amiga   2019-05-30 05:54:05 by thevoice

    @ jyanncorp i agree. i request a change to a1200 model.

    Tom and the Ghost   Amiga   2019-05-30 03:19:27 by jyanncorp

    Work a much better with A1200 model en WHDLoad.

    Jimmy Willburne - A La Recherche Du Peigne Perdu   Amiga   2019-05-29 23:12:34 by jyanncorp

    There is a WHDLoad variant for this game !

    Reshoot R   CD32   2019-05-28 21:14:00 by FrodeSolheim

    Added viewport setting to make the game display more stable when using auto zoom.

    Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter   Amiga   2019-05-25 10:35:22 by FrodeSolheim

    @Enzo support for xpkmaster.library added, will be included in the next launcher release.

    Ultimate XTreme Racing   Amiga   2019-05-24 14:57:15 by thevoice

    this title badly requires a4000 model. with just a1200 its a pure pain to play it in slideshow mode. a4000 model makes the title run smooth.

    The Ultimate Quiz II   Amiga   2019-05-24 14:55:56 by thevoice

    requires a model with kick 2.0. otherwise the game hangs in an endless loop when asking for the data disk.

    Another World   Amiga   2019-05-22 17:52:52 by thevoice

    @Agenor if you are talking about whdload titles. you have to have quite current slave versions from retroplay. not these outdated by almost a decade ones from whdownload.

    Another World   Amiga   2019-05-22 17:51:47 by thevoice

    @Agenor you sont't have to worry about the filenames. the database detects the disks by checksum. so you surely have some "random" internet downloaded disk images in your collection. the datbase supports games from TOSEC and Gamebase Amiga for the database. so you have to look for a not outdated by years TOSEC collection.

    Another World   Amiga   2019-05-22 10:21:43 by Agenor

    Hi, so I have this game in my library but it does not show up, I think it has the wrong file name so it is not detected, is there anywhere to check the correct file names?

    Hammer Boy   Amiga   2019-05-22 05:34:14 by jyanncorp

    The actual cover is the budget edition.

    Barbarian   Amiga   2019-05-21 15:45:19 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Sorry for the upload mess. (^_^wink

    Vindex   Amiga   2019-05-20 16:43:44 by thevoice

    gamebase variant have graphical corruption in the background on stage 8. tosec have no other version to replace this unfortunately.

    Viper   Amiga   2019-05-20 16:19:00 by thevoice

    both variants don't work because of missing libraries which cant even installed. i guess we need a fully prepared hadd here. so i vote for unpublish wink.

    Quest for Glory   Amiga   2019-05-20 14:53:50 by thevoice

    al screenshots were taken by enzo.

    Quest for Glory   Amiga   2019-05-20 14:50:21 by thevoice

    i will prepare a merge from hero's quest into quest for glory. once frode have approved it,both will appear under quest for glory.

    Quest for Glory   Amiga   2019-05-19 23:21:29 by aabdd902

    Yep the problem is if you have the 1.3 WHDload version it matches this entry in the DB so you don't get any metadata or screenshots in the FS-UAE launcher. But if you have an ADF or older WHDload version it matches Hero's Quest.

    Wayne Gretzky Hockey   Amiga   2019-05-17 16:15:13 by thevoice

    floppy variant requires an amiga model with kickstart 1.2. otherwise it hangs after the supreme cracktro.

    Ruff 'n' Tumble   Amiga   2019-05-17 15:12:46 by thevoice

    all whdload variants use a1200 model now.

    Quest for Glory   Amiga   2019-05-17 15:11:23 by thevoice

    i agree with that. but actually i dont know if frode wants to have amiga titles merged like the console ones. i also would merge hero's quest into quest for glory because ther eis quest for glory ii also.

    Quest for Glory   Amiga   2019-05-17 05:33:38 by aabdd902

    Should be merged with

    Ruff 'n' Tumble   Amiga   2019-05-16 21:17:03 by Jeje


    Can you please also change the WHDLoad v2.3 0199 variant to A1200 please ? This is the last Whdload version of this game and doesn't work in A600 configuration.

    Thank you.

    Ruff 'n' Tumble   Amiga   2019-05-16 18:55:59 by FrodeSolheim

    It does ... big grin

    Ruff 'n' Tumble   Amiga   2019-05-15 18:39:45 by thevoice

    requested a change to a1200 model again. maybe 8 months later it works xD

    Woody's World   Amiga   2019-05-14 03:49:06 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Believe or not but there are stars on this cover !

    TwinWorld - Land of Vision   Amiga   2019-05-13 20:46:33 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim I made a color correction on this one.

    Les Voyageurs Du Temps   Amiga   2019-05-13 20:36:31 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim I've upload the right cover , the actual cover is a ad form a magazine.

    Steve Davis World Snooker   Amiga   2019-05-12 04:29:32 by thevoice

    the ipf variant shows up a broken title screen when using "slow mem". disabled it for this varaint only as all the others workt fine.

    The Dynastic Hero   TurboGrafx-CD   2019-05-11 04:39:47 by thevoice

    this title is named wonderboy in monsterland on other platforms

    World Series Baseball '95   Game Gear   2019-05-10 09:56:35 by thevoice

    hangs on a black screen up on startup as of mednafen 1.22.2

    World Series Baseball   Game Gear   2019-05-10 09:56:05 by thevoice

    hangs on a black screen up on startup as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Terminator 2 - Judgment Day   Game Gear   2019-05-10 08:59:33 by thevoice

    the game have minor graphical issues like flickering sprites as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Tarzan - Lord of the Jungle   Game Gear   2019-05-10 08:20:36 by thevoice

    hangs on a black screen up on startup as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Skweek   Amiga   2019-05-08 17:15:42 by jyanncorp

    Actual cover is US version

    Surf Ninjas   Game Gear   2019-05-07 15:05:40 by thevoice

    the game have major graphical issues as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Spider-Man - Return of the Sinister Six   Game Gear   2019-05-07 15:04:50 by thevoice

    hangs on a black screen on startup as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Rise of the Robots   Game Gear   2019-05-07 13:52:51 by thevoice

    hangs on startup as of mednafen 1.22.2

    R.C. Grand Prix   Game Gear   2019-05-07 13:52:18 by thevoice

    hangs on title screen as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge   Amiga   2019-05-07 01:05:07 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Sorry for my up on this one ! I do better for Monkey Island

    Anarchy   Amiga   2019-05-06 20:41:17 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Looks good smiley

    Anarchy   Amiga   2019-05-06 19:39:18 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Sorry for the lower resolution cover, but the color are too low to be saved..

    Pop Breaker   Game Gear   2019-05-06 15:46:55 by thevoice

    unable to start the game as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Pete Sampras Tennis   Game Gear   2019-05-06 15:46:17 by thevoice

    Hangs on a black screen as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day   Amiga   2019-05-05 22:26:29 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim I fix the original cover from here, hard to restore ! big grin

    Super Mario Bros.   Game Boy Advance   2019-05-05 21:39:05 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Game pak error, probably needs config fix

    Man Overboard!   Game Gear   2019-05-05 15:12:59 by thevoice

    hangs on a black screen as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Micro Machines   Game Gear   2019-05-05 15:11:32 by thevoice

    hangs on a black screen right after star as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament   Game Gear   2019-05-05 15:10:54 by thevoice

    hangs on a purple screen after starting as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Majors, The - Pro Baseball   Game Gear   2019-05-05 15:10:14 by thevoice

    hangs after the title screen as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Last Action Hero   Game Gear   2019-05-05 14:18:47 by thevoice

    hangs with black screen up on startup as of mednafen 1.22.2

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day   Amiga   2019-05-05 14:17:34 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp The already existing cover looks like it got more details, so it makes more sense to do some color adjustment on the already existing image that to replace with a lower-quality one smiley

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade   Game Gear   2019-05-05 12:16:14 by thevoice

    the lucasgames screen is really the title. after pressing start the game begins smiley