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    ACSYS: Autonomous Cybernetic System   Amiga   2021-11-15 12:41:05 by FrodeSolheim

    @Cris Hi, I'm not sure why you're trying to replace the current cover (591x720) with a much lower-resolution version (230x281).

    Floor 13   Amiga   2021-10-15 04:07:50 by thevoice

    the game supports loading only from df0:

    Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II   Game Boy Advance   2021-09-10 05:45:21 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game does not work "can not run on this hardware". its either emulation or copy protection problem. tested with mednafen 1.27.1

    Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku   Game Boy Advance   2021-09-10 04:57:47 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game does not work "can not run on this hardware". its either emulation or copy protection problem. tested with mednafen 1.27.1

    Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury   Game Boy Advance   2021-09-09 12:54:55 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: copy protection kicks in after the prologue. so the game is unplayable.

    Dr. Mario   Game Boy Advance   2021-09-09 05:39:34 by thevoice

    crashes on start. tested with mednafen 1.27.3.

    Surf Ninjas   Amiga   2021-08-28 04:56:55 by thevoice

    all screenshots were done by @Luikuri. i just cropped them properly.

    Super Putty   Amiga   2021-08-28 04:40:03 by thevoice

    @Luikuri i think that such a question came up earlier already. and as far as i can remember frode didn't want to mix cd32 whdload variants into their real cd entires. so usually cd32 variants stay together with aga versions for now.

    Super Putty   Amiga   2021-08-26 14:27:26 by Luikuri

    Shouldn't this be in the CD32 section?

    Suspicious Cargo   Amiga   2021-08-26 13:19:12 by Luikuri
    • Could be just me but the WHDLoad version crashes if you try to use the ship's map. Both FS-UAE and Gamebase do this (they use different gamefiles).

    • A600 WhdLoad-version doesn't work at all (FS-UAE). A1200 works.

    Taekwondo   Amiga   2021-08-25 16:04:01 by Luikuri

    The default A600 setup exhibits severe sprite blinking. A1200 seems to work. (WHDLoad version tested)

    The Hellrun Machine   Amiga   2021-08-24 19:35:59 by thevoice

    @ Luikuri I assume you are talking about the WHDLoad variant of the game ? I changed the Amiga Model to A1200 there.

    The Hellrun Machine   Amiga   2021-08-24 12:42:45 by Luikuri
    • The game crashes with default A600 setup (A1200 works)
    • Game's joystick control doesn't work. You have to change to keyboard controls from the main menu (and disable joystick emulation for cursor keys in FS-UAE menu)

    Pinball Fantasies   Amiga   2021-05-28 23:05:50 by Nolendil

    @thevoice Thanks, I loaded several tables in a row and confirm that the fix seems to work.

    Pinball Fantasies   Amiga   2021-05-28 15:19:14 by thevoice

    @Nolendil i reduced fastmem to 2048kb for now to solve the issue you reported.

    King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown   Amiga   2021-05-28 01:15:49 by Nolendil

    @thevoice Indeed, it probably requires an update of FS-UAE itself.

    Pinball Fantasies   Amiga   2021-05-28 00:27:36 by Nolendil

    @thevoice Thank you.

    There are a few issues left: the loading screen after selecting a table sometimes doesn't show the table panel in the middle of the screen and, when it does, the panel gets corrupted towards the end of the loading; and loading Speed Devils right after Stones'n'Bones corrupts all the graphics until you quit the game. However those are probably WHDLoad-related bugs, and might even occur on real Amigas. Indeed, these bugs also happen when using the WHDLoad version in WinUAE 4.4.0. While, on the other hand, the disk version (IPF 0025) works perfectly (tested in FS-UAE, with the default A500 config and with an A1200 with 8MB FastMem). The ReadMe of the WHDLoad installer also suggests that it is difficult to make this game work so it wouldn't be surprising if there are issues left. Anyway, not much can be done until a new version of WHDLoad fixes these problems, I guess.

    EDIT: Actually, reducing the FastMem to 2 MB seems to fix the graphical corruption when switching from Stones'n'Bones to Speed Devils (both on WinUAE and on FS-UAE). Other glitches are still present but they have minor impact. It should be an improvement on the workaround to change the config to 2 MB of FastMem.

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne   Amiga   2021-05-27 23:21:14 by Nolendil

    @thevoice Thanks smiley

    King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown   Amiga   2021-05-27 18:52:08 by thevoice

    @Nolendil hi, thanks for the report. but i am afraid this is an issue which @frode have to have a look at.

    Pinball Fantasies   Amiga   2021-05-27 18:47:33 by thevoice

    @Nolendil changed amiga model to a1200 for now as a workaround for the black screen.

    Pinball Fantasies   Amiga   2021-05-27 18:45:22 by thevoice

    @Nolendil changed amiga model to a1200 for now as a workaround for the black screen.

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne   Amiga   2021-05-27 18:40:49 by thevoice

    @Nolendil WHDLoad, v2.0, 2126" (672372ad-3035-5e76-bd49-201983e13024) is disabled now.

    King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown   Amiga   2021-05-27 02:16:36 by Nolendil

    Thanks for adding "WHDLoad, v1.3, 1436". It seems to have a problem though: on launch, there's a message saying "xpkmaster.library version 4 not found". The message can be closed and the game will proceed to load and display the introduction properly. However, I stopped there and can't tell if there are issues later or not.

    Using WinUAE 4.4.0, with WHDLoad version 18.6 and Xpk_User version 5.2a installed, the error message didn't appear.

    Barbarian II   Amiga   2021-05-27 01:28:53 by Nolendil

    Thanks for adding "WHDLoad, v2.0, Psygnosis, 0611"! It launches properly and seems to work well.

    Barbarian   Amiga   2021-05-27 01:23:36 by Nolendil

    Thanks for adding "WHDLoad, v2.0, Psygnosis, 1011"! It launches properly and seems to work well.

    Pinball Fantasies   Amiga   2021-05-27 01:18:17 by Nolendil

    Using "WHDLoad, v3.2, 0025" variant, after the intro, the ECS version of the game shows a black screen instead of the table selection.

    The issue doesn't seem to occur with WinUAE 4.4.0 using a similar configuration (A600 model and 8 MB of Z2 fast mem).

    As a workaround, changing the model to A1200 makes it work, although it shouldn't be necessary.

    Pinball Fantasies [AGA]   Amiga   2021-05-27 01:02:20 by Nolendil

    Thanks for adding version 3.2! The AGA and CD32 versions launch properly and seem to work well. The ECS version has issues though (see my comment there).

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne   Amiga   2021-05-27 00:36:04 by Nolendil

    Detection now works with the new "WHDLoad, v2.0, 2126" (fd867cae-9aa4-59d9-8dd7-4e35958f0529) variant and the game starts properly. Thanks!

    The older and mislabeled "WHDLoad, v2.0, 2126" (672372ad-3035-5e76-bd49-201983e13024) variant is still here though. Maybe it should be unpublished or disabled?

    Turrican   Amiga   2021-05-21 15:56:34 by FrodeSolheim

    @aabdd902 v2.1 is available now smiley

    Another World   Amiga   2021-05-21 15:55:36 by FrodeSolheim

    @aabdd902 v2.6 now available (v2.5 will not be added since it is already outdated)

    Battle Kid 2 - Mountain of Torment   Nintendo   2021-05-21 03:45:12 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: crashes on start. tested with mednafen 1.27.0.

    Bao Xiao San Guo   Nintendo   2021-05-21 03:42:51 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: crashes on start. tested with mednafen 1.27.0

    AV Mei Shao Nv Zhan Shi   Nintendo   2021-05-21 03:16:03 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: game ceashes during character select. tested with mednafen 1.27.0

    Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition   Amiga   2021-05-19 20:34:06 by thevoice

    @DukeBannon hi, i have changed the amiga model to a1200. thanks for reporting the issue.

    Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition   Amiga   2021-05-19 18:16:30 by DukeBannon

    The current database configuration for this game has it set for an A600 with Kickstart 2.05 but when using this configuration in FS-UAE the games ends with an Exception "Address Error." Changing Amiga Model to A1200 and Kickstart 3.1 overcomes the error and the game runs fine. I suggest changing these two parameters in the database.

    Another World   Amiga   2021-05-11 23:12:59 by aabdd902

    There are 2 new WHDLoad variants missing for this game, v2.5 and 2.6

    Turrican   Amiga   2021-05-11 06:16:38 by aabdd902

    Please add the WHDLoad install version 2.1 variant as the game is not showing in FS-UAE

    Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon   Amiga   2021-05-11 01:04:38 by aabdd902

    The "WHDLoad, Map, v1.05, AGA" version appears twice in the game list in FS-UAE, due to having a separate German entry for the game that has a variant with identical file hashes.

    Super Obliteration   Amiga   2021-05-04 04:21:49 by thevoice

    @aabdd902 hi, no problem. i will put them into the main entry to the game and will also crop them properly (there is some black areas to the left and right.

    Super Obliteration   Amiga   2021-05-04 00:15:00 by aabdd902

    Added screenshots but realised after they were added to the variant rather than the base entry. Sorry!

    King's Bounty   Amiga   2021-05-03 23:51:31 by aabdd902

    I noticed this game is not appearing in FS-UAE so I have updated with the missing data. Apologies for uploading two sets of cover images. I only realised after uploading that the first set was watermarked.

    Armor Attack   Arcade   2021-04-06 09:26:46 by thevoice

    need to have the overlay enabled to make the playfield visible.

    King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown   Amiga   2021-04-04 02:14:57 by Nolendil

    A new version of the install package has been released and should be added as a variant:

    version 1.3 (13.03.2021) done by JOTD:

    • reduced OS swaps when saving (also needs reinstallation or at least copy empty "savegame" file as "kq1sg.000", "kq1sg.001" and so on in "data/save". Existing savegames can be kept. Just copy the "savegame" file in other slots to avoid whdload os flashing)

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne   Amiga   2021-04-04 01:32:30 by Nolendil

    I used WHDLoad 18.6,version 2.0 of the WHDLoad install package for King's Quest II and "King's Quest II - Romancing the Throne v2.0J (1994)(Kixx XL)[budget][2126]".

    The resulting install is very different from the file list of variant "WHDLoad, v2.0, 2126" so the detection is broken.

    Here's what the file list should be (filename | filesize | SHA1):

    • \KingsQuest2\Solution | 13,648 | 98afd54dd7132159e89d9666561344be26b76e13
    • \KingsQuest2\ReadMe | 3,244 | ff67d5c0e2c68564d670cf32e1d828f398b04b3b
    • \KingsQuest2\KingsQuest2.Slave | 6,380 | f82af31cc7e14006d91f190acf5339431d87fbed
    • \KingsQuest2\data\KQ2 | 134,852 | a875f183535b22ae73dc123420c9aa74e080b5b2
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\Busy | 80 | d16b421b6b51c35ed57e3a59aec13e2384508f8c
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\logdir | 543 | f4a2353e591f13468a7c31bc82ed7833581815b9
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\object | 687 | 590915d6c610c5ddeaefc4afcedb1d44c17e7660
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\picdir | 321 | 923e7f15c4be8bf3e2a666711a833a09676367f8
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\Pointer | 80 | 72ba759a14306bdb31fc0642ff039d5604a01e68
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\snddir | 102 | 3d49c59ac4a09a11c78f0dc620818fc31a72d354
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\viewdir | 603 | 849122b179a0cc3c4eb987fac4715ec30a26c285
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\vol.0 | 46,567 | b40005bce424bb981b5f9a3fb4300b4fef2aae6f
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\vol.1 | 147,521 | acd7062b7b0ab6045e17a3203c99e198fb0f35b9
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\vol.2 | 246,126 | 78afced38023da7103f32c5abfb95e1d9b1370dc
    • \KingsQuest2\data\Data\words.tok | 3,370 | 2d734aed77803038f65a63071b58f8cf0069dbb0

    I only listed relevant files (i.e. no *.info). I don't know how to format this list better, hopefully it's readable.

    I also noticed that the variant was imported on the 2019-04-22 while version 2.0 of the install package only exists since the 2021-03-27 so that variant is surely not for that version and needs to be fixed.

    Quest For Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero   Amiga   2021-04-03 16:11:47 by Nolendil

    The variant called "WHDLoad, v1.3, 0795" is the "Quest for Glory" version and "WHDLoad, v1.4b, 0795" is the "HerosQuest" version. The "Quest for Glory" variant should be updated to 1.4b too and given a name that differentiates it.

    Barbarian II   Amiga   2021-04-02 22:54:47 by Nolendil

    A new version of the WHDLoad package has been released recently and needs to be added:

    version 2.0 (16.03.21) done by C-fou!:

    • source code rewritten, adapted for WHDLoad 17+ & included
    • CUSTOM1 Tooltype used for trainer
      • CUSTOM1=1 : unlimited energy
      • CUSTOM1=2 : To enable In game key
        • HELP key : to give money, keys & arrows
        • DEL key : to see end sequence screen with 100% of game completion
    • CUSTOM2=1 used for CD32 Pad support
      • Blue Button : To Jump
      • Green button : To pick up item
      • Yellow Button : To swift the items in the inventory
      • RVRS+FRWRD+PLAY: To leave WHDLoad
    • QuitKey support for 68000 added in game too
    • new install script

    Barbarian   Amiga   2021-04-02 22:51:51 by Nolendil

    A new version of the WHDLoad package has been released recently and needs to be added:

    version 2.0 (15.03.21) done by C-Fou!

    • Source code rewritten to use PatchList, adapted for WHDLoad 17+ & included
    • QuitKey for 68000
    • remove last CACR call for 68010 compatibility (issue #5061)
    • less chip memory needed (0.5 Mo instead of 1Mo)
    • extraneous sounds on the screen of the dragon after the intro removed.
    • game controls picture included
    • new install script

    Eye of the Beholder   Amiga   2021-03-30 04:49:22 by Nolendil

    @thevoice I see, thanks for the information. It's not blocking me as I can make my own config, but hopefully Frode will find some time to fix it for everyone.

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-30 04:41:36 by Nolendil


    The graphical glitch feels familiar indeed.

    Just to make sure I tested with WinUAE too. (It took me a while to prepare it for WHDLoad which reminded me how great FS-UAE is in that regard smiley ) As you said, it works fine in WinUAE 4.4.0 even with the configuration that was glitching (020 and 8 MB of Z2 fast mem).

    So it's probably not related to whatever WHDLoad does with fast memory but it may be an emulation bug in FS-UAE, actually. After all, its emulation core is quite old compared to the current version of WinUAE. Until further updates, the current config is good enough though.

    Eye of the Beholder   Amiga   2021-03-29 14:28:46 by thevoice

    @Nolendil hi, unfortunately i cant do that. i am able to approve changes and stuff like that but when it comes to change things like this or add entriley new titles, this power is exclusive to @frode.

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-29 14:27:25 by thevoice

    @Nolendil hi, the buggy display looks exactly like if you star a non AGA game on an AGA machine. at least i just saw such graphics corruption in such cases. also the whdload installer is already 7 or 8 years old. but still it works flawless with winuae. so i think we should wait for the next fs-uae version and see if this problem autosolves. if not we can make @frode dig into that issue wink.

    Eye of the Beholder   Amiga   2021-03-29 00:05:52 by Nolendil

    @thevoice Could you edit the file_list field and remove the files I listed in the comment below (i.e. all the files starting with EOBDATA)? I don't think I have the permissions to edit that myself.

    The same issue happen on EoB 2 AGA.

    Here are links to all the affected variants:

    • EoB 1 AGA:
    • EoB 1 AGA DE:
    • EoB 2 AGA:
    • EoB 2 AGA DE:

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-28 23:44:04 by Nolendil

    @thevoice Thanks for the config update, I think reducing the fast mem to 4 MB is a safe choice. Changing CPU produced more random results (something to do with timings?).

    As for the version of WHDLoad, the most recent is indeed 18.6. However, when I said "WHDLoad changelog mentions memory allocation fixes", I meant the changelog of the game installer, here:

    version 1.2 (29.03.13) done by CFou!:

    • First two bitplanes memory allocation fixed for fast memory support (AGA)
    • Speed problem fixed on ECS version
    • Fast memory used to increase speed (AGA/ECS)
    • source codes included

    I was wondering if those changes related to fast mem could be the reason of the display bugs.

    Gunboat   Amiga   2021-03-28 17:36:15 by thevoice

    changed the amiga model to a1200

    Logo   Amiga   2021-03-28 17:34:54 by thevoice

    changed amiga model to a1200

    Gunboat   Amiga   2021-03-28 09:21:51 by Luikuri

    Runs on default A600 but is painfully/unplayably slow. A1200 is much more playable.

    Also, the joystick must be activated separately in-game with Ctrl-J (uses keyboard controls by default), so maybe disable the joystick in default config (is that even possible?)? It IS a sim game, so one needs to read the manual to play it, but with with the default joystick emulation used even the start menus don't work.

    Logo   Amiga   2021-03-27 10:57:55 by Luikuri

    WHDload version not working with default A600 config. Guru Meditation. Works with A1200, though. (Second one in a row of these, hopefully just a coincedence)

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-27 05:08:38 by thevoice

    @Nolendil hi, thanks for the deep testing, and indeed the game starts correctly with fastmem reduced to 4mb. fs-uae launcher uses whdload version 18.5.5849 at the moment. i doubt this one is somewhat the current version. i assume @frode will also update whdload to current once he releases the next version of the fs-uae package. so for now i change fastmem to 4mb as a workaround which shouldn't be a problem as the whdload info says it requires only 1.7mb fastmem for the aga version.

    Legions of Dawn   Amiga   2021-03-27 05:01:01 by thevoice

    @Luikuri did just the whdload variant crash with a500/a600 or the floppy variants also. for now i changed the whdload to a1200 model.

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-27 00:31:38 by Nolendil

    I reproduced the bug Luikuri and thevoice found but some of my test results seemed slightly random. Hopefully this helps though.

    • I started the game for the first time ever on this PC using the default configuration: it worked perfectly fine.
    • I then changed the model to A1200 + Blizzard 1260 and this time I had the same garbled graphics issue mentioned in the comments below.
    • When I switched back to the default configuration, it was broken too this time (??).

    I tried to find if FS-UAE saves something between the sessions that would explain the changing behavior, without success. FS-UAE's log also says the save state was empty and not saved. Quitting and relaunching the emulator didn't seem to have any effect either.

    Then, I kept changing the CPU configuration (from the model list) and now it seems to work fine for any A1200 configuration with at least a 030 CPU (including the 060 configuration that was previously broken). However I randomly managed to make it work again twice with a 020 configuration (out of a dozen attempts).

    Using the default configuration with the fast mem reduced to 2 or 4 MB (instead of 8) seems to fix the problem too! The WHDLoad changelog mentions memory allocation fixes. Maybe that fix doesn't work for 020 with 8 MB of fast mem?

    All tests were done with v 1.2 of the WHDLoad install and FS-UAE 3.0.5 with an up-to-date Game database, on Windows 10.

    Legions of Dawn   Amiga   2021-03-26 13:47:19 by Luikuri

    Crashes with the default A600 config. Worked fine with A1200, didn't even try to tweak the A600 configuration.

    Delta Command   Amiga   2021-03-25 16:37:17 by thevoice

    @Frode another problem is that the game stops with a requester complaining about no DblPal screen can be opened.

    Delta Command   Amiga   2021-03-24 19:57:17 by FrodeSolheim

    @Luikuri This WHDLoad slave seems to require Amiga Kickstart v1.2 (for A500). It should be automatically installed by the Launcher if you have that kickstart and it is indexed in the file database.

    OIher known names for this kickstart is amiga-os-120.rom (Amiga Forever), and Kickstart v1.2 r33.180 (1986-10)(Commodore)(A500-A1000-A2000)[!].rom (TOSEC).

    Delta Command   Amiga   2021-03-23 15:32:01 by thevoice

    @Luikuri this is an arcadia title. technically the arcade version of an amiga. i think i never got any of these ever working in fs-uae.

    Delta Command   Amiga   2021-03-22 17:54:58 by Luikuri

    Can't get this to run on Win10 FS-UAE. "DOS-Error #205 (object not found) on reading "devs:kickstarts/kick33180.a500" Other A600/A500 games seem to run ok. Including "New York Warriors" which is the same game, although with a newer whd install.

    Black Dawn   Amiga   2021-03-22 15:25:26 by thevoice

    @Luikuri i think in this very case it is better to not crop the screenshots or crop them to 640x400 or someting.

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-20 15:03:47 by thevoice

    @Luikuri ok then it looks like it is a problem with fs-uae. @frode can you have alook what is going on here ?

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-20 10:11:05 by Luikuri

    Yes, I'm using Win10. The game works fine with Gamebase/WinUAE322, which I used for the screenshots.

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-19 16:21:19 by thevoice

    @Luikuri ok i tried every possible aga configuration '(since the game is aga) and always got the same graphical issue as you had. do you use fs-uae for windows ? since i use fs-uae in linux. so if this problem shows up on different platforms it may be a problem with the whdload slave which is 8 years old now. or if you have access to winuae, can you test if the game have the same issues there ?

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-19 16:13:03 by thevoice

    @Luikuri hi, thanks for your comment. i will see what happen with this install. what i can tell you for sure the game does not need 8mb chip memory since no amiga model ever supported more then 2mb chip memory wink.

    Robinson's Requiem [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-19 15:11:45 by Luikuri

    Doesn't work with current settings in FS-UAE; the screen is all horizontal lines (I'm sure there is a term for this). Also the game needs more (8MB?) chip RAM to display the full 3D window.

    Classic NES Series - Ice Climber   Game Boy Advance   2021-03-15 04:52:39 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the usa/europe variant does not start. tested with mednafen 1.26.1.

    Classic NES Series: Castlevania   Game Boy Advance   2021-03-15 04:37:36 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game does not start. tested with mednafen 1.26.1.

    Classic NES Series: Bomberman   Game Boy Advance   2021-03-15 04:17:29 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the usa/euope variant does not start. tested with mednafen 1.26.1.

    Wormsigns   Amiga   2021-03-15 03:29:44 by thevoice

    @Luikuri hi, the screenshots you have submitted here all have one black line at the bottom making them 640x257. if you crop away this black line and resubmit them in 640x256 i can approve them.

    Formula One Challenge   Amiga   2021-03-13 02:04:01 by Nolendil

    @tskovgaard If the game appears in light gray and, when you select it, it says "Missing game files" in the status bar at the bottom, it means FS-UAE can't find the needed file.

    You may need Kickstart files. See

    You may also need an image of game floppy, e.g. an ADF (Amiga Disk File) file.

    Put the Kickstart and the ADF files in paths known to FS-UAE (by default C:\Users\YourUser\Documents\FS-UAE\Kickstarts\ for the Kickstart file(s), and C:\Users\YourUser\Documents\FS-UAE\Floppies\ for disk files) then select "Update File Database" in the menu, then click "Scan" to make FS-UAE check the new files.

    If all goes well, a green checkmark will be displayed in front of the Kickstart(s) you added and, after you close the scanning window, the game will be available in the game list. In the drop down menu below, there's a list of all the variants recognized, the ones that were found on your computer will have a dot in front.

    Otherwise, I don't think this place is great to ask general questions about FS-UAE. It has low visibility and should be about the game configurations. Consider posting in this forum for more infos:

    There's also a Discord server if you prefer:

    Formula One Challenge   Amiga   2021-03-12 22:56:04 by tskovgaard

    New to this - how do i get this game to work in FS-UAE..... Says i need some files I can find it in FS-UAE, but only when i choose all games under pref.

    Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque: La Légende d'Or   Nintendo   2021-03-12 15:25:00 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, to move the wrongly merged in variant i need to change _type = but i can't do that. only frode can do this

    Saint Seiya: Ōgon Densetsu - Kanketsu Hen   Nintendo   2021-03-09 03:44:55 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp moved it here now.

    Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque: La Légende d'Or   Nintendo   2021-03-08 15:44:48 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! So, you put the two Japanse variants under the same entry.

    "Saint Seiya: Ōgon Densetsu, Japan" is in the tight place here but

    "Saint Seiya: Ōgon Densetsu - Kanketsu Hen, Japan". is the second part of the game and have to move here :

    They're two different game with similar names.

    Pinball Fantasies [AGA]   Amiga   2021-03-08 03:39:12 by Nolendil

    WHDLoad updates have been very active lately for this game but it seems to be stabilized now. The latest version is 3.2 which fixes crashes, bugs and more hi-score issues compared to 3.0.

    Can it be added? Thanks! (3.0 could probably be disabled to make room in the list, since it crashed.)

    Eye of the Beholder   Amiga   2021-03-08 02:51:46 by Nolendil

    Variants "WHDLoad, Map, v1.09, AGA" and "WHDLoad, Map, v1.09, DE, AGA" reference save data that are specific to the user who created them. So the detection won't work.

    The files are:

    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.MSK"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV—"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV—-"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-L1"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-bj"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l1-end"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l2"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l2bug"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l3"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l4"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l5"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l6"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-l7"
    • "DH0/EOB1-AGA-MAP/data-vga/EOBDATA.SAV-lendtest"

    It seems that I can't edit the file_list field so I can't fix it. See also EoB II AGA for the same issue.

    Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon   Amiga   2021-03-08 02:36:24 by Nolendil

    Variant "WHDLoad, Map, v1.05, AGA" doesn't recognize the files properly because it lists save data:


    Those files could be absent or have a different hash depending on the user. It seems that I can't edit the file_list field so I can't fix it. See also Eye of the Beholder AGA for the same issue.

    Saint Seiya: Ōgon Densetsu - Kanketsu Hen   Nintendo   2021-03-07 04:43:21 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp i hope i moved it correctly. if not please tell me wink

    Saint Seiya: Ōgon Densetsu - Kanketsu Hen   Nintendo   2021-03-05 18:52:51 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! This variant is in the wrong place, this is the first game released and he's present here :

    And on this page, you've the variant supposed to be here.

    (I hope I'm understandable)

    Miner [David Hembrow]   ZX Spectrum   2021-02-10 11:52:06 by FrodeSolheim

    Note: it is possible that thes two entries are the same game:


    as seen in: (archived copy)

    (Both David Hembrow games in the ad are advertised by Cosmic Software)

    Zap Attack   ZX Spectrum   2021-02-10 11:47:26 by FrodeSolheim

    This game is freely distributable:

    These games are all free to play and you can share them with other people as much as you want.

    Feb 10, 2021

    Miner [David Hembrow]   ZX Spectrum   2021-02-10 10:36:51 by FrodeSolheim

    This game is freely distributable:

    These games are all free to play and you can share them with other people as much as you want.

    Feb 10, 2021

    The Secret of Monkey Island   Amiga   2021-01-25 10:08:56 by profo

    Variant "WHDLoad, v3.6, De, 0359" seems to be missing, it is not recognized by the launcher. smiley This is the latest version which can be found at Retroplays uploads on the EAB FTP.

    Edit: Variant was orphaned. Linked to Master, approved by Frode

    Cruise for a Corpse   Amiga   2020-12-16 15:27:41 by thevoice

    i have disabled the outdated 2.1 whdload variants aswell as setting all 2.2 whdload variants to A1200.

    Cruise for a Corpse   Amiga   2020-12-16 12:54:50 by refreshTM

    Still not working for A600

    Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque: La Légende d'Or   Nintendo   2020-12-09 17:57:52 by jyanncorp

    "Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen (Japan).nes" need a separate entry.

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2020-12-08 11:09:42 by MEON

    Hello, is it possible to run cannon fodder on the FS-UAE emulator? Because when he gives them all he shows me that the game files are missing. I read here and there was such a problem, but for me it still seems to be fixed. I'd love to play this game, but I can't.

    Rampart   Nintendo   2020-12-01 19:46:20 by jyanncorp

    @frode Hi! The Japanese variant of the game was "remastered" by Konami and the game is different form the US version (a modern army mod, a story mode, more campaign, different music) Maybe he deserve a separate entry?

    The Executioner   Amiga   2020-11-28 15:40:44 by FrodeSolheim

    WHDLoad variant does not run on A600 model. Reported by KoRRoSka.

    UFO: Enemy Unknown   Amiga   2020-11-28 13:09:42 by jyanncorp

    @frode No problemo , old scan up-scaled with strange oil blur,, erase all invalids covers, I'll try to upload better scans.

    Pinball Fantasies [AGA]   Amiga   2020-11-28 12:41:24 by FrodeSolheim

    Disabled most older WHDLoad variants due to the list of variants becoming very long.

    UFO: Enemy Unknown   Amiga   2020-11-28 12:38:11 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp I declined the cover update to this one, because the cover had been processed too much with filters and looked more like a painting :-/

    Othello   Nintendo   2020-11-27 23:54:01 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyancorp H.E.S. variant moved to new entry smiley

    WWF European Rampage Tour   Amiga   2020-11-27 23:29:06 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported more floppy variants.