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    PowerFest 94   Super Nintendo   2020-05-26 20:12:26 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: hangs with a black screen up on start. tested with mednafen 1.24.3.

    Unholy Night - The Darkness Hunter   Super Nintendo   2020-05-26 11:56:51 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game corrupts the graphics after a few seconds in a battle. tested with mednafen 1.24.3.

    Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero   Super Nintendo   2020-05-26 11:47:30 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: hangs in a black screen up on start tested with mednafen 1.24.3.

    FIFA Soccer 97   Super Nintendo   2020-05-25 04:22:57 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp got you now. the fifa 97 euro was a new entry, maybe no-intro redumed it and i forgot to proper merge it in back then. fixed it now smiley

    FIFA Soccer 97   Super Nintendo   2020-05-25 04:07:47 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp this one has the usa release as parent. i may have prefered football over soccer so euro over usa relaease. i can't remember anymore. i think i added snes back in 2015 or so smiley. after tg16 i think i gonna start sorting snes with a current datfile and see. problem is the database worked quite different back then. so all platforms minus psx, pgcd and tg16 need to be adapted to the system openretro uses now.

    FIFA Soccer 97   Super Nintendo   2020-05-25 01:41:06 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice There two entry for this one. You privileged European releases for the FIFAs? the soccer is not very popular in America.

    Death Brade   Super Nintendo   2020-05-23 15:25:05 by thevoice

    @ jyanncorp and yes .dat files are coming. tgcd i will process the new non unplayble japanese titles now. turbogrfx is also updated. and after this the rest will also get elevated to may 2020. tho psx is already done up to may 2020.

    Death Brade   Super Nintendo   2020-05-23 15:23:54 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp this decision can be made only by frode. it is his project. well the main problem with translation .ips patches is: they were usually made 20 years ago, with random roms. so if you can make SURE the patch let you play from start to end without any crashes and stuff with actual roms from no-intro and now some roms uploaded to the internet by some random joe, i would be fully support your request. but the testing will take forever i guess.

    Death Brade   Super Nintendo   2020-05-23 05:51:23 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! yes I see variants coming. By the way, The DAT list translate roms, you thinks its possible to add translated variant for these? A lot of RPG or adventure game get fully translated , it can be a nice add.

    Dragon Ball Z - Chomutujeon   Super Nintendo   2020-05-22 06:18:05 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Korean variant of "Dragon Ball Z - Ultime Menace"

    Dokuritsu Sensou - Liberty or Death   Super Nintendo   2020-05-22 01:57:43 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Liberty or Death"

    Death Brade   Super Nintendo   2020-05-21 22:42:16 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp do't worry, i am in the process to update psx to may 2020 at the moment. after that all the other .dat files get updated to may 2020 aswell. so its just a matter of a week or so until you get loaded with "work" wink

    Death Brade   Super Nintendo   2020-05-21 20:48:26 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice The US version "Mutant Fighter" is missing.

    Zen Nihon GT Senshuken Max Rev.   PlayStation   2020-05-21 06:20:45 by thevoice

    INFO: Disc 2 contains only information about cars, tracks and other things. Also included are videos of the Grid girls. The Disc is not required to play the game.

    Cadaver   Amiga   2020-05-13 03:46:31 by thevoice

    @TVPlexHD hi, the variant you are refering to was already unpublished. I have now marked the variant as Demos and disabled it entirely. I have also moved the other 2 cadaver installs from cadaver the payoff to Cadaver. I also renamed the variants to show they include "The Payoff". If there is still something wrong, feel free to comment here. smiley

    Cadaver: The Pay Off   Amiga   2020-05-12 18:52:24 by TVPlexHD

    This entry is incorrectly titled. It should be "Cadaver" alone or "Cadaver + Cadaver: The Payoff"

    This is TWO games.

    This is the FULL first Game, Cadaver and its smaller sequel, the Payoff.

    The covers and artwork for this release are found on the OTHER entry, Cadaver (which is also incorrect as it is three DEMO levels not the full game)

    Cadaver   Amiga   2020-05-12 18:49:36 by TVPlexHD

    This is not the full Cadaver game. This is a collection of THREE demo levels, two of which were given away with magazines.

    The correct/full game is currently listed incorrectly as Cadaver: The Payoff.

    Wu-Tang - Shaolin Style   PlayStation   2020-05-12 04:15:02 by thevoice

    FAQ: The parental lock code for the European, Italian & USA version is : TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, X, SQUARE; TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE. You can enable blood and fatalities with the code. The French, German language versions lack this feature entirely and are always "censored"

    Bijo to Yajuu   Super Nintendo   2020-05-09 15:22:40 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of :

    Angelique - Voice Fantasy   Super Nintendo   2020-05-08 22:19:55 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the same game than Angelique with CD support for audio speech (a strange accessory act as a IR remote control for Cd player to put on the joy pad port) Can you merged it?

    Super Alfred Chicken   Super Nintendo   2020-05-08 21:34:56 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice I'm sorry but I'm dumb about Game/Variants/Merged Game Entries. :/ You can reactive Super Alfred Chicken ? and merged European release to it?

    World Pro Tennis '98   PlayStation   2020-05-08 04:38:32 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: hangs with "Damn, File search error" after the plystation jingle. tested with mednafen 1.24.3.

    Aerobiz   Super Nintendo   2020-05-08 03:27:02 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, if you add players(s) infirmation to games can you please add it like this for example: 1 - 2 (1). you always add it like 1-2 (2) with the missing spaces before and after -. so i always have to reject your entry and put it in again smiley.

    Sensible World of Soccer 2020   Amiga   2020-05-03 19:46:47 by thevoice

    @amigaamigo thanks for providing screenshots. unfortunately they are not properly cropped. if you properly crop them i will approve them.

    Sensible World of Soccer 2020   Amiga   2020-05-03 19:30:03 by amigaamigo

    Solved it. My Kickstart 3.1 ROM wasn't accepted.

    Sensible World of Soccer 2020   Amiga   2020-05-03 14:16:10 by amigaamigo

    Can't get it run. Getting "not enough memory - dos error #103" message. (v1.2)

    FS-UAE 3.0.3

    Dungeon Master   Amiga   2020-04-25 14:03:28 by qupe75

    This error seems to be occurring for me.

    I've tried A600 and A1200 and turned on the floppy drives =2 for the Whdload variant.

    Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax   Amiga   2020-04-22 16:04:58 by FrodeSolheim

    @amigak Maybe you are missing the kickstart for Amiga 600 and FS-UAE runs with the internal kickstart replacement? Does the bootup screen say AROS or soimething like that?

    SetPatch should install a lot of patches when running with the correct kickstart ROM...

    Rainbow Islands   Amiga   2020-04-20 03:06:57 by thevoice

    @amigaamigo you have to have a suppoerted copy of the game in either .adf or .ipf from TOSEC. to make the launcher properly detect it. if you are sure you have one of the supported versions, then make sure you have it stored in a directory which the launcher scans and update both databases in the launcher.

    Rainbow Islands   Amiga   2020-04-19 17:42:49 by amigaamigo

    database doesn't find Rainbow Island.adf What can I do?

    Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97   Amiga   2020-04-16 06:31:51 by thevoice

    @tangodown cant help you here. but you can have a look at the eab forum,

    Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97   Amiga   2020-04-16 03:19:14 by tangodown

    Hi, I am new here.

    Please, how do I download and install this game into FS-UAE.


    Power Strike   Master System   2020-04-09 05:33:26 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp no there is kinda no rules. so far i usually merge into usa releases. but in certain situations like with aleste here it is better to merge into the more popular name. maybe later whn openretro with all platforms is "officially" made public and people like it different, or frode wants it different, things can be easily switched. so nothing is getting lost.

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-09 05:29:14 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp i use the rsync repo of the developement launcher/databae. and in this version the plugin you mentioned isnt there anymore. so i guess frode dropped support for it and use only mednafen. that is why the platform setting in the lower right corner is greyed out. i dont know. here you have to ask frode since i just add things here and have nothing to do with the developement and stuff.

    Power Strike   Master System   2020-04-09 05:24:18 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice, Sorry i messed up with "Global Defense/SDI" in the same idea. So there no rules for default names. yes that personal, for me Aleste remember me Super Nintendo, but I remember only Power Strike when I think about SMS (I don't know its was Aleste younger)

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-09 05:19:00 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Ok i update all this and work fine. Great work by the way! This clearly have to be put in front But now I've another question... There is a GenesisPlusGX-LR plugin, how can use it for SMS emulation? most game compatible and light-gun support.

    Power Strike   Master System   2020-04-09 05:00:46 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp just a matter of taste smiley. i made this one merged into aleste because aleste is a lot more known then power strike. and i dont know what you mean with the sdi title. sdi is a totally different game.

    Power Strike   Master System   2020-04-09 04:54:18 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Ok. But in this case, why the Japanese version give the page for this game.. It was referenced to SDI, but its call like this only in japan.. All other game show US or European titles. Except for Japanese titles only. But why use Japanese name for the entry here?

    Space Invaders   PlayStation   2020-04-09 04:21:58 by thevoice

    nevermind smiley

    Power Strike   Master System   2020-04-09 03:55:18 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp no need to. power strike is already merged into aleste. look here: the problem is: frode need to run a certain script to remove these empy variants. until he does, the empty ones show up still after he did the empzy ones are gone. so if you see no variant entries, just ignore them as they are already merged to their parent tilte.

    Power Strike   Master System   2020-04-09 02:49:08 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! how can transfer a variant from aleste here?

    Soccer Kid   PlayStation   2020-04-08 19:38:28 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: hangs with a black screen after 1st boss bonus count. testes with mednafen 1.24.1

    Penguin Adventure   Master System   2020-04-08 15:02:34 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, we use the arcade tag only if there is a version for arcades. else mostly every junp and run, beatemup, racer and whatnot would fit into arcade smiley.

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-08 02:44:09 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp ofcourse it is smiley. have a look here

    download the required emulators and enable the different platforms inside the launcher under settings/game platfroms and point to redump/no-intro/tosec/mame sets under settings file database. and check under settings/plugins if you have all plugins setup properly. and dont forget the cheats plugin smiley because i have spend a lot of time into properly cheating all supported consoles aswell. hopefully frode will put fsgs somewhat officially soon so more people can easy make use of it.

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-07 22:58:30 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Ok, so its possible to use openretro database with mednafen?

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-07 15:03:22 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp because this project is not windows only but also linux/applecrap. also mednafen is a extremely nice emulator. so i guess that is why frode picked mednafen.

    Super Boy I   Master System   2020-04-07 10:58:31 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Sorry, wrong covers

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-07 08:44:12 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice That's probably a stupid question but.... why mednafen?...

    SDI   Master System   2020-04-07 08:36:06 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice The European/Us release is "Global Defense", SDI is the Japanese/arcade title.

    Block Hole   Master System   2020-04-06 19:56:50 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Sorry for the mistake, this is a port from MSX game by Zemina.

    Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax   Amiga   2020-04-06 14:38:44 by thevoice

    @amigak i just tested the current whdload variant from the launcher & online database and it just works. if you play around with own settings, then you are on your own.

    Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax   Amiga   2020-04-06 11:50:28 by amigak

    hey guys, im new to fs-uae. i love it great work!

    anyways was just playing around, made some changes to the model then I read this discussion. i couldnt find a way to remove my own edits again, so please just drop them.

    however i have to say: the game is not working for me with the default a600 model setting: it say "Patch list: None" and then I get a DOS-Error #103 (not enough memory available).

    if i change it to a500+ it does work.

    maybe im missing something else?

    Shrek Treasure Hunt   PlayStation   2020-04-05 06:08:04 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game hangs often while loading a minigame. so make sure you make use of savestates a lot.

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-04 03:57:49 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp we cant publish master system titles which require a lightgun to play, as mednafen sms emulation have no lightgun support until now.

    Kung Fu Kid   Master System   2020-04-03 17:17:56 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, if i am honest i would simply disable all this brazil crap for good smiley. what is released there is just junk no one would ever play for more then 30 seconds.

    Kung Fu Kid   Master System   2020-04-02 18:33:53 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! For the Brazilian version, the game is out under "Kung Fu Kid" too.

    I think the Brazilian games have to get their own pages because in most of case there not Brazilian version but "remasters" with popular Brazilian licenses.

    Ace of Aces   Master System   2020-04-01 20:45:18 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice screens done with BizHawk 2.4

    Chapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador   Master System   2020-04-01 17:55:04 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice I known that why I take care to choose good one, by the second the second wave of screens for this game are do by myself, you can can validate the 5 (256x192) , i keep the ingame crop, that why one is too much crop.

    Alex Kidd BMX Trial   Master System   2020-04-01 17:15:02 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp i know you put quite some effort to report parent/clone titles in sms aswell. unfortunately the commnt page shows only so many and i cant see them anymore. would it be possible for you to add the uuid yourself ? on empty variants just copy and paste the uuid from the parent set top entry (not a variant) to the empty variant ? this way they wont get lost.

    Alex Kidd BMX Trial   Master System   2020-04-01 17:12:15 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, can you also add tags for titles you submit ? in this very case i would add tags like racing, bike, topdown, verrtical. you may have to take a look to similiar types of games to get used to the "used tagwords" tho.

    Chapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador   Master System   2020-04-01 17:01:04 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp 3rd screen is from you. for example one of your 4th screenshot.

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-01 16:49:33 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp good job on them wink

    Back to the Future Part III   Master System   2020-04-01 16:42:39 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp this was just an example to show that quite many of the internet floating screenshots are scaled. if you take screenshots directly from mednafen sms come out 256x240 which is totally correct. and most fo them are 256x192 or 248x192 after cropping black borders as you have figured out.. these are what frode wants for openretro. if you make them on your own with mednafen it is all fine. and very wanted by openretro. and as i said. maybe smspower have some correct screens but many internet found screens are just scaled up to fit the "systems" videomodes. for example check like 99% of mobygames nes submissions. they are mostly scaled up to fit nes resulution. it is always better to do your own. this way you can be 100% sure they are good as you created them. and yes, you do a very good job with tracking down all these better resolution covers and all the things you contribute to the different systems. and for the screeshots, believe me before i created acceptable ones frode rejected several 100s of them. but over time is easy to learn how to create "good" ones for the different systems wink.

    Gangster Town   Master System   2020-04-01 02:50:51 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice new screens takes with menafen

    Back to the Future Part III   Master System   2020-04-01 02:05:44 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice I do screenshots with mednafen-1.24.1 for somes games and I get a 256x240 res screens After cropping I get a 248x192p image.for in-game and 256x192p for some title screen, (same as SMS Power ans same color pallet) I don't known how I can get a 200x150p res screen with mednasfen. I try with KEGA Fusion for non-working (like BTTF III, Ace of Ace) and I get the same sizes but the pallet is darker. The waste of time is maybe here or if I do something wrong, tell me. I try to do my best, how do you process ?

    Back to the Future Part III   Master System   2020-03-31 20:06:50 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp here you can see why its a wast eof time to use internet found screens. check the size of your downloaded ones and compare with the ones taken with mednafen in 2018 smiley.

    Vampire   Master System   2020-03-31 05:46:26 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the beta of "Master of Darkness"

    Ttoriui Moheom   Master System   2020-03-31 05:28:14 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Korean version of "My Hero"

    Super Wonder Boy - Monster World   Master System   2020-03-31 04:40:38 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Wonder Boy in Monster Land"

    Super Wonder Boy   Master System   2020-03-31 04:36:57 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Wonderboy"

    Sports Pad Soccer   Master System   2020-03-31 02:17:19 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Another Japanese version of "Great Soccer"

    Sports Pad Football   Master System   2020-03-31 02:01:26 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the US version of "Great Football"

    Seishun Scandal   Master System   2020-03-31 00:15:56 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "My Hero"

    Secret Command   Master System   2020-03-31 00:11:10 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the European version of "Rambo First Blood Part II"

    Rambo - First Blood Part II   Master System   2020-03-30 22:04:55 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Oops , sorry for covers

    Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2   Master System   2020-03-30 22:01:51 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This must be the Japanese version.

    Pro Yakyuu Pennant Race, The   Master System   2020-03-30 21:13:35 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Gret Baseball"

    Opa Opa   Master System   2020-03-30 18:46:49 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Fantasy Zone: The Maze "

    Ninja   Master System   2020-03-30 18:37:07 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "The Ninja"?

    Maze Walker   Master System   2020-03-30 17:15:11 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Maze Hunter 3-D"

    Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting   Master System   2020-03-30 17:04:09 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the US version of the compilation "Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting & Safari Hunt Master System" with Safari Hunt missing.

    Maou Golvellius   Master System   2020-03-30 16:47:40 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Golvellius"

    Lord of Sword   Master System   2020-03-30 16:22:08 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Lord of the Sword"

    Kujaku Ou   Master System   2020-03-29 03:58:36 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "SpellCaster"

    Hwarang Ui Geom   Master System   2020-03-29 02:54:45 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of "Kenseiden"

    Heavyweight Champ   Master System   2020-03-29 02:15:32 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This game is EU and also out under "George Foreman's KO Boxing" for EU too.

    and "James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing" for the US

    Haja no Fuuin   Master System   2020-03-29 02:02:17 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanse version of "Miracle Warriors - Seal of the Dark Lord"

    Galactic Protector   Master System   2020-03-28 14:39:52 by jyanncorp

    No problems, I understand. i will just update covers for now and see later for screen. Thanks for you patience.

    Bobble Bobble   Master System   2020-03-28 14:15:21 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Sorry for this entry, I don't see the title was incorrect.

    Great Golf   Master System   2020-03-28 14:04:11 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice if the screens are good, so this is the wrong game for this entry. the two different game are on the same page.

    Galactic Protector   Master System   2020-03-28 13:12:26 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp just for info. i wont approve any screenshots for master system until i get a green light from frode. since they are downloaded from sms power.

    Great Golf   Master System   2020-03-28 13:02:29 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp the screenshots are taken from masters golf. and since i always do my submitted screenshots by myself. i am sure they are correct. as i said copy&paste screenshots from internet sources isnt the preferred method. rather do them yourself. it takes longe but it is 100% better.

    Great Tennis   Master System   2020-03-28 04:16:39 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Here the Japanese version of "Super Tennis"

    Great Soccer   Master System   2020-03-28 04:02:52 by jyanncorp

    @thervoice Again "Great Soccer" are two different games too : This "Great Soccer" is "World of Soccer"

    Great Golf   Master System   2020-03-28 03:53:42 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! The actual Japanese screenshot is from another game with the same name. (Yeah confusing)

    Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto   Master System   2020-03-28 02:58:43 by jyanncorp

    @this is the Japanese version of:

    Global Defense   Master System   2020-03-28 02:57:03 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi This game is record under SDI : In fact SDI is the Japanese version, Global Defense in the occidental title. Can you move them here?...

    Final Bubble Bobble   Master System   2020-03-28 01:08:13 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese of

    Fantasy Zone II - Opa-Opa no Namida   Master System   2020-03-28 00:51:25 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version :

    Family Games   Master System   2020-03-28 00:40:53 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This is the Japanese version of Parlour Game: