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    Tengai Makyou - Deden no Kabuki-den   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-23 12:10:53 by thevoice

    Unfortunately this game lacks a single player mode aswell as computer players. so you have to grab 1 - 4 friends to have fun wink

    Human Sports Festival   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-16 17:11:55 by thevoice

    4 players at once is only valid for the football and tennis game.

    Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-15 17:17:55 by thevoice

    FAQ: If you ever wanted to play a HARD shooter, try this one without cheating. wink

    Genocide   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-15 17:16:33 by thevoice

    Making screens for this one is a bit meh, becuase when you get hit you flash and when you hit something it flashes wink

    World Championship Boxing Manager   Amiga   2017-09-14 10:24:27 by FrodeSolheim

    Good point. It should definitively be replaced. Maybe it can stay until there is a better candidate. I added __problem_cover at least now.

    World Championship Boxing Manager   Amiga   2017-09-14 10:18:06 by thevoice

    Is it just me or is this an advertise not a box and also there is a nice watermark wink

    Volleyball   Nintendo   2017-09-13 07:43:52 by FrodeSolheim

    Done smiley

    Volleyball   Nintendo   2017-09-11 17:39:35 by thevoice

    The gluk variant need to be moved to venice beach volleyball entry. as its the gluk release of this title.

    Tetris   Nintendo   2017-09-10 22:23:26 by FrodeSolheim

    New game entries for [Tengen] and [Bullet Proof] created, and variants moved smiley

    Tetris   Nintendo   2017-09-09 20:54:15 by thevoice

    The bulleproof variants as well as the unlicensed Tengen variant need their own entries since its all different flavors of Tetris.

    Yoshi   Nintendo   2017-09-08 19:12:48 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: iNES format file is too small by 32768 bytes to contain all data specified by header!

    Black Hole Assault   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-07 14:19:04 by thevoice

    CHEAT: Use the name MUTEKI for your player to become invincible.

    Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis   Amiga   2017-09-05 20:35:17 by FrodeSolheim

    @Reaper2021 I added edit_file permission to your user. Please try again now smiley

    NB! Maybe you want to consider uploading a zip with all the pages instead? Just to bundle them together I mean.

    I think I even implemented a function where images (pages) inside zip files could be browsed in the docs section (must check, not entirely certain).

    Rick Dangerous   Amiga   2017-09-05 20:28:14 by FrodeSolheim

    @Reaper2021 Thanks, very nice smiley I changed the file status to public.

    I imagine the error you got was related to missing (edit) permissions for making files public. If you want to upload more, I can fix that permission for you, as long as you don't upload game media. Don't want any "warez" distribution here smiley

    The Secret of Monkey Island   Amiga   2017-09-05 20:27:33 by Reaper2021

    Uploaded a high res scan of the cover art poster (4724x6301)

    Rick Dangerous   Amiga   2017-09-05 20:10:31 by Reaper2021

    Uploaded high res scans of the comic that came with the original game. Can't edit the pages due to server errors.

    Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis   Amiga   2017-09-05 20:00:17 by Reaper2021

    I uploaded complete manual scans, but I'm getting server errors when trying to edit them

    King of the Monsters   Neo-Geo   2017-09-04 22:56:52 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Fix flickering graphics at the left edge (crop display?) Display cropped by default now, but there still is some flickering on the left edge. May not want to crop more...

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Arcade   2017-09-04 16:44:24 by FrodeSolheim

    Removed several variants.

    Street Fighter   Arcade   2017-09-04 16:44:11 by FrodeSolheim

    Fixed. Actually, only kept the "main" variant for this one.

    Killer Instinct   Arcade   2017-09-04 16:31:02 by FrodeSolheim

    CHD variant fixed, re-enabling game.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Arcade   2017-09-02 10:37:34 by thevoice

    The mechanical games and the handheld variant should be disabled.

    Street Fighter   Arcade   2017-09-02 08:49:51 by thevoice

    The scorpion variants should be disabled as they are some mechanical games, not the arcade street fighter.

    Killer Instinct   Arcade   2017-09-01 20:38:02 by FrodeSolheim

    Unpublishing this game for now, as the arcade variant is not correct.

    Mortal Kombat II   Arcade   2017-09-01 18:02:28 by thevoice

    You should consider to disable the hacked variants as they don't have anything to do with arcade history.

    Mortal Kombat   Arcade   2017-09-01 17:48:26 by thevoice

    TODO: @frode you should consider to remove all these hacked versions since they have nothing to do with arcade history.

    Donkey Kong   Arcade   2017-09-01 07:37:44 by thevoice

    @frode: the maygay variants should be disabled imho as they are some 1980's handhelds. which do not exactly qualify to the arcade category.

    Parasol Henbee   Nintendo   2017-08-31 17:19:44 by thevoice

    Screenshot 4 actually shows a Bossfight wink

    Mugen Senshi Valis   Nintendo   2017-08-29 19:18:44 by FrodeSolheim

    If I'm to guess a bit, since I don't know Japanese, "Mugen Senshi Valis" is the name on the cover, and "Fantastic Soldier Valis" looks like the NES title screen name.

    No-Intro probably changed policy from naming files after title screen to cover at some point, since it was called Fantastic Soldier Valis in No-Intro earlier.

    Being a Japanese game, I don't really have that strong opinion of whether to use the cover or title screen name, so I just went with the No-Intro name...

    Mugen Senshi Valis   Nintendo   2017-08-29 16:38:57 by thevoice

    According to mobygames no-intro used the msx spelling. the nes version is named : Fantastic Soldier Valis

    Arkanoid II   Nintendo   2017-08-28 21:19:43 by FrodeSolheim

    Yes, languages should reflect the actual in-game languages, so users can (in the future) search for games in languages they can understand.

    Region should be handled differently. And for No-Intro based platforms, it's really already kind of handled by the variant name (Europe, USA, Japan, etc).

    Making region a more properly supported concept in the system is something to consider, yes.

    Arkanoid   Nintendo   2017-08-28 21:13:23 by thevoice

    all you need to do is press ctrl + shift + 2 until arkanoid paddle is selected on port 2 once the game is started and you can use the mouse for controls.

    Arkanoid II   Nintendo   2017-08-28 21:00:05 by thevoice

    There is quite some nes titles which are japanese releases with english texts. i always prefered to set ja instead en to have the japanese flag shown instead the english one. But probably the best solution should be some region flag to prevent confusion.

    like region : japan

    language(s) : en,ja whatever

    Arkanoid   Nintendo   2017-08-28 18:48:54 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Needs a special controller config

    Arkanoid II   Nintendo   2017-08-28 18:47:58 by FrodeSolheim

    Changed languages to English for existing variants (in-game language).

    Metal Force   Nintendo   2017-08-28 10:21:35 by FrodeSolheim

    @thevoice Added "ko" (Korean) as recognized language smiley

    Metal Force   Nintendo   2017-08-28 10:16:38 by thevoice

    We somehow need kr as allowed language wink

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 16:42:07 by FrodeSolheim

    The problem is fixed now smiley

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 14:34:08 by FrodeSolheim

    I did do a mistake with a maintenance script on friday, which disabled a lot of games "at random" until I stopped/fixed it. I thought I reversed the changes (and I did), but I did not clean up properly (some cached information in database were not properly updated).

    I've identified the problem and running a fix now. Games should be back "online" relatively soon smiley

    Thanks for reporting! smiley

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 14:31:02 by 33a0c968

    Random games everywhere in the entire database seems to be disabled, actually. A lot of games in my own launcher just disappeared when I updated the game database

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 14:09:25 by FrodeSolheim

    @pb_ @thevoice There is some bug somewhere. This game is not really marked as disabled, but for some reason, it is after all (in the game browser here on and also it's not synced to the Launcher).

    Must have happened recently, I think. I'm currently investigating...

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-26 07:42:40 by thevoice

    @pb_ beside this title have no disabled variants, disabled means the title has known broken diskimages, iis just disks which can be installed to hd only or in other ways entirely not useable with the launcher.

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-25 16:57:50 by pb_

    why is this game "disabled"? what does it mean (aside from the fact that it's not automatically detected in fs-uae)?

    Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe   Amiga   2017-08-23 13:47:20 by FrodeSolheim

    Joystick port 0 set to joystick mode (for two player games).

    Flashback   Amiga   2017-08-21 03:20:54 by thevoice

    @ian norris which variant won't appear in your launcher ? a floppy variant ? a whdload variant ? there is also no need to compress the files. the .zip for floppies and .lha is detected properly by the launcher. what you need to do is to have a supported variant. (easily to obtain from the eab fileserver). then you have to place the files into a directory which is actually scanned by the launcher and afterwards update both databases from the pulldown menu and the titles will appear.

    Flashback   Amiga   2017-08-21 02:53:20 by ian norris

    Gah. This game won't even appear in the FS game window after I download and compress it. Very frustrating.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-18 12:02:28 by nietzsche666

    @FrodeSolheim. Ha, cool! Thanks again, will test it later.

    JJ - Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2   Nintendo   2017-08-17 16:56:28 by FrodeSolheim

    Fixed smiley

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-17 16:53:04 by FrodeSolheim

    @thevoice @nietzsche666 I've updated the variant based on the new archive smiley

    Future Wars: Time Travellers   Amiga   2017-08-17 16:46:29 by FrodeSolheim

    @Pandax 4.3-B slaves added smiley

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-17 03:00:31 by nietzsche666

    @thevoice An a1200 configfile? Um, I just know about setting the machine as an a1200 and using the default settings or playing around a bit with them. I'm fine with my zip-file now, though.

    Whatever, but I agree with you an updated entry would be the best option, as the whole point of lovely FS-UAE is IMO about everything working out of the box and retro fans NOT having to think about all these complex configuration matters...

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-16 18:06:15 by thevoice

    @nietzsche666 : what you need is a a1200 configfile. then mount the .lha archive as a harddisk and it should work flawless. but best is still if frode would make an updated entry for the title to have an easy loading smiley.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-15 20:41:36 by nietzsche666

    @thevoice Damn, still problems with this. Finally got to test this today. The new lha hasn't been updated yet, launcher still loads the english keyboard and "setmap not found" error version, but that has time.

    But I still have problems even with the new file Hellowoon_v1.0_De.lha. Started it as a custom config and it gives an error message in FS UAE.

    Amiga Launch Task failed with FileNotFoundError: "[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\(...)\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\fs-uae-vmrkbbfv\\DH0\\HellowoonDe\\data\\lib\\'"

    Looks for some file in the wrong place, I guess.

    Other WHDload lha packs work just fine with my custom config default settings. Am I doing some stupid config mistake here?

    EDIT: I certainly am doing something wrong here, because the old lha archive gives the same error message. Works with the pre-config of the old version, though. Strange.

    EDIT2: Ok, found a weird workaround. And the new version indeed loads the umlauts! smiley

    I just unpacked the lha archive and it gave some error message (missing libs or something). But when I repacked the files to zip, suddenly the custom config worked, no error message, game starts just fine. Don't have a clue what exactly is going on with that file, though.

    Future Wars: Time Travellers   Amiga   2017-08-15 01:22:13 by Pandax

    If I'm not wrong, the current (EDIT: not "current", "latest") version is 4.3-B, not 4.3.

    Alien Fires 2199 A.D.   Amiga   2017-08-13 16:33:00 by thevoice

    ADF, v1.0, cr TKT

    this variant requires a machine with kickstart 1.2. else loading fails with errorcode 192.

    Ali Baba   Amiga   2017-08-13 16:10:37 by thevoice

    the game is aga according to hol. so a1200 model is required here. a600 boots into guru and a500 complains about a to old kickstart.

    The Age of Rock   Amiga   2017-08-13 10:32:45 by thevoice

    changed amiga model to a600. with a500 the game gurus after loading a level because of the slowmem. with just 512kb chip the game complains about to low memory.

    Aerial Racers   Amiga   2017-08-13 10:13:02 by thevoice

    i have set all variants to a1200 model because 1mb chip is not enough to boot the game with additional disk drives. so its either single drive and diskjockkey with a600 or have no disk swaps and use a1200 model. beside the game is slow like a crawl with 68000 cpu. not that its really better with 68020 but oh well wink.

    JJ - Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2   Nintendo   2017-08-13 09:24:07 by thevoice

    The real game name is :JJ Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-11 08:44:39 by nietzsche666

    @thevoice Great, thanks a lot for your help!

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-11 03:22:04 by thevoice

    @frode could you please import Hellowoon_v1.0_De.lha uploaded on aug 10th and disable the broken version v1.0. retroplay fixed the issue with the setmap command and the newly uploaded install works like it should.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-11 03:19:31 by thevoice

    @nietzsche666 the problem seem to be the preinstalled whdload archive. so stingray is right here. for the good news, i contacted retroplay and he kindlyfixed the install and its available on the eab fileserver. i tested this one and the umlauts work like they should now. so the onyl thing we need now is to have frode to import the newly uploaded archive in the launcher. then this case can be closed wink.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-10 11:18:48 by nietzsche666

    Stingray replied on Mantis. He said it must be a bad install and if properly installed german keymap should load just fine. Closed the case.

    Hm. I assume the pre-installed version that is supported by FS-UAE must be broken, then. I don't think another WHDLoad pre-install is available anywhere but I could of course try and redo the install manually and do a custom config.

    @TheVoice: Before he vanished, he also said if I don't want to re-install it anew, I could "copy setmap from Workbench disk", before he vanished Ok great, but how can I do this within a FS-UAE environment? The last time I got into Amiga CLI issues this deeply I was still a teenager...

    Edit: I just re-read your comments. So Setmap IS in this Version, but in the wrong folder? Could I just copy it to the c directory within a workbench environment, and then it works, as easy as that?

    Gyromite   Nintendo   2017-08-06 07:16:15 by thevoice

    FAQ: The Game requires 2 Controllers as the blue/red pillars which act as elevators/doors have to be controlled with the A and B button of the 2nd pad.

    Gumshoe   Nintendo   2017-08-06 06:56:16 by thevoice

    FAQ: The game is entirely controlled by the lightgun. To jump you need to target and shoot your player character.

    Gotcha! - The Sport!   Nintendo   2017-08-05 06:55:19 by thevoice

    FAQ: To play the game you need to aim and fire with the mouse while scrolling the screen left/right with the gamepad.

    Goblins 3   Amiga   2017-07-29 22:59:13 by thevoice

    set EXPCHIP to prevent this annoying system error -6. unfortunately this whdload switch wont work on a 600 model. so ii have also set the model to a1200.

    Sword of Sodan   Amiga   2017-07-29 22:37:40 by thevoice

    @nietzsche666 hi, the correct entry would be NOCACHE as i think whdload is case sensitive. but anyway it still crashes on the joystick picture during the intro. with or without NOCACHE flag. i also tried the NOCACHE on my real amiga 4000/040 and it still hangs at the same picture. tho i am still able to quit whdload with the quitkey. so at least it is not an emulation only issue,

    Sword of Sodan   Amiga   2017-07-29 17:44:50 by nietzsche666

    Hi, someone at the whdload mantis replied about this.

    His a1260 has no problems with the highscore. He asked me to try NoCache WHDLoad option.

    Not an expert on configuring Whdload with FS-UAE, but my guess was just adding it within the WHDLoad argument in FS UAE, looking like this. SwordOfSodan.slave NOCACHE PRELOAD

    Now, this didn't change crap about the reported bug, neither on A600 nor A1200 preset, but if I'm doing the NoCache argument wrong, please correct me. Psygore was fine with maybe updating the slave, which is great, but I don't want to provide wrong information.

    Family Pinball   Nintendo   2017-07-29 06:44:09 by thevoice

    Screens are a bit different in size because the diffent pinballs have sometimes borders left & right some times up & down and some times left and bottom wink

    Exciting Boxing   Nintendo   2017-07-28 18:41:43 by thevoice

    can be disabled. the game requires a man sized boxing dummy as input device wink.

    Elite   Nintendo   2017-07-28 18:26:12 by thevoice

    The NES version of the Game has really terrible controls. Do yourself a favor and play one of the Computer versions.

    Carver   Amiga   2017-07-27 02:57:59 by thevoice

    credits for thre screen shots go to @nietzsche666. i only did the cropping.

    Dominator   Amiga   2017-07-23 16:12:51 by FrodeSolheim

    Also imported floppy variants smiley

    Defender of the Crown   Nintendo   2017-07-22 06:22:24 by thevoice

    every event uses its own resolution. decorated with block borders. so the screens differ in size a lot wink.

    Dominator   Amiga   2017-07-20 19:01:25 by thevoice

    Yep, same here. Requested a change to a1200 model.

    Dominator   Amiga   2017-07-20 15:18:11 by nietzsche666

    Crashes into CLI before starting in default A600 config. (Error: Exception Level 6 Autoevector (...) occurred) Starts fine in A1200, though.

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis   DOS   2017-07-18 19:26:23 by FrodeSolheim

    FAQ: Press Ctrl+T while in-game to toggle subtitles for the talkie versions.

    Tic Tac Toe   Amiga   2017-07-17 20:12:09 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    changed amiga model to a600. with a500 model the game drops back to cli after the "cracktro".

    Tic Tac Toe   Amiga   2017-07-17 15:04:10 by nietzsche666

    Doesn't work in default config. Freezes after Intro in AmigaDOS. Seems fine in A1200/A600.

    Crazy Climber   Nintendo   2017-07-16 07:58:24 by thevoice

    Requires a special controller to be played. with the pad you can only move in one direction. this makes the game impossible to play.

    Commando   Nintendo   2017-07-15 16:08:40 by thevoice

    Thanks to the massive flickering sprites on screen the shots dont't show any shooting beside grenades. acutally you can also shoot. wink

    Choujikuu Yousai - Macross   Nintendo   2017-07-15 06:20:51 by thevoice

    screenshot 2 shows the stage endboss. for the ease of developement its always the same for the first 3 stages wink

    California Games   Nintendo   2017-07-13 18:05:05 by thevoice

    its a bit funny with the screenshots. each event have its own screensize. so i cropped only the top border away from surfing event.

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-11 12:00:25 by thevoice

    @nietzsche666 hi, i moved the screenshots as you thought. you can also do it yoursel while logged in. just download the screens and reupload them in the order you think they fit best. smiley

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-11 11:14:52 by nietzsche666


    Ok, maybe screen 2 should be exchanged with screen 1 then, for being more representative of the "on planet/ground" gameplay.

    Makes absolute sense for the Arcade launcher, too, considering the first screen's size.

    Ok takes short notes. I guess I'll be getting the hang of it sooner or later.

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-11 10:47:14 by FrodeSolheim

    @nietzsche666 Actually, while we're at the subject, another thing is that "screen1" should ideally be a representative image of the gameplay (because in some contexts, maybe only screen1 is shown).

    So the guideline for what to put as screen1 should really be: "If you could only choose one screenshot for this game, what would that be?".

    (The screenshots do not have to be in cronological order or anything).

    And likewise, if the game has varied gameplay, it's nice if screen2 shows that variation, in case only two screens get displaced.

    Anyway, these are not hard rules, and maybe not even written down big grin -But sounds like a good idea to me!

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-11 10:42:26 by FrodeSolheim

    Yes, I probably reject a couple of screenshots for a reason I can't remember and forgot to make a note of it here :P

    But the new screens are great, thanks smiley

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-11 03:29:40 by thevoice

    @nietzsche666: the cropped ones from fs-uae sometimes work "out of the box". but there is no rules without exceptions wink. if there is no black borders or parts in black on top or bottom they are just fine. if they have balck areas you need to crop these black areas away. its just a matter of experience. i rememebered well when i started to contribute screens, many of them were discarded because they didnt qualify in the "rules" but over time i learned what has to be cropped away and now many of my screens are accepted. and also yes its always better to create your own screens then just copy & paste them from somewhere else. but dont worry, if you are not certain how to deal with certain shots, just upload them and someone will "correct" them and if you keep the one you have uploaded you can compare them and see how it works. as i said just a matter of own experience wink

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-11 02:43:45 by nietzsche666


    Of course. I think I did upload 5 screenshots originally but I assume two were deleted coz they were from Atari ST mobygames screenshots.

    The ST pictures look the same as Amiga screens, but I completely understand that they were probably taken down for that reason. I hadn't read the instructions that carefully at that time, sorry for that.

    I will probably just take my own screenshots from FS UAE and upload them again.

    HeroQuest: Return of the Witch Lord   Amiga   2017-07-10 21:19:13 by FrodeSolheim

    Also changed disk labels to Game Disk and Data Disk.

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-10 19:25:26 by thevoice

    @nietzsche666 : it does look out of order because you missed 2 screenshots wink ideally you should contributre a title screen + 5 ingame screenshots. i know the arcade laucher shows only 4 screenshots and even worrse the fs-uae launcher shows only 3 screens when running windowed. but for people using the launcher in fullscreen with 1080p or higher resolution any entry with just 3 screens look halfbaked. but still nice to see you contributing on the amiga side wink

    HeroQuest: Return of the Witch Lord   Amiga   2017-07-10 11:12:11 by FrodeSolheim

    Disabled a couple of data-disk-only variants and added a new IPF combination variant.

    Hard Nova   Amiga   2017-07-10 06:10:32 by nietzsche666

    The screenshots show up in incorrect order in Launcher/Arcade.Third window is empty, fourth shows a shot again. Correct order would look better.

    Venus: The Flytrap   Amiga   2017-07-10 02:31:26 by thevoice

    WHDLoad, v1.2 changed amiga model to a1200 as it was with the v1.1 slave also. with a600 model the game hangs on a black screen after the intro.

    Venus: The Flytrap   Amiga   2017-07-10 02:30:14 by thevoice

    @Sirius7: hi, could you please make a short notice why you asked for a specific change to a configuration ? i see what you want here. the v1.2 whdload hangs after the intro with a600 model.

    Battletoads & Double Dragon   Nintendo   2017-07-09 08:36:06 by thevoice

    for some reason the screen on stage 3 is just 208 in height while all other stages are 216.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-07-09 06:15:06 by nietzsche666

    Ok, I checked the available ADF versions and it works perfectly fine with ONE version: Hellowoon - Das Geheimnis des Zauberstabs (1985)(Ariolasoft)(De)

    There is another version with "cr Blizzard" in the title that doesn't seem to work at all, at least I couldn't find a configuration for it to work. It crashes with a Guru before the first screen.

    The good version needs an A500 preset (A600/A1200 freeze at the title screen). But the german keymap is working correctly I just exited the first room. smiley

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-07-09 05:27:56 by nietzsche666

    Ok, I'll definitely do this later today.

    If you don't have the "ö" and "ü" for "öffne die tür" ( = open the door) you can't even leave the first room, lol. Game remains unplayable this way.

    There is an adf version of Hellowoon that didn't have this issue AFAIR. I already had a custom config of this at my other PC. I will be back again there tonight and provide infos about the adf version. If u could add it here, there'll be a playable vs. of this in your database. I guess it can take a long time till anyone will bother at Whdload mantis.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-07-09 04:41:18 by thevoice

    hi, you are right. while starting the whdload variant ther is an error telling the setmap command isnt found. see sctreenshot here :

    so the keymap isnt properly set to german layout. the setmap command is inside the archive of the whdload under data/system. normally it should belong into the c directory. i am not exactly sure if this is an issue of how fs-uae creates the "virtual" drive or if stingray made a mistak while creating the whdload install. maybe try out to report a bug at the mantis whdload bugtracker.

    update: i just tested the install on my real amiga 4000 with the same german umlauts issue. so it's really a good idea to file an issue at the mantis tracker.