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    Alien Strike   Amiga   2017-04-22 17:06:47 by thevoice

    switched screen 1 and 4. credits for them still go to @levelord

    The Toyottes   Amiga   2017-04-22 14:58:04 by levellord

    Uploaded cropped cover per request.

    Parodius Da! - Shinwa kara Owarai e   Super Nintendo   2017-04-22 10:44:58 by thevoice

    japanese release of parodius. might aswell be merged to parodius entry.

    Ninja Ryuuken Den Tomoe   Super Nintendo   2017-04-22 06:16:21 by thevoice

    this is the japanese release of ninja gaiden trilogy. they might be merged aswell.

    Nitropunks - Might Heads   Super Nintendo   2017-04-22 05:56:52 by thevoice

    this is the japanese release of rocky rodent. could be aswell merged together wink

    Nightmare Busters   Super Nintendo   2017-04-22 05:48:23 by thevoice

    TODO: @frode you may want to consider to re-enable this one again.

    Mr. Tuff   Super Nintendo   2017-04-22 05:42:59 by thevoice

    TODO: @frode you may want to consider to re-enable this one.

    Chaos Strikes Back   Amiga   2017-04-21 18:36:03 by thevoice

    screenshots were originally taken by the ministry of truth.

    Dungeon Master   Amiga   2017-04-21 18:27:29 by thevoice

    all screenshots were originallly taken by the ministry of truth

    Motor Massacre   Amiga   2017-04-21 09:33:48 by FrodeSolheim

    @MatteAce Published now smiley

    Lupin III: Densetsu no Hihō o Oe   Super Nintendo   2017-04-17 13:31:19 by thevoice

    A bit hard to make good screens here since the game is just crawl around and make your way to the exit. For the first mission for example the goal is to just kick a computer wink Just watch the longplay to get a clue what about the game is wink

    Bomb Busters   Amiga   2017-04-16 11:57:26 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Support write protection for disk(s).

    Iron Commando   Super Nintendo   2017-04-16 08:34:48 by thevoice

    Maybe it's a good idea to either merge this one with the Japanese version or simply disable it.

    Hiryū no Ken S: Golden Fighter   Super Nintendo   2017-04-16 06:37:23 by thevoice

    The hyper version and golden fighter are pretty much the same games, while the hyper version play a lot smoother.

    Congo: The Movie - Secret of Zinj   Super Nintendo   2017-04-10 18:44:41 by thevoice

    You may want to consider to enable this game again since it is finished. it just never got released.

    CyberGames   Amiga   2017-04-09 10:02:38 by thevoice

    changed both floppy variants to a600 model because with a500/kick 1.3 model the game is asking for disk 1 forever after the title screen.

    CyberGames   Amiga   2017-04-09 09:44:45 by thevoice

    WHDLoad, v1.0

    the .slave is asking for 1536kb chipmem so changing model to a1200

    Bomberman B-Daman   Super Nintendo   2017-04-09 07:38:00 by thevoice

    Screens may look a bit the same but the bombs seen scroll into the screen from any side. Just watch the longplay wink

    Brutal Homicide   Amiga   2017-04-08 18:23:16 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    disk requires a model with kick 2.0 otherwise loading ends with a missing cd command message.

    Bomb Busters   Amiga   2017-04-08 18:20:15 by thevoice

    after the cracktro loading ends with a "protect the game disk message"

    Battle Zeque Den   Super Nintendo   2017-04-08 04:28:31 by thevoice

    before each boss fight is a short vconvo in japanese. but since its a beatemup i assume the story isn't mandatory wink

    Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX   Super Nintendo   2017-04-08 04:22:14 by thevoice

    Story mode may require a bit figuring out the different buildings inside the town, but once you get it its easy to use. The versus mode is a straight beatemup.

    Darts 501   Amiga   2017-04-06 19:09:33 by FrodeSolheim

    I changed to Amiga 1200 instead. HOL claims that the game requirements are 2 MB chip. Maybe it is more stable in this configuration.

    Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving   Super Nintendo   2017-03-25 16:23:39 by thevoice

    the game is mostly in english language. just the track description is in japanese.

    Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure   Amiga   2017-03-25 12:02:36 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    increased chip mem to 1024kb to cover the additional floppy drives. with just 512kb chip the game drops back to wb after the intro.

    Abduction   Amiga   2017-03-25 11:42:41 by thevoice

    changed amiga model to a1200 because any config without 2mb chipmem drops back to cli at different stages of loading even when the game should be ecs/aga.

    Eek! The Cat   Super Nintendo   2017-03-25 11:30:33 by thevoice

    sweet a multi platform bug wink

    Eek! The Cat   Super Nintendo   2017-03-24 22:12:42 by FrodeSolheim

    Looks like the SNES has also been the victim of a game with the "halfcolor bug" wink

    Super Godzilla   Super Nintendo   2017-03-20 18:24:46 by thevoice

    screens 3-5 actually show the attack after the move which is shown on screen 2 xD. i wasnt sure to crop away the huge borders or let the screens as they are. so if you dont like them this way i can crop them smiley.

    Argus   Amiga   2017-03-20 16:45:06 by thevoice

    credits for most screenshot go to @levellord i just cropped his and added a 5th.

    Argus   Amiga   2017-03-20 16:42:10 by thevoice

    Both variants require an a500 model with 1mb chipmemory with just 512kb chip loading fails with returncode 20. usuing a600 model wont help either because the shoots of the player and the enemies are invisible wink

    Seven Cities of Gold   Amiga   2017-03-20 03:15:13 by B3L4

    WHDLoad v1.1 0908 - has sprite problem. Ship / Expedition not visible in the game.

    Alien Breed   Amiga   2017-03-19 04:00:17 by B3L4

    I've run into a little problem with this game. M - map left alt - player 1 weapon right alt - player 2 weapon

    I use win version of FSUAE.

    ALT did not work, started going crazy, but figured out how to make it work:

    Settings > Keyboard > Start with full keyboard emulation = ON

    It fixed the problem.

    Apache Flight   Amiga   2017-03-19 00:53:46 by levellord

    I did not see there is already uploaded front cover for this game, please use goofers image.

    Lufia   Super Nintendo   2017-03-12 10:59:16 by FrodeSolheim

    Fixed game info (year, publisher, MobyGames URL) to reflect that his is actually Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. According to Wikipedia, the PAL publisher was Nintendo.

    Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals   Super Nintendo   2017-03-12 10:56:00 by FrodeSolheim

    FAQ: The European version is called simply Lufia.

    UMS (Universal Military Simulator)   Amiga   2017-03-09 16:43:23 by FrodeSolheim

    Added __crop_exception = 1 to remove the warnings smiley

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [The Action Game]   Amiga   2017-03-07 21:01:33 by FrodeSolheim

    FAQ: Several cracked/trained variants have a bug where the game cannot be completed. See for more information The cracktro version does not suffer from this bug.

    UMS (Universal Military Simulator)   Amiga   2017-03-05 16:11:09 by thevoice

    The screenshots with just 639 width were just 639 pixels wide and have just cropped off the big border on the lower side of the screen.

    Jumpman   Amiga   2017-03-04 14:35:55 by thevoice

    Both cr Esprit floppy variants require a model with kick 2.0 because of the disk format.

    Gauntlet   Amiga   2017-03-04 09:24:50 by thevoice

    i used the link to the atari st version sice this port is based on it.

    Karateka   Amiga   2017-03-04 08:56:44 by thevoice

    i used the link to the atari st version of the game. since its a port from this version it fits i think.

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis   Amiga   2017-03-03 21:32:29 by FrodeSolheim

    Many WHDLoad v2.0 and v2.1 variants were unpublished to make the list of variants shorter now that WHDLoad v2.2 slaves has been imported.

    Cannon Fodder   DOS   2017-03-01 20:50:12 by FrodeSolheim

    MIDI (Roland) music is broken with this game in DOSBox since SVN revision 3791. The following patch fixes it, but the fix is probably not ideal:

    diff —git a/src/hardware/mpu401.cpp b/src/hardware/mpu401.cpp
    index 8d3cdf4..2eef26c 100644
    —- a/src/hardware/mpu401.cpp
    +++ b/src/hardware/mpu401.cpp
    @@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ static Bitu MPU401_ReadStatus(Bitu port,Bitu iolen) {
     static void MPU401_WriteCommand(Bitu port,Bitu val,Bitu iolen) {
    -       if (mpu.state.reset) {mpu.state.cmd_pending=val+1;return;}
    +       mpu.state.reset = 0;
            if (val<=0x2f) {
                    switch (val&3) { /* MIDI stop, start, continue */
                            case 1: {MIDI_RawOutByte(0xfc);break;}

    Turn 'n' Burn   Amiga   2017-02-26 08:25:33 by thevoice

    replaced some screens with ones from later "levels". i didnt know a level consists of only 10 stages with always the same boss each wink.

    Tournament Golf   Amiga   2017-02-25 06:21:39 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    this variant supports loading only from df0:

    Jet Set Willy   ZX Spectrum   2017-02-23 21:17:18 by HungryHorace

    FAQ: the 'legal' variations of JSW feature a copy protection on the start.

    this can be removed with 3 pokes:

    Disable software protect.
    $86B0 from C3 to CD $86B1 from CA to C3 $86B2 from 87 to 86

    Jet Set Willy   ZX Spectrum   2017-02-23 20:54:47 by HungryHorace

    FAQ: Jet set WIlly is almost famous for having been released with a number of key bugs that made the game incompletable.

    Obviously, these variants are included as the release versions, but should they be disabled, given that official bug fixed versions are also available?

    The four Official Pokes to fix the bugs were:

    Moving an invisible object from the First Landing to The Hall (42183,11)
    Removing a killer object from the Conservatory Roof (60231,0),
    Changing a block in the Banyan Tree to a walk-through type (56876,4)
    The Attic bug fix Poke (59901,82).

    Heartland   Amstrad CPC   2017-02-23 12:47:12 by HungryHorace

    surely title and screen 1 should be swapped here?

    The New Zealand Story   ZX Spectrum   2017-02-22 21:48:06 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Add more variants from World of Spectrum

    Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons   ZX Spectrum   2017-02-22 21:47:23 by HungryHorace

    Original game required player to own Gauntlet and load the main game first.

    TAP version appears to include this, but TZX does not and has been disabled.

    Frode suggested creating a variant with tape 1 of Gauntlet and the Deeper Dungeons as Tape 2.

    Die Drachen von Laas   Amiga   2017-02-20 23:19:58 by FrodeSolheim

    Added variant WHDLoad, v1.01, De smiley

    Space Harrier: Return to the Fantasy Zone   Amiga   2017-02-20 23:17:22 by FrodeSolheim

    Added variant WHDLoad, v1.3 smiley

    GunForce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island   Super Nintendo   2017-02-20 23:05:27 by FrodeSolheim

    Variant moved to the other one, and this game entry is disabled as "Duplicate".

    4D Sports Boxing   Amiga   2017-02-20 23:03:27 by FrodeSolheim

    @geeky_herman Sports driving variants moved to the correct game. Thank you smiley

    Gobliiins   Amiga   2017-02-20 22:57:24 by FrodeSolheim

    @abuehler I double-checked, WHDLoad, v1.3 slave is in the database and appears for me...

    Terror Liner   Amiga   2017-02-20 22:44:04 by FrodeSolheim

    @levellord Had to reject these screens as well due to low quality (scaling and/or compresion artifcats).

    Teresa   Amiga   2017-02-20 22:42:46 by FrodeSolheim

    @levellord I had to reject the screenshots :-/ Looks like they were (or have been) JPEGs or something. They contained noise. Screenshots must and be rescaled and/or have compression artifacts.

    Test Drive   Amiga   2017-02-20 19:15:59 by thevoice

    @levellord i can confirm the crash with a1200 model. requested a change to a600 model.

    Test Drive   Amiga   2017-02-20 09:40:25 by levellord

    WHDLoad will freeze as soon as Accolade logo show on screen. I tried with A600 and it was working just fine. Thanks!

    Teresa   Amiga   2017-02-20 09:08:27 by levellord

    HI! I edited screen #5, but also uploaded unedited one as well. Please delete one or the other. Thanks!

    Gobliiins   Amiga   2017-02-20 04:18:50 by thevoice

    @abuehler: technically its like this. whenever whdload website adds an updated slave for title x, i just copy & paste the There is a new WHDload variant available. to the variant notice of the variant. this way frode will notice there is a newer slave around while approving the vaiant_notice and can import the new slave once he have time smiley.

    Gobliiins   Amiga   2017-02-19 20:49:01 by abuehler

    Indeed free time is a luxury and I fully understand this therefore a big thank you for the time spent to keep things up2date.

    @Frode: unfortunately not... the update is still not visible as of today. D/Generation has been updated but not Gobliiins.

    @thevoice: you mentioned variant notice for changed slaves. How does this work? I couldn't figure this out yet for the case that I stumble upon updates.

    Space Harrier: Return to the Fantasy Zone   Amiga   2017-02-19 20:41:31 by abuehler

    Newest WHD is v1.3 and FS-UAE mentioned it in the status bar but this variant is not yet listed

    Gobliiins   Amiga   2017-02-19 07:32:00 by thevoice

    I usually check for new WHDLoad installs during the weekend and mark updated ones via the variant notice to give Frode a hint there is changed slaves. sometimes it takes a bit until the appear (free time is a luxury wink). But i personally think having a message for a few days is better then lagging behind with actual slaves for months or even longer xD.

    D/Generation   Amiga   2017-02-18 13:45:53 by FrodeSolheim

    Added variant WHDLoad, v2.2, 0677.

    D/Generation [AGA]   Amiga   2017-02-18 13:45:02 by FrodeSolheim

    Added variant WHDLoad, v2.2, AGA, 0457.

    Gobliiins   Amiga   2017-02-18 13:26:13 by FrodeSolheim

    Added variant WHDLoad, v1.3, 0065. @abuehler Yes, it seems that @thevoice have been quicker to mark the old slaves as oudated, than I have been in adding the new ones :p -But the new ones should be available now!

    P. P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon   Amiga   2017-02-18 13:24:52 by FrodeSolheim

    Added variant WHDLoad, v2.0-B, 2036.

    Super Stardust   Amiga   2017-02-18 13:20:30 by FrodeSolheim

    Added WHDLoad v1.1 slave.

    Carthage   Amiga   2017-02-18 13:19:36 by FrodeSolheim

    Added WHDLoad NTSC variant.

    Gobliiins   Amiga   2017-02-18 10:56:50 by abuehler

    It seems that @thevoice did an update on particular WHD sets of Gobliiins, D/Generation & more. Now Launcher is stating that a newer version of the WHD game exits (which is true) but in the selection drop down the new version is not listed. Maybe something has been entered wrong regarding the new WHD package/versions.

    Fly Fighter   Amiga   2017-02-18 01:01:06 by FrodeSolheim

    @abuehler Oops, you are correct, thanks smiley

    Fly Fighter   Amiga   2017-02-17 19:48:34 by abuehler

    Changed parent_uuid of this version to parent_uuid
    1c18c2de-bad3-5eb4-9518-87b7a2af8d08 c24e64b0-d97c-5a04-83d3-28f324ff0d1c because this is the OCS version of Fly Harder and not Fly Fighter... therefore this one was assigned to the wrong game

    Tommy Gun   Amiga   2017-02-15 18:34:38 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    the game is ecs/aga only. tho no benefit from aga. so amiga model need to be a600.

    Tile Move   Amiga   2017-02-13 18:36:17 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    increased chipmem to 1024kb to cover the additional drives.. else loading will fail with returncode 20 after the cracktro.

    Halley Project, The: A Mission In Our Solar System   Amiga   2017-02-13 18:15:30 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    this variant does not like slowmem. with slowmem the game just gurus before the mindscape logo.

    Thunder Boy   Amiga   2017-02-12 13:04:19 by thevoice

    Trivia: This Game was programmed by the main cracker of the original Quartex.

    Croak!   Amiga   2017-02-08 17:55:26 by FrodeSolheim

    The author states that this game is (now) public domain:

    Croak! was never placed in the public domain. Amiga Format solicited for coverdisk submissions and paid me a token amount for the right to publish it, but that’s as far as it went. So now I officially declare Croak! to be in the public domain and all you people who copied it can finally sleep at night! —

    Street Rod 2   Amiga   2017-02-07 23:31:49 by levellord

    Yea, I agree, no worries. Regarding custom covers, I am glad you like them and the game entries looks more colourfull, not just sad, gray rectangle instead.

    Street Rod 2   Amiga   2017-02-07 17:14:57 by FrodeSolheim

    @levellord I rejected the IBM PC back cover edit to look like an Amiga cover. Even though is not an encyclopedia, I think it's best that people don't (easily) mistake covers for authentic. So, I think it would actually be better that the cover simply said IBM PC in this case. I don't feel that all game entries need a back cover, so if an authentic back cover cannot be found, it can safely be left out.

    While speaking about covers, thank you very much for your effort in creating custom covers for game entries with missing front covers smiley

    Thunder Blade   Amiga   2017-02-06 20:55:08 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported TOSEC variants.

    Primal Rage   Amiga   2017-02-06 20:04:53 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported TOSEC variants.

    Theatre of Death   Amiga   2017-02-05 19:16:48 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported TOSEC variants.

    Street Fighter   Amiga   2017-02-05 18:04:58 by levellord

    Added Amiga cover.

    Theatre of Death   Amiga   2017-02-05 09:52:19 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    this variant supports loading from df0: only. tosec have a floppy variants which is fixed to use more then 1 drive.

    Theatre of Death   Amiga   2017-02-05 09:46:18 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    increased chip mem to 1024kb. with just 512kb the game hangs with a black screen right before the copy protection.

    Dungeon Master   Amiga   2017-01-29 22:15:09 by FrodeSolheim

    @sjuk Hi, and thanks for helping out smiley

    You added the change to the WHDLoad variant? Was that intentional? (I assume the WHDLoad entry saves to the HD?).

    T-ZerO   Amiga   2017-01-29 22:12:12 by FrodeSolheim

    @thevoice Yes, the Launcher is actually a bit "clever" about this. If more than 8 MB fast RAM is added, the Launcher automatically selects a full 32-bit CPU (e.g. 68020 instead of the default 68ec020) and uses Zorro III fast RAM.

    I changed fast memory to 64 MB to make it a power of two smiley

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [The Action Game]   Amiga   2017-01-29 22:08:39 by FrodeSolheim

    @HungryHorace Yes, done smiley

    Dungeon Master   Amiga   2017-01-29 19:27:13 by sjuk

    Added floppy_drive_count = 2 because game looks for save disk in df1.

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [The Action Game]   Amiga   2017-01-29 17:42:56 by HungryHorace

    is it acceptable to change the game name to: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [The Action Game] in the same way as Last Crusade?

    This would make the accuracy of searching for one specific 'Fate of Atlantis' easier when handled by automation / scrapers?


    T-ZerO   Amiga   2017-01-22 14:57:08 by thevoice

    The game requires a lot of fastmem for preload. - 1.8 MB ChipMem and 3 MB OtherMem (+34 MB OtherMem for preload option) as the whdload readme says. i have set fastmem to 40960kb idk if this is correct as i couldnt find a z3_fastmem entry on the web frontend. anyway with just 8mb fastmem the animation sequences stutter hardcore.

    Super C   Amiga   2017-01-22 13:18:07 by thevoice

    whoever thought to charge money for this game back in time needs to get shot smiley

    Strikes 'n' Spares   Amiga   2017-01-21 18:46:09 by thevoice

    ADF, GameBase

    the disk is kick 2.0 formatted so we need kick 2.x moel else echo command fails.

    Space Harrier II   Amiga   2017-01-21 16:57:58 by levellord

    Thanks Frode, that make sense.

    Space Harrier II   Amiga   2017-01-21 11:14:55 by FrodeSolheim

    @levellord If the variant is not found on your system, the most likely explanation is one of:

    • You have the disk, but it has been modified (savegame or similar)
    • You have a disk with the same name, but it isn't exactly the same disk. Perhaps the TOSEC set has renamed the files at some point.

    The launcher looks for disks by checking the contents on the file (calculating the checksum). For this variant, a disk with the following SHA-1 checksum is needed:


    Space Harrier II   Amiga   2017-01-21 00:34:00 by levellord

    HI! Just want to report that variant Space Harrier II (1990)(Grandslam)[cr CLS - Zelnik][t +4 CLS - Zelnik] is not scraping at all. Thanks!

    Escape from Tharkan   Amiga   2017-01-16 19:33:46 by FrodeSolheim

    @der.judge Sorry for the delay, publish status approved!

    Mario to Wario   Super Nintendo   2017-01-15 15:59:06 by thevoice

    @frode this on can be disabled i think as the game requires the snes mouse.