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    Armor Attack   Arcade   2021-04-06 09:26:46 by thevoice

    need to have the overlay enabled to make the playfield visible.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Arcade   2017-09-04 14:44:24 by FrodeSolheim

    Removed several variants.

    Street Fighter   Arcade   2017-09-04 14:44:11 by FrodeSolheim

    Fixed. Actually, only kept the "main" variant for this one.

    Killer Instinct   Arcade   2017-09-04 14:31:02 by FrodeSolheim

    CHD variant fixed, re-enabling game.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Arcade   2017-09-02 08:37:34 by thevoice

    The mechanical games and the handheld variant should be disabled.

    Street Fighter   Arcade   2017-09-02 06:49:51 by thevoice

    The scorpion variants should be disabled as they are some mechanical games, not the arcade street fighter.

    Killer Instinct   Arcade   2017-09-01 18:38:02 by FrodeSolheim

    Unpublishing this game for now, as the arcade variant is not correct.

    Mortal Kombat II   Arcade   2017-09-01 16:02:28 by thevoice

    You should consider to disable the hacked variants as they don't have anything to do with arcade history.

    Mortal Kombat   Arcade   2017-09-01 15:48:26 by thevoice

    TODO: @frode you should consider to remove all these hacked versions since they have nothing to do with arcade history.

    Donkey Kong   Arcade   2017-09-01 05:37:44 by thevoice

    @frode: the maygay variants should be disabled imho as they are some 1980's handhelds. which do not exactly qualify to the arcade category.

    Out Run   Arcade   2016-08-25 06:26:39 by thevoice

    I uploaded a 2nd set of screenshots because the first set had the gear shifter bezel enabled wink

    Double Dragon   Arcade   2016-08-24 19:35:38 by FrodeSolheim

    No hate smiley

    Double Dragon   Arcade   2016-08-23 07:32:44 by thevoice

    @frode the 320x240 on the main entry belong to the neogeo variant, please delete them to and dont hate me wink. i put them to the correct entry too now.

    Double Dragon   Arcade   2016-08-23 07:14:42 by thevoice

    @frode : title_sha1
    e90071eb98ca71c9fef71689e106a65f17c25519 256x482 is wrong. please remove.

    Commando   Arcade   2016-08-23 04:30:17 by thevoice

    TODO: @frode commando sega seem to be a different game with same name as commando. also i accidentaly uploaded some of the sega variant screens to the "original" commando screenshots. please delete them smiley.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Arcade   2013-12-28 20:40:16 by thundercato

    1.03, and 1.04 variants appear to be from the pinball game?

    Bucky O'Hare   Arcade   2013-12-07 23:27:44 by thundercato

    I don't have the variant "ver AAB" so can not confirm the language, can someone else confirm if it's "en", or something different?

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day   Arcade   2013-12-07 19:30:12 by FrodeSolheim

    Game cropped with a proper viewport, but requires a newer-than-released dev. version to display this viewport correctly. @thundercato screenshots should also ideally be cropped (removing 4 pixel columns on the left, 1 pixel row on the top). The viewport will not affect screenshots, so they must be cropped manually either way.

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3   Arcade   2013-12-07 19:16:25 by FrodeSolheim

    @thundercato I reset the sort key. It is of course tempting to "put it with the others", but people will probably expect to find it if they jump to "U" for example.

    Space Invaders   Arcade   2013-12-04 22:46:22 by thundercato

    @FrodeSolheim Can you delete this now that it is no longer required, thanks smiley

    Ninja Gaiden   Arcade   2013-12-04 16:46:46 by thundercato

    @FrodeSolheim Any arcade games with PlayChoice-10 versions should probably be separate entries as the are just modified NES versions to play on a special PlayChoice-10 Arcade Cabinet

    Space Invaders   Arcade   2013-12-02 19:48:42 by FrodeSolheim

    @thundercato variants from the other entry is merged here.

    Street Fighter EX   Arcade   2013-11-24 21:14:10 by thundercato

    TODO: The current poster is not the correct one. In fact it look like a picture of an action figure?

    Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting   Arcade   2013-11-24 20:15:54 by thundercato

    TODO: Find the correct Arcade poster, the current one is from Xbox Live. I have been unable to find the correct one a decent enough resolution.

    Space Invaders   Arcade   2013-11-24 19:38:17 by thundercato

    From reading up on Space Invaders I believe this entry and the other entry should be merged together as it's the same hardware, just different cabinets.

    19XX: The War Against Destiny   Arcade   2013-11-24 16:07:08 by thundercato

    TODO: check languages in all the variants

    Wonder Boy in Monster Land   Arcade   2013-11-16 23:15:42 by thundercato

    Sorry uploaded the wrong poster, could you please remove this @FrodeSolheim thanks smiley