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    The Dynastic Hero   TurboGrafx-CD   2019-05-11 04:39:47 by thevoice

    this title is named wonderboy in monsterland on other platforms

    Tengai Makyou - Deden no Kabuki-den   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-23 10:10:53 by thevoice

    Unfortunately this game lacks a single player mode aswell as computer players. so you have to grab 1 - 4 friends to have fun wink

    Human Sports Festival   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-16 15:11:55 by thevoice

    4 players at once is only valid for the football and tennis game.

    Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-15 15:17:55 by thevoice

    FAQ: If you ever wanted to play a HARD shooter, try this one without cheating. wink

    Genocide   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-15 15:16:33 by thevoice

    Making screens for this one is a bit meh, becuase when you get hit you flash and when you hit something it flashes wink

    Black Hole Assault   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-07 12:19:04 by thevoice

    CHEAT: Use the name MUTEKI for your player to become invincible.