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    Jack Nicklaus' World Tour Golf - 162 Holes   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-27 02:45:56 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This one is here :

    Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna HuVIDEO CD   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-27 00:55:06 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This one can be merged with this one :

    Cosmic Fantasy 2 - Bouken Shounen Ban   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-26 18:32:42 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice, sorry i dont remeber if.. this one is here :

    Motteke Tamago   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-26 04:54:18 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp no need to mention translations. since they were made 20 years ago for random internet found discs, they will mostly 100% wont work for proper redump discs.

    CD Denjin - Rockabilly Tengoku   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-26 04:26:09 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp all your empty variant findings are linked correctly now. thanks

    CD Denjin - Rockabilly Tengoku   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 23:45:00 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice this one go here :

    Exile - Toki no Hasama e   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 23:27:40 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice this one is already here.

    Godzilla Bakutou Retsuden   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 23:19:27 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This one is here :

    Ys III   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 21:51:45 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice this one is here:

    Ys Book I & II   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 21:44:32 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Japanese release miss.

    Ultra Box Soukan-gou   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 17:05:24 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice and finaly here

    Ultra Box 6-gou   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 17:04:57 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice And this one

    Ultra Box 5-gou   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 17:04:33 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Can disable this one too

    The Dynastic Hero   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 16:07:49 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp yes smiley. the .dat is a bit outdated atm. but i still drop all my sparetime into psx. don't worry afterwards all .dats get updated to current date. it's just wont make sense to ask frode now. as stuff will be pretty much messed up a while then.

    The Kick Boxing   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 16:04:13 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp because there is no release from redump so far.

    The Local Girls of Hawaii   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 16:01:35 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp yes, i saw that when starting to add tgcd set. no worries, it is unpublished and it stay this way smiley

    The Local Girls of Hawaii   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 15:11:03 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi, actually that not a game, just a CD+G with horribly compressed pictures. Maybe delete it?

    The Kick Boxing   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 14:56:50 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice The American release is missing!

    The Dynastic Hero   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 14:42:47 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! The Japanese release is missing. And this is a one player game, the co op is for Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, yeah this franchise is a brain twister.

    SydMead's TerraForming   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-25 02:21:18 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice the Japanese release is missing.

    Splash Lake - Ostrich Daibouken   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 21:40:27 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This one is here :

    IQ Panic   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 21:07:30 by jyanncorp

    @the voice Ok, no problems

    IQ Panic   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 21:02:24 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp a reminder for your screenshots. keep in mind screenshot 1 should ALWAYS show active gameplay. for this title i would put screenshot 4 as 1 and 1 as 4 smiley.

    Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective Vol. II   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 16:54:11 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice this one can be merged with :

    Shadow of the Beast - Mashou no Okite   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 15:38:46 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice this one is here

    Ookami-teki Monshou - Crest of Wolf   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 04:34:52 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp thanks for reporting them. i have linked them all to the correct parent set. the emphy variants should disappear once frode ran the mainteance script which will process them.

    Rising Sun   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 01:31:09 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This one is here

    Ookami-teki Monshou - Crest of Wolf   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 01:23:41 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This one is the Japanese version of Riot Zone

    Red Alert   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-24 01:08:36 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice This one can be merged with Last Alert

    Quiz Caravan Cult Q   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-23 21:07:56 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice I will check this each time! thanks for all your advices and time!

    Quiz Caravan Cult Q   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-23 21:01:38 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, pleas check how to proper submit player(s) information. you added 1-5. the database wants 1 - 5 (1). notice the spaces and inisde the brackets is the number of players which can play. if it is a two player game with players takes tuens then add 1 - 2 (1). if 2 players can play together add 1 - 2 (2) and so on. smiley

    Buster Bros.   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-23 11:29:06 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, i reply for frode smiley. the entry pomping world which is the japanese version of buster bros does not need to deleted. it is just the empty varains wasn't linked to the usa release. there is many titles like this in systems i have added long ago. simply because this linking feature wasnt available for me back then. unfortunately i will be busy a bit more with the huge psx lineup. once im done with that i will fix all these empty variants aswell. if you find more of them while you add things feel free to make a comment and i will link the enties correctly asap. smiley

    Pomping World   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-23 00:13:03 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Hi! I think you can delete this entry, already under Buster Bros.

    Burai - Yatsudama no Yuushi Densetsu   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-12 03:58:05 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hey, i have marked several of your screenshot submisssions as problematic. you can find a list here: listed per platform. your screens are all tgcd. usually if you copy&paste screenshots from moby or something. you need to keep in mind they are ususally one or two decades old. and no one cared about proper cropping them. frode likes to have proper cropped images here.

    Monster Lair   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-11 00:27:33 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim You can delete this one too, already in Wonderboy III Monster Lair

    Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-10 21:58:53 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Will fix smiley

    Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-10 16:30:47 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Hi! You can delete this entry, the game was already created for "Legend of Xanadu - Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu"

    F1 Team Simulation - Project F   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-08 15:31:34 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Hi! Yes I know it, it could be a nice web link like mobygame for the PC Engine universe. I will add more infos in a second batch like youtube or wiki and maybe screenshot. Thanks to you!

    F1 Team Simulation - Project F   TurboGrafx-CD   2020-03-08 15:23:45 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hey, any chance to add also wiki entry and youtube video if you edit entries ? well for those which they have them available ofcourse. otherwise nice additions smiley. i dont know if you know this site, but it is the #1 source especially for turbogrfx stuff.

    Gensou Tairiku Auleria   TurboGrafx-CD   2019-12-13 20:29:58 by FrodeSolheim

    As for adding Japanese spelling instead of romanization, I need to think a bit on how to represent this in the database. There should probably be different language tags for japanese spelling and romanized version...

    Gensou Tairiku Auleria   TurboGrafx-CD   2019-12-13 20:27:11 by FrodeSolheim

    This entry was not empty though smiley

    It's true it is not a priority to add Japanese-only titles, but it's not a problem to do so either, as long as people are interested it.

    (I will probably integrate a function into the Launcher/Arcade to hide games only available in languages a user does not understand)

    Gensou Tairiku Auleria   TurboGrafx-CD   2019-12-12 23:31:41 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hey, the unpublished japanese only titles are all unplayable for a non japanese audience and are almost 100% sure they never get published. the empy variants are already merged into thier non japanese counterparts. so its kinda pointless to add database entries there. wink

    The Dynastic Hero   TurboGrafx-CD   2019-05-11 04:39:47 by thevoice

    this title is named wonderboy in monsterland on other platforms

    Tengai Makyou - Deden no Kabuki-den   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-23 10:10:53 by thevoice

    Unfortunately this game lacks a single player mode aswell as computer players. so you have to grab 1 - 4 friends to have fun wink

    Human Sports Festival   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-16 15:11:55 by thevoice

    4 players at once is only valid for the football and tennis game.

    Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-15 15:17:55 by thevoice

    FAQ: If you ever wanted to play a HARD shooter, try this one without cheating. wink

    Genocide   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-15 15:16:33 by thevoice

    Making screens for this one is a bit meh, becuase when you get hit you flash and when you hit something it flashes wink

    Black Hole Assault   TurboGrafx-CD   2017-09-07 12:19:04 by thevoice

    CHEAT: Use the name MUTEKI for your player to become invincible.