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    Defender of the Crown   CDTV   2020-01-03 19:05:51 by thevoice

    @prezi hi, i just tested all 3 cdtv variants and all 3 of them play sound pretty well.

    Defender of the Crown   CDTV   2020-01-03 10:52:33 by prezi

    No sound. A1200 is used according to base but there is no sound with CDTV and any other version.

    Trivial Pursuit   CDTV   2017-01-14 10:19:55 by FrodeSolheim

    @mothra DAT importer script fixed, new multi-CD variants imported smiley

    Trivial Pursuit   CDTV   2017-01-13 20:16:04 by FrodeSolheim

    @mothra The importer got confused about how TOSEC/Redump catalog multi-CD games. So basically, each CD got their own variant. You can see that on the edit section for this game. I've disabled those invalid variants, and will either tweak the importer, or manually create proper two-disc variants for the (few) games where this is an issue!

    (I put a TODO-comment here earlier so I wouldn't forget)

    Trivial Pursuit   CDTV   2017-01-10 18:49:12 by mothra

    Trivia Pursuit CDTV:

    There is still no TOSEC Variant anymore.

    Database Bug or on purpose?

    Trivial Pursuit   CDTV   2017-01-10 18:23:12 by mothra


    Redump: CD32 per forum link! Redump: CDTV....No, only if is online again, there are server troubles at the moment.

    Tosec...are everywhere to find

    If have 100.000 Roms and Images for any kind of system, i know where to find them. FSUAE is the best thing for Amiga out there, i was waiting for such a front-end/Emulator .... many years! No to sound rude but...

    Humans 3 & Heroquest II CD32 are still missing EXISTING REDUMP Variants (I HAVE) in the FSUAE Database! I only want to point that out!

    Trivial Pursuit   CDTV   2017-01-10 14:30:03 by thevoice

    not to sound rude or something. but tosec and redump is by far the easiest to obtain collections on the web.

    Trivial Pursuit   CDTV   2017-01-10 11:15:33 by mothra

    Trivial Pursuit CDTV: TOSEC Variant is gone!

    ... la la la MISSING CD32 in FSUAE: - Humans 3 - Evolution - Lost in Time. (Europe) = Redump Version, there is no TOSEC! - HeroQuest II - Legacy of Sorasil (Europe) (En,Fr,De) = Redump Version, there is no TOSEC!

    The Town With No Name   CDTV   2017-01-04 12:42:20 by thevoice

    credits for screen 1&5 goes to @thundercato

    Trivial Pursuit   CDTV   2017-01-03 22:13:53 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Created merged variants for the two discs, not one variant per disc.

    Turrican II: The Final Fight   CDTV   2017-01-03 20:59:20 by mothra


    These mentioned Games are just a personal wishlist for missing games in the Database! I can't do something against that ... they randomly spawned in. :o)

    I'm currently updating my CD32 Images... and then I will look through Database again to check the download links. Ok i will edit the variants.

    Turrican II: The Final Fight   CDTV   2017-01-03 16:36:39 by FrodeSolheim

    @mothra Also, please consider adding questions or information regarding a specific game to the correct game page. That will help make discussions easier to follow smiley

    (PS: I'm not sure what your last list of games meant, "I Ludicrus", etc... ??)

    Turrican II: The Final Fight   CDTV   2017-01-03 16:35:05 by FrodeSolheim

    @mothra And thank you for contributing smiley

    If you find dead links to downloadable games, please make an edit and set download_page = (nothing) or to a valid link, if the link has changed!

    BTTR has indeed been dead for a while (

    If there are variants with disks not found in TOSEC or from other available sources, feel free to edit the variant and set publish = 0. Please also leave a comment in the discuss page for the game smiley

    Yes, the Cinemaware downloads are unfortunately gone frown

    Xenon 2: Megablast   CDTV   2017-01-03 16:28:47 by FrodeSolheim

    @mothra Game entry marked as disabled until there are valid variants.

    Turrican II: The Final Fight   CDTV   2017-01-03 12:29:45 by mothra

    Thank you for your hard work!

    Xenon 2 Megablast CDTV: Broken Game Variants/ Version reported! If there is no working CD Image (The Boss's Version, Omega's Version, Tosec?!?) then put it out from the Database. If you scroll down the Game Selection will jump to the beginning again cause of broken Game info in Xenon 2 CDTV.

    And another Thing:

    • Amiga Land downloads? Some are dead!
    • Back to the Roots ... is long dead! BTTR Images rarely found in Tosec 2016... Where did they went and why leaving them in the Database, when the are hardly available?
    • Cinemaware Games are no longer for free to download on their official side?! Can't register there. Some can be found in Gamebase and Tosec but not all. I must say if a tosec image is marked as B - Bad dump or O - Overdump) i don't use it for FSUAE Database.

    Questions, Questions! 95 % Game Variants are complete in my Game Selection! As a completist its a no go! :o)

    Keep it rolling!

    I Ludicrus (1989)(Actual Screenshots),Computer Third Reich (1992)(Avalon Hill), Bismarck (1988)(PSS), SQRXZ II (Retro Guru) (v1.0), SQRXZ III (Retro Guru) (v1.0), Thunderboy (1988)(Rainbow Arts), Warlock the Avenger (1991)(Millennium)

    Turrican II: The Final Fight   CDTV   2017-01-03 10:38:37 by FrodeSolheim

    @mothra Thanks, turns out to be a bug in FS-UAE Launcher. Model is not currently set to CDTV when game platform is CDTV. I'll fix this for the next versions smiley

    Wrath of the Demon   CDTV   2016-04-01 21:08:49 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: According to Toni Wilen:

    If I remember correctly, this game only works with CDTV infrared remote control set in mouse mode (dpad moves the mouse). It can't be controlled using joystick or normal mouse.

    Team Yankee   CDTV   2014-03-10 17:02:33 by Retro-Nerd

    TODO: The Ten of Ten version needs the "Comms & Networking" CD from this compilation as a "boot" CD for Team Yankee.

    Team Yankee   CDTV   2013-10-30 18:15:35 by ArtMac

    It´s Works with Team Yankee T01 Mode1 2048 (CDTV)

    Team Yankee   CDTV   2013-05-07 09:19:16 by TCD

    Can't start this game with various CDTV settings. Maybe someone else can have a look? smiley

    I received a different image from Retro-Nerd and will have another look tomorrow smiley

    Cover Girl Strip Poker   CDTV   2013-04-20 07:23:46 by TCD

    Real cover just appeared yesterday on HOL wink

    Die Stadt Der Löwen   CDTV   2013-04-12 11:09:28 by TCD

    It's listed under S because 'Die' is like the English 'The'.

    Die Stadt Der Löwen   CDTV   2013-04-12 09:22:02 by lomdav

    Why this game isn't in alfabetical list of CDTV title?

    Wrath of the Demon   CDTV   2013-04-06 20:20:08 by lomdav

    I've tried more config, swap port but control in this game is problematic. See this discussion

    Spirit of Excalibur   CDTV   2013-03-23 17:45:31 by TCD

    Credits for the last two screenshots goes to Retro-Nerd great

    Spirit of Excalibur   CDTV   2013-03-23 15:40:58 by TCD

    No idea how to control this game big grin Any hints welcome wink

    The Case Of The Cautious Condor   CDTV   2013-03-21 05:52:10 by Goingdown

    Fixed viewport and uploaded new screenshots

    Top Banana   CDTV   2013-03-16 13:59:49 by Retro-Nerd

    Uploaded the Global Chaos cover. Unless somebody finds a better scan.

    Snoopy - The Case of the Missing Blanket   CDTV   2013-03-15 12:39:51 by Goingdown

    There was 16-pixel black bar on bottom of every screenshot which I cropped away. I tried with viewport= * * 400 = * * 384 but then the title screens were cropped too. What would be correct way to set it up? Or is that black bar intended and does it have any function?

    Sim City   CDTV   2013-03-15 06:34:00 by Goingdown

    TODO: Automatic viewport is too wide.

    Raffles   CDTV   2013-03-14 18:56:11 by FrodeSolheim

    It does? Hmm, truth be told, I haven't looked into CDTV controls properly. Perhaps the remote really simply sends numpad key events somehow (or perhaps this game simply supports both for convenience while developing it wink)

    Raffles   CDTV   2013-03-14 18:53:34 by Goingdown

    Wow, it seems numpad 3 works for picking up and numpad 2 for dropping items. And numpad 1 for pulling items. So it is playable after all

    Raffles   CDTV   2013-03-14 18:06:48 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: It seems you need the CDTV remote with the numeric pad to perform many actions ( FS-UAE does not support this properly yet, so only CDTV games which can use simple joystick / mouse will work properly frown

    (The button for picking up stuff is button '3' on the controller it seems).

    Raffles   CDTV   2013-03-14 17:26:52 by Goingdown

    I should be able to pick up objects on this game, but what is the key for that?

    Loom   CDTV   2013-03-13 19:14:10 by TCD

    Thanks for the mapping smiley Didn't work here for A and B though, but the mystery what is needed is solved anyway.

    Loom   CDTV   2013-03-13 18:59:00 by FrodeSolheim

    For CD32 controller, use the keys C, X, D, S (also Z, A and Return). Right ctrl is an alias to C (red).

    Loom   CDTV   2013-03-13 18:00:15 by TCD

    What are the default keyboard mappings for the other 3 buttons? Can't find it in the docs.

    Loom   CDTV   2013-03-13 17:21:29 by nexusle

    I discused this some time ago with Frode. As workaround you can set the game controller type to CD32 joypad.

    Loom   CDTV   2013-03-13 17:15:12 by TCD

    How can I map the 'A' and 'B' button on the CDTV remote controller ( )?

    The Paper Bag Princess   CDTV   2013-02-25 18:58:46 by nexusle


    The Paper Bag Princess   CDTV   2013-02-25 18:51:35 by FrodeSolheim

    I would say 640x622 is barely good enough!

    The Paper Bag Princess   CDTV   2013-02-24 21:45:47 by TCD

    Better cover uploaded, but it's still only 640x622 pixels.

    The Case Of The Cautious Condor   CDTV   2013-01-23 19:56:48 by nexusle

    You doesn't must do all byself! Have fun with the games wink

    The Case Of The Cautious Condor   CDTV   2013-01-23 19:39:18 by thundercato

    Must crop screen grabs and fix viewport later. I am playing through some games with my mate, so don't want to spend time in photoshop right now :O)

    Chaos in Andromeda: Eyes of the Eagle   CDTV   2013-01-12 10:53:16 by FrodeSolheim

    I recropped to remove black border on right side. Also added viewport configuration key to fix centering/cropping when playing.

    Battlestorm   CDTV   2012-12-29 19:40:27 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Well, the HOL entry suggested that the game was available in multiple languages, so I moved the language setting to the specific variant instead of the game entry (in case other variants for other languages are added later). But it is also possible that this TOSEC disc also supports several languages (must find out how to save the CDTV language in the CDTV menu and I'll check).

    Top Banana   CDTV   2012-12-23 11:48:48 by nexusle

    This game was never seperately released. HOL: This special, graphically identical version is available on GLOBAL CHAOS CDTV compilation ONLY.

    The Paper Bag Princess   CDTV   2012-12-23 11:37:26 by nexusle

    Find a better cover.

    Cubulus & Magic Serpent   CDTV   2012-12-23 08:19:48 by nexusle

    Hi lomdav. I repaired your cover a little bit wink

    Die Stadt Der Löwen   CDTV   2012-12-22 10:24:10 by FrodeSolheim

    Non-ASCII character problem is fixed.

    Die Stadt Der Löwen   CDTV   2012-12-22 00:05:46 by nexusle

    Problems with special characters in the database...