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    Alien 3   Commodore 64   2019-12-12 09:20:07 by FrodeSolheim

    According to Wikipedia, "Acclaim Entertainment published the game, with Virgin Interactive Entertainment publishing the Europe-exclusive Amiga version".

    Turrican   Commodore 64   2016-03-12 10:24:03 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Inconsistent cropping of screens

    Treasure Island Dizzy   Commodore 64   2016-03-09 21:09:09 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Title screen is in wrong position!

    The Last Ninja   Commodore 64   2016-03-09 21:03:21 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: joy emu conflict, cursor keys are used on the menu screen

    The Last Ninja   Commodore 64   2016-03-09 21:03:03 by FrodeSolheim

    @thundercato Floppy variant added, needs updated Launcher and Vice-FS smiley

    Spy Hunter   Commodore 64   2016-03-09 19:20:22 by FrodeSolheim

    Hmm, actually, ... "Joystick port 1 for the car controls, joystick port 2 for the weapons..."...

    Spy Hunter   Commodore 64   2016-03-09 19:08:00 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: This game uses port 1 (usually the port for 2nd joystick) for the joystick. This should be configured via joystick_port_x_mode.

    Midnight Resistance   Commodore 64   2014-09-04 12:17:54 by thundercato

    FAQ: How can you skip levels?

    On the title screen, plug your joystick into Port One, then move it in a circular motion clockwise and press the fire button a couple of times. The border should turn grey to confirm that the cheat is now active. Plug your joystick back into Port Two, and you can now press the space bar to jump to the next level.

    Midnight Resistance   Commodore 64   2014-09-04 12:16:46 by thundercato

    FAQ: How do you get infinite lives?

    Get a high score, then using the keyboard type in 'siamese'. The screen will flash to letting you know you now have infinite lives for all future games.

    Zim Sala Bim   Commodore 64   2014-08-22 09:04:26 by thundercato

    FAQ: Inside the palace grounds the guarded gate CAN be entered, but you need to enter "GO BACK" when you are perfectly aligned to the gate (slightly to the right of the centre).

    The Last Ninja   Commodore 64   2013-12-08 12:50:15 by FrodeSolheim

    @thundercato yes, only variants with a single media file has been imported, multi-disk/multi-tape/multi-side games are skipped for now smiley

    The Last Ninja   Commodore 64   2013-12-08 12:02:09 by thundercato

    @FrodeSolheim you're probably already aware of this, but the game variant needs attached to this entry smiley

    Wonderboy   Commodore 64   2013-10-26 13:06:34 by thundercato

    The cover art if very poor quality, but it will do for a placeholder, for now.