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    Slightly Magic   Amiga   2019-04-10 13:16:56 by monitorbeasts

    Thanks a lot great game..

    Regards MJ

    Monitor Beasts

    Millennium 2.2   Amiga   2019-04-10 12:50:14 by monitorbeasts

    Thanks a lot,

    F-19 Stealth Fighter   Amiga   2019-03-26 18:25:06 by DMK

    New version of WHDLoad available;


    File Download -

    Can this be added please? Thanks.

    Gauntlet III: The Final Quest   Amiga   2019-01-28 18:30:16 by Apocalypse612

    I'm another posting here to comment that the default configuration does not accept keyboard input commands. Meaning, this game is on the list for those that do not work with FS-UAE.

    I've tested both IPF and WHDLoad variants.

    Need help, please!

    Burnout   Amiga   2018-12-16 19:03:33 by Ozymandias81

    The warning seens to let me prevent recognize WHDload preconfigured installs for this game, so I thought it's better to keep it 2mb chip. Also for consistency reason I guess the chipmem setting should be included since all configs where they need chipmem requirement are defined, so I think this should be set as is: with default chipmem smiley

    Maniac Mansion   Amiga   2018-11-14 14:32:06 by dan3o3

    WHDLoad 1.5 Slave is online.

    BloodNet [AGA]   Amiga   2018-08-25 23:48:25 by thevoice

    @Magnetic_dud : somtimes running titles in warp mode to reduce loading times can cause such weird problems. but since everything works as it should for you all is good again on your side. happy gaming smiley

    Parachute Joust   Amiga   2018-08-25 23:45:32 by thevoice

    @Magnetic_dud : no need to be sorry, this variant can't work at all. so actually it was a good catch and once frode unpublishes this variant, no one can stumble over the problem again smiley.

    BloodNet [AGA]   Amiga   2018-08-25 17:31:34 by Magnetic_dud

    @thevoice i could not reproduce the problem anymore, i tried 3 variants and they all show the dialogs correctly. Maybe i setup fs-uae incorrectly

    Parachute Joust   Amiga   2018-08-25 17:21:10 by Magnetic_dud

    @thevoice yes the tosec adf worked. sorry i am new, did not know exactly how it works

    Parachute Joust   Amiga   2018-08-25 06:36:14 by thevoice

    h Dream 17 variant lacks the ececute command on disk. so i unpublished it to avoid confusion.

    Parachute Joust   Amiga   2018-08-25 06:35:13 by thevoice

    @Magnetic_dud : it is only the h Dream 17 variant which misses the execute command on disk. there is nothing the launcher can do. just use one of the other supported versions from TOSEC which all work. also it would help if you mention which variant is problematic.

    BloodNet [AGA]   Amiga   2018-08-25 06:30:06 by thevoice

    @Magnetic_dud : i checked all suppoerted variants and none of them showed empty dialogs.

    Parachute Joust   Amiga   2018-08-24 19:22:53 by Magnetic_dud

    the downloadable file says "cannot execute" in amiga dos?

    BloodNet [AGA]   Amiga   2018-08-24 18:10:46 by Magnetic_dud

    I have empty dialog boxes, any ideas?

    BloodNet [AGA]   Amiga   2018-08-24 14:07:24 by Magnetic_dud

    the download page is now

    Railroad Tycoon   Amiga   2018-08-24 14:01:40 by Magnetic_dud

    The link to the legal download should be changed to

    Ruff 'n' Tumble   Amiga   2018-08-01 15:03:34 by thevoice

    @DMK youre right. i requested a change to a1200 model.

    Ruff 'n' Tumble   Amiga   2018-08-01 14:50:23 by DMK

    WHDLoad v2.3 0199 fails to load for me under it's current A600 configuration. It does load correctly under A1200 however. So can this be changed to A1200 as the default? Thanks.

    Slam Tilt   Amiga   2018-07-30 18:05:06 by thevoice

    @sarka you need to have the correct adf files not some random adf files floating around the internet. for amiga the database supports files usually from TOSEC or GAMEBASE AMIGA.

    Slam Tilt   Amiga   2018-07-30 08:09:17 by sarka

    I have adf files for this game, but they are not recognized by the database in fs-uae. How do I add them?

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2018-07-28 19:26:50 by walkero


    The above names are from DOC II and are invalid for this version. Maybe they should be removed.

    Conflict: The Middle East Simulation   Amiga   2018-07-06 15:51:49 by thevoice

    @ krogholm this is because only the whdload variant is imported

    Conflict: The Middle East Simulation   Amiga   2018-07-05 17:27:34 by krogholm

    The TOSEC variants are not recognized for some reason when updating the File database?

    Aladdin   Amiga   2018-06-08 14:54:53 by NymTc

    WHDLoad version can use 3 buttons (jump, sword, apple throw), so CD32 game pad should be used.

    La Quête De L´Oiseau Du Temps   Amiga   2018-03-21 17:54:14 by thevoice

    @Rabiolepus The Boxscans you submitted come from the PC version.

    Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!   Amiga   2018-03-19 17:13:43 by thevoice


    you are correct. that way the whdload works as it should. so its neither a .slave nor an emulation bug it seems. maybe sonething went wrong when frode's importer added the title ? prbobably the "deja" name inside the archive with the special characters mess something up when unpacked on pc side ? as far as i know is fs-uae unpacks archives into a temporary harddist before launching the game. this case needs investigation of frode wink.

    Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!   Amiga   2018-03-19 09:32:02 by plutonick


    I dont think the patch needs updating, because using the same whdload installation on WINUAE works flawlessly.

    Regarding FS-UAE, the WHDload install works fine if you use openretro's autoconfig and instead of using this string

    DH0 (hd://game/ad061180-1a65-5afd-83fc-fcf91be9abc6)

    You use this one DH0 (DejaVu2LostInLasVegas_v1.0.lha)

    Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!   Amiga   2018-03-18 05:09:53 by thevoice

    the guru meditation which pop up indicates a corrupt memory list. so someone have to play around with memory settings and see if it is possible to find a working one. another possibility may be to request an updated whdload patch since this one is already 10 years old and may be incompatible with current whdload.

    Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!   Amiga   2018-03-17 18:34:29 by plutonick

    I managed to load this using a custom config. Original config from openretro using the following as mounting hd options

    "DH0 (hd://game/ad061180-1a65-5afd-83fc-fcf91be9abc6)"

    I instead mounted the actual lha and it works. "DejaVu2LostInLasVegas_v1.0.lha (D:/abandonware/Amiga/whload games)"

    Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!   Amiga   2018-03-17 16:05:17 by plutonick

    Did Frode investigate this?

    FS-UAE still has this problem. (Win-UAE loads the same .lha with no problem.)

    Street Rod 2   Amiga   2018-03-07 13:47:10 by FrodeSolheim

    @kkgarbod Thanks, added new variant based on that download and added link to download page smiley

    Street Rod   Amiga   2018-03-07 13:47:07 by FrodeSolheim

    @kkgarbod Thanks, added new variant based on that download and added link to download page smiley

    Street Rod   Amiga   2018-03-03 18:57:55 by kkgarbod

    Game can be downloaded here legally

    Street Rod 2   Amiga   2018-03-03 18:57:42 by kkgarbod

    Game can be downloaded here legally

    Super Gem'Z   Amiga   2018-01-21 01:43:24 by levellord

    Please use Fanart 2 since it looks like a legit cover. I have no idea who is the author.

    Freedom: Rebels In The Darkness   Amiga   2018-01-07 10:44:57 by FrodeSolheim

    Added floppy variants.

    A-Train   Amiga   2018-01-04 17:21:50 by thevoice

    removed the global 1024kb chip memory. this will prevent the a1200 whdload slaves to have only 1mb chip mem instead of 2mb.

    The Running Man   Amiga   2018-01-02 13:37:16 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported additional floppy variants.

    Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax   Amiga   2018-01-01 16:23:57 by thevoice

    Floppy variants support only df0: for loading, so i changed drive count globally to 1.

    The Running Man   Amiga   2018-01-01 16:20:01 by thevoice

    The game supports loading only from DF0:

    Torvak the Warrior   Amiga   2017-12-29 18:13:13 by thevoice

    The game supports only df0: for loading, so i changed all floppy variants to just 1 disk drive to avoid confusion.

    SAS Combat Simulator   Amiga   2017-12-17 16:04:35 by thevoice

    Changed both WHDLoad variants to A1200 model as with A600 model the game just crashes after pressing 1 to start the game.

    Fire Power   Amiga   2017-12-15 12:27:25 by FrodeSolheim

    Set slow_memory to 0 for several variants due to "cracktro" screens not playing nice with slow memory.

    Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge   Amiga   2017-12-11 19:42:20 by FrodeSolheim

    @Aldirt1971 It does not work like that wink Changing the variant name will not actually update the slave version or anything.

    The good news is that the v1.6 slave variant has now been added! smiley

    Backgammon Royale   Amiga   2017-12-05 18:34:25 by FrodeSolheim

    Note: Front and back covers used here are probably not from the Amiga version (though the Amiga version could have used identical design).

    Police Quest II: The Vengeance   Amiga   2017-11-23 23:14:01 by nietzsche666

    Xpkmaster.library problem still exists for whdload version.

    Final Assault   Amiga   2017-11-23 15:49:37 by levellord

    you got me with the flashing led's, very descriptive, brought back the memories smiley

    Final Assault   Amiga   2017-11-23 12:10:26 by thevoice

    @levellord no, i just use some overlay which shows the led's. smiley i tested it with fs-uae

    Final Assault   Amiga   2017-11-23 03:40:21 by levellord

    thevoice, are you using real hardware?

    Final Assault   Amiga   2017-11-23 02:35:02 by thevoice

    @levellord: you're right. with a600 model the game hangs with flashing power led right after the whadload splash. so a1200 model is required here wink

    Final Assault   Amiga   2017-11-23 01:17:12 by levellord

    WHDLoad A600 will freeze soon after booting, A1200 config will boot the game. Can you please update?

    England Championship Special   Amiga   2017-11-13 21:14:48 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported floppy variants smiley

    Escape from Tharkan   Amiga   2017-11-13 20:10:10 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported an additional variant smiley

    Eskimo Games   Amiga   2017-11-13 20:04:18 by FrodeSolheim

    Imported more variants smiley

    Lure of the Temptress   Amiga   2017-11-09 19:49:45 by FrodeSolheim

    @thevoice ADF, cr Flashtro added, along with a couple of new variants based on the latest TOSEC dat smiley

    Lure of the Temptress   Amiga   2017-11-09 02:37:34 by thevoice

    TODO; @frode could you please add the flashtro crack from tosec which is based on the bugfixed version 2 of the game ?

    Dragon's Kingdom   Amiga   2017-11-04 15:04:44 by levellord

    Please remove custom_cover remark on whdload variant, I messed it up.

    Hollywood Poker   Amiga   2017-11-03 08:49:48 by nietzsche666


    Thanks a lot! smiley

    Diggers   Amiga   2017-11-02 23:52:18 by levellord

    Thanks! I'll check it out this weekend. wink

    Diggers   Amiga   2017-10-30 17:13:37 by FrodeSolheim

    Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and click to exit. Repeat until you're in-game in the chosen map smiley

    African Raiders-01   Amiga   2017-10-30 17:05:42 by FrodeSolheim

    @yannosh I had to reject the screens you added to this game because the screenshots were scaled frown

    Hollywood Poker   Amiga   2017-10-30 16:56:23 by FrodeSolheim

    @nietzsche666 Floppy models updated, all now without slow memory. WHDLoad variant also fixed smiley

    Cap'n Carnage   Amiga   2017-10-30 14:22:49 by FrodeSolheim

    @levellord Excellent smiley

    Diggers   Amiga   2017-10-30 00:54:56 by levellord

    How do you start this game? After you select diggers and a map, there is nothing to click to proceed? I tried CD32 and A1200 variants (WHDLoad), even floppy version and it's the same thing. Thanks!

    Death Bringer [Spotlight]   Amiga   2017-10-28 21:06:56 by levellord

    Added Amiga front cover.

    Drakkhen   Amiga   2017-10-25 08:13:43 by Goingdown

    All screenshots by nietzsche666. I just tried to change one screenshot to same resolution, and messed up everything, needed to reconfigure. Sorry

    Cap'n Carnage   Amiga   2017-10-24 19:51:53 by levellord

    Uploaded box covers without watermarks. Thanks!

    Fireforce   Amiga   2017-10-19 13:22:45 by FrodeSolheim

    Added v1.2 WHDLoad slaves.

    Shadow of the Beast III   Amiga   2017-10-19 13:19:56 by FrodeSolheim

    Added v1.6 WHDLoad slaves.

    Conflict: The Middle East Simulation   Amiga   2017-10-17 18:38:05 by FrodeSolheim

    @levellord Great, I've added a new game entry for the "other game":

    Conflict: The Middle East Simulation   Amiga   2017-10-16 21:58:58 by levellord

    I have replaced front and back cover because they were for different Conflict: Middle East game. Check out the back cover for printed screenshots on each scan for authenticity.

    Chase   Amiga   2017-10-16 21:18:18 by levellord

    In that case, here is the back cover as well. Cheers!

    Chase   Amiga   2017-10-16 10:37:11 by FrodeSolheim

    @levellord Actually, the cover uploaded by @nietzsche666 was watermarked, so I went with yours smiley

    Chase   Amiga   2017-10-15 02:07:52 by levellord

    Please disregard cover I uploaded, use nietzsche666's instead. Thanks!

    The Cartoons   Amiga   2017-10-14 00:31:14 by levellord

    Please remove incorrectly posted custom cover description. Thanks!

    Paramax   Amiga   2017-10-08 19:14:49 by FrodeSolheim

    @Ksubz666 Published game now smiley

    World Championship Boxing Manager   Amiga   2017-09-14 08:24:27 by FrodeSolheim

    Good point. It should definitively be replaced. Maybe it can stay until there is a better candidate. I added __problem_cover at least now.

    World Championship Boxing Manager   Amiga   2017-09-14 08:18:06 by thevoice

    Is it just me or is this an advertise not a box and also there is a nice watermark wink

    Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis   Amiga   2017-09-05 18:35:17 by FrodeSolheim

    @Reaper2021 I added edit_file permission to your user. Please try again now smiley

    NB! Maybe you want to consider uploading a zip with all the pages instead? Just to bundle them together I mean.

    I think I even implemented a function where images (pages) inside zip files could be browsed in the docs section (must check, not entirely certain).

    Rick Dangerous   Amiga   2017-09-05 18:28:14 by FrodeSolheim

    @Reaper2021 Thanks, very nice smiley I changed the file status to public.

    I imagine the error you got was related to missing (edit) permissions for making files public. If you want to upload more, I can fix that permission for you, as long as you don't upload game media. Don't want any "warez" distribution here smiley

    The Secret of Monkey Island   Amiga   2017-09-05 18:27:33 by Reaper2021

    Uploaded a high res scan of the cover art poster (4724x6301)

    Rick Dangerous   Amiga   2017-09-05 18:10:31 by Reaper2021

    Uploaded high res scans of the comic that came with the original game. Can't edit the pages due to server errors.

    Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis   Amiga   2017-09-05 18:00:17 by Reaper2021

    I uploaded complete manual scans, but I'm getting server errors when trying to edit them

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 14:42:07 by FrodeSolheim

    The problem is fixed now smiley

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 12:34:08 by FrodeSolheim

    I did do a mistake with a maintenance script on friday, which disabled a lot of games "at random" until I stopped/fixed it. I thought I reversed the changes (and I did), but I did not clean up properly (some cached information in database were not properly updated).

    I've identified the problem and running a fix now. Games should be back "online" relatively soon smiley

    Thanks for reporting! smiley

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 12:31:02 by 33a0c968

    Random games everywhere in the entire database seems to be disabled, actually. A lot of games in my own launcher just disappeared when I updated the game database

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-27 12:09:25 by FrodeSolheim

    @pb_ @thevoice There is some bug somewhere. This game is not really marked as disabled, but for some reason, it is after all (in the game browser here on and also it's not synced to the Launcher).

    Must have happened recently, I think. I'm currently investigating...

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-26 05:42:40 by thevoice

    @pb_ beside this title have no disabled variants, disabled means the title has known broken diskimages, iis just disks which can be installed to hd only or in other ways entirely not useable with the launcher.

    Cannon Fodder   Amiga   2017-08-25 14:57:50 by pb_

    why is this game "disabled"? what does it mean (aside from the fact that it's not automatically detected in fs-uae)?

    Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe   Amiga   2017-08-23 11:47:20 by FrodeSolheim

    Joystick port 0 set to joystick mode (for two player games).

    Flashback   Amiga   2017-08-21 01:20:54 by thevoice

    @ian norris which variant won't appear in your launcher ? a floppy variant ? a whdload variant ? there is also no need to compress the files. the .zip for floppies and .lha is detected properly by the launcher. what you need to do is to have a supported variant. (easily to obtain from the eab fileserver). then you have to place the files into a directory which is actually scanned by the launcher and afterwards update both databases from the pulldown menu and the titles will appear.

    Flashback   Amiga   2017-08-21 00:53:20 by ian norris

    Gah. This game won't even appear in the FS game window after I download and compress it. Very frustrating.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-18 10:02:28 by nietzsche666

    @FrodeSolheim. Ha, cool! Thanks again, will test it later.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-17 14:53:04 by FrodeSolheim

    @thevoice @nietzsche666 I've updated the variant based on the new archive smiley

    Future Wars: Time Travellers   Amiga   2017-08-17 14:46:29 by FrodeSolheim

    @Pandax 4.3-B slaves added smiley

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-17 01:00:31 by nietzsche666

    @thevoice An a1200 configfile? Um, I just know about setting the machine as an a1200 and using the default settings or playing around a bit with them. I'm fine with my zip-file now, though.

    Whatever, but I agree with you an updated entry would be the best option, as the whole point of lovely FS-UAE is IMO about everything working out of the box and retro fans NOT having to think about all these complex configuration matters...

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-16 16:06:15 by thevoice

    @nietzsche666 : what you need is a a1200 configfile. then mount the .lha archive as a harddisk and it should work flawless. but best is still if frode would make an updated entry for the title to have an easy loading smiley.

    Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis Des Zauberstabs   Amiga   2017-08-15 18:41:36 by nietzsche666

    @thevoice Damn, still problems with this. Finally got to test this today. The new lha hasn't been updated yet, launcher still loads the english keyboard and "setmap not found" error version, but that has time.

    But I still have problems even with the new file Hellowoon_v1.0_De.lha. Started it as a custom config and it gives an error message in FS UAE.

    Amiga Launch Task failed with FileNotFoundError: "[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\(...)\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\fs-uae-vmrkbbfv\\DH0\\HellowoonDe\\data\\lib\\'"

    Looks for some file in the wrong place, I guess.

    Other WHDload lha packs work just fine with my custom config default settings. Am I doing some stupid config mistake here?

    EDIT: I certainly am doing something wrong here, because the old lha archive gives the same error message. Works with the pre-config of the old version, though. Strange.

    EDIT2: Ok, found a weird workaround. And the new version indeed loads the umlauts! smiley

    I just unpacked the lha archive and it gave some error message (missing libs or something). But when I repacked the files to zip, suddenly the custom config worked, no error message, game starts just fine. Don't have a clue what exactly is going on with that file, though.

    Future Wars: Time Travellers   Amiga   2017-08-14 23:22:13 by Pandax

    If I'm not wrong, the current (EDIT: not "current", "latest") version is 4.3-B, not 4.3.