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    Buggy Boy   Amiga   2020-06-23 14:13:39 by thevoice

    @Kracoukas this is exactly the information we need here. i have changed the amiga model to a600. feel free to report other titles which have issues wink

    Buggy Boy   Amiga   2020-06-21 21:15:52 by Kracoukas

    Some clarifications : I found this issue on two PC configurations. 1 laptop with Intel CPU, 1 desktop with Ryzen CPU. I tried 3.02 and 3.05 FS-UAE version = Same story. Best regards. Kracoukas.

    Buggy Boy   Amiga   2020-06-21 21:10:27 by Kracoukas

    Hello. Sorry, this is the first time I ask for a change, I'm not really aware of the procedure (actually I just recently discovered we could ask for configuration change). Anyway ... I found that some Amiga games run faster than they should, when I use WHDLoad, like Buggy boy. On other emulation scenario (UAE4All2 / Android), I could solve the problem by modifying the CPU speed and/or Amiga model configuration. But in this case, if I tried to match the correct HW configuration (A500 / CPU 68000), I lose the possibility to use WHDLoad. I found a compromise using A600 configuration : WHDLoad runs correctly, and the game speed seems fine. Best regards. Kracoukas.

    The President is Missing   Amiga   2020-06-21 06:01:13 by thevoice

    The IPF variant requires an amiga model with kickstart 1.2.

    Buggy Boy   Amiga   2020-06-21 05:53:27 by thevoice

    @Kracoukas hi, can you please make a comment why you want a specific change to a variant. in your case you asked to put whdload to a600 instead of a1200. if you comment te reason it makes it easier to check what is the problem.

    Federation of Free Traders   Amiga   2020-06-10 18:53:46 by thevoice

    @ForeverMan hi, i can't approve your submitted screenshots because we have guidelines how they have to be submitted. you maybe want to read up here how to properly create screenshots.

    Cadaver   Amiga   2020-05-13 03:46:31 by thevoice

    @TVPlexHD hi, the variant you are refering to was already unpublished. I have now marked the variant as Demos and disabled it entirely. I have also moved the other 2 cadaver installs from cadaver the payoff to Cadaver. I also renamed the variants to show they include "The Payoff". If there is still something wrong, feel free to comment here. smiley

    Cadaver: The Pay Off   Amiga   2020-05-12 18:52:24 by TVPlexHD

    This entry is incorrectly titled. It should be "Cadaver" alone or "Cadaver + Cadaver: The Payoff"

    This is TWO games.

    This is the FULL first Game, Cadaver and its smaller sequel, the Payoff.

    The covers and artwork for this release are found on the OTHER entry, Cadaver (which is also incorrect as it is three DEMO levels not the full game)

    Cadaver   Amiga   2020-05-12 18:49:36 by TVPlexHD

    This is not the full Cadaver game. This is a collection of THREE demo levels, two of which were given away with magazines.

    The correct/full game is currently listed incorrectly as Cadaver: The Payoff.

    Sensible World of Soccer 2020   Amiga   2020-05-03 19:46:47 by thevoice

    @amigaamigo thanks for providing screenshots. unfortunately they are not properly cropped. if you properly crop them i will approve them.

    Sensible World of Soccer 2020   Amiga   2020-05-03 19:30:03 by amigaamigo

    Solved it. My Kickstart 3.1 ROM wasn't accepted.

    Sensible World of Soccer 2020   Amiga   2020-05-03 14:16:10 by amigaamigo

    Can't get it run. Getting "not enough memory - dos error #103" message. (v1.2)

    FS-UAE 3.0.3

    Dungeon Master   Amiga   2020-04-25 14:03:28 by qupe75

    This error seems to be occurring for me.

    I've tried A600 and A1200 and turned on the floppy drives =2 for the Whdload variant.

    Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax   Amiga   2020-04-22 16:04:58 by FrodeSolheim

    @amigak Maybe you are missing the kickstart for Amiga 600 and FS-UAE runs with the internal kickstart replacement? Does the bootup screen say AROS or soimething like that?

    SetPatch should install a lot of patches when running with the correct kickstart ROM...

    Rainbow Islands   Amiga   2020-04-20 03:06:57 by thevoice

    @amigaamigo you have to have a suppoerted copy of the game in either .adf or .ipf from TOSEC. to make the launcher properly detect it. if you are sure you have one of the supported versions, then make sure you have it stored in a directory which the launcher scans and update both databases in the launcher.

    Rainbow Islands   Amiga   2020-04-19 17:42:49 by amigaamigo

    database doesn't find Rainbow Island.adf What can I do?

    Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97   Amiga   2020-04-16 06:31:51 by thevoice

    @tangodown cant help you here. but you can have a look at the eab forum,

    Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97   Amiga   2020-04-16 03:19:14 by tangodown

    Hi, I am new here.

    Please, how do I download and install this game into FS-UAE.


    Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax   Amiga   2020-04-06 14:38:44 by thevoice

    @amigak i just tested the current whdload variant from the launcher & online database and it just works. if you play around with own settings, then you are on your own.

    Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax   Amiga   2020-04-06 11:50:28 by amigak

    hey guys, im new to fs-uae. i love it great work!

    anyways was just playing around, made some changes to the model then I read this discussion. i couldnt find a way to remove my own edits again, so please just drop them.

    however i have to say: the game is not working for me with the default a600 model setting: it say "Patch list: None" and then I get a DOS-Error #103 (not enough memory available).

    if i change it to a500+ it does work.

    maybe im missing something else?

    Barbarian   Amiga   2020-03-06 15:21:33 by thevoice

    @aabdd902 thanks for the report. i fixed it along with your other contribution. next time just make sure you link the cd-rom variants to their respective cd-rom variant not the floppy version.

    Barbarian   Amiga   2020-03-06 05:00:30 by aabdd902

    This variant is wrongly associated with this game:

    WHDLoad, v1.1, Palace, 1784


    It is actually the Palace head chopping combat game AKA Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior.

    Star Trek: The Game   Amiga   2020-03-04 21:17:24 by FrodeSolheim

    @malczx You are right smiley I'll fix it!

    Fatal Mission 2   Amiga   2020-03-03 23:10:52 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Add variant for FM2AND3.ADF

    Skærmtrolden Hugo   Amiga   2020-03-03 03:22:55 by thevoice

    @Tarvoswerkem totally my fault smiley. i have set model A1200 instead amiga_model A1200. should be fixed now after you update your databases again.

    Skærmtrolden Hugo   Amiga   2020-03-02 04:50:49 by Tarvoswerkem

    Odd problem, have the latest version of fs-uae etc - but updating the game/file database sets the game to A600 despite its listed to A1200 here on openretro. Hence the game fails launching unless you manually set it to A1200 before launching

    Star Trek: The Game   Amiga   2020-02-08 22:43:48 by malczx

    I think this entry is linked to the wrong game files.

    Summer Games   Amiga   2020-01-19 09:56:27 by FrodeSolheim

    Some graphical corruption with A1200 model for WHDLoad, at least when entering names, setting model to A600.

    Galaxy Force II   Amiga   2020-01-13 00:07:42 by FrodeSolheim

    Looks like the energy bar number gets corrupted colors (black / unreadable) with the WHDLoad version once it drops to about half energy. Not noticed with the ADF version...

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-07 18:02:52 by FrodeSolheim

    @prezi Yes, I do prefer A600 when it works fine; not only is the emulation less resource-hungry, but the emulation is also more accurate than A1200 emulation.

    The database now also allows you to add the quit key to variants, so FS-UAE can (if specified) automatically and gracefully shut down the WHDLoad game using the correct quit key without users having to know it or using an override quite key (setting a global quit key often requires 68010+).

    Thanks for helping out smiley

    World Cup 90   Amiga   2020-01-07 17:58:02 by FrodeSolheim

    Added viewport option, imported TOSEC variants.

    World Cup 90   Amiga   2020-01-04 15:44:20 by FrodeSolheim

    This game supports 4 players via a Genias 4 player parallel port interface. The parallel port joystick support in FS-UAE is not directly compatible with this, but you can remap the input events so this game works with the current adapter support:


    Thanks to @ztronzo for figuring out the remapping smiley

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-04 11:12:25 by prezi


    Ok, I got it. I think that non-automatic (upported by tests — confirmation from users) switching from A1200 to A600 is a good idea. Emulation of A1200 needs more cpu power.

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-04 06:05:47 by thevoice

    @prezi i do mostly nothing but change database values. frode is doing all the work which gives you an easy to use frontend smiley.

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-03 22:27:35 by prezi


    Thank you very much! What you do is just amazing!

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-03 21:34:37 by thevoice

    @prezi this is a simple answer. many whdload slaves have no working quitkey when using a 68000 machine. recnetly quite some updated slaves got 68000 quitkey functionallity. and with the database you have to make a decision. and over time it became somewhat consensus the default is a1200 and a600 for those slaves which are problematic with a 1200 model.

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-03 20:59:25 by prezi


    Thank you very much!

    BTW, may I ask you why A1200 is default model for WDHload menwhile A600 is enough (except for AGA games)?

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-03 19:06:48 by thevoice

    @prezi hi, i changed the amiga model to a600 for both the NTSC and the CDTV WHDLoad install. also keep in mind the CDTV WHDload have no sound because WHDLoad does not support CD Audio Tracks.

    Striker [Rage]   Amiga   2020-01-03 15:49:03 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @Enzo i just cropped away the 2 black lines at the bottom.

    Defender of the Crown   Amiga   2020-01-03 10:37:43 by prezi

    DOC WHDLoad v3.1 NTSC 0902 is started with A1000 — but sound is distorted. But if A600 is used everything is fine.

    I submitted change for this variant.

    Eye of the Beholder II: Legende von Darkmoon   Amiga   2019-12-17 21:45:09 by FrodeSolheim

    Finally added WHDLoad, Map, v1.05, DE, AGA smiley

    Eye of the Beholder   Amiga   2019-12-17 21:44:23 by FrodeSolheim

    Finally added WHDLoad, Map, v1.09, DE, AGA smiley @pellewolf @Retro-Nerd @sjuk

    T2: The Arcade Game   Amiga   2019-12-12 04:27:01 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice I've made a cover color up.

    Super Gem'Z   Amiga   2019-12-11 22:11:04 by thevoice

    re-enabled the trained versions which have both disks. all 3 versions work just fine. i just tested them.

    Super Gem'Z   Amiga   2019-12-11 22:06:53 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp the black one looks very like the ones levellord made for titles without official cover. so i deceided for this one. i let the oters there aswell and if @frode thiniks the other fits better he can approve it smiley-

    Super Gem'Z   Amiga   2019-12-11 22:01:52 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Why dont use the box cover? She looks better. big grin

    ATR: All Terrain Racing   Amiga   2019-12-11 08:30:59 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice I put a cleaner cover from the original. thanks for your time, i've a lot of pending. big grin

    Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone   Amiga   2019-12-11 08:29:14 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp fixed

    Harlequin   Amiga   2019-12-11 08:28:50 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp fixed

    Harlequin   Amiga   2019-12-11 08:17:08 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice bad one cover too.. The higer res look blurry

    Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone   Amiga   2019-12-11 08:15:21 by jyanncorp

    @thevoice Good!

    Oldtimer [AGA]   Amiga   2019-12-09 23:03:23 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp this title can't be published as the floppy versions need to be installed to hard disk.

    Ogre   Amiga   2019-12-09 21:57:54 by jyanncorp

    I'm sorry! my fault. frown

    Knight Force   Amiga   2019-11-26 11:29:22 by FrodeSolheim

    I have no strong opinion on when the game was released, but I'd like to caution against using copyright date as a proof for release date. The copyright date could just as well just refer to the (first) year the game was being developed, not published.

    Knight Force   Amiga   2019-11-26 05:30:20 by jyanncorp

    Thats right, sorry.

    Shadowgate   Amiga   2019-11-21 21:19:00 by thevoice

    @frode : the install is ancient. 11 years smiley. maybe try out a very old version of whdload 16.x or so.

    Eye of the Beholder   Amiga   2019-11-21 20:27:16 by pellewolf

    Any updates meanwhile?

    I still can't play the WHDLoad-AGA-Versions of EOB1 & EOB2 in German!?

    Shadowgate   Amiga   2019-11-21 19:36:15 by FrodeSolheim

    Hmm, cannot get the WHDLoad version to boot without guru (?)

    Knight Force   Amiga   2019-11-18 04:02:20 by thevoice

    @kovaks hol says 1990, mobygames says 1990, lemon have a mention of a magazine review from march 1990 for this title. only wikipedia say 1989. so 199 as shown here is surely wrong. but i am going to change the year to 1990 until we have hard evidence of a release in 1989.

    Knight Force   Amiga   2019-11-17 16:46:12 by kovaks

    The game was released in 1989, not 1991

    Vroom Data Disk   Amiga   2019-11-13 07:03:30 by thevoice

    unpublished the data disks. since they are useless without the game disk. the stand alone one workks tho.

    Hill Street Blues   Amiga   2019-11-13 06:48:38 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @jyanncorp. i moved them around a bit, cropped one and removed the mouse pointer where possible.

    Les Passagers du Vent   Amiga   2019-11-11 15:04:24 by jyanncorp

    Sorry for the year, the amiga version out in 1987, not 1986

    Worlds at War: Conflict in the Cosmos   Amiga   2019-11-06 23:35:02 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp :thumbsup

    Worlds at War: Conflict in the Cosmos   Amiga   2019-11-06 23:30:38 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim Sorry!

    Worlds at War: Conflict in the Cosmos   Amiga   2019-11-06 21:15:22 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp If you could do screen5 as well, that would be great big grin

    Astérix: Operation Getafix   Amiga   2019-11-05 13:59:30 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Moved smiley

    Astérix: Operation Getafix   Amiga   2019-11-05 13:52:24 by jyanncorp

    the "WHDLoad, v1.3, De, 0630" variant must be move to "Asterix und Operation Hinkelstein"

    Asterix y Operacion Menhir   Amiga   2019-11-05 13:42:44 by jyanncorp

    Thats very strange, the movie and the game are called "Astérix: El Golpe del Menhir" but the title screen shows "Asterix y Operacion Menhir" I think there is a translation mistake when the game was translate for the spanish market. The programer use the same logic for the title than the english and german vesrion, "Operation something" And this mistake was reproduce again by the TOSEC entry. (HOL webpage made a mistake on the french covers, this is the spanish covers)

    Superfrog   Amiga   2019-11-04 20:49:58 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Too many v1.3 CD32 WHDload variants...

    Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra   Amiga   2019-11-04 20:44:16 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Again, fix WHDLoad mess

    Conquests of the Longbow   Amiga   2019-11-04 20:14:55 by FrodeSolheim

    I've figured out the mystery. It's a bug in the Launcher actually, it does not properly index the contents of the .lha files for this game. It believes the .v64 files in the archives are byte-swapped Nintendo 64 ROM images, and fails when the file size is not a multiple of 2. Which doesn't make sense here of course smiley

    Working on a fix...

    Kick Off 2   Amiga   2019-11-02 12:48:53 by Tarvoswerkem

    ah, wasn't aware there was another version, am rather new to this. thanks

    Not Very Festive Fodder   Amiga   2019-10-30 03:24:30 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @Tarvoswerkem

    Emerald Mine 3 Professional   Amiga   2019-10-30 03:18:02 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by @Tarvoswerkem and @manelcruz

    Conquests of the Longbow   Amiga   2019-10-29 20:18:35 by thevoice

    @mothra you are right. probably the impoerte went nuts ? tho only frode can check/fix this.

    Conquests of the Longbow   Amiga   2019-10-29 19:22:05 by mothra

    Since the actual Dev Version and the release of 3.0 ALL 5 Whdload Variants (lha & zip) are not found anymore.

    Skærmtrolden Hugo   Amiga   2019-10-27 20:28:30 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by Tarvoswerkem

    Labyrinth (Interactivision)   Amiga   2019-10-27 20:28:13 by thevoice

    all screenshots taken by Tarvoswerkem

    Labyrinth (Interactivision)   Amiga   2019-10-27 20:27:53 by thevoice

    @Tarvoswerkem same here, i moved your screenshots to the right location smiley.

    Skærmtrolden Hugo   Amiga   2019-10-27 20:23:12 by thevoice

    @Tarvoswerkem hi, i have fixed your screenshots (they were uncropped) and uploaded them to the right position. if you want to request to publish a game do it under GAME not in the VARIANTS. anyway the title is published now and should show up in the launcher in a while.

    Kick Off 2   Amiga   2019-10-27 10:54:57 by thevoice

    @Tarvoswerkem hi, is there any reason for your changes to a very outdated version of this game ? try to download the current whdload version and you are fine.

    L'Aigle d'or: Le Retour   Amiga   2019-10-25 21:13:43 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp WHDLoad variant added smiley

    Emerald Mine II   Amiga   2019-10-25 20:56:26 by FrodeSolheim

    @Tarvoswerkem I cropped your screenshots a bit to get rid of the black border smiley

    Future Wars: Time Travellers   Amiga   2019-10-25 17:30:17 by FrodeSolheim

    The variant list was getting out of hand, so I unpublished quite a few older WHDLoad variants.

    Torvak the Warrior   Amiga   2019-10-25 17:20:47 by FrodeSolheim

    @alfman @thevoice For this game as well, using A600 model fixes music for the WHDLoad version.

    Pit-Fighter   Amiga   2019-10-25 17:19:18 by FrodeSolheim

    @alfman @thevoice Turns out, the intro music for the WHDLoad version plays fine with A600 model. Changing to that!

    Black Crypt   Amiga   2019-10-25 17:11:04 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp The existing front cover seemed to be of higher quality (?)

    Soccer Kid [AGA]   Amiga   2019-10-25 17:07:41 by FrodeSolheim

    @DMK The variant is added smiley

    Soccer Kid   Amiga   2019-10-25 17:07:08 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Thanks, great cover improvement smiley

    Cyber Empires   Amiga   2019-10-25 15:13:18 by FrodeSolheim

    Added ADF variant smiley

    Hill Street Blues   Amiga   2019-10-25 15:10:19 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Sorry, I had to reject the screenshots, as they have been scaled up (which cannot be fixed).

    Bridge Strike   Amiga   2019-10-25 14:54:47 by FrodeSolheim

    FAQ: The ADF files for this game are found on the CD version.

    Der Seelenturm   Amiga   2019-10-22 17:59:00 by FrodeSolheim

    @bytedragon Download link added smiley

    Jimmy Willburne: A La Recherche Du Peigne Perdu   Amiga   2019-10-22 08:49:27 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp The WHDLoad variant wasn't importd because the importer did not find the correct icon/whdload slave arguments. Fixed that manually, variant is now imported smiley

    Der Seelenturm   Amiga   2019-10-21 14:11:15 by bytedragon


    Das Telekomando   Amiga   2019-10-21 12:52:31 by FrodeSolheim

    @bytedragon Thanks, fixed smiley

    Das Telekomando   Amiga   2019-10-21 12:13:59 by bytedragon

    The link to the legal download should be changed to

    Soccer Kid [AGA]   Amiga   2019-10-17 22:48:11 by DMK

    Hi. New WHDLoad version is out. version 2.0 (13.10.2019)

    Can this variant please be added? Thanks.

    Odyssey   Amiga   2019-09-10 03:37:40 by thevoice

    @DMK amiga model changed to a1200 for version 2.1.