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    Firehawk   Nintendo   2020-06-28 04:50:39 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the european version crashes tested with mednafen 1.24.3

    Tetris [Bullet Proof]   Nintendo   2019-11-06 15:01:32 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Problem with non-revision variant: "iNES format file is too small by 16384 bytes to contain all data specified by header!"


    Super Mario Bros. 3   Nintendo   2017-10-06 20:40:31 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Crop even more? (8 more on top and 8 more on bottom?)

    Wario's Woods   Nintendo   2017-10-06 14:47:44 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Remove left overscan border?

    Xexyz   Nintendo   2017-10-03 21:17:39 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Crop left border of game display only.

    Volleyball   Nintendo   2017-09-13 05:43:52 by FrodeSolheim

    Done smiley

    Volleyball   Nintendo   2017-09-11 15:39:35 by thevoice

    The gluk variant need to be moved to venice beach volleyball entry. as its the gluk release of this title.

    Tetris   Nintendo   2017-09-10 20:23:26 by FrodeSolheim

    New game entries for [Tengen] and [Bullet Proof] created, and variants moved smiley

    Tetris   Nintendo   2017-09-09 18:54:15 by thevoice

    The bulleproof variants as well as the unlicensed Tengen variant need their own entries since its all different flavors of Tetris.

    Yoshi   Nintendo   2017-09-08 17:12:48 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: iNES format file is too small by 32768 bytes to contain all data specified by header!

    Parasol Henbee   Nintendo   2017-08-31 15:19:44 by thevoice

    Screenshot 4 actually shows a Bossfight wink

    Mugen Senshi Valis   Nintendo   2017-08-29 17:18:44 by FrodeSolheim

    If I'm to guess a bit, since I don't know Japanese, "Mugen Senshi Valis" is the name on the cover, and "Fantastic Soldier Valis" looks like the NES title screen name.

    No-Intro probably changed policy from naming files after title screen to cover at some point, since it was called Fantastic Soldier Valis in No-Intro earlier.

    Being a Japanese game, I don't really have that strong opinion of whether to use the cover or title screen name, so I just went with the No-Intro name...

    Mugen Senshi Valis   Nintendo   2017-08-29 14:38:57 by thevoice

    According to mobygames no-intro used the msx spelling. the nes version is named : Fantastic Soldier Valis

    Arkanoid II   Nintendo   2017-08-28 19:19:43 by FrodeSolheim

    Yes, languages should reflect the actual in-game languages, so users can (in the future) search for games in languages they can understand.

    Region should be handled differently. And for No-Intro based platforms, it's really already kind of handled by the variant name (Europe, USA, Japan, etc).

    Making region a more properly supported concept in the system is something to consider, yes.

    Arkanoid   Nintendo   2017-08-28 19:13:23 by thevoice

    all you need to do is press ctrl + shift + 2 until arkanoid paddle is selected on port 2 once the game is started and you can use the mouse for controls.

    Arkanoid II   Nintendo   2017-08-28 19:00:05 by thevoice

    There is quite some nes titles which are japanese releases with english texts. i always prefered to set ja instead en to have the japanese flag shown instead the english one. But probably the best solution should be some region flag to prevent confusion.

    like region : japan

    language(s) : en,ja whatever

    Arkanoid   Nintendo   2017-08-28 16:48:54 by FrodeSolheim

    TODO: Needs a special controller config

    Arkanoid II   Nintendo   2017-08-28 16:47:58 by FrodeSolheim

    Changed languages to English for existing variants (in-game language).

    Metal Force   Nintendo   2017-08-28 08:21:35 by FrodeSolheim

    @thevoice Added "ko" (Korean) as recognized language smiley

    Metal Force   Nintendo   2017-08-28 08:16:38 by thevoice

    We somehow need kr as allowed language wink

    JJ - Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2   Nintendo   2017-08-17 14:56:28 by FrodeSolheim

    Fixed smiley

    JJ - Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2   Nintendo   2017-08-13 07:24:07 by thevoice

    The real game name is :JJ Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2

    Gyromite   Nintendo   2017-08-06 05:16:15 by thevoice

    FAQ: The Game requires 2 Controllers as the blue/red pillars which act as elevators/doors have to be controlled with the A and B button of the 2nd pad.

    Gumshoe   Nintendo   2017-08-06 04:56:16 by thevoice

    FAQ: The game is entirely controlled by the lightgun. To jump you need to target and shoot your player character.

    Gotcha! The Sport!   Nintendo   2017-08-05 04:55:19 by thevoice

    FAQ: To play the game you need to aim and fire with the mouse while scrolling the screen left/right with the gamepad.

    Family Pinball   Nintendo   2017-07-29 04:44:09 by thevoice

    Screens are a bit different in size because the diffent pinballs have sometimes borders left & right some times up & down and some times left and bottom wink

    Exciting Boxing   Nintendo   2017-07-28 16:41:43 by thevoice

    can be disabled. the game requires a man sized boxing dummy as input device wink.

    Elite   Nintendo   2017-07-28 16:26:12 by thevoice

    The NES version of the Game has really terrible controls. Do yourself a favor and play one of the Computer versions.

    Defender of the Crown   Nintendo   2017-07-22 04:22:24 by thevoice

    every event uses its own resolution. decorated with block borders. so the screens differ in size a lot wink.

    Crazy Climber   Nintendo   2017-07-16 05:58:24 by thevoice

    Requires a special controller to be played. with the pad you can only move in one direction. this makes the game impossible to play.

    Commando   Nintendo   2017-07-15 14:08:40 by thevoice

    Thanks to the massive flickering sprites on screen the shots dont't show any shooting beside grenades. acutally you can also shoot. wink

    Choujikuu Yousai - Macross   Nintendo   2017-07-15 04:20:51 by thevoice

    screenshot 2 shows the stage endboss. for the ease of developement its always the same for the first 3 stages wink

    California Games   Nintendo   2017-07-13 16:05:05 by thevoice

    its a bit funny with the screenshots. each event have its own screensize. so i cropped only the top border away from surfing event.

    Battletoads & Double Dragon   Nintendo   2017-07-09 06:36:06 by thevoice

    for some reason the screen on stage 3 is just 208 in height while all other stages are 216.

    Star Wars   Nintendo   2017-06-25 18:38:14 by FrodeSolheim

    Fixed, thanks smiley

    Star Wars   Nintendo   2017-06-25 01:37:02 by thevoice

    The namco variants require an own entry. its a totally different game.

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade   Nintendo   2017-06-05 04:10:06 by thevoice

    The taito version is a different game then ubisoft/euro version. it should be moved to an own entry.

    Dance Aerobics   Nintendo   2017-06-03 14:18:47 by thevoice

    This game requires a dancing mat. can be disabled imho.

    Athletic World   Nintendo   2017-06-01 05:31:52 by thevoice

    The game requires a fitnes mat to be used. can be disables imho.

    Double Dragon   Nintendo   2013-11-11 11:21:03 by thundercato

    FAQ: This game is listed as a 1 or 2 player simultaneously as although the main game can only be played one player at a time there is a game mode that allows players to fight one another in a similar fashion to a 'fighter' game.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game   Nintendo   2013-11-10 14:00:52 by FrodeSolheim

    FAQ: The Japanese version is simply "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", but is merged with this game entry for now (it was initially placed with the international Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles version).

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Nintendo   2013-11-10 13:59:26 by FrodeSolheim

    @thundercato I doublechecked and you are quite right. In may ways it would be correct to create a separate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles entry for the Japanese version I guess, but right now I simply move it to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II I think. It is after all the same game.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Nintendo   2013-11-10 13:41:15 by thundercato

    The Japanese Variant of this game would appear to just be the sequel? Any ideas?

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Nintendo   2013-11-09 14:28:38 by thundercato

    Todo: fix/crop the cover pictures