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    Zen Nihon GT Senshuken Max Rev.   PlayStation   2020-05-21 06:20:45 by thevoice

    INFO: Disc 2 contains only information about cars, tracks and other things. Also included are videos of the Grid girls. The Disc is not required to play the game.

    Wu-Tang - Shaolin Style   PlayStation   2020-05-12 04:15:02 by thevoice

    FAQ: The parental lock code for the European, Italian & USA version is : TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, X, SQUARE; TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE. You can enable blood and fatalities with the code. The French, German language versions lack this feature entirely and are always "censored"

    World Pro Tennis '98   PlayStation   2020-05-08 04:38:32 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: hangs with "Damn, File search error" after the plystation jingle. tested with mednafen 1.24.3.

    Space Invaders   PlayStation   2020-04-09 04:21:58 by thevoice

    nevermind smiley

    Soccer Kid   PlayStation   2020-04-08 19:38:28 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: hangs with a black screen after 1st boss bonus count. testes with mednafen 1.24.1

    Shrek Treasure Hunt   PlayStation   2020-04-05 06:08:04 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game hangs often while loading a minigame. so make sure you make use of savestates a lot.

    Ridge Racer Bonus Turbo Mode Disc   PlayStation   2020-03-25 17:23:11 by thevoice

    @frode should these merged into ridge racer ? its just a rerelease in high res.

    Retro Force   PlayStation   2020-03-24 13:56:10 by thevoice

    @frode i think one of the two releases is not needed. the only difference i see is one of them have an emphy sbi entry which the game does not require.

    Re-Loaded - The Hardcore Sequel   PlayStation   2020-03-24 12:18:52 by thevoice

    SOLVED: Thr problem with the looping audio is fixed since mednafen 1.24.1.

    T'ai Fu - Wrath of the Tiger   PlayStation   2020-03-22 11:47:03 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the "working" variants like to hang while loading levels. happens if you have played a few stages. so its a good idea to use save states and if the loading hangs just reset the emulation and load the state. this made me go through all levels without troubles while cheating the levels individually for the 3 working variants.

    Psychic Force - Puzzle Taisen   PlayStation   2020-03-21 03:35:49 by thevoice

    INFO: the second disc is only gallery, videos and audio stuff.

    T'ai Fu - Wrath of the Tiger   PlayStation   2020-03-20 12:11:07 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: French variant crashes on loading screen before the activision logo. Italy variant crashes while loading stage 2. tested with mednafen 1.24.1.

    Soccer '97   PlayStation   2020-03-03 17:53:19 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: Hangs after the Eidos loading screen. Tested with mednafen 1.24-0.

    Nightmare Creatures   PlayStation   2020-02-29 05:07:46 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the japanese version hangs while loading after the playstation logo. tested with mednafen 1.24-0.

    Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge   PlayStation   2020-02-29 04:36:22 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: PAL version hangs on loading stage 11. Tested with mednafen 1,24-0.

    Mega Man X4   PlayStation   2020-01-11 02:42:06 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: pal version hangs after the playstation logo. tested with mednafen 1.23.

    Monkey Hero   PlayStation   2019-12-13 10:28:05 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: both variants hang either after the intro for the pal version. or after the title screen ntsc version. tested with mednafen 1.23.0

    Folles Poursuites   PlayStation   2019-12-11 08:03:46 by thevoice

    @jyanncorp hi, there is no need to add things to "no variant" titles. as they got merged into a parent set. smiley

    Gundam Battle Assault 2   PlayStation   2019-11-23 03:11:00 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the pal version hangs with a black screen after the playstation logo. tested with mednafen 1.23.0.

    Gallop Racer   PlayStation   2019-11-09 10:22:55 by thevoice

    @frode the japan variant with 19 tracks is another game same named as the us version. the correct merged japanese version is gallop racer 3. see wikipedia.

    Expert   PlayStation   2019-10-19 09:42:56 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: hangs on loading stage 2. tested with mednafen 1.23-0.

    Eliminator   PlayStation   2019-10-19 04:25:52 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the pal version hangs while loading. the ntsc version loads some stages more or less by random luck. tested with mednafen 1.23-0.

    Grand Theft Auto 2   PlayStation   2019-10-06 06:59:10 by thevoice

    FAQ: The Parental Code for the French version is : WFUSDFCF

    Championship Motocross 2001 featuring Ricky Carmichael   PlayStation   2019-08-17 17:54:59 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: for some reason the driver is not shown, just the bike. tested with mednafen 1.22.2.

    Atlantis - The Lost Tales   PlayStation   2019-06-15 06:21:33 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: the game freezes if you attempt to leave chapter 1. i guess this is a memory card problem. tested with mednafen 1.22.2

    Army Men - Air Attack   PlayStation   2019-06-12 17:59:51 by thevoice

    PROBLEM: both european variants fail to load mission 5. tested with mednafen 1.22.2

    Discworld Noir   PlayStation   2018-04-08 16:03:15 by thevoice

    To enable the subtitles, just go into the options and tab the pad to right once. Subtitles will get a check and instantly an X again. Just leave the options and subtitles are enabled.