If you’d like to see a game (or a few games) added to the database, please post here. Please also have a look at the top of the page for a list of currently requested games and on this list if the game is already in the database.

Currently requested games

  • SQRXZ II (Retro Guru) (v1.0) – Not found on HOL, LemonAmiga, or TOSEC?
  • SQRXZ III (Retro Guru) (v1.0) – Not found on HOL, LemonAmiga, or TOSEC?
  • Diamond Caves 2 – Not found on HOL, LemonAmiga, or TOSEC?
  • Laserzone (Llamasoft)

Other requested games (demos, unreleased, expansions, high-end, non-regular releases, etc)

  • Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures (Compilation of 5 games)
  • Elite Advanced
  • Falcon Mission Disks
  • Fire & Ice XMas Edition,
  • Genetic Species
  • Gloom 3 – Zombie Edition
  • Moria (Umoria? Aminet?)
  • Myst
  • Operation GII (Demo)
  • Populous Data Disks
  • Sensible Train Spotting
  • Simon the Sorcerer II: the Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe,
  • Stunt Car Racer TNT,
  • Syndicate Mission Disk – America Revolt
  • Unsensible Soccer

757 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Hi ! Can you please up this variants to “Croisière pour un Cadavre” ?

    Croisiere pour un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine)(FR)(Disk 1 of 5)[cr AGL]
    Croisiere pour un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine)(FR)(Disk 1 of 5)[cr SR]
    Croisiere pour un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine)(FR)(Disk 1 of 5)[cr SR][h NewPain – Titan]
    Croisiere pour un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine)(FR)(Disk 2 of 5)
    Croisiere pour un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine)(FR)(Disk 3 of 5)
    Croisiere pour un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine)(FR)(Disk 4 of 5)
    Croisiere pour un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine)(FR)(Disk 5 of 5)

    There are only WHD variants.

  2. Hello and happy to see you back !

    Can you add this game please ?…

    Astate: La Malédiction Des Templiers

    I do a variant for this game (only one release on TOSEC)

    file_list = [{“name”: “Astate – La Malediction des Templiers (1990)(New Deal Productions)(FR)[cr MAD]”, “sha1”: “f181f8dd0c948c1f089f5bbd8c54e68cc180db94”, “size”: 901120}]

    floppy_list = Disk 1.adf: f181f8dd0c948c1f089f5bbd8c54e68cc180db94

    languages = fr

    platform = Amiga

    variant_name = ADF, FR, cr MAD

    x_name = Astate – La Malediction des Templiers (Amiga, ADF, 1990, New Deal Productions, cr MAD)

    Please tell me if i do something wrong. 🙂

    • Hi, I’ve added Astate: La Malédiction Des Templiers to the database 🙂 (There were two versions in TOSEC). You don’t need to list stuff like x_name, variant_name, floppy_list and file_list, these are automatically generated by the TOSEC importer. (But please add info like languages to the newly added variants).

      (Also, please let me know if you get an e-mail with this reply, I changed the e-mail setup on the server and while I get e-mails myself, I haven’t yet confirmed that other people do ;-)).

  3. Hi!
    Please can you add this variant to “Le Fetiche Maya” ?

    Name : Fetiche Maya, Le (1989)(Silmarils)(FR)[cr Avenger].adf
    Size : 901120 (DHV)
    CRC32: da234a2b
    SHA1 : d655b2474859daffae4d9a3e40b245e0af75bf13
    MD5 : 98ecce502970659150811be48bdf4b6d

    There is this alternate cover for french/UK version :

    I can edit the others information after…

    (If my request are bad formulated, tell me)

  4. Conflict: The Middle East Simulation (I have the game file, but it is not recognized)

    • Hi, maybe the ADF variants where not imported when you wrote this post. Do you see this game now? 🙂

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