If you’d like to see a game (or a few games) added to the database, please post here. Please also have a look at the top of the page for a list of currently requested games and on this list if the game is already in the database.

Currently requested games

I Ludicrus (1989)(Actual Screenshots),Computer Third Reich (1992)(Avalon Hill), Bismarck (1988)(PSS), SQRXZ II (Retro Guru) (v1.0), SQRXZ III (Retro Guru) (v1.0),

  • Diamond Caves 2
  • Laserzone (Llamasoft)
  • Mani Pulite
  • Minerunner
  • Tetris Sex Special
  • Tex Piombo Caldo
  • Tricky Quicky Games
  • Trivial Pursuit

Other requested games (demos, unreleased, expansions, high-end, non-regular releases, etc)

  • Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures (Compilation of 5 games)
  • Elite Advanced
  • Falcon Mission Disks
  • Fire & Ice XMas Edition,
  • Genetic Species
  • Gloom 3 – Zombie Edition
  • Moria (Umoria? Aminet?)
  • Myst
  • Operation GII (Demo)
  • Populous Data Disks
  • Sensible Train Spotting
  • Simon the Sorcerer II: the Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe,
  • Stunt Car Racer TNT,
  • Syndicate Mission Disk – America Revolt
  • Unsensible Soccer

712 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Hello and happy to see you back !

    Can you add this game please ?…

    Astate: La MalΓ©diction Des Templiers

    I do a variant for this game (only one release on TOSEC)

    file_list = [{“name”: “Astate – La Malediction des Templiers (1990)(New Deal Productions)(FR)[cr MAD]”, “sha1”: “f181f8dd0c948c1f089f5bbd8c54e68cc180db94”, “size”: 901120}]

    floppy_list = Disk 1.adf: f181f8dd0c948c1f089f5bbd8c54e68cc180db94

    languages = fr

    platform = Amiga

    variant_name = ADF, FR, cr MAD

    x_name = Astate – La Malediction des Templiers (Amiga, ADF, 1990, New Deal Productions, cr MAD)

    Please tell me if i do something wrong. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, I’ve added Astate: La MalΓ©diction Des Templiers to the database πŸ™‚ (There were two versions in TOSEC). You don’t need to list stuff like x_name, variant_name, floppy_list and file_list, these are automatically generated by the TOSEC importer. (But please add info like languages to the newly added variants).

      (Also, please let me know if you get an e-mail with this reply, I changed the e-mail setup on the server and while I get e-mails myself, I haven’t yet confirmed that other people do ;-)).

  2. Hi!
    Please can you add this variant to “Le Fetiche Maya” ?

    Name : Fetiche Maya, Le (1989)(Silmarils)(FR)[cr Avenger].adf
    Size : 901120 (DHV)
    CRC32: da234a2b
    SHA1 : d655b2474859daffae4d9a3e40b245e0af75bf13
    MD5 : 98ecce502970659150811be48bdf4b6d

    There is this alternate cover for french/UK version :

    I can edit the others information after…

    (If my request are bad formulated, tell me)

  3. Two Amiga strip poker games missing in Amiga database (all those strip poker games tend to suck, but when the others are already here, why not those, too, lol!):

    Hollywood Poker (Reline 1987, aka Adult Poker) (prequel to “Hollywood Poker Pro”, but different game) http://hol.abime.net/730.

    Strip Fighter (Erotic Dreamer 2002) http://hol.abime.net/4967

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