If you’d like to see a game (or a few games) added to the database, please post here. Please also have a look at the top of the page for a list of currently requested games and on this list if the game is already in the database.

Currently requested games

I Ludicrus (1989)(Actual Screenshots),Computer Third Reich (1992)(Avalon Hill), Bismarck (1988)(PSS), SQRXZ II (Retro Guru) (v1.0), SQRXZ III (Retro Guru) (v1.0),

  • Diamond Caves 2
  • Laserzone (Llamasoft)
  • Mani Pulite
  • Minerunner
  • Tetris Sex Special
  • Tex Piombo Caldo
  • Tricky Quicky Games
  • Trivial Pursuit

Other requested games (demos, unreleased, expansions, high-end, non-regular releases, etc)

  • Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures (Compilation of 5 games)
  • Elite Advanced
  • Falcon Mission Disks
  • Fire & Ice XMas Edition,
  • Genetic Species
  • Gloom 3 – Zombie Edition
  • Moria (Umoria? Aminet?)
  • Myst
  • Operation GII (Demo)
  • Populous Data Disks
  • Sensible Train Spotting
  • Simon the Sorcerer II: the Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe,
  • Stunt Car Racer TNT,
  • Syndicate Mission Disk – America Revolt
  • Unsensible Soccer

693 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. First thanks for your great work then I’m missing one of my favourite game on amiga which is calledf “Disc” from loriciel, it’s close to a simulation of the disc game of “Tron” if you could add it to the database it would be great!!

  2. And some others as well.. 😉

    “Targhan”, “Future Shock” and “Pandora” please.


  3. A game called “Vyrus”, I think it was some sort of PD-game which came on a cardboard form sold in the stores?

  4. One of my Favourites when I was young is missing : Chambers of the Sci Mutant Priestess ( a.k.a. KULT: Temple of flying Saucers ) 🙂

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