New Games Added

New games added: Xybots, Yogi Bear & Friends in the Greed Monster, Yogi’s Big Clean Up, Yogi’s Great Escape, Yolanda, Yuppi’s Revenge, Z-Out, Za Zelazna Brama, Zack!, Zany Golf. This more or less completes letters Y and Z.

Right now, these games are without cover, but it usually does not take long before the fantastic and hard-working members start adding images and information 🙂

7 thoughts on “New Games Added

    • For that matter, I could add new games every evening… -Covers (etc) are quickly added, much thanks to you and a few others 🙂 -but adding games too quickly will also increase the number of games which do not have well-tested / verified variants, and this will (sort of) decrease the overall quality of the database. So I’ve been holding back a bit!

      I can add a new batch tonight 🙂

      • This was not the reason of my question. For now, I refresh this page 10 times or more each day. So if you don’t add games every day, I can take more silence 😀

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