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    Ankoku Densetsu   TurboGrafx-16   2019-12-13 20:31:21 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp I will merge this entry into the English one smiley

    Ankoku Densetsu   TurboGrafx-16   2019-12-12 22:43:43 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim That's the japanese version of Legendary Axe II. Maybe you can delete it.

    Alien Crush   TurboGrafx-16   2019-12-12 18:43:43 by jyanncorp

    @FrodeSolheim No problermo, i made a lot of mistakes. smiley

    Alien Crush   TurboGrafx-16   2019-12-12 18:41:44 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp Nevermind big grin

    Alien Crush   TurboGrafx-16   2019-12-12 18:41:26 by FrodeSolheim

    @jyanncorp The new cover is very low-res. Maybe better results by fixing a bit on the existing one?

    Tenseiryuu - Saint Dragon   TurboGrafx-16   2017-05-23 16:46:05 by thevoice

    for a reason beyond my knowledge level 2 is just 256x208 pixels in size, while all other levels are 256x216 pixels,

    Raiden   TurboGrafx-16   2017-05-20 03:27:32 by thevoice

    FAQ: If you play the game with cheats/codes you can't get past the 1st level boss.

    Juuouki   TurboGrafx-16   2017-05-12 17:49:59 by thevoice

    apologies for thje just level 1 screenshots but this game i so terrible i coulnt stand it any longer wink

    Darius Alpha   TurboGrafx-16   2017-05-06 16:46:00 by thevoice

    This game is a bit strange since its just a kill stageboss after stageboss. After the 5th boss the graphics get broken. I don't know if this is intended or a mednafen bug wink

    AV Poker - World Gambler   TurboGrafx-16   2017-05-05 09:15:44 by thevoice

    i took only screens from the poker version, if oyu play the special version it is strip poker which also would get the game the adult tag smiley