Improved Game Browser

You now browse games by platform and letter, so the size of the game lists are more manageable. Also, game names are now shown below the covers, and a game “quality score” is displayed on the box (if the game lacks information in the database).

12 thoughts on “Improved Game Browser

  1. The “quality score” on the cover in the list isn’t in sync with the “quality score” in the game entry. You can see this for “Xenon 2”

    • The problem was that I forgot to update the cached quality score for the parent game when ratings are changed. Should be fixed now 🙂

    • Oops, yes you are correct. Login should work now :). There was a problem with the cookie path, introduced when I made changes to the system.

  2. If I click on “Log In” in the top menubar of the database (the same one as ever), insert my credentials and click “Log In”, I don’t logged in. 🙁

    • I fixed a bug a short while ago which caused you to be sent to /gamedb/something instead of /games/something after you have entered modifications (and login didn’t work then). This should no longer be a problem. -Or is there another problem?

    • Or if you meant that logging into WordPress does not work, then yes, the user databases are unfortunately not the same :-/

  3. Loving this! Been a wee bit busy with boring life things recently, but looking forward to getting back in to editing the database now it’s getting even simpler to do! Good work Frode!

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