Super Ninja Boy Super Nintendo

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Score: N/A
Publisher:Culture Brain
Languages:English, Japanese
Developer:Culture Brain
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)

The first Super Nintendo entry in Culture Brain's martial arts-based beat 'em up series Super Chinese. It was renamed Super Ninja Boy for the US release.

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Super Ninja Boys ("Super Chinese World" in Japan) is the first in the Super Chinese series for the Super Nintendo and once again focuses on the adventures of ninja brothers Jack and Ryu, introduced in the NES game Little Ninja Brothers (or Super Chinese 2). Like the other entries in the Super Chinese series, the game is a top-down brawler with a Goemon-esque cartoon presentation and sense of humor - however, the player must activate these brawler combat sequences by finding enemies on a world map similar to the RPG genre's random encounters. The game has numerous other RPG elements as well. These battles immediately end once a certain number of opponents have been defeated, even if there are still enemies on the screen.

Super Ninja Boys would be the last Super Chinese game to be localized for the US, and the only one for the Super Nintendo. In Japan, the game is known as Super Chinese World, which began a trend of attaching "World" to the SNES entries in the Super Chinese franchise (similarly to Super Mario World).