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Roadwar 2000 is a post-nuclear, turn-based strategy game taking place in the “last days” of mankind. All of a sudden, a fatal epidemic emerged throughout all of the U.S.A. and spread by some occult and fanatic sect. The epidemic spread over the land in only several months, causing the government to collapse. Anarchy is now everywhere.

You are a leader of a street gang and your immediate objective is to acquire as much food and fuel as possible to strengthen your position as a leader of the city. But you and your warriors are not alone; there are other gangs in the city, and they need food and fuel, too. And they want your food and fuel. You must fight against them to defend yourself and to win new loot. As you rise in power as a gang leader, you will be able to totally control several cities. Remember though, your ultimate goal is to find and bring together the eight scientists; only with them can you have a future and survive.

Unlike other typical strategy games, you don't have to read a big manual to be capable of playing this game. The game has great depth, and I liked the atmosphere. If you know and like the “Mad Max” movies, then Roadwar 2000 is definitely something for you.