ProSoccer 2190 Amiga


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Players:1 - 16 (2 simultaneous)
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ProSoccer 2190 is set in the future in which soccer tournaments are mix between real-life outdoor and indoor soccer. The most important difference to outdoor soccer is that there is no out because the ball bounces back from the indoor walls. The three other changes are the different match division (four quarters à 15 minutes), a time-out system and that the athletes wear American Football helmets.

The player takes control of one of 16 fictional teams and, depending on the team's origin, participates in either the American or European league. The winners of each league fight for the championship. During the matches, the player either controls the athlete with the ball when in offense or switches between athletes when in defense. When starting a shot, the game switches to "kick mode" in which the player needs to position the cursor in a box. Depending on the position, this changes the power, swerve and elevation of the shot.

The player also has a few management jobs to take care of, mostly player transfers between seasons and choosing the lineup for the next match. Every athlete has a set of statistics which influence his performance during matches, e.g. the result of duels. After calling a time-out, the player can make a substitution or change the tactical system.