Ikari Warriors Nintendo

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Score: N/A
Languages:English, Japanese
Players:1 - 2 (2 simultaneous)

A top-down shooter where one or two bandana-wearing commandos fight enemy forces in a jungle. It is notable for allowing the player to pilot various vehicles including a tank and a helicopter.

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The home versions of the game often departed from the level design of the Arcade game, with the NES version specifically getting a much longer game with more variety than the Arcade version. However, much of this new material was of a lower quality than the Arcade game.

The NES version of the game also has one of the most notoriously easy codes in the history of the system, which allows the player to continue from where they left off by pressing A, B, B, A after their last life is lost. The NES version also had a few bugs, like one co-op issue where a player would get dragged through some impassable object by the way the screen scrolls. After passing through the object, the player would be invincible to enemy fire, but invisible walls would often make forward progress tricky or even impossible.