Impossible Mission II Nintendo

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Publisher:American Video Entertainment
Developer:Novotrade Software

You have 8 hours to prevent Elvin, a psychotic genius, from destroying the world in this sequel to Impossible Mission. Enter Elvin's tower fortress, avoid his robots, assemble security combinations for each tower, recover musical sequences and tie them together into a full melody to reach Elvin's central control room.

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The game takes place in Elvin's fortress, which consists of nine towers. Each of the eight outer towers has a specific theme, such as computers, automobiles, furniture and so on. Each tower consists of several rooms connected by two vertical corridors with elevators and two horizontal corridors leading to other towers. The corridors leading between different towers are locked, and can only be unlocked by figuring out a numerical puzzle.

Each tower contains the numbers zero through nine in three different colors. The computer interface allows the player to try various number combinations to see if they are correct.

The elevator to the central tower is unlocked by finding a password, which is encoded in a piece of music. Each of the eight outer towers has a musical piece locked inside a safe. The final password consists of six distinct musical pieces. Two of the pieces in the towers are duplicates. The player must rewind the tape so that the next musical piece records over the duplicate, erasing it.

The main addition over the previous game is the addition of new types of enemy robots and devices for the player to use. Whereas the original game only included security bots and a special flying ball robot, Impossible Mission II has the following types of robots:

  • Security bot, like in the previous game.
  • Shovel bot, tries to push the player character over the edge of a platform.
  • Suicide bot, like a shovel bot, but also jumps off the edge itself.
  • Mine bot, lays deadly land mines on the floor.
  • Pest bot, is harmless to the touch, but rides around on the lifts, foiling the player's designs.
  • Squat bot, springs up from the floor, sending the player character onto a higher floor or crushing him against the ceiling.

The "ball" type robot is no longer present.

As well as snoozes that temporarily freeze the robots and lift resets, the player can now collect bombs and mines that can be used to blow up holes in the floor, or to open safes. Bombs explode after a specific time, whereas mines explode if the player or an enemy robot touches them.