Super Schwarzschild TurboGrafx-CD

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Super Schwarzschild is a spin-off entry in the Schwarzschild series. The game's scenario is based on that of Schwarzschild II. The story is much more elaborate and character-specific; unlike the earlier game, there is a linear plot advanced through dialogue and anime-style cutscenes. The player takes control of Alcion, the crown prince of the Auraclume kingdom, who is forced to terminate his studies abroad and return to his country in order to defend it against a treacherous enemy.

The gameplay system is vastly different as well; as opposed to the main entries in the series, Super Schwarzschild is not a grand strategy game. The gameplay is confined to much smaller areas and is also significantly more linear and mission-oriented. Rather than presenting free-form gameplay and interaction with a multitude of nations, the game is restricted to a single military conflict. Diplomacy options are completely gone; finances, resource management, and research have been simplified. Much of the game is dedicated to military strategy and tactics, involving arming and deploying ships. Battles are actively controlled by the player; they take place on separate small screens and require the player to navigate ships and attack enemy craft in turn-based fashion.