Lady Phantom TurboGrafx-CD

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Publisher:Telenet Japan
Developer:Laser Soft
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In a galaxy called Urora, two star systems were engaged in a prolonged war for domination: the federation of Soron and the Vado Empire. A peace treaty was signed between them; but the governments of either side knew that sooner or later there will be war again. The scientists of Soron developed a highly advanced technique, infusing human organism with powers of spirits. Five young ladies, under the command of Jennifer Sylkis, were imbued with this augmentation, which allowed them to pilot giant combat robots. Soon the fight for galactic supremacy will begin...

Lady Phantom is a turn-based strategy game. The game consists of linear missions, which take the player to large strategic battles; the goal is usually to eliminate all enemy units, though mission objectives such as reaching a certain area or preventing a certain key character from getting killed are also present. The player commands the five combatants, choosing their equipment before each battle. The battle screen is composed of hexagons; the characters have turns depending on their agility rating. When player-controlled or enemy character attack each other, an automatic battle sequence ensues.