Cosmos Cop Nintendo

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Publisher:Gluk Video
Developer:Mega Soft

Cosmos Cop is a Space Harrier clone for the NES. It appeared by itself in 1991, and then later in the Caltron 6 in 1 multicart compilation in 1992.

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In 2010 A.D., invaders of the Beta Star in the Space of Strangers, attacked our Galaxy with the intention of colonizing the territory. One after another, Legions of Terror were dispatched to invade and occupy each of the celestial bodies. The headquarters of Universe Defense dispatched numerous defensive troops but all disappeared in the vast universe ... The Galaxy was about to be overcome by this evil power. As a last resort, the Commander of the Galaxy sent his best concoction arsenal, COSMOS COP, with the mission to destroy the invaders of the Beta Star and protect the Galaxy. To do this, Cosmos Cop must penetrate into space, destroy the installations of the Legion of Terror, completely annihilate the invader and regain peace for the Galaxy.