Zim Sala Bim Commodore 64

FAQ Entries

Inside the palace grounds the guarded gate CAN be entered, but you need to enter "GO BACK" when you are perfectly aligned to the gate (slightly to the right of the centre).

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Publisher:Melbourne House
Developer:Russell Grahame

The evil Sultan has taken all your villages gold. As the last able bodied man in your village you must break in to the palace and steal back your gold. Using the keyboard to enter commands while moving your character around the screen, this blend of text adventure and platformer is a real one of kind on the C64!

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Zim Sala Bim — a totally new adventure experience!

This program has it all: Smooth, arcade-style graphics. Every location brilliantly displayed in 3-dimensional graphics. Murder, mystery and adventure in the malicious Sultan's kingdom. Exciting challenging problems full of variety and intrigue.

Zim Sala Bim brings to the Commodore 64 a new thrilling experience — you move your character through the Arabian desert and hopefully the Sultan's seemingly impenetrable place by using joystick or cursor controls. Every object and obstacle is immediately graphically illustrated, and you will need all your adventuring skills to overcome the Sultan's evil influence!

Draw your sward and prepare to meet your fate! — rear of box


The setting is Arabia, and you are the last able-bodied man left in your village of Zim Sala Bim. There is no money left, no food. The village has been raised and pillaged by the Sultan, and you have been commissioned to break into the Sultan's bedroom and recover the gold. If you don't succeed the village will perish. You make your way across the burning desert and finally find yourself outside the Palace walls. The is up to YOU...


The player moves the character around the screen using a joystick or keyboard. The character can only move left and right. To move forward or back a command must be entered. Each section of the game is a horizontally scrolling location, where the player may find objects, characters or entrances to other locations. A description of each location is shown on the lower section of the screen, under which the player can enter commands such as "look", "get gold", "light torch", etc.