Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Amiga

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Score: 7.7
Developer:Vector Grafix
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The Empire Strikes back is the sequel to the brilliant arcade game Star Wars. While it shares many of the earlier game's characteristics, somehow it doesn't come off quite as well...

The Empire Strikes Back has four levels. The first has you blasting away at Imperial Probe Droids and their transmissions as you try to stop them notifying the Empire. The second level has you trying to bring down Imperial walkers, either by shooting them through the view slits, or by casting tow cables at their legs. The third level is eerily reminiscent of the first level of Star Wars: shoot TIE fighters and their fireballs. The final level is just annoying. You steer through an asteroid field.

The game as a whole includes many classic sound effects and samples from the movie, but as a whole it lacks the appeal of the earlier game.