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All is not well in Endor. Those imperial stormtroopers are harassing the populace, the "aww"-inspiring, oh-so-cute Ewoks.

Leia and Luke are a bit cut off in the forests of Endor - sounds painful - and have to run the gauntlet of stormtroopers on Speederbikes. The whole bit is like Spy Hunter with a Zaxxon perspective, plus added trees and Ewok traps. The second bit has Lando Calrissian piloting the Millennium Falcon down the reactor tube of the Death Star. Using the same perspective as the forest bit, it is basically a question of avoiding the sticky-out bits and the annoying little Tie fighter bits. Now you are Chewbacca at the controls of a scout walker, trying to run the gamut of logs and rocks on your way to the bunker. Moving logs can he shot, but the big piles of them have to be strolled around.

Every-thing is carried out the way you'd expect on an Amiga - sampled speech from the film, pretty graphics... switch off the brain and be prepared for some unsophisticated violent enjoyment. Return of the Jedi is grand while it lasts, but since it's a little superfish (as in superfishul, not as in halibut) that may not be forever.